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Ashley McFeely

Instructor, art & art history

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Ashley McFeely is a Nebraska born-and-raised artist. A love of art since the beginning, she grew up with a mother who painted and drew, often drawing custom paper dolls for her and her sisters to design the clothes. Ashley took art throughout college, specifically oil painting classes at UNO, even selling one of her paintings to Metropolitan Community College as a student. She graduated with a BSA from UNO and went on to work at advertising agencies before becoming a Creative Director, and later a Communications Director. Ashley has taught graphic design at Metropolitan Community College since 2006, and UNO since 2013. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in communications to further her understanding of intentional communication.

Artist's Statement

I am an observer of people. As a graphic designer it serves my visual communications well when considering in all design decisions the benefits of those viewing the message. A printed work must persuade, inform, or inspire its audience, appropriately. As a fine artist, I paint people. There is nothing more thrilling than matching the perfect blush of their cheeks or shifts of color in their eyes. Although two different outlets of artistry—one intentional communication, one expressive—studying people in both fields is my powerful key to producing work that matters.

"Asking Questions." Barcamp Omaha. Slowdown, Omaha. 8 Sept 2012. Lecture.
"Bodies, Mouths, Action." Barcamp Omaha. Slowdown, Omaha. 28 Sept 2013. Lecture.





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