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Core I Portfolio Review


ART 2000 is a zero credit hour course offered every Fall and Spring semester beginning in the Fall of 2014. All BASA and BFA majors (including transfer students) on the 2013-14 catalog year and after must complete the ART 2000 Core I Portfolio review to graduate with the BASA or BFA major. ART 2000 is usually completed during the sophomore year; i.e. between 27 and 57 credit hours, but may be completed later. ART 2000 is graded Pass/Fail, and may be repeated.

As pre-requisites to ART 2000 students must complete:

• ART 1100 Foundation Drawing & Design: Two Dimensional Applications
• ART 1110 Foundation Drawing & Design: Three Dimensional Applications
• ART 1210 Found Theory and Practice: Color & Visual Literacy
• ART 1220 Found Theory and Practice: Digital Media.

Transfer students may use transferred courses, subject to approval of a Department of Art & Art History advisor, as pre-requisites to ART 2000, but may not use a transferred course to substitute for ART 2000.

The Review Process

The Core I Portfolio Review is administered through Blackboard, and is scheduled each Fall and Spring semester. Students must enroll in ART 2000 Core One Portfolio Review in order to take part in the review. Each portfolio will be reviewed by three faculty and given an average of the three scores as the final portfolio score to determine whether a student will pass or fail the review.

Grading Criteria and Evaluation Rubric

i. Students must receive an average minimum score of 39 out of 52 possible points [75%] in order to pass the review.

ii. Scoring criteria:

4 points = Outstanding,
3 points = Above Average,
2 points = Average,
1 point = Below Average.

iii. Evaluation Questions: (will be scored with the Scoring Criteria above 4 through 1).
Students display:

1. an understanding of design elements through the use of line, shape, texture, value, color and space;

2. ability to clearly articulate their decisions using design elements in their work using appropriate vocabulary;

3. a functional understanding of shape, line, gesture, contour and value as well as a basic competency with traditional drawing tools
(e.g. graphite, charcoal or ink);

4. functional knowledge of basic color schemes and systems involving additive and subtractive color mixing and harmony, e.g. monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, split complimentary, and tertiary. Student can articulate the reasons for all color choices in the work;

5. the ability to unite color with idea, concept and technique

6. an understanding of basic design concepts, e.g. Gestalt, semiotics, and cultural meaning as they relate to the portfolio work;

7. work at a high level of craftsmanship that shows evidence of attention to the formal aspects of their projects;

8. an understanding of how to use spatial cues to represent illusionary space in a variety of 2D and digital applications, e.g. perspective drawing, atmospheric perspective;

9. competency with basic power tools. This should be evident in the student’s work and the student should be able to describe the processes used in the work;

10. technical competency in 3D design in three different 3D media and three non-traditional 3D media;

11. the ability to represent 3D work in graphic media – either digital or traditional;

12. an understanding of the difference between vector and raster imaging and demonstrates this in their digital work. Students also demonstrate competency with basic imaging program skills (e.g. uploading images, creating files, importing and exporting);

13. an understanding of basic ethical standards (e.g. plagiarism, fair use, etc.).

Portfolio Submission Guidelines

1. All items must be submitted through Blackboard.

2. All items must be submitted no later than the last day of the last week of classes (prep week).

3. No items submitted during finals week will be accepted.

4. Students must submit jpegs no larger than 1000 pixels in any dimension.

5. Student must submit up to 20 images consisting of the following:

a. Four images of four different works of art or design from ART 1100 or its equivalent transfer course.
b. Four images of four different works of art or design from ART 1110 or its equivalent transfer course.
c. Four images of four different works of art or design from ART 1210 or its equivalent transfer course.
d. Four images of four different works of art or design from ART 1220 or its equivalent transfer course.
e. Four additional images as determined by the student.

6. Students must submit the title, dimensions, and medium of each work of art or design submitted.

7. Students must submit a short description of each work of art or design submitted with the image; 150 words maximum for each work of art or design.


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