UNO Art Gallery
Weber Fine Arts Building - First Floor
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha NE 68182-0012

Carved Board Clamp Resist: Historical Perspective and Contemporary Application
Installation Images (photos by Denise Brady, UNO Art Gallery Coordinator)

Exhibition dates: October 1 - October 28, 2010
Jay Rich, Curator
This exhibition was presented in conjunction with the Textile Society of America's National Conference
held at UNL, October 6-9. (


Historical textiles and blocks from the collection of Jay Rich:


Contemporary Works by Artists as noted below:

Jay Rich (from left) Colorful Collars, Butterfly Tree, Indigo Studies 1-5, Orange/Black Yardage,
Safflower Pillows, Celadon Silk Jacket


Barbara Shapiro, Kyokechi I, II and III (left), John Marshall (right) wall piece and garment


Barbara Rogers: Spots (wall piece), Harlequin (coat), Black Magic (sleeveless jacket, top and wrap skirt),
Jazz (dress and coat), Discs (red coat and dress), Rhythm (long dress)


Lucy Arai: Kyokechi: Shadows of Tradition (8 panels - center); Ana Lisa Hedstrom: Ovals, Checks, Stripes (on right)


Karen Urbanek: absence 1, absence 2, absence 3 (center); Lia Flemings: scarves (right)


Elin Noble: Lake at Night II, Perigee, Lake at Night I (center)