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Avery Mazor

assistant professor, art and design

(402) 554-3764 • Office: WFAB 211


Avery Mazor was born in NYC and raised in Santa Monica, California. He received his BAIA in mulitimedia from San Francisco State University. He later received his M.F.A. degree from Mills College in Oakland, California. Avery joined the Art and Art History faculty Fall 2008. 

Avery Mazor maintains a hybrid creative practice focusing on both graphic design and studio art. As a design and art director he has worked with numerous global brand names as both an independent creative professional and an in-studio art director. In his studio art practice, Avery creates conceptual artworks that are not media/medium specific and are concerned with the intersections of technology, memory, and media.

Artist Statement

Art is a place of exploration, investigation, and discovery. I don’t limit myself to specific media and I’m most intrigued by art that combines the unexpected. My work is concerned with the intersections of technology, memory, and media. The remapping of my personal memories as paintings is what currently intrigues me most, but that changes.

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