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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

Updated 6/2010

University of Nebraska at Omaha
University Library and Learning Resources Committee

Annual Report 2009-2010


Faculty: Courtney Fristoe, Steven Torres, Barbara Robins, Evangelina Brignoni, Jeff Peake, Mattthew Hardenen

Administrators/Staff: Jeremy Lipschultz, Theresa Barron-McKeagney

Undergraduate Students: Nathan Kirkland, Jena Hoeppner

Graduate Students: Kiley Clemens, Nicki Baker

Ex-Officio: Audrey DeFrank

Charge to Committee

The University Committee on Library and Learning resources shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending policies and procedures pertaining to the functions and services of the University Library. The purview of the committee shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the areas of resources, holdings, services, relationships to constituents, and overall programmatic development.

Meeting Agendas Summary

September 29, 2009 9:00 am, Criss Library Conference Room 203

- Review of Committee Charge
- Historical Activities of the Committee
- Discussion of Frequency of Meetings
- Library Dean's Report
- Speaker Series in the Faculty Club – An opportunity for UNO faculty to present research
- Needs Assessment – What do you want to know about the library?

November 17, 2009 8:45 am, Criss Library Conference Room 203

- Faculty Club Speaker Series Discussion – Harmon Maher
- Faculty Club Naming
- Library Dean's Report

January 26, 2010 11:00 am, Criss Library Conference Room 203

- Library Dean's Report
- Discussion on Speaker and Researcher Series at Faculty Study Area
- Other Library and Learning Resources Items

April 8, 2010 10:00 am, Criss Library Conference Room 203

- Discussion on Speaker and Researcher Series in Faculty Study
- Library Dean's Report
- Other Items for Discussion
- Selection of Committee Chair for 2010/2011. Chair will be Evangelina Brignoni.

Summary of Proceedings for the Year

With the Criss Library renovation completed, the Criss Library Completion Celebration-Rekindling our Commitment to UNO was scheduled October 20-23. Activities included Community and Library Friends Day, Donor Reception and Student Day. The third floor Faculty Club held an Open House on October 23, 2009.

The group was involved in naming of the faculty area and ways to help maximize its use. Although the area had been referred to as the Faculty Club, there may be negative connotations to “club”. The group was asked for naming suggestions that better capture the area. A survey was sent to department chairs and enotes and results were distributed. The preferred name for the area is Faculty Study. Based on suggestions, a desktop computer and scanning station were added to the Faculty Study area.

A major focus of the group was on a Speaker Series to be held in the Faculty Study, which would give an opportunity for UNO faculty to present research. Harmon Maher was contacted regarding collaboration with his department. He attended the November 17, 2009 LLRC meeting and discussed the Speaker Series highlighting high profile research on campus. Maher provided ideas on possible speakers and topics.

The group suggested an interdisciplinary collaboration by inviting pairs of speakers to each do a short presentation. The topic How Social Media Impacts Learning was chosen, and newer faculty may be invited to present. Fristoe and Robins recruited speakers from their departments to discuss issues and trends in their discipline. A program will be planned for the fall semester.

Audrey DeFrank, serving as Acting Dean, is an ex-officio member and attended all meetings. A Library Dean's Report was presented at each meeting to provide information on current and upcoming library projects. Information presented included:

- Continuing commitment to the community by integrating the UNO-KANEKO Library in the UNO community.
- ClimateQUAL Survey administered by the ACRL, to look at the organizational climate of the library and information on professional development
- My Info Quest, a text message reference service being tested and Texting Research Survey conducted to gather information on texting and library services to see if student find this useful.
- An overview of the plan for serials budget review for the academic year and budget impact on monograph ordering.
- The federated search product Central Search will be replaced by Research Pro, with the Encore Discovery platform added later.
- Application submitted to host the ACRL Scholarly Communication 101 Roadshow, which provides an overview of the scholarly communication system.
- Criss Library website work and Usability Study
- Mobile interface rolled out March 2010
- Omaha World Herald access lost when their contract with LexisNexis expired; but, access was regained with the addition of Americas Newspapers via newsbank.
- Budget challenges resulted in the loss of Mango Languages for now.
- The merger of Wiley and Blackwell Publishers and renegotiation of contracts
- Criss Library extended hours during Finals Week
- Donor support for the library gallery, which was named the H. Don and Connie J. Osborne Family Gallery

Suggested items for discussion next year included:

- An idea to have a map of materials that are available in different UNO departments was brought up, also a list to get rid of paper journals.
- Discussions regarding the Pacific Street Campus
- Peer relationship review with UNO's peer institutions to compare where we are in terms of research support.

The committee felt Gigi Brignoni had done a great job this year and she accepted the offer to chair the committee again next year.