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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

(Last updated: 01/23/07)

Faculty Grievance Committee 


Article VI. Committees.

Section 6: Faculty Committees
The entire senate shall elect a seven-member Committee on Faculty Grievances to fulfill the grievance functions of the senate, and this committee shall have the powers and duties outlined in Section 4.13 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents. This committee shall consist of two full professors, two associate professors, two assistant professors and one additional faculty member who shall be elected annually without regard to academic rank from the membership of the Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare. The term of service will be three years, and each year, at the September meeting of the Faculty Senate, new members will be elected from a slate of nominees which shall include one more candidate than the number of vacant seats created by reason of the expiration of the term of a member, resignation, or retirement. Members of the committee shall serve staggered terms, meaning that the term(s) of one class of members will expire each year. The committee member elected from the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare shall serve a maximum three year term or the remainder of his/her term on the Faculty Senate. Committee members shall be elected from faculty members eligible for election to the Faculty Senate. Within five days after the September meeting at which the new members are elected to the Grievance Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Faculty Senate, or his/her designee, will call a meeting of the Grievance Committee for the express purpose of electing a grievance committee chair. The committee shall elect its own chairperson from among its tenured members. A committee with a case under consideration shall, when necessary, continue past September with its membership unchanged until the case is resolved; in such an event, new cases shall be considered by the reconstituted committee.