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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

(Last Updated: 10/1/15)


(Schedule: Usually Fourth Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.)

Type : Chancellor's Committee
Contact: Chancellor John Christensen

John Christensen
Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic & Student Affairs
BJ Reed
Vice Chancellor, Business & Finance
Bill Conley
Assoc Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
John Fiene
Chief Audit Officer, Internal Audit
Shari Thompson
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
David Boocker
Dean, College of Business
Lou Pol
Dean, College of Education (Interim)
Nancy Edick
Dean, College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media
Gail Baker
Dean, Graduate Studies
Deborah Smith-Howell
Dean, College of Information Science & Technology
Hesham Ali
Dean, International Studies & Programs
Tom Gouttierre
Dean, Library (Interim)
Michael LaCroix
Dean, College of Public Affairs & Community Service
John Bartle
Assoc. Dean, College of Engineering
David D. Jones
President & CEO, Alumni Association
Lee Denker
Asst. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado
Director, Athletics
Trev K. Alberts
Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director
Josh White
 Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Research & Creative Activity
Scott Snyder
Executive Director Information Services, Academic Partnerships for Instruction
Lanyce Keel
Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Dean of Students,  Student Affairs
Dan Shipp
Vice President, University of Nebraska Foundation
Mike Bird
Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
Omar Correa
Director, Multicultural Affairs
James Freeman
Director, Human Resources
Cecil Hicks
Director, University Communications
Erin Owen
President, Faculty Senate
Bob Woody
President, Staff Advisory Council
Teone Wright
Assistant to the Chancellor
Nancy Castilow


   Asst. to Chancellor, EAD                                                                                                                          Charlotte Russell

  Asst. to Assoc. VC Student Affairs                                                                                                             Rita Henry

   Executive Assoc. to SVC for Community Engagement                                                                                Sara Woods

   Director, Office of Institutional Research                                                                                                   T. Hank Robinson