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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate


May, 1996

President: David E. Corbin

1995-96 Senate Annual Report

It has been a very busy academic year and it has been my pleasure to serve as president of the senate in these challenging times. I have been encouraged by some senators to circulate this Senate Review in addition to the information that is on our website that we established this year. I will provide brief summaries of the major resolutions that we passed this year, but please note that the entire text of the resolutions are on our website. Our website includes a listing of all senators and the officers, senate committees and members, a very comprehensive list of university committees and their members, all of our agenda and minutes, and a link to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents website. The address is: The senate website can also be accessed through its link to the UNO website. It is listed under the "academics" button.

Increased Communication

I have extensively used e-mail to communicate information that I believe had campus-wide interest, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I greatly appreciate those of you who have responed to my e-mail requests for feedback about campus issues and I also appreciate those of you who have responded to my calls to serve on various committees and commissions. E-mail has certainly expedited the senate's ability to respond to requests for faculty representatives.

Currently, the senate executive committee and the AAUP steering committee are dialoging about issues of common interest such as: additions to our peer institutions list, salary compression problems, and early retirement

Cooperative Ventures with Other NU Senates

In January I arranged for William Arnold, former senate president at Arizona State University, to travel to our campus to address methods of improving faculty governance. Members of the UNL, UNMC and UNK senates participated via teleconference. This is the first joint venture by all of the University of Nebraska senates. I am happy to say that at UNO we have already made some positive changes in the senate as a result of our consultation with Dr. Arnold. The senate vice president , Deborah Smith-Howell, now participates in the Council of Academic Deans meetings. So far we believe that this arrangement has enhanced communications with our administration. Judy Harrington, a UNO alumna, is now a senate representative on the UNO Alumni Board. Drs. Smith-Howell and Harrington are now part of the senate agenda along with an AAUP report which we added as an agenda item last spring. In the near future we plan to have a monthly report from a member of the Graduate Council.

Although we will be facing some difficult financial times in the future, we survived the current budget about as well as can be expected, given the state's current economy. The Central Administration, the campus administrations, the faculty senates and many of you who wrote letters to state senators and the governor helped tremendously in diminishing our losses. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Health Promotion

I am now chairing a university-wide health promotion committee which has received $15,000 for initial funding for health needs assessments and other related concerns. Research indicates that after five years a comprehensive health promotion programs at the worksite can save 2.5 to 5 dollars for every health promotion dollar spent.

Bell Tower Challenge

The senate fielded their second team in the Second Annual Bell Tower Challenge. Although we did not win this year, we contributed to the total of over 1,300 pounds of food that were collected for the Omaha Food Bank. Thank you to all who contributed cans and money to this year's effort.

Thanks to Officers and Committee Chairs

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank this year's officers: Deborah Smith-Howell, vice president and Loree Bykerk, secretary-treasurer. Dale Krane as past-president helped ease the transition into this busy academic year. Jeremy Lipschultz served as Rules Committee chair in a year in which we not only had to fill vacancies in standing committees, but we also had to seek nominees for three dean search committees and one vice chancellor committee. Henry D'Souza served as chair of the cabinet and chair of the professional development committee. Bruce Chase chaired the personnel and welfare committee and he also participated in almost all of the executive committee interviews with vice chancellor and dean candidates. Duane Aschenbrenner served as chair of the educational resources and services committee and he continued to serve as parliamentarian for the senate, and Fuad Abdullah served as chair of the academic and curricular affairs committee. Carl Camp served as chair of the Goals and Directions Committee and as president-elect. I am very grateful to all of the officers mentioned above and to the rest of the senate. I offer my best wishes to Carl Camp who will soon assume the presidency. He plans to return to campus by the next Senate meeting after having coronary bypass surgery. Have a good summer!

David E. Corbin, President

UNO Faculty Senate

Summary of Resolutions for 1995-96

Resolution 2135 - 04/10/96: Professional Development Committee

INCREASE UCAT FUNDING to $50,000 per year (pending).

Resolution 2132 - 03/13/96: Academic & Curricular Affairs Committee


Resolution 2131 - 03/13/96: Personnel and Welfare Committee


Resolution 2130 - 03/13/96: Personnel and Welfare Committee

PHASED RETIREMENT APPOINTMENT POLICY--requests a copy of the proposed policy describing the Phased Retirement Appointment Policy (still being discussed).

Resolution 2128 - 02/14/96: Executive Committee

EXECUTIVE GRADUATE COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES--recommends that the representatives to the University of Nebraska Executive Graduate Council be elected by the entire UNO graduate faculty (this was carried out as suggested).

Resolution 2127 - 01/15/96: Faculty Senate

PARKING GARAGE--requests that action be taken to solve the parking situation in which the second level of the parking garage is regularly filled to capacity while at the same time there are spaces available on the first and third level (this was satisfactorily resolved).

Resolution 2124 - 12/14/95: Goals and Directions Committee

SUPPORT OF IS&T--the Faculty Senate affirms its support for the creation of a College of Information Science and Technology at UNO; and, that due regard be given to the potential impact on existing colleges and programs of creating a new college which will involve reassignment/reallocation of some personnel and funding and that every effort be made by the University to assure that meaningful consultation with and involvement of appropriate faculty groups will continue and that the University community will be kept fully informed of progress toward the creation of a College of Information Science and Technology at UNO.

Resolution 2123 - 12/14/95: Academic & Curricular Affairs Committee

EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARDS--recommends that each of the UNO Colleges establish annual Excellence in Teaching Awards (implemented in several colleges).

Resolution 2121 - 12/14/95: Executive Committee

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT--Passed by 2/3 majority and ratified by the entire faculty. University of Nebraska faculty from UNL, UNK OR UNMC whose workload consists of more than fifty percent conducted on the UNO campus, may nominate and elect without respect to university or college up to two voting representatives to the UNO Faculty Senate (approved by the Board of Regents, April 27, 1996).

Resolution 2116-11/08/95: Personnel and Welfare Committee

TUITION REMISSION--encourages the UNO Faculty Senate to work with the faculty senates at the other University of Nebraska campuses, the UNO AAUP and the UNK NSEA, to gain support for the implementation of a program of tuition remission for the dependents of University of Nebraska employees (still being discussed).

Resolution 2115-11/08/95: Executive Committee

SUPPORT FOR AK-SAR-BEN--The Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha commends the efforts by the Douglas County Commissioners and the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben in their planning and negotiations for the future development of the Ak-Sar-Ben property as it relates to UNO.

Resolution 2110-09/13/95: Executive Committee

SUPPORT OF AMENDMENT TO REGENT WILSON'S DRAFT POLICY--the UNO Faculty Senate supports the draft policy statement proposed by Regent Charles Wilson on the relationship of teaching, research, and service at the University of Nebraska with some amendments (this policy was adopted with some attention given to the senate's ecommendations).

Resolution 2109-09/13/95: Executive Committee

WOMEN'S CENTER--Faculty Senate endorses the formation of a Women's Center on campus that is professionally staffed on a full-time, on-going basis, to better meet the needs of the campus community (not approved by the Chancellor).