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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

(Last updated:  2006)

University-Wide Departmental Teaching Award Committee




08/01 - 07/31

Faculty :    

New committee members appointed ONLY when a request from Academic & Student Affairs is submitted.

NOTE: Membership on any of the following committees precludes serving on any of the others (OTICA, ORCA, U-Wide Department of Teaching Awards, Scott Kiewit Scholarship.). Service on one of these committees also precludes being nominated for that committee's award.


Resolution 2703, 10/08/03 (University-Wide Departmental Teaching Award) (UDTA):

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following four names be forwarded to Interim Vice Chancellor Christensen as nominees to one three-year appointment from 08/01/2003 through 07/31/2006 as the UNO representative on the University-Wide Departmental Teaching Award (UDTA) Selection Committee. Names will then be submitted to Provost Jay Noren, who will make the final selection:

Timi Barone, Sociology
Donna Dufner, IS&T
Bruce Chase, Biology
Randy Adkins, Political Science

Resolution 2484, 07/05/00: Committee on Rules

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names be forwarded to Vice Chancellor Hodgson as nominees to fill one three-year appointment from 07/07/00 through 07/31/03 as the UNO representative on the UniversityWide Departmental Teaching Award (UDTA) Selection Committee to replace outgoing member Donald Dendinger. Names and vitaes must be submitted to Provost Lee Jones no later than August 21. Provost Jones will make the final selection.

James Conyers
Jerry Cederblom