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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Library & Learning Resources Committee
Annual Report 2008-2009

The committee did not meet from April 23, 2007 until April 17, 2009.

MEMBERS 2008-2009


Karen Hein (Adjunct), Steven Torres, Barbara Robins, Evangelina Brignoni, Jan Boyer, and Jeanne Harrington (Retired)

Undergraduate Students:

Joshua Jordan (Dec grad), Nathan Kirkland, Cassandra Loseke, Nancy Vorris

Graduate Students:

Rachel Ahrens, Dee Franks


None appointed


Steve Shorb

The Committee met once during the 2008-2009 academic year on April 17, 2009. Members present were: Evangelina Brignoni, Jan Boyer, Nathan Kirkland, Steven Torres, Steve Shorb. Guests included: Kristen Girten (for Barbara Robins), Randy Adkins, and Chuck Johanningsmeier. Shorb provided the following information.

Library Renovations :

The renovation is nearly complete. The bound periodicals have returned.

Library Budget:

The impact of possible budget reductions on book budgets, staff and renovation completion was discussed. Book purchases are currently being held to urgent orders only, and the normal ordering pattern will resume in July. Budgets have not yet been established, and will be reviewed in the light of UNO's general budget situation. The Library fee allocation process was reviewed.

KANEKO-UNO Library :

Shorb indicated that the library has provided furniture and technology, while Kaneko has provided space, utilities, fixtures, etc. Books have been purchased by both parties, but a large part of the collection is donated. A faculty advisory committee was suggested to help maximize the use and value of the facility, and Shorb agreed to explore how to set up such a group.

Faculty Club Area :

Shorb provided information on the Faculty Club, which consists of a main common area,conference room, faculty carrels, Senior Scholars room and kitchen. It will be open in the fall. The main door will have prox card access with keys provided for the carrels. Plans are to try to optimize the use of the area and a speaker series was suggested.

Shorb reviewed guidelines on the Faculty Club and Faculty Carrels. Faculty may apply to be assigned a carrel for the fall semester from May 1-30. Applications will be received every semester. The group toured the Faculty Club area.

Selection of LLRC Chair for 2009-2010 :

Evangelina Brignoni was elected chair of the committee for the 2009-2010 academic year.