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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate


(as of January 2004) 

A special review committee will be formed in cooperation with the Faculty Senate to consider nominations and recommend appointments to the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs.

Faculty Senate Membership of Named Professorship Review Committee (Membership):

  1. One year term
  2. Two members recommended from Faculty Senate, one selected by the office of Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs
  3. If possible, full professors who hold or have held a named professorship. It is helpful to have a mix of colleges represented, and preferably at least one female member.

The Professorship Committee members should review all documents before they meet as a group approximately 10 days to 2 weeks later to review the nominations and be ready to make recommendations.

Service on any other university awards committee does not preclude a person from serving on the Professorship Review Committee.

Kayser Professorship and Isaacson Professorship: These professorships are awarded on the basis of outstanding performance in research/creative activity. Appointments are made for a three-year period and are renewable for one additional three-year term based on a review of performance. Both professorships carry a stipend of $5,000 a year. Eligibility is limited to faculty holding the rank of full professor. Faculty currently holding another designated professorship may be considered; however, only one such appointment may be held at a time.

Nominations for these professorships should consist of the following (as of January 5, 2004):

  • Letter of nomination by the department chairperson or a departmental colleague.
  • Seconding letter by a colleague in the nominee's department or another UNO department.
  • Supporting letter by the dean.
  • Three letters from referees outside UNO.
  • Supplemental information prepared by the nominee as outlined on attached sheet.

All materials should be submitted as a single package, except letters from outside referees, to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Referees' letters should be addressed to the Professorship Review Committee, c/o Office of Academic and Student Affairs, UNO. The deadline for the 2004 nominations and all supporting materials is Friday, April 9, 2004.

Letters of nomination and support should speak to the national/international significance of the nominee's scholarly/creative accomplishment6s. It will be most helpful to the review committee if the referees address the quality of journals in which the nominee publishes, the standing within the discipline of the conferences where the nominee has given presentations and