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Art History is an interdisciplinary field that studies the most significant artists and artworks in human history and emphasizes the role of visual culture from the past to the present. Students in art history courses analyze and interpret the social, political, technological, and religious contexts in which art was created. UNO’s art history curriculum provides a foundation for students to develop and use their critical thinking skills through the formal and contextual evaluation of works of art verbally and through an array of written responses.

Bachelor of Arts In Art History Requirements

In addition to the University General Education requirements, Art History majors are required to complete courses listed below. Courses used to fulfill University General Education requirements, if they are applicable, may be used to satisfy Department specific requirements.

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Minor in Art History

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All art history students fulfill core requirements by beginning with two introductory courses that survey art from the prehistoric period to the present. Studio courses, including Foundation Drawing/Design I: 2D and Foundation Drawing/Design II: 3D, enrich students’ understanding of the creative process, while Art History Seminar and Intro to Methodology in Art History provide them with research skills and approaches. The program is capped by either a senior thesis or an intensive art internship.

Students majoring in art history at UNO can select from different tracks. For those interested in a career in a gallery or museum additional courses in public administration, non-profit institutions, and management are part of the Museum Studies/Art Administration path. Students wishing to pursue graduate school enroll in 9 additional hours of art history courses beyond the 18 upper-level hours required by all art history majors. UNO faculty members offer a diverse range of upper-level courses (period and special topics) that employ contemporary methods and perspectives.

Smart classrooms served by a Visual Resources professional and internship opportunities enhance the art history major. Students can gain experience in the field by interning at the UNO Art Gallery or in the Visual Resources collection. UNO students have interned at Omaha’s premiere art and cultural institutions, including Joslyn Art Museum, the Kaneko, the Bemis Center, Ford Conservation Center, and the Durham Western Heritage Museum. Students can also enhance their experience through art study abroad programs. Student research benefits from the library’s extensive collection and from access to numerous national databases such as DIALOG, Project Muse, ArtStor, Jstor, and Humanities Abstracts.

UNO art history graduates have pursued advanced degrees at many higher education institutions including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kansas State University, Indiana University, the University of Virginia, the University of Pennsylvania, and Bryn Mawr College. Students have also pursued careers in museums and galleries and in related fields such as art therapy and art education. Because of its diverse and broad focus art history majors are prepared for a wide variety of fields including law, business, and medicine. .

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