Part 1 Cultural Heroes

A presentation on cultural heroes including:
Leaders as heroes - Chinese emperor, Benin Oba, American presidents, Napoleon, contemporary artwork by Kehinde Wiley,
Mythological heroes - Thor, Amadioha (Igbo god of Thunder), trickster heroes
Celebrity heroes - Warhol, Turquoise Marilyn, Japanese print of an actor
Sports heroes - Roberto Clemente, Mayan pot with a ball player
Ordinary heroes - Diego Rivera, the laborer as hero,
Can artists be heroes? - Dürer, Self-Portrait 1500, Yolanda Lopez, Self Portrait from Guadalupe

Part 2 Guided Research

Groups were given packets of information on two contemporary female artists including images of their works. They were asked to read the information and discuss the following questions:
What makes this artist a cultural hero?
What imagery and symbols do you connect with this artist?

Part 3 Can women be heroes?

A presentation on Judy Chicago's Dinner Party including symbols and imagery in the following placesettings:
Artemesia Gentileschi
Sojourner Truth

Georgia O'Keefe

Part 4 Art Making Activity
Your group is now going to contribute to Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party  by creating placesettings for your two artists. Divide your group into two subgroups. Each subgroup will work on a placesetting for one of the artists. Refer to your research notes on the following two questions:
What makes this artist a cultural hero?
What imagery and symbols do you connect with this artist?
You will create a decorated plate and table runner just as Judy Chicago did.
You will be given a paper plate and will be able to choose colored paper for the table runner. The width of your runner will be 2 feet and it will hang approximately 1 1/2 feet over the front and back of the table . Before you begin determine your designs by considering the following:
What is the subject matter of your artist's art and her life history.
How will you reference these on her plate and table runner?
What visual characteristics of her work will you incorporate into your designs?
How will you reference her personal style?

Be sure to include the artist's name on the front of your table runner the way Judy Chicago did.