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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

Faculty Grievance Committee

NU Board of Regents Bylaws

Chapter IV. Rights and Responsibilities of Professional Staff

4.13  Grievance Committee

4.13.1  Grievance Committee: Power to Create.

Pursuant to authority granted by these Bylaws, the faculty governing agency of each major administrative unit is empowered to create a Faculty Grievance Committee, which shall have the powers specified in Section 4.13.2, in addition to any other powers granted by the faculty governing agency pursuant to these Bylaws.

4.13.2  Powers of Faculty Grievance Committee.

Any Faculty Grievance Committee established under Section 4.13.1 shall be empowered:

(a)  To consider a complaint filed by any faculty member alleging any grievance;

(b)  To seek to settle the grievance by informal methods of adjustment and settlement, either itself or by using the services of any officer or body directed to settle grievances and disputes by mediation, conciliation, or other informal methods; 

(c)  To draft rules of procedure for the orderly and fair handling of grievances by the Committee, which rules shall become effective after notice and hearing when approved or modified by the Board, and, upon approval, shall be effective as a part of the Rules of the Board; and  

(d)  To proceed, if informal methods fail to resolve the matter satisfactorily, with further proceedings, to be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Procedure approved by the Board under this Section, and in accordance with the following principles:

(1)  If the grievance alleges that inadequate consideration was given to relevant matters by the person or body that took the action or made the decision that led to the grievance, the Grievance Committee shall investigate the facts, and, if  convinced that inadequate consideration of the relevant matters occurred, state the facts found and the respects in which the consideration was inadequate. The Committee may order the matter reconsidered by the appropriate person, group or groups, or recommend that other rectifying action be taken. The Grievance Committee shall not substitute its judgment on the merits for that of the person, group, or groups that previously considered the decision.

(2)  If the grievance alleges that a discontinuance of a department or program is not  bona fide, or that circumstances because of financial exigency exist, the Committee shall investigate and state its factual findings, conclusions, and recommendations in writing, which shall be filed with the Chancellor of the major administrative unit involved, the complainant, and the faculty governing agency.

Board of Regent's Bylaws:
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