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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2013-2014 Faculty Senate



_______________________________Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 2 p.m.,MBSC DODGE Rooms________________

Presentation:  Bob Woody & Paul Davis (members of Technology Resources, Services & Planning Committee) on Photo Roster Project ______________________________________________________________________________

Present:     Adcock, M. Bacon, N. Bacon, Bragg, Casas, Cast-Brede, Chmidling, Harden, Harder, Holley, Huq, Lewis, Mahoney, Means, Meglich, Mei, Mitchell, O'Neil, Parnell, Prisbell, Scherer, Siy, P. Smith, R. Smith, Sollars, Stack, Thompson, Tiller, Wileman,

Excused:   Beard, Chen, Morris, Petrow, Ritter, Surface

Absent:      Kwak, Mitchell, Sobel, Williams

I.        The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by President M. Bacon.

II.       The Minutes of January 15, 2014, were approved as submitted.

III.      fficers' Reports

A.    President's Report:  Senator M. Bacon reported

1.      The Executive Committee and Administration (EC&A) met January 22, 2014. 

Present:  M. Bacon, Castilow, Christensen, Conley, Holley, Reed, Scherer, R. Smith, Surface (special presentation: Laura Gram)

      The Chancellor noted that no new resolutions had been passed. 

      Topics discussed were:  the upcoming visit of a delegation of Faculty Senators to the Board of Regents meeting in Lincoln this Friday.  President Bacon commented on being contacted by the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Star.  The purpose and focus of the delegation is the importance of consulting faculty when curricular, staffing, or organizational decisions are made – especially when these decisions affect the student we teach.  We will bear "silent witness" except for a statement from Faculty Senator Harrison Means.   Another group of Senators and Faculty also will attend that meeting of the Board of Regents to express their views independently.  There is no news yet about plans to staff the vacancy created by President Milliken's resignation.  Laura Gram, Administrative Fellow and UNO faculty member, presented a report of progress on developing UNO evaluations that can withstand AQUIP scrutiny and work toward creating a Circle of Quality through assessment and feedback.  Senator Smith and others emphasized importance of (1) current evaluation practice and incorporating all that is useful into the new plan and (2) maintaining the decentralized organization culture of UNO and relying on units and colleges to develop evaluations that are appropriate to their disciplines and practices.

2.      Chancellor's Council met January 23, 2014. 

      We heard and saw two fascinating presentations, one on "Big Data" and the other on tuition remission. There is a huge amount of data available in the cloud from which we may retrieve information relevant to our mission and efficiency. For example, one may measure the SCH Rate which is SCH a student completes per the SCH in which he or she enrolled. The SCH Rate turns out to be a good predictor of graduation/retention. Since August 2006, UNO has awarded 12,208 degrees but 33% have been in only seven degree programs. We have 224 degree programs. Is that too many? On tuition remissions, we heard of the trade-offs of number of scholarships and their amounts and how this relates to retention.

3.      Board of Regents met January 24, 2014. 

      Prior to the Board meeting proper, the State Auditor Mike Foley said the University books were sound.  Senator Greg Adams, Speaker of the Unicameral gave us a brief legislative update and was followed by Ron Witham, the University's Director of Governmental Relations. While a number of introduced bills may impact the University if passed and signed, two are of immediate concern. LB 1018 would change current provision to allow the University to keep applicants for the presidency confidential which might encourage other university administrators to apply. LB 779 would mandate transferability of credit from all state funded institutions, essentially taking that responsibility away from faculties. There are quite a few senators (17) who are term-limited and must be replaced. Some have been friends of the University. 

      Pete Lipins, Senior Research Analyst, gave a presentation on graduation rates and while UNO's rate still appears to be quite low , we do better than most of our BOR assigned peers for "full-time, first-time freshmen"(only 51% of entering freshmen in fall 2013). 

      Chancellors Perlman and Christensen then presented the latest version of the PKI Integrated Plan. Not much has changed since the last version although some concessions on curriculum have emerged. Promises of new faculty and space and reality based budgeting for such costs are little changed. It short, from the UNO perspective, the proposal is still unacceptable because it shortchanges UNO students enrolled in CEEN which is still to be "merged" into CoEn's EE. Even with the President's promise of $1M from the Programs of Excellence fund, the President of UN-L's Academic Senate remains as skeptical as I do about where the money to fund addition personnel and space is to be found. 

      The meeting of the BOR was called to order at 10:20. Regent Hawks was elected Chair and Regent Phares was elected Vice Chair. Among the Kudos Award winner was David Sample from UNO's Facilities, Maintenance and Operations. 

      During the Public Comment period Senator Harrison Means delivered the UNO Faculty Senate's response to the revised PKI Plan. Senator Means was concise and articulate in the best traditions of the Senate, Faculty and University. Senator Bing Chen also spoke as did a UNO Engineering student and Mr. John Smith a community supporter. 

      President Milliken spoke about the White House Conference on January 16 on how to lower barriers to post-secondary education to socioeconomically challenged citizens. NU is addressing these issues in three ways. We have an on-line high (prep) school; NU communicates with every Nebraska 8th grader to assure her or him that college is affordable; and, NU brings high school students onto all our campuses through the bridge programs. 

      During the usually mundane Business Affairs Agenda, there was a good deal of debate about the Breslow Ice Center in Lincoln, located at UN-L and who would pay the operating costs. Local (?) hockey teams will use the ice.

4.      Deans Forum Summary, as of February 5, 2014, it has been updated to December 5, 2013

5.      Written Acknowledgements for Resolutions: N/A

2013-2014 Resolution Action Table
(Action Pending and Current Resolutions)



Senate Passed


Admin Accept

Sent for Senate Action



In Progress

Final Action/Resolved





Shared Governance




Not supported. Chancellor's Comment: "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate."



Employee Plus One Benefits



Senate sent to Pres Milliken, D. Burns, and Board of Regents



This is a university issue, not a campus issue. The senate can choose to forward to Varner Hall for further action or consideration.



Instruction on the Ethical Use of Print and Online Sources in Academic Papers




*Chancellor acknowledges that the subject matter is primarily an Academic Affairs issue and has asked Vice Chancellor Hynes to respond as appropriate.



Recommended Plagiarism Policy





-Returned to Faculty Senate for additional language consideration as discussed at the 3/17 meeting with administration.

-Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.



UCRCA Funding




*3079(From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/15/11:  Not supported.  Chancellor's Comment:  "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate.")

*3073 (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 1/24/11:  This is a university issue, not a campus issue. The senate can choose to forward to Varner Hall for further action or consideration.)

*3033  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 5/27/10:  "While he is supportive of Res. 3033, he acknowledges that the subject matter is primarily an Academic Affairs issue and has asked Vice Chancellor Hynes to respond as appropriate." ) *3013  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 3/11/10) "The chancellor said the first resolution" (3013)  "needs to be considered by Terry" (Hynes) . . . ) (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/21/10:  Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.)

*3013  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 3/11/10) "The chancellor said the first resolution" (3013)  "needs to be considered by Terry" (Hynes) . . . ) (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/21/10:  Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.)

*2944 (From the EC & Admin Mtg 1/21/09: The Chancellor supports the concept in Resolution 2944 on funding an UCRCA budget line but opined we wouldn't get it during the years of budgetary problems.)(6/10/09 Nancy Castilow wrote for Chanc. Christensen: "One clarification related to  Res. 2944, dealing with ongoing support of the UCRCA budget.  I said that I was open to the concept and supportive of continued funding of the UCRCA budget, albeit we would need to review its  funding during times of budget constraints, as we do with other such programs.  The decision to fund and how much to fund remains the purview of the Office of Academic Affairs.  I did not opine that the UCRCA budget line would automatically see no funding during years of budgetary problems.")

B.     Treasurer's Report:  Senator Holley gave the January 2014 Budget Report.

IV.     Standing Committee Reports

A.    Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs:  Senator N. Bacon reported the committee reviewed the program proposal for music and we send along our resolution of support as passed by the Faculty Senate: 

RESOLUTION 4125, 2/12/14:  BA in Music

WHEREAS the existing Bachelor's Degree program in Music is very narrowly tailored to music courses;

WHEREAS many students wish to pursue a broader music program which combines music courses with a more general liberal arts education;

WHEREAS a proposed Bachelor of Art's (BA) Degree program in Music would allow that greater flexibility by allowing for students to complete liberal arts courses;

WHEREAS the proposed BA of Music degree program includes new tracks of study in Music Technology and Jazz Performance that will be unique to any college or university in Nebraska;

WHEREAS those opportunities may draw students to the campus to enroll in the program;

WHEREAS the existing Bachelor's Degree program in Music has created partnerships between the UNO campus and the city, and the new BA of Music will surely expand on those relationships;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal from the Department of Music and the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media to create a Bachelor of Arts program in Music at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

B.     Committee on Educational Resources and Services:  Senator R. Smith reported the meeting was held January 29, 2014.

Present: Cast-Brede, Bragg, Kwik, O'Neil, Smith, Surface
Guests: Mark Goldsberry, Allison Junker

1.      Discussed the process by which rooms are assigned for sections in the fall and spring semesters, primarily on the Dodge campus in these buildings: Arts & Sciences Hall, CPACS, Kayser Hall, and Roskens Hall.
2.      Assignments are made by hand and checked with the computer software program R25.
3.   Problems with classroom availability are a result of several factors, which include the following partial list:

•         Increased number of sections offered on campus over the past few years, from 2208 in fall 2008 to 2671 in fall 2013.
•         Increased number of classrooms controlled by departments since 2008, from 39 to 78 of the 148 total lecture-style classrooms.
•         Increased number of non-standard class times, such as one day per week classes that schedule classrooms in a single three-hour, daytime block.
•         Overuse of peak time periods, such as Tuesday and Thursday mornings after 10 a.m., and poor use of other time periods, such as 8 a.m. classes and Friday afternoon classes.

4.   Set the Paul Beck Scholarship awards as $1000 for both a full-time undergraduate and a full-time graduate student, each to be selected by the Committee at the April meeting.  These award amounts are consistent with previous years.

C.    Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare:  Senator Wileman reported VC Conley attended the January meeting.  The group discussed parking at UNO.

D.    Committee on Goals and Directions:  Senator Adcock

The committee met January 29, 2014.  Members Present:  Drs. Lyn Holley, Beth Ritter, & Phyllis Adcock.  Members Absent:  Drs. Ziaul Huq, Darrell Lewis, Carol Mitchell.
      The Goals and Directions Subcommittee met in the Roskens Hall 412 IDEAS room.  The committee went over the 2013 fall semester to refresh Dr. Adcock of the committee's accomplishments.  Senator Adcock then informed the committee that she was very grateful to Drs. Carol Mitchell and John Hill for stepping in for her during the fall semester, helping the committee complete its tasks.
      Discussion then centered about the presentation of Senator Means to the Board of Reagents on the issue of the EMIT program.  Lyn reported on the presentation by Senator Means, as well as Faculty and students who represent the program. 
      We also discussed that we needed to get a new direction for the committee and it was suggested that we would invite Senate President Bacon and or Senate President-Elect Scherer to visit with the committee during the February meeting to help the committee set a new direction.
      The committee ended their meeting of the discussion of a possible leader to take over the chair of the Goals and Directions subcommittee since Phyllis will be completing her tenure as a faculty senator at the end of the spring semester.

E.     Committee on Professional Development:  Senator Casas reported the Committee met January 22, 2014, with Traci Hancock, Director of the UNO Innovation Accelerator. The UNO Innovation Accelerator (see for more details) was established about a year ago, and is tasked with supporting UNO faculty, students and staff with research commercialization. UNOIA services include brainstorming business ideas, developing pitches, getting connected with small businesses and other entrepreneurs, consult on small business grants (SBIRs), etc.  
      In addition to these consulting services, Traci is also involved with educational opportunities for students to learn entrepreneurship skills, and bringing in entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences. She has also advised students who have gone on to establish their own startups. 
      While most of the consultations have been with PKI-based faculty and students, the scope is not limited to technology-related startups, and she has talked to other groups, among them, students interested in starting small businesses, Dodge campus faculty and others. Interested faculty can meet with her and invite her to their classes.

F.     Committee on Rules:  Senator Mahoney reported

 1.      The committee met January 29, 2014, to schedule, organize and update the campus-wide survey process.

 2.      RESOLUTION 4126, 2/12/14:  Vacancy on UCRCA

BE IT RESOLVED that the following name go forward to complete Ann Fruhling's term (08/01/12 - 07/31/15) on the UCRCA (University Committee on Research & Creative Activity):

 Haifeng Guo, IS&T (to replace Ann Fruhling) 08/01/12 - 07/31/15.

V.       Other Faculty Senate Committees:

A.    Ad Hoc College of Engineering Steering Committee:  President M. Bacon reported that the committee is meeting, but there is nothing to report yet.

VI.     Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.      Alumni Association, Board of Directors:  Professor Vlasek submitted the following: 

The meeting was held November 26, 2013- 4:30 p.m.
Board Members in Attendance: Andy Rikli, David Craft, Sarah Waldman, Laurie Ruge, Scott Durbin, Garrett Anderson, Deb Anderson, Tina Scott-Mordhorst, John Jesse III, Susie Melliger, Allen Hansen, Shari Munro, Steve Schmitz, Traci Harrison, Adam Marek, Penny Parker, Todd Rynaski, Lee Denker, Chuck Holderness, Scott Vlasek, Martha Spangler Guests: Vice Chancellor Bill Conley, Joel Gehringer, Tessa Barney, Lori Byrne
Others: Anthony Flott, Maria Malnack, Elizabeth Kraemer, Steven Summers, Missy Lewis, Meri Kennedy
 President's Report:
·         Lee Denker thanked the board for attending and securing sponsorships for the UNO Alumni Association's 100th Anniversary Celebration on November 8, 2013. The event generated $30,000 for the Maverick Monument. Denker also mentioned that the board hockey night last Saturday evening was a success. A basketball night will be held in February.
·         Elizabeth Kraemer presented a recap of past events for the UNO Alumni association including photos from the UNO Alumni Scholarship Swing, Campus Homecoming Decorating Contest, Young Alumni Academy and the 100th Anniversary Celebration. The presentation also reminded them about upcoming events including Golden Circle and the Colorado and Arizona Outreach.
 New Business:
·         2012-2013 External Audit: Laurie Ruge reported that an electronic copy of the 2012-2013 UNO Alumni Association external audit was sent to all board members via email. The Priority 3/Operations Committee met with the auditor from Hancock & Dana, PC to go review audit their findings. Ruge happily reported that the auditor gave a clean audit for the UNO Alumni Association.
·         UNOAA Strategic Planning: Andy Rikli reminded the board of the 3 different Priority Committees for the UNO Alumni Association, also stating that a strategic planning session will be scheduled in 2014 to revisit the goals that were set for each committee and to create action plans to move forward. Denker also entioned that it is his plan to gather the committee leaders of each group prior to the Strategic Planning Session to gather feedback for the session. 
·         Board Nominating Plan: Garrett Anderson informed the committee that he will chair the nominating committee this year. He requested that board members provide consider submitting a nomination for open board positions. He also informed the board that Lou Anne Rinn, Legal Advisor, will be stepping down at the end of this fiscal year. Any recommendations for a new Legal Advisor from the board would be appreciated as well.
Old Business:
·         Maverick Monument: Andy Rikli reported that the Executive Committee has discussed board giving at two recent meetings. It is the hope of the Executive Committee that all board members contribute to the project at some level. That would show 100% support by board leadership. Lee Denker shared information about how board members can submit contributions. He reported that the Monument campaign is near $85,000 received.
·         Strategic Priority Teams:
·         Priority 1: (No report due to UNOAA 100th Anniversary Celebration)
·         Priority 2: (No report due to UNOAA 100th Anniversary Celebration)
·         Priority 3: 2012-13 Financials- Laurie Ruge reviewed the UNOAA Quarter 1 financials with the board, also informing them that the Priority 3 Committee has plans to meet in mid-January to review investments.
·         Pickles for Athletics Audit- Ruge mentioned that Pickles/Maverick Boosters was audited by the state and received a clean audit. Ruge also notified the board that Maria Malnack is also helping UNO with many individual campus audits that are happening right now.
·         Capital One Affinity Credit Card Program- Ruge notified the board that Capital One is terminating its Affinity Card relationship with UNOAA. That will leave us without a credit card program. Lee Denker mentioned that he and Maria Malnack are working with Capital One to close out the partnership and they will consider future programs with other banks.
Updates: UNO Alumni Scholarship Swing: Scott Durbin mentioned that this year's UNO Alumni Scholarship Swing had net revenue of $29,269. This is a decrease from previous outings. The committee will meet in early 2014 to determine how or if to continue the program. Any suggestions or new golf committee members are appreciated.
Students:  Martha Spangler reminded the board that three weeks remain until the end of the fall semester. She mentioned that UNO has been voted #2 for Best for Vets, and that students who participate in community service is up 30% from last year. A Mav Food Pantry opened last month to help students in need. To date over 100 students have been assisted. The new online social media site, MavSync, launched earlier this year and so far they are seeing record breaking attendance at events since all activities are posted on one site. Spangler also mentioned that 8 students from IS&T have developed a MavMe app on iPhone that can scan just like the MavCard. The new app also has a security feature within to help with overall safety on campus.
UNO Business & Finance: Vice Chancellor, Bill Conley updated the board on projects from the office of Business and Finance. Conley welcomed thoughts, suggestions and comments from the board. Miscellaneous: All board members received a packet that includes media coverage of the Maverick Monument announcement.

B.    American Association of University Professors (AAUP):   Senator N. Bacon reported the AAUP is working with the vice chancellor to re-examine the workload policy.  The current policy, posted on the Academic & Student Affairs website is outdated.

      The AAUP was asked to participate in a hearing about LB #1018, legislation that limits public input on the selection of the next university president.  The union was represented by its lobbyist Jim Pappas.

C.     Digital Measures Ad Hoc Committee:  Senator Cast-Brede reported a number of training workshops for Digital Measures were held.

·         01/31 Mammel Hall 319 9:00 – 1:00
·         02/04 Kayser Hall 541 2:30 – 4:30
·         02/14 Kayser Hall 541 2:30 – 4:30
 Additions to Digital Measures
·         Global Engagement, International Partnerships & Exchange Programs category has been added to Main Menu
·         Community Engagement check box will be added to item templates after this annual review period (currently it is available in scheduled teaching)
·         It was recognized that a global engagement/partnership might fit under other categories, such as service.  Such activity was not appearing in the Annual Reviews report.  To address this, items not appearing in the traditional annual review areas of teaching, research and service will appear at the end of the report under Misc. Items.  Faculty may then relocate the information to appropriate areas or delete as appropriate.

D.    Parking Advisory Committee:  Professor Tisko reported the UNO Parking Committee met November 21, 2013.

Present:  Josh Darr (faculty rep.), Jim Ecker (parking manager), Karen Kempkes (staff rep.), Lisa Paskewitz (staff rep.), Stan Schleifer (support services manager), Jennifer Short (student rep.), Ed Tisko (faculty rep.), James Vogeltanz (staff rep.)
Absent:  Ben Schriever (student rep.), Peter Smith (faculty rep.)
 New Business
                    The parking office proposed offering 1-day-a-week and 2-days-a-week parking permits for adjuncts (less than 0.5 FTE), temporary staff and other regular volunteers and mentors.   Sales of the permits will begin in January 2014.  The committee voted to give its agreement with the proposal. 
      The parking office proposed to reserve a stall in the NW corner of Lot W (East of A&S) for "Custodial Services Only".  This is a slight change from reserving a stall for "Service Vehicles Only"  since service vehicles include all State of Nebraska vehicle whereas the present proposal is to restricted access to custodial services only.  The committee voted to give its agreement with the proposal. 
      Members of the committee suggested Mike Murphy, UNO Police Liasion or John Amend, Director of Facilities Management and Planning as possible guest speakers for future meetings.
                    Guest Speaker:  Sara Woods, Assistant to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement 
·         The Community Engagement Center is to be completed by the end of February.
·         It will be open for use at the beginning of March and official grand opening will be held April 17th
·         The center will be administered by Academic and Student Affairs.
·         Various levels of residency of the facilities are being planned.
·         Users not affiliated with the university will pay rent; whereas, university users will not.
·         Parking under the building will be set at the "reserved" rate.
·         Lot E (presently the faculty lot north of the campanile) will be gated and reserved for CEC users.
·         Lot D (presently the student lot north of the campanile) will primarily be reserved for CEC parking, but will be open occasionally to faculty, staff and students, similar to the Welcome Center parking lot (Lot I) adjacent to how the western DSC parking lot (Lot G) is being used.

E.      Strategic Planning Steering Committee:  Senator M. Bacon reported that there is a need for a consistent system of accountability and assessment throughout the university.  Some departments do well with assessment, and some don't.  The February 28, 2014, Strategic Planning Forum will be only on assessment.

F.    Technology Resources, Services, & Planning Committee:  Prof. Woody wrote that at its meeting on the 02-05-14, the ad hoc subcommittee (chaired by Paul Davis) submitted a report on developing a Student Photo Roster. After substantial discussion, the University Committee on Technology Resources, Services, and Planning endorsed unanimously the project in general, and requested the Paul Davis and Robert Woody present the matter to the UNO Faculty Senate at at the earliest possible date. Soon thereafter, the Committee will reconsider the Student Photo Roster project.

      It was announced that, starting February 17th, there will be nighttime availability of a technology support person, available through the HELP desk.
      In February, members of the Committee are asked to vote on proposals for financial support for technology projects.
      Relevant to EDUCAUSE, UNO folks will be asked to participate in a forthcoming undergraduate student technology survey (pending IRB approval). The response will be used internally and for comparisons to peer institutions.
      Information on Gartner Group's "Nexus of Forces" in Higher Ed IT (mobile, cloud, big data/information/ social) was presented. UNO website scales readily between desktop and mobile devices ("responsive design"). MavLink mobile platform provides significant access to student services. The utility of mobile web interface is linked directly to wireless signal coverage, which is being further developed. Many UNO systems are hosted by cloud. Departments are able to manage their own virtual servers hosted in the UNO IS Data Center, and IT provides backup. The contract signed with will retire the department WebOffice fileserver system.

G.  UCAT:  Prof  Theresa Stanton wrote that those attending the November meeting were  Theresa Stanton, Carol Ebdon, Robert Nash, David Peterson, Robert Ottemann, Sara Myers, Melanie Bloom, Shelby VanNordstrand, guest Holly Miller. 

At our November UCAT meeting we did the following:
•         Decided against the UCAT potential featured speaker JoAnne Owens-Nauslar due to lack of response from speaker.
•         Reviewed 8 grant requests and awarded 5 faculty travel grants, and 1 designated conference.
•         Tabled further discussion on Adjunct Faculty at the April UCAT retreat. We will also discuss our guidelines for potential applicants, clarity for multiple faculty going to same conference, rubric for curriculum re-design grants and overall purpose and mission of UCAT grants.
•         Moved the March meeting up a week to avoid spring break.

VII.    New Business

A.      Senate Ad Hoc Committee Regarding Timely Feedback of Faculty

Senator Scherer moved and Senator Casas seconded the following, which passed:

RESOLUTION 4127, 2/12/14: Ad Hoc Committee on Feedback from Faculty

That Senator Scherer chair and populate a 3 person ad hoc committee from the UNO Faculty Senate to work with students from the UNO Student Senate to develop a student survey to assess the degree to which students receive outcome feedback (grades) in a timely manner within a semester.

VIII.  The meeting adjourned at 3:09 p.m. with announcements.

IX.     Announcements

A.    EC&A Mtg:  Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 2 p.m., EAB 200  
B.     EC&C Mtg:  Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 2 p.m., ASH 196 
C.    Faculty Senate MtgMarch 12, 2014, Mammel Hall 320 
D.    Faculty/Staff Dinner:  CHANGED to Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 6:30 p.m. Social, 7 p.m. Dinner, MBSC  (Invitations will be sent and RSVPs expected)