Born 1940 in New York City, New York
Vito Acconci, a graduate of the Writer's Workshop of the University of Iowa (M.F.A., 1964), freely admitted his limited skills as a maker of objects and depended upon Tom Majeski's training and talents to realize his idea. The sketches and notes related to a print first called "2 Frightened Faces: Ultimate Fear (The car is about to crash)" are now in the UNO Archives. Majeski printed the edition with assistance provided by Gary Day and students Jeff Spencer, Wendy Wiggs, Sue Sudbeck, and Richard Brown. The figures were photo etched, the windshield is aquatint in transparent blue and involved the use of a shaped zinc plate as did the rear view mirror, which was relief rolled. Acconci was enthusiastic about his UNO experience and pleased with the appearance of the print, but not so much with the strength of its concept. He wrote to Majeski, "Humor gives me a chance to have second thoughts, to reconsider. You don't have to be numbed by something, you can draw back. Laughing means you've reconsidered. Humor allows subordinate clauses and parentheses, allow you to see things in two or three different ways." "And yes, I like CRASH, too. But it might be a touch too much of a one-line joke. Maybe next time I can do something more expanded."

1985; photo etching, aquatint, relief and shaped embossing on Arches; image: 17 1/2 x 23 3/4 (43.18 x 58.42), sheet: 20 x 25 1/4 (50.8 x 63.5); edition of 30