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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2013-2014 Faculty Senate



_______________________________________________Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 2 p.m.,   Mammel Hall 320________________

Presentation:  Lee Denker, Director, Alumni Association (Maverick Monument)


Present:    Adcock, M. Bacon, N. Bacon, Beard, Bragg, Casas, Cast-Brede, Chmidling, Holley, Kwak, Lewis, Mahoney, Means, Meglich, Morris, O'Neil, Parnell, Petrow, Prisbell, Ritter, Scherer, Siy, P. Smith, R. Smith, Sobel, Sollars, Stack, Surface, Thompson, Wileman

Excused:   Chen, Harder, Harden, Huq, Mei, Tiller

Absent:     Mitchell, Williams

I.        The meeting was called to order at 2:16 p.m.

II.       The Minutes of February 12, 2014, were approved as written.

III.      Officers' Reports

A.    President's Report:  Senator M. Bacon reported

1.      Executive Committee and Administration (EC&A) met February 19, 2014

Present:  M. Bacon, Conley, Holley, Mahoney, Reed, Shipp, Surface  (presentation: Melissa Berke re Undergraduate Catalogue)
Not Present:  Castilow, Christensen, Scherer, P. Smith, R. Smith
      President Bacon noted Resolutions completed at the February 12, 2014 Faculty Senate meeting (4125 re BA in Music degree; 4126 re URCA committee vacancy filled by Haifeng Guo, IS&T; 4127, Ad Hoc Committee to address issues with Faculty Feedback to Students.)  President Bacon also mentioned her announcement that she will relinquish the office of UNO Faculty Senate President at the end of this semester due to health issues, but will continue to serve as Past President.  VC Reed noted the announcement "with regret" and stated that President Bacon ranked among "the best citizens of UNO" that VC Reed has known during all of his years at UNO.  
      Special Presentation from Faculty Fellow Melissa Burke re imminent adoption of the new Web based UNO Catalogue which uses "Smart Catalogue" software.  The catalogue will go "live" on July.  There are "Templates" for formatting Department and Program catalogue entries. 
Also discussed: 
·      UNO telephone directory continues to be issued as a printed and bound document (cost for each edition is $15,000). All agreed that some less expensive but equally accessible alternative would be desirable.   
·         No new news about plans to staff the vacancy created by President Milliken's resignation. 
·         Parking at Crossroads could possibly be replaced by parking at UNO's new Arena as early as August 2015.
·         Resolution to acknowledge death on Feb 13, 2014 of a great friend of UNO, Jim Young at age 61.  Jim Young began his career with Union Pacific in 1978, was elected chairman in January 2007, and served as president and CEO from November 2005 until March 2012, when the company announced he would take leave for medical treatment. The company said Feb. 6 that he would continue to serve as chairman in a non-executive capacity.
·         All are requested to keep the University Communications office (Erin Owens, 554-2742) informed of any conversations/contacts with the press or other mass media.
·         The new UNO Community Engagement Center building may be occupied as early as the end of March.  Parking for non-CEC events in the lots between Strauss and the Library may be available if coordinated well in advance with Jim Ecker.

2.      Board of Regents met February 21, 2014.
      The Board of Regents met briefly on February 21, 2014. It received a PowerPoint report from its lobbyist in Washington, Terry W. Hartle, in which he made five general observations about 2014. Hyper-partisanship would continue; the system was broken; the executive branch was dominant; it is an election year; and, therefore, major initiatives were unlikely. As a result, reauthorization of the Higher Education Act will not occur. The Administration will pursue its controversial ratings system of institutions of higher education with inadequate and incomparable data, e.g., IPEDS retention and graduation rates.
      The Board finalized an item from the Business Affairs agenda from the January meeting.
      The Board of Regents requests from the Faculty Senates elements of a Presidential profile and the system's and our unit's strengths and weaknesses by March 21.
      After a closed Board session, the Academic Affairs Committee received a further refinement of the College of Information Science and Technology's Strategic Goals and Academic Priorities, including an additional staffing budget for the EMIT.
      Separately from the meeting, I received from Chairman Hawks a request to nominate two UNO faculty members to serve on the Presidential search advisory committee. One will be selected.  I forwarded the names of Profs. Juan Casas and Barbara Hewins-Maroney.

3.      Senate President met with the Chancellor on  February 25, 2014 and  discussed the meeting I had arranged between him and President Jill Tiefenthaler of the Colorado College during the hockey weekend during which issues related to one-sport athletic programs might be discussed. Unfortunately, President Tiefenthaler had to cancel her trip to Omaha. We also discussed the efficacy of select twelve-month programs with pilots in Social Work and IS&T. We agreed that UNO had lost a great friend and supporter in alumnus Jim Young and I said the Senate would consider an appropriate resolution. The Chancellor also asked us to get as many faculty as possible to the opening of the Community Engagement Center, on April 17, and the unveiling of the Alumni Association's maverick statue in August.

4.      Chancellors Council met February 27, 2014.  I was unable to attend. According to those who did attend with whom I have spoken, almost the entire meeting was devoted to UNO's Emergency Management Team's response to the fire at Scott village which, in my opinion, has been excellent. A number of other colleges and universities have contacted UNO asking about our experience and asking for advice.  

5.      Deans Forum Summary:  As of March 4, 2014, it has been updated to January 8, 2014

6.      Written Acknowledgements for Resolutions: On 2/20/14, Nancy Castilow, Asst. to the Chancellor e-mailed:  "The chancellor accepts Res. 4125, 4126 and 4127."

2013-2014 Resolution Action Table
(Action Pending and Current Resolutions)


Senate Passed


Admin Accept

Sent for Senate Action



In Progress

Final Action/Resolved



Ad Hoc Committee on Feedback from Faculty



Chancellor Accepts



Vacancy on UCRCA



Chancellor Accepts



BA in Music



Chancellor Accepts



Faculty Senate President-Elect




Appointment to Assessment Committee




Temporary Spring 2014 Replacement for Senator Stergiou




January Return of Education Senator





Shared Governance




Not supported. Chancellor's Comment: "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate."



Employee Plus One Benefits



Senate sent to Pres Milliken, D. Burns, and Board of Regents



This is a university issue, not a campus issue. The senate can choose to forward to Varner Hall for further action or consideration.



Instruction on the Ethical Use of Print and Online Sources in Academic Papers




*Chancellor acknowledges that the subject matter is primarily an Academic Affairs issue and has asked Vice Chancellor Hynes to respond as appropriate.



Recommended Plagiarism Policy





-Returned to Faculty Senate for additional language consideration as discussed at the 3/17 meeting with administration.

-Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.



UCRCA Funding




*3079(From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/15/11:  Not supported.  Chancellor's Comment:  "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate.")

*3073 (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 1/24/11:  This is a university issue, not a campus issue. The senate can choose to forward to Varner Hall for further action or consideration.)

*3033  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 5/27/10:  "While he is supportive of Res. 3033, he acknowledges that the subject matter is primarily an Academic Affairs issue and has asked Vice Chancellor Hynes to respond as appropriate." ) *3013  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 3/11/10) "The chancellor said the first resolution" (3013)  "needs to be considered by Terry" (Hynes) . . . ) (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/21/10:  Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.)

*3013  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 3/11/10) "The chancellor said the first resolution" (3013)  "needs to be considered by Terry" (Hynes) . . . ) (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/21/10:  Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.)

*2944 (From the EC & Admin Mtg 1/21/09: The Chancellor supports the concept in Resolution 2944 on funding an UCRCA budget line but opined we wouldn't get it during the years of budgetary problems.)(6/10/09 Nancy Castilow wrote for Chanc. Christensen: "One clarification related to  Res. 2944, dealing with ongoing support of the UCRCA budget.  I said that I was open to the concept and supportive of continued funding of the UCRCA budget, albeit we would need to review its  funding during times of budget constraints, as we do with other such programs.  The decision to fund and how much to fund remains the purview of the Office of Academic Affairs.  I did not opine that the UCRCA budget line would automatically see no funding during years of budgetary problems.")

B.     Treasurer's Report:  Senator Holley submitted the February 2014, Budget Report.

IV.     Executive Committee Report:  Senator Surface moved the following two resolutions.  Both passed unanimously.

A.    RESOLUTION 4128, 3/12/14:  Appreciation & Condolences to James R. Young's Family

WHEREAS James R. Young, a distinguished alumnus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and business leader as President and Chief Executive Officer of Union Pacific passed away on February 15, 2014; and

WHEREAS James R. Young and his wife Shirley served as hosts of the UNO Centennial in 2008 and gave their name and financial support to the creation and continuation of the Jim and Shirley Young Scholars  program that serves economically challenged students, and

WHEREAS James R. Young served as UNO Chair of the Nebraska Foundation's Campaign for Nebraska; and

WHEREAS James R. Young supported the creation of Union Pacific Scholarships in the Colleges of Business Administration and Information Science and Technology; and

WHEREAS James R. Young's devotion to his alma mater will be sorely missed but always cherished and remembered;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED  that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha extend to Shirley Young and their children its deepest appreciation for all of Mr. Young's myriad services to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and its sincere condolences on his loss.

B.     RESOLUTION 4129, 3/12/14:  Appreciation for the UNO Emergency Management Team

WHEREAS the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Emergency Management Team admirably organized and communicated the reports of damages, the arrangement of new accommodations, and the replacement of fire-damaged student property, to all concerned parties, after the fire at Building G at Scott Village on February 26, 2014; and

WHEREAS the Emergency Management Team's quick and efficacious action has attracted praise from both the local media and from other colleges and universities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Nebraska at Omaha Faculty Senate congratulates the Emergency Management Team for a job well done.

Senator Surface also reported the Executive Committee did the following:

C.     Proposal to Restructure CFAM into Three Schools was sent to the Academic & Curricular Affairs Committee for research.

D.    Center for Faculty Development – Advisory Request was sent the following to the Rules Committee to gain more information:

Need:  The goals of the Center for Faculty Development are to advance instructional excellence, facilitate professional success and foster faculty leadership. To achieve our stated goals numerous programs are planned and/or coordinated by the Center for Faculty Development staff each academic year.  The programs provide faculty members educational enhancement opportunities on the UNO campus.  We want to establish an Advisory Committee that includes a member of the Faculty Senate, to serve as ongoing advisors to CFD.
Request:  Please add the Center for Faculty Development Advisory Committee to the list of committees on the Faculty Senate website.  We also ask that a Senator be appointed to serve on this committee.  The committee will meet monthly.

V.      Standing Committee Reports

A.  Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs:  Senator Petrow moved the following 3 resolutions for the committee:

1.      RESOLUTION 4130, 3/12/14:  EMIT Proposal

WHEREAS there is a growing demand in the business field for IT professionals also holding corporate leadership positions as Chief Information Officers;

WHEREAS the Bureau of Labor statistics reports that job opportunities for these professionals are expected to rise from now until 2018, with computer and information systems managers in particular seeing a 17% increase in employment during that time will result in an additional 50,000 jobs;

WHEREAS the proposed Executive Master of Science in Information Technology (EMIT) program from the College of Information Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha will meet this rising need for Nebraskans; and

WHEREAS the Academic and Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate has reviewed the EMIT program proposal from the College of Information Science and Technology at UNO and concluded that such a program will benefit both the corporate community and UNO when the program is offered; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal to create an Executive Master of Science in Information Technology (EMIT) program within the Graduate College at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 24 for and 2 against.

2.      RESOLUTION 4131, 3/12/14:  Nebraska Center for Justice Research at NU

WHEREAS issues of criminal justice are of paramount importance to all states and communities, especially given record high incarceration rates; and

WHEREAS UNO currently operates the Consortium for Crime and Justice Research which conducts original research on criminal justice; and

WHEREAS it has been determined that the Consortium can be even more effective if it combines with the Juvenile Justice Institute at UNL to form the Nebraska Center for Justice Research which will be based at UNO; and

WHEREAS the new Center will not require any additional funding sources, and

WHEREAS the Academic and Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate has reviewed the proposal from the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at UNO to create a Nebraska Center for Justice Research, and concluded that it represents a great opportunity for UNO and the community which will be mutually beneficial to both; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal to create a Nebraska Center for Justice Research at the University of Nebraska.

The above resolution passed unanimously.

3.      RESOLUTION 4132, 3/12/14:  Bachelors of Science degree in Gerontology      

WHEREAS each day in the United States, 10,000 people turn 65 years of age and older; and

WHEREAS by 2050, the U.S. Census Bureau expects there to be 88 million people 65 years of age and older living in the United States; and

WHEREAS this growing population presents certain challenges to our communities and nation that the study of gerontology can help us to cope with; and

WHEREAS students in the NU system who wish to major in gerontology currently have no degree program available, and

WHEREAS the proposed Bachelor of Science degree in Gerontology will remedy this problem, as well as strengthen existing relationships between UNO and organizations that manage the effects of these changes; and

WHEREAS the Academic and Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate has reviewed the proposal from the College of Public Affairs and Community Service at UNO for a Bachelors of Science degree in Gerontology, and concluded that it represents a great opportunity for UNO and the community for which adequate resources are available; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal to create a Bachelors of Science degree in Gerontology within the College of Public Affairs and Community Service at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The above resolution passed unanimously.

B.     Committee on Educational Resources and Services:  Senator R. Smith reported the committee met February 26, 2014Present: Bragg, Cast-Brede, O'Neil, Smith, Surface.  Absent: Kwik.  Guests: Paul Davis.

1.   Discussed the photo-roster project with Paul Davis from the University Committee on Technology Resources, Services, and Planning.  According to Professor Davis, the project has these features:

•     would work through SIS and Blackboard
•     no additional resources required to make operational
•     instructors will access a single file with studentsʼ names and photos
•     a separate file would exist for each section taught
•     archival information will be available to tenure-track faculty for several years but only to graduate assistant instructors for the duration of the semester
•     student photos would also be available to library staff

2.   Senator R. Smith moved the following resolution, which passed unanimously:

RESOLUTION 4133, 3/12/14:  Develop a Photo Roster of Students

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate endorses the concept of developing a photo roster of students, using currently available resources, for use by both tenure or non-tenure track instructors at all levels and selected staff, including instructors involved in teaching distance education.

3.   Recommended following top-five rankings of student tech fee proposals from 13 forwarded to the committee:

1.   Outdoor wireless network phase I for Information Services
2.   Eyetracker lab for the College of Business
3.   Suicide help-line for Academic and Student Affairs
4.   Library theatre/iclassroom for the Criss Library
5.   Charging stations for Student Government.

C.    Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare:  Senator Wileman moved the following for the committee.  It passed with a vote of 24 for and 2 against.

RESOLUTION 4134, 3/12/14:  Initiating Emeritus Status Policies and Procedures

WHEREAS emeritus status is the rank customarily awarded by the President or Chancellor of each campus to a faculty member at the time of his or her retirement; and

WHEREAS the University of Nebraska Board of Regents has published procedures (RP 4.2.6) that specify the general principles, privileges and perquisites of emeritus status; and

WHEREAS there is inconsistent publication of the criteria and procedures used by the departments and colleges to make recommendations to the Chancellor on the award of emeritus status;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Deans of the colleges initiate a charge to individual units to develop and publish the policies and criteria to be used in recommending individuals for emeritus status.

D.    Committee on Goals and Directions:  Senator Adcock reported the Committee met February 26, 2014.  Present:  Phyllis Adcock, Darrell Lewis, Lyn Holley, Beth Ritter.

Excused:  Zial Huq.  Guest:  Lisa Scherer.

      The purpose of this meeting was to solicit feedback from Faculty Senate leadership regarding our committee's charge for next year.  Meredith Bacon (President) and Lisa Scherer (President elect) were invited to address the committee.
      Dr. Scherer spoke at length about her goals to enhance coordination of communication (on many dimensions) and transparency during her term.  She specifically mentioned the following:  increasing communication between the faculty at large and the Senate; increasing communication between the Student Senate and Faculty Senate; increasing communication between staff and faculty.  We also discussed the need for closer communication with AAUP and between the Standing Committees.
      On the first goal, Dr. Scherer proposed that we launch an anonymous online survey (through Qualtrics) to solicit feedback from all full-time faculty.  The survey would be brief and would ask faculty to furnish 3 "appreciations" and 3 "concerns."  Dr. Scherer will coordinate launching the survey, after appropriate consultation and approval from Senate and Administration.  We had discussion regarding who should have access to such data after it is compiled, it was agreed that it would be ideal if this initiative could be hosted through the Faculty Senate, rather than through the Administration or a single department.  This survey would be a pilot and would be compiled and analyzed by Dr. Scherer's students.  The data would then be available for the Goals and Directions Committee to bring to the August 2014 retreat.
      Senator Adcock moved the following resolution for the committee.  It passed unanimously.

RESOLUTION 4135, 3/12/14:  Faculty Online Survey

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate is dedicated to serving the needs of UNO faculty;

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate currently has no systematic mechanism in place to solicit feedback from faculty;

WHEREAS the Goals and Directions Committee of the Faculty Senate desires such feedback to shape goals and directions for the 2014/2015 academic year;

The Faculty Senate's Goals and Directions Committee moves to pilot an anonymous online survey emailed to all full-time faculty (by the end of this semester), requesting three "appreciations" and three "concerns" they wish to share with the Faculty Senate for this purpose.

      Dr. Scherer also proposed that it would be ideal for each Standing Committee of the Senate to articulate 3 goals for AY 2014/2015.  Hopefully, this would reduce duplication.
      We discussed workload inequity and concerns about "invisible teaching" that artificially inflates the documented research released time of faculty and has implications for Assessment.
      Finally, we discussed producing a short narrated PowerPoint that would introduce new faculty (and anyone else interested in our process) about the fundamentals of how the Faculty Senate works (Standing Committees, structure of meetings, resolutions, process, etc...).  We will pursue this idea and perhaps request volunteers (e.g., past Presidents) and funding to produce such a piece.  

E.     Committee on Professional Development:  Senator Casas reported the committee met  February 26, 2014, met with Dr. Melanie Bloom, a representative of the University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT). The goal of UCAT is to foster the instructional development of full time faculty (tenure and non-tenure track) on the UNO campus. The UCAT committee is made up of faculty across the various colleges on campus. In recent years UCAT has had an annual budget of about $40,000 ($20k of which is permanent funding) all of which comes from the Office of Academic Affairs.  Support for the development of faculty teaching comes in various forms including:

·         Grants of up to $800 for travel to pedagogical conferences. Applications must be sent for review to your UCAT college representative by the first Friday of the month you are applying.
·         Course re-design grants up to $1,500
·         Teaching Circle Materials grants up to $500 (for the entire group)
·         Help sponsoring pedagogical speakers on campus (approx. 5-7k)
·         Help sponsoring brown bag luncheons on teaching

All grant applications should address one or more of the 2013-2014 UCAT Themes:

·         Curriculum Development and Assessment
·         Diversity
·         Instructional Technology
·         Interdisciplinary Integration
·         Promoting Critical Thinking Pedagogy
·         Student Mentoring, Advising and Research

   Faculty can apply for multiple grants but only one per category each academic year. These resources represent an important mechanism for complementing travel budgets available in our respective colleges. The UCAT committee will be having a retreat in the near future to discuss improvements for coming years. Faculty are encouraged to send any comments/suggestions to their UCAT college representatives. For more information about UCAT activities, applications and committee members visit .

F.     Committee on Rules:  Senator Mahoney reported the Committee met on February 26, 2014, and replaced outgoing standing committee members with newly elected senators for 2014-2015.  These will be announced at the May 2014 Faculty Senate meeting.

VI.     Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.    Academic Planning Council (APC):  Senator Mei reports that on February 17-18, 2014, the APC reviewed the Computer Science department:
      Dr. Steven  Bruell (outside reviewer from Iowa University), Joan Latchaw (GPC Rep), Neal Grandgenett (UNO APC Rep), and Wai-Ning Mei (Faculty Senate Rep) conducted a program review of Computer Science (CS) department. We met with the CS faculty members, students, staff members, IS&T advisors, graduate dean, CS dean, and Vice-Chancellor, talked about issues regarding CS program.
      Dr. Bruell will combine our opinions, comments, then write up and submit the final report.  

B.     American Association of University Professors (AAUP):   Senator N. Bacon reported, at its meeting on March 7, the AAUP Executive Committee discussed two issues that had been presented to the grievance officer for mediation and/or resolution.  The group also discussed the election of national officers.
Students still have time to apply for the Kolasa scholarship ($1,000), open to graduating seniors who will attend graduate school in 2014-15.  The application deadline is March 21; other details are available on the AAUP website:
      Members and their guests are invited to the annual spring dinner, scheduled for Friday, April 11 at the Upstream West, 170th & West Center.  To sign up, contact President Robert Darcy:
      The William Brennan Institute for Labor Studies hosts its annual conference, Promoting the General Welfare, on Saturday, April 5 in the Community Engagement Center. The AAUP will provide funding for five faculty members and ten students to attend. 

C.    Graduate Council:  Professor Hewins-Maroney reported the Council met February 10, 2014. Members present:  Lynn Harland, Joan Latchaw, Connie Schaffer, Nora Bacon, James Vnuk, Melanie McGrath, Robert Blair, Dhundy Bastola, Patrice Proulx, Amber Reis, Karen Hayes, Karen Rolf, Paige Toller, Ana Cruz, Christina Dando, Barbara Hewins-Maroney, Jerilyn Kamm , Andrea Banicki and Dean Smith-Howell presided. 
Approved the summary from 1-13-14
TOEFL Discussion-Andrea Banicki, Assistant Director Intensive Language Program
Ms. Baniki collected data on what our Peer Institutions and other institutions within the region require.  The way that most universities are accessing English Language proficiency now are that they look at two different types of test the TOEFL or the IELTS.  The IELTS comes in two different forms computer based (PBT) or the internet based (iBT).  Within the handout is a conversion table so that you can see the different equivalencies among the different scores. 
Graduate Studies Enrollment Planning
Dr. Smith-Howell spoke on Enrollment Planning for Graduate Education.
Commencement Weekend festivities begin Friday, May 9th with the Conferring of the Degrees ceremony.  This university-wide ceremony convenes in the Pep Bowl.   The evening concludes with a campus-wide reception.  Each college ceremony will take place at various locations throughout campus on Saturday, May 10th
Policy & Planning
Committee has divided about 25 more pages into the proper categories. We've done this for almost 100 pages now. Staying focused on simply placing topics in the correct categories, knowing that updating/rewriting the topics/policies will come later.
Courses, Programs & Evaluations
Reported that the Graduate Certificate in Managing Juvenile and Adult Populations was approved and they reviewed and approved four courses. 

D.    Library & Learning Resources Committee:  Professor Ryan reported the Committee met on February 5 from 11am-12pm at Criss Library.
Present: Adrian Duran, Carey Ryan (Chair), Elizabeth Dahl, Steve Schorb (Dean), Linda Riveria (staff).  Absent: Barbara Hewins-Maroney, Kristin Girten, Jinlan Ni.
·         Dean Shorb reported on library activities:

o   converting from microfilm, microfiche, and oversized books to new digital  databases (e.g., Proquest, which provides all periodicals prior to 1900)
o       putting print reference books in circulation
o       renovations to include an additional theater that seats 40, moving the Creative Production Lab upstairs, and expanding the café.
o       upcoming library events
o       use of the online institutional repository, which is high
o       new Director of Archives and Special Collections (Amy Schindler)
o       new document delivery services
o       changes to the web page

·         Follow up on need for Encyclopedia Britannica as CREDO has proven inadequate (out of date) for students; Dean Shorb still needs to address.
·         Discussed concerns regarding student access to the Afghan Collection
·         Discussed success of e-books, which raised concerns about the 3-person access limitation; problematic when e-books are adopted for classes.
Next meeting to be scheduled in mid-April at which time a new Chair will be determined.

E.     Strategic Planning Steering Committee:  Senator M. Bacon reported a successful Strategic Planning Forum was held on Assessment.

F.     UCAT:  Prof. Theresa Stanton reported UCAT met February 24, 2014.

Chair of the Committee: Theresa Stanton.  List of Committee Members: Theresa Stanton, Carol Ebdon, Robert Nash, David Peterson, Sara Myers, Shelby VanNordstrand, guest Holly Miller.  Absent Members: Melanie Bloom, Robert Ottemann.
At our February UCAT meeting we did the following:
·         Reviewed 10 travel grant requests and awarded 8 faculty travel grants.
·         Made further plans for discussions during our April retreat, see below:
UCAT Retreat will be held on Friday, April 18, 2014 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Library Faculty Study Area.  Possible items to be discussed include:

1.     Application guidelines based on conference information
2.     Clarity to applicants regarding multiple faculty attending same conference
3.     Creation of Rubric for Curriculum Re-Design Grants 
4.     Overall purpose and mission of UCAT grants
5.     Provide distinction between Section A and Section B on Travel Application
6.     Definition of "Conference" versus "Workshop"
7.     Is "resubmittal" of applications allowed?
8.     Do the number of students affected factor into application consideration
9.     Travel Grant Application issues when conference information is unavailable at review date
10.   Plagiarism
11.   Are the classes affected core classes or specialized classes
12.   Need for more objective type of application evaluation
13.   Possible "rank" of applications prior to meeting
14.   Establish number ranking system with "cut-off" number for denial.

G.    University Committee on Technology Resources, Services, and Planning:  Prof. Woody reported the committee met March 5, 2014.   The Committee on Technology discussed the UNO Mass email policy, which currently allows, say, a faculty member to transmit up to 50 unsolicited emails. Associate Vice Chancellor John Fiene will review and update the policy.
      Relevant to the ad hoc subcommittee on developing a Student Photo Roster, Robert Woody and Paul Davis gave feedback on their meeting with the Faculty Senate, which referred the matter to one of its committees. Presumably the Faculty Senate will take further action on the proposed Student Photo Roster in the near future, and the Committee on Technology will move forward for a final decision.
      At the request of Joyce Crockett, a subcommittee will be formed to consider Blackboard (Bb) retention. At present, Bb keeps past class data for seven semesters. A primary question is how long should faculty members and past students be able to access previous class materials. The subcommittee will include representatives from the Committee on Technology and the Registrar's Office. It will be chaired by Joyce Crockett and Mike Zimmerman; Beth Leader Johnson, Joseph Nabity, and hopefully two more members of the Committee on Technology will serve. A report from the subcommittee is anticipated for the April meeting of the Committee on Technology.
      Having reviewed proposals for funding from the Student Technology fee, the Committee on Technology discussed and deliberated about qualities, and offered its opinions to Associate Vice Chancellor John Fiene. Approximately $300,000 will be awarded.

H.    Wellness Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of Feb. 14, 2014.
UNO wins the Gold Well Workplace award from WELCOA (Wellness Council of America):
-          Things to improve on campus include smoking and data collection and qualitative proof the wellness program is effective.   In terms of score, UNO is less than 4 points from Platinum.
UNO and Smoking Areas, Smoke-Free, etc.:
-          Eta Sigma Gamma is currently working on finding the interest of the campus to move to smoke-free.
-          Some representatives from Student Government are also interested in this effort.  They are researching campuses similar to UNO to find out which ones are Smoke-Free.
-          Need to have another meeting set up just to discuss this topic.  Dr. Coleman will get the principle stake-holders together to coordinate efforts. 
-          Staff Advisory Council and Human Resources and others should be included in discussions.
-          Esther mentioned that UNK might be looking into making their campus smoke-free.
-          Dr. Scherer suggested that Dave D. talk to Dr. Bacon and Sue Bishop about getting on the Faculty Senate Agenda to let them know that there will be discussions in this area.
-          Dr. Scherer also said that Pot Smoking should be addressed, too.  Some don't treat it as smoking, but it is.
Wellness Coalition:
-          Joe Kaminski gave a description of the Wellness Coalition. The Wellness Advisory Board and the Wellness Champions Committee would still exist.  The goal of the Wellness Coalition is to get students, faculty and staff together to address health strengths and weaknesses of UNO.
-          The 1st meeting is scheduled for Thursday Feb. 27th.  
Physical Activity Project:
-          UNO is working on getting updated maps of walking paths from each building to HPER.
-          There will be a flier made displaying how many steps, calories and time it takes to walk to HPER.
-          We will also be measuring how many laps around the Pep Bowl equals 1 mile.
Wellness Focus Groups:
-          These groups will meet February 26th in Mammel Hall 116 at noon. The other opportunity is February 28th in MSBC at 9:00 am.
-          These round tables are set out to find out what F/S likes/dislikes about the current Wellness Program.
-          Anyone is welcome to join the group to discuss F/S wellness.
Student Focus:
-          Derek is working with Food Services to list the information on items they serve.
-          He has also been conducting Focus Groups to figure-out what students see as needs on campus regarding wellness.

VII.    New Business

A.    Senator N. Bacon moved, and Senator Scherer seconded the following resolution, which passed unanimously.

RESOLUTION 4136, 4136, 3/12/14:  Proposal for "UNO Faculty Senate" Plaque on Maverick Monument Wall

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate organize an effort to raise enough money for a plaque to be engraved with "UNO Faculty Senate" for the wall at the new Maverick Monument. 

VIII.  The meeting adjourned at 3:31 p.m. with announcements.

IX.     Announcements

A.    EC&A Mtg:  Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 2 p.m., EAB 200 (Chancellor's Conference Room)
B.     EC&C Mtg:  Wednesday, April 2, 2014, 2 p.m., ASH 196
C.    Faculty Senate Mtg:  Wednesday,  April 9, 2014, 2 p.m.,MBSC Chancellor's Room
D.    Faculty/Staff Dinner:  Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 6:30 p.m. Social, 7 p.m. Dinner, MBSC  (Invitations will be sent and RSVPs expected)