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The Concentration in Two Dimensional Arts comprises the studio areas of drawing, painting, and printmaking


Drawing is an essential part of an artist's education. The drawing program begins with the first courses in the foundation program and continues to a BFA thesis for those students concentrating in drawing. The curriculum in drawing includes traditional drawing mediums, contemporary and nontraditional mediums, and aesthetic and critical issues that relate to drawing practice. All Two Dimensional Artt concentration students are expected to complete three semesters of drawing including one semester of life drawing. A student choosing drawing as a major medium will pursue drawing as the final product and will continue through upper division coursework.


Painting is a complex activity with its own vocabulary of materials and ways to use those materials. The curriculum introduces students to the language of painting and acquaints them with an array of painting practices. Students begin with an introduction to oil painting with a series of exercises and projects that will bring students to an understanding of how the materials work as part of the process of developing pictorial ideas. Later students begin to explore and develop their own painting ideas. Exposure to modern and recent painting and to different ways to make and think about painting is an integral part of the curriculum. Finally, students explore in depth their own individual visual and conceptual sensibilities. The students work closely with an instructor to work toward self-direction in the development of those sensibilities in during upper division coursework.


Printmaking today combines 21st Century technologies with time honored traditional print processes. Present-day printmakers use all the print mediums to achieve numerous innovative approaches to contemporary art issues. The printmaking program at UNO teaches the skills necessary for a professional practice in the emerging art world of today.

The courses include printing technologies from the 15th to 21st centuries. The traditional courses cover all aspects of traditional print practices while the photographic and digital courses explore the possibilities of mixing traditional, photographic, and digital mediums to produce hybrid forms of print. Advanced students are encouraged to explore concepts through experimentation with the print processes of their choice.

The facilities provide a complete atelier for print production of intaglio, stone and plate lithography, relief printing and serigraphy. There are also facilities for photographic techniques in each medium and access to professional digital production equipment including wide format printers.

The Visiting Printmakers Program, presented by the UNO Print Workshop, has provided students access to over 100 leading professional artists and printmakers in a working studio setting since 1976. Each artist visits UNO and collaborates with the workshop to produce a limited edition print. The advanced printmaking students assist the artists during the residencies and in the printing of the editions.

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