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Larry Bradshaw was born in St. Paul, Kansas where he developed a value system based on small town community living. After high school he received several scholarships to attend Pittsburg State University where he earned a BFA in drawing and painting in 1967. While attending PSU he sang with the "Collegiates", a select twelve member singing group and traveled extensively, performing for the USO in the South Pacific Command and in New York City at the World's Fair. In the summer of 1967 he worked in advertising for the Mobil Oil Company in Honolulu, Hawaii before doing post-bacculareate work in Art Education at Pennsylvania State University having received a NDEA Title IV full Fellowship.

Later he was employed in the Script Department at CBS-TV in Hollywood, California. While there he also worked in catering for several Hollywood Celebrities. He returned to Pittsburg State having been granted a Graduate Assistantship with responsibilities of running the Whitesitt Hall Art Gallery. Here he earned his MA in Drawing and Painting in 1971. Also during this time he was employed at J. C. Penneys as the advertising manager. Upon graduation he received a Teaching Assistantship at Ohio University where he taught painting and foundations, receiving an MFA in Painting, minoring in Oriental Art History. That summer he became the Summer Arts Coordinator at the Akron Art Institute teaching Life Drawing, Film and Photo-Silkscreen. He began his career at UNO where he has taught since 1973. Early on he received several merit awards in teaching and at mid-career he received the College-wide Offut-Sullivan Excellence in Teaching Award.

Professor Bradshaw has exhibited in over 350 solo, group, juried national and international and invitational exhibitions including the Invitational United Arab Emerites International Exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum in Sharjah, UAE; the Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki, International Print Triennial, Polska - Poland traveling to Nuremberg, Bratislava, Sofia, Varna, Graz, Kagawa, Japan and Chicago. His artwork is reproduced in numerous catalogs and books including Artisti Contemporanei, Nicolo Panepinto, Roberto Panepinto, Calogero Panepinto, Maurizio Nilo Panepinto, Vincenzo Panepinto, editors, Accademia Italia Publishing, Salsomaggiore, Italy and Painting With Acrylics, William Kortlander, ed., Zon Nostrand-Reinhold

His work is also in numerous public and private collections. Bradshaw has received upwards of 60 art awards and was recognized by Pittsburg State University granting him an Outstanding Alumni Award. He founded Period Gallery and Upstream People Gallery in 1998 and has curated over 300 national and international exhibitions. Since 2003 the exhibitiions have been online showcasing artists from almost every country in the world. Further details of his career can be found in the biographical reference book, 37th edition of Who's Who in American Art..


Artist Statement

My work reflects my ongoing contemplation of pattern as seen and as lived out in everyday life. Pattern is everywhere. Realizing this and understanding that at times, there are permutations in naturally ordered forms and human actions, I tend to want to capitalize on this phenomena, elaborating upon it to the point of revealing the wide diversification within such systems or structures.

However extreme our differences or similarities, great or small, as seen by some standards, I'd like my work to be a metaphor for our varied culture in hopes that we, as a complex people can empathize with one another, see the value of each unique person, can work together and all fit together - making room for everyone because all contribute - all are welcome to be a part of the seen and unseen master plan.

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