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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2012-2013 Faculty Senate


_________________________Wednesday,  December 12, 2012, 2 p.m.,  MBSC Chancellors Room_________________

Present: Adcock, M. Bacon, Beard, Bragg, Casas, Chao, Chmidling, Harder, Huq, Kelly, Maring, Means, Mei, Melanson, Maring, Means, Morris, O'Neil, Rech, Roland, Scherer, P. Smith, R. Smith, Stack, Surface, Wileman, Woody

Excused: N. Bacon, Beldin, Guo, Kwak, Petrow, Prisbell, Tiller, Winter

Absent: Mahoney, Richter-Egger, Toller, Williams


Presentation:  Pelema Morrice, Associate Vice Chancellor Enrollment Management and Marketing (Update of UNO Web Site)


I.       The meeting was called to order by President P. Smith at 2:35 p.m.  

II.      The Minutes of the November 14, 2012, meeting were approved as submitted

III.    Officers' Reports

A.    President's Report:  Senator P. Smith

1.       Board of Regents met November 29, 2012, there was only one agenda item needing to be approved for the Lincoln campus.

2.      Chancellor's Council met December 6, 2012.  HR gave a brief presentation of an Emergency Loan Fund for faculty and staff at UNO.  There has been a need for short term loans.

3.      Deans Forum Summary:  As of December 3, 2012, it is still only updated to May 2012.

4.      There were no written acknowledgements for Resolutions:

2012-2013 Resolution Action Table
(Action Pending and Current Resolutions)






Admin Accept

Sent for Senate Action



In Progress





Shared Governance Education




3 CH Classes Remain .25 FTE




Revisit Shared Governance




Faculty Involvement




CPACS Senator Replacement





Determine Contractual Implications of Background Check Policy

(w/participation of bargaining unit and Central Admin.)




The chancellor acknowledges receipt of the resolution and has provided the legal opinion requested.*

Chancellor cannot support this resolution.



Shared Governance




Not supported.  Chancellor's Comment:  "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate."



UCRCA Funding




*4054(Legal Opinion): From: John C. Hewitt [] ; Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 9:11 PM;

       To: Ed Wimes; Subject: Background Checks. 
     In a response to my email of July 14, you have indicated that at this time you anticipate that the "background check" at the University of Nebraska at Omaha will consist of the University reviewing public records (i.e., sex offender registry, criminal convictions, etc.) for applicants for employment.  Based on the foregoing you have inquired whether such an approach would constitute a mandatory subject of bargaining.
     The simple answer is that the University could, in my opinion, proceed to implement such an approach for applicants without any discussions.  The obligation to bargain in good faith concerning mandatory subjects is generally limited to the current employees of an employer.  There is generally no obligation to negotiate concerning prospective employees.  Star Tribune, 295 NLRB 543 (1989).
     If there remains any discussion about expanding such an approach to current employees, then the answer becomes more complicated.  Nevertheless, I do not believe that the University would be required to bargain over the decision to review public records at its own cost and expense.  As I indicated previously, this decision would likely be within the employer's managerial discretion.  However, I also believe that the University would be required to bargain over the "effects" of such a decision; such as (a) whether any information in a person's criminal record would remain confidential; (b) whether certain employees would be exempted based upon length of exemplary work records; (c) the appeal rights of employees who claim that they have been incorrectly identified of having been convicted of a particular crime or who believe there are extenuating circumstances that would exclude their disqualification; and (d) the categories of offenses that would result in automatically exclusion from employment.
     If you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to call.

John C. Hewitt; ; CLINE WILLIAMS WRIGHT JOHNSON & OLDFATHER, L.L.P.; 1125 S.103rd Street, Suite 600; Omaha, Nebraska 68154; Phone 402.397.1700/Fax 402.397.1806

*3079(From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/15/11:  Not supported.  Chancellor's Comment:  "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate.")

*2944 (From the EC & Admin Mtg 1/21/09: The Chancellor supports the concept in Resolution 2944 on funding an UCRCA budget line but opined we wouldn't get it during the years of budgetary problems.)(6/10/09 Nancy Castilow wrote for Chanc. Christensen: "One clarification related to Res. 2944, dealing with ongoing support of the UCRCA budget.  I said that I was open to the concept and supportive of continued funding of the UCRCA budget, albeit we would need to review its  funding during times of budget constraints, as we do with other such programs.  The decision to fund and how much to fund remains the purview of the Office of Academic Affairs.  I did not opine that the UCRCA budget line would automatically see no funding during years of budgetary problems.")

B.     Treasurer's Report for November 2012, was given by Senator M. Bacon.

IV.   Executive Committee Report: 

A.    The following 3 resolutions were moved by Senator M. Bacon for the Executive Committee.  All passed unanimously.

1.      RESOLUTION 4068, 12/12/12:  On the Passing of Dr. John Kerrigan

WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha has, with sadness, learned of the death of John Kerrigan, and

WHEREAS, John contributed to the quality and character of the University of Nebraska at Omaha through excellent teaching and curriculum development and by being dedicated to  excellence in research as an appropriate faculty contribution to the university, and

WHEREAS, John was, for many years, a dedicated and competent university administrator, including service as Dean of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service, and Acting Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and

WHEREAS, John established a distinguished career in higher education, serving as a nationally recognized expert in public administration and an academic consultant to universities, educational associations, and government agencies, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses its sympathy and condolences to John's wife Patricia and his entire family, and to his many friends in the university and throughout the community.

2.      RESOLUTION 4069, 12/12/12:  A&S Senator Temporary Replacement

BE IT RESOLVED, that, as A&S Senator Greg Petrow will be on Paid Professional Leave next semester (Spring 2013), Jack Heidel will be appointed as his temporary replacement (1/1/2013-5/9/2013) on the UNO Faculty Senate.

3.      RESOLUTION 4070, 12/12/12:  Representation on Faculty Senate (agenda attachment – page 23)

WHEREAS, Article III of the Constitution of the UNO Faculty Senate provides that the Executive Committee shall recommend to the Faculty Senate a proportional representation by college to determine the number of seats in the succeeding year's Senate,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee recommends to the Faculty Senate that 14.3714 UNO faculty members be represented by each Senator resulting in the following distribution of seats for the 2013-2014 Faculty Senate:

Arts and Sciences       13
Business Admn.            4
CFAM                         5
Education                     5
IS&T                           3
Criss Library                1
CPACS                       4

                        Sub-Total      35                                                       

            External Faculty           2

                              TOTAL    37

B.     Faculty Involvement, Revisit Shared Governance, Shared Governance Education (F.S. Resolutions 3064, 4065, 4067) 

Senator M. Bacon reported the following three resolutions were passed at the November 2012 Faculty Senate meeting and, at last week's meeting, the Executive Committee and Cabinet has assigned the work to the Goals & Directions Committee.

1.      RESOLUTION 4064, 11/14/12:  Faculty Involvement

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee assign the appropriate committee or committees to give consideration to adequacy of faculty involvement, input and decision making to administrative issues, including, but not limited to, the major change of the web site redesign and the decision to pursue an arena.

2.      RESOLUTION 4065, 11/14/12:  Revisit Shared Governance

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee revisit shared governance as it relates to issues on campus, not limited to, but including the web re-design, distance education, and the building of the arena.

3.      RESOLUTION 4067, 11/14/12:  Shared Governance Education

BE IT RESOLVED, that at a strategic time with respect to the installation of new senators, time and attention be given to communication and discussion of the Faculty Senate's view of shared governance for the benefit of all senators, particularly those new to the senate.

V.     Standing Committee Reports

A.    Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs:  Senator Beard reported the committee met and discussed on-line education at UNO.  We also discussed our agenda for next semester because our chairman, Dr. Petrow, will be taking a one semester leave of absence and he wanted to provide some direction for the committee.
      In terms of the on-line UNO education discussion, Victor Winter suggested we discuss these Massive On-Line course offerings.  We see potential threats to full-time faculty because universities may want to have students watch those lectures and then hire part-timers to administer the rest of the course -- such as holding discussions sections about readings, giving exams, etc.  For an administrative point of view, the "product" of education would be delivered more efficiently that way.  However, there are potentially very negative consequences for what are termed "student outcomes."
      Senator Petro will be on Paid Professional Leave for Spring 2013.  Senator Nora Bacon will be the Spring 2013 chairperson for the Academic and Curricular Affairs Committee.

The following resolution is again presented to the full Senate.  It was passed unanimously.

RESOLUTION 4071, 12/12/12:  Certificate in Information Technology Administration

WHEREAS, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of individuals employed in occupations related to Information Technology administration and Information Technology development is projected to grow significantly in the years 2008-2018, and

WHEREAS, there is no certificate program at the University of Nebraska Omaha for Information Technology Administration, and

WHEREAS certification programs may serve as a draw for students compared to 4 year-degree programs because of the reduced course load, and

WHEREAS the exclusively on-line nature of the program may serve as a special draw for this targeted population of students, and

WHEREAS the certificate would be offered jointly with the University of Agder in Norway, such that their students would also enroll in these courses, and

WHEREAS UNO would offer the only such certificate program in the state, and

WHEREAS, the Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs has reviewed the proposal for a program leading to a Certificate in Information Technology Administration and concluded that such a program fits well within the strategic plan and the mission of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and that the resources necessary for such a program are available or can be developed through reasonable and appropriated allocations of resources, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal from the Department of Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis in the College of Information Science and Technology to create a Certificate in Information Technology Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

B.     Committee on Educational Resources and Services:  Senator Maring reported the meeting was held November 28, 2012.  Present: Robert Smith, Patrick O'Neil, Dana Richter-Egger, Marvel Maring.  Excused: Jeanne Surface, Wikil Kwak. Guests:  Lanyce Keel, Karen Hein and John Fiene.

This meeting was the second the ER&S committee has had with the IS group this semester and this meeting focused on the ten questions the ER&S committee prepared. 

The discussion focused on the concerns faculty have in how we are to reach the 20,000 students by 2020 goal.  John Fiene shared that there are many ways to grow enrollment, and DE is only one way.  We are also establishing new programs and recruiting more effectively, especially previously untapped populations.  The work that has been done in Gen Ed is also making articulation agreements easier.

The IS group discussed the concept of "backward design" and that "is a method of designing educational curriculum by setting goals before choosing instructional methods and forms of assessment."  Working with this approach can often illuminate how a particular lesson, lecture or other educational experience could be made available online.   The IS Department stressed that they support "programs rather than classes" and that by working with other colleagues to build a critical mass will ensure educational goals of a unit are met.  One of the handouts provided was a Distance Education Online Course Checklist for Quality.  This can be a way for faculty to think through the learning outcomes of their courses while working with the API group.  Other items that were addressed included the website redesign, which will be designed for a new student audience.  In Phase I, scheduled to be completed in January 2013, the homepage and pages for student recruitment, admissions, and financial aid are the primary focus.  Phase II, to begin later in 2013, will begin with development of limited departmental and college pages.  Departmental pages will have several options for customization of content and the look and feel will be consistent with the main UNO homepage. 

The IS group addressed each question in writing and that document has been printed for each Senator.  As in every conversation, questions are answered but more questions emerge.  The IS Department and the ER&S committee see this as an on-going dialogue.  Some of the overarching ideas that were discussed regarding online learning included the financial support to build the business side ("launch and sustain" is the goal) and whether the model should be one that is centralized versus decentralized.  We discussed possible models including the idea of a college-level instructional designer with knowledge of the needs of the faculty/programs within that college who also meets regularly with the API team.  The idea being that the API team would serve as consultants while the college-level designer would focus on the development and creation.  Another point of discussion included the importance of how to provide technology transfer—that is teaching the faculty rather than doing it for them.  The idea of the "flip classroom" was also discussed.  The flipped classroom is "a form of blended learning which encompasses any use of Internet technology to leverage the learning in a classroom, so a teacher can spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing." Some ways to encourage dialogue with other faculty who have successfully launched hybrid or online courses might be teaching circles and we discussed the possibility of sponsoring (or co-sponsoring) a forum on online learning. Lanyce Keel is the point of contact for faculty with questions and she can be reached at or 554-2020.

C.    Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare:  Senator Melanson reported that the committee held an open meeting to discuss a proposed resolution regarding Background Checks.  The resolution can be found in New Business.

D.    Committee on Goals and Directions:  Senator Kelly reported the committee did not meet, but attended the open meeting of the Faculty Personnel and Welfare Committee.

E.     Committee on Professional Development:  Senator Woody reported the committee met on November 28, 2013, the Professional Development Committee held its monthly meeting.

It was concluded that the Committee's primary objective shall continue to be consideration of distance education issues.

Concern was expressed about: (1) the seeming proliferation of non-teaching personnel, e.g., administrative/staff additions are greater than teaching additions; (2) the press for distance education is not coming from the faculty; (3) the unresolved need to involve the faculty more in a "shared governance" manner; (4) revenues to the administrative units being divided reasonably to reward the particular faculty members teaching the distance education courses; (5) annual reviews giving more emphasis to participation in distance education (e.g., encouraging "growth" in competency for distance education); and (6) continued reluctance by some faculty and students to accept and endorse blended courses.

A document relevant to "Quality Matters" was reviewed.

It was concluded that a major issue is the lack of incentive for a faculty member to develop distance education courses. That is, such incentives are either absent or left too much to the "teaching culture," as opposed to administrative provision of substantial concrete rewards. Certain enticements to develop distance education courses were viewed by some members as being grossly inadequate.

Related to the preceding conclusion, there was agreement that administrative sources need to interact with faculty more "so we can do things better the first time around"; this effort should include additional resources (e.g., for course development time and skills provided by a given faculty member).

The next meeting of the Professional Development Committee will be held on January 30, 2013 (site to be announced), at which time certain IT personnel will be in attendance.

VI.     Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.    Alumni Association, Board of Directors:  Senator Rech reported the board met on November 20, 1012.

      Board Members in Attendance:  Garrett Anderson, Andy Rikli, Laurie Ruge, Lou Anne Rinn, Laura Kapustka, Jamie Herbert, Brandon Steenson, Deb Anderson, Tina Scott-Mordhorst, John Jesse III, Susie Melliger, Chris Denney, Allen Hansen, Shari Munro, Steve Schmitz, Chuck Holderness, Devin Bertelsen, Lee Denker.
Guests:  Lory Byren, Joel Gehringer, John Amend
Others:  Anthony Flott, Elizabeth Kraemer, Maria Malnack, Meri Kennedy
      Garrett Anderson called the meeting to order at 4:37 p.m.
Approval of Minutes: 
      The minutes of the August, 2012 meeting were approved as presented.
President's Report:
      Elizabeth Kraemer presented a programs update for the board including past and upcoming events for the 2012-13 fiscal year.
      Lee Denker reported that Daniel Stephen from the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania was an IREX fellow who spent a month learning about our Alumni Association.  The IREX Fellowship program places international education leaders at American universities for professional development.
      Denker notified the board that CASE District VI, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, will present eight awards to UNOAA this year, which is the highest number of awards UNOAA has ever received.  Elizabeth Kraemer will also be recognized for the Rising Star award at the conference in Chicago in December.
New Business:
      Anderson addressed the group regarding UNOAA celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2013.  Anderson notified the group that he along with, Denker and Andy Rikli have received support from the Chancellor to move forward with plans for the celebration.  Denker presented tentative plans, including a project to develop a Maverick Statue/Alumni Plaza to commemorate the anniversary somewhere on campus.
      Lou Anne Rinn motioned to approve developing a timeline and funding plan for the Statue/Plaza project, and that both be presented at the board meeting in February 2013. Jamie Herbert seconded the motion and the motion carried.
Old Business:
      Elizabeth Kraemer updated the board regarding the 2013 Chancellor's Scholarship Swing that was held at Tiburon Golf Course in September.  The event raised over $41,000 to support UNOAA scholarships.  Kraemer also invited board members to participate on next year's committee.
Strategic Priority Teams:
      Priority 1:  Team leader, Andy Rikli, reported that the Priority 1 committee is working on an engagement incentive program to help alumni stay connected to the Alumni Association, that they are considering appropriate wording for an engagement plan, and that they are beginning to discuss marketing the plan.
      Priority 2:  Team leader, Lou Anne Rinn, reported that the Priority 2 committee is working with the individual colleges on campus to help align the Alumni Association with the different colleges.  Among other activities, the College of IS&T recently had a successful alumni event and the College of Education is working on an upcoming event with doctoral alumni.
      Priority 3:  Team leader, Laurie Ruge, notified the board that the Priority 3 committee met last week to review and approve the 2012-13 external audit that was conducted by Hancock & Dana, CPA, in which UNOAA received a clean audit.  Ruge also reported that following approval by the board at the August 2012 Board meeting, 10 Shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock were sold and immediately reinvested in a UNOAA account with the NU Foundation. Ruge then reviewed 2012-13 Q1 financials with the board.
      NU Foundation:  Lori Byrne reported that the new NUF President & CEO started in September and is planning to attend the May UNOAA board meeting.  Byrne said that Campaign for Nebraska has revisited UNO's goals for the final two years of the campaign and that the priorities now center on faculty and student support.  Byrne also discussed the plans to raise funds for UNO's new Arena.
      Students:  Devin Bertelsen, UNO Student Regent, reported that the excitement level of students is increasing dramatically with all the events that are in place for the rest of the year into next.  Bertelsen also let the board know that the student government supports the development of a Maverick Statue/Alumni Plaza.
      UNO Facilities Upgrades:  John Amend, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Facilities gave a presentation on current construction projects on campus.

B.     American Association of University Professors (AAUP):  Senator Richter-Egger reported the AAUP is focused almost exclusively on negotiating the next contract.

C.    Commencement Working Group:  Senator Rech reported the May Commencement is already being planned.  There will be no Friday convocation. 

D.    Parking Advisory Committee:  Prof. Paterson  wrote the committee met November 2, 2012.

Present:  Doug Paterson, Ed Tisko, Ana Carballal, Dave Nielson, Heather Overton, KaiXi Zhang, Jim Ecker, Stan Schleifer.  Absent:   Karen Kempkes, Nick Daehling.
Guest Speaker: Student Senator - James Reitmeier.
·         Heather agreed to take minutes in lieu of Karen Kempkes absence.
·         Next meeting will be December 7
·         Geography is still working on the campus maps in cooperation of parking and FM&P.
Previous Business
·         Lot M is planned to reopen on November 7
·         Lot Q will close permanently for construction of the new Community Engagement Center beginning November 7.
·         Lot M will now be the pick-up and drop off for the Pacific campus shuttle.
·         Permit spring sales will begin on December 10.

o   There are plenty of garage passes still available
o   Passes will be prorated for half year

·         It was suggested to make cost of garage comparable to surface parking.

New Business
Guest speaker – James Reitmeier
·         Recommends discontinuing shuttle stop at Scott Hall (lot 8) within the first 3 weeks of the fall 2013 semester.

o   This shuttle is underutilized with only picking up 20-25 students an hour
o   Long wait times due to full capacity picking up students at previous stops.
o   Safety hazards merging back into traffic
o   It takes 90 sec driving through parking lot
o   Many students find it easier to walk over to Scott Café or to Mammel Hall.
o   Prior to and after shut down the drivers will need to be notified, maps changed, and other forms of communications sent out so students are aware.
o   Parking committee supports this proposal as does Chief since the riders are decreasing

·         Future recommendations – Phase 2

o   Discontinue shuttle in Lot 14 by Scott Court

§  People aren't going to village shuttle
§  Make one pick up one drop off like north campus
§  It was recommended to use Scott Court Hall so as not block traffic
§  Pedestrian safety concerns
§  Safety Concerns due to buses lining up for more students change off of Shirley St
§  Stan commented that the stops are where they are because they wanted them to be close to the students. If we change the stops we may get some push back.
§  Village land not expandable.
§  Court has a possibility for 25000 stations and its expandable
§  We tabled discussion for a later time. Need more information and since the campus is ever expanding unpredictable right now.

Main Business
·         Inter campus shuttle discontinued
·         Chief, suppliers of UNO's shuttles, inconsistent on pick up and drop off
·         Maps

o   Still a work in progress with codes and geography dept. revising them.
o   Working on shuttle pick-ups
o   Stan recommends adding times also on days when there are no classes

·         Recommended to add signage to stops with times and maps.
·         Mav Village/University Village structure

o   Recommended to reduce the number of handicap stalls or break them up; however, due to ADA, Jim thinks we have to have those stalls and it's also hard to enforce broken up stalls. He did say however, he would consider it a possibility.
o   Parking by dumpster is not for loading due to trash pickup therefore no stalls can be added.

E.     Strategic Planning Steering Committee:  Senator M. Bacon reported the committee met on November 28.  SVC Reed chaired the meeting.  Three task forces gave updates of their activities – the Alignment Task Force, The Strategic Panning Event Task Force and the AQIP Task Force. Subsequent to the last EC&A meeting, I suggested that part of the SPSC's agenda should be the incorporation of the enrollment objectives (20,000 by 2020) into the Strategic Plan. I was informed that after the event in February the SPSC would attempt to do just that. VC Conley reported on gaps between the NU Strategic Framework and UNO's Strategic Plan. I understood that UNO is expected to adjust its Plan to bridge these gaps, despite the fact we had a Strategic Plan in 1998 and NU didn't get around to one until 2005; to change our well established and intricately constructed plan to mirror the UN Framework. I do not know if any faculty from any of the campuses were involved in writing the Framework. Most of the gaps are administrative and financial.

Other Committee Reports:

A.    2012-13 Excellence in Teaching Award:  Prof Wakefield wrote that Paul Barnes called a "plenary' meeting for Nov. 26th to discuss our strategy for implementing the 2012-13 Excellence in Teaching Award selection process. We met for about an hour to discuss procedures for setting up our nominations process as well as establishing deadlines for submissions. Our next meeting will be January 25th, 2013, and we should have more information to report following that meeting.

B.     Student Publications Board:  Prof. Michael J. O'Hara wrote the Fall 2012 Report.

In Spring 2012 the UNO Student Government added to the fiscal difficulties confronting the Gateway by slashing in the AY1213 budget.  Student Government moved those dollars previously devoted to the Gateway so as to dramatically increase budgets in other organizations.  The Student Government cut was doubly unhelpful as those cuts were mandated in a manner that also prohibited Gateway expenditures in categories of the Gateway held as far higher priorities.

Prior to the Student Government budget cut, Gateway advertising revenues were down dramatically.  Ad revenues were down for three reasons:  first, the recession; second, a broad media market repositioning as advertisers abandoned print and moved towards digital; and third, poor performance by a Gateway Advertising Manager (a common risk for student run organizations).  Ad revenues were off by well over $40,000 from the FY1112 target.  Then, Student Government cut far in excess of $10,000.  All of that was against a total budget of just over $100,000.  The magnitude of budget cuts is only hinted at by the difficult decision to reduce the Gateway from a twice-weekly paper to a one-weekly paper. 

If the Gateway cannot generate sufficient ad revenues (i.e., in excess of $50,000), by June 30, 2013, then it will be forced to close at some soon date.  That FY1213 revenue target would be a 50% increase of the prior year and would reverse a deep slide that started with the recession.  Prior shortages of revenues starting with the fall 2008 recession have been covered from the Gateway's reserves.  Those financial reserves, built up over decades of frugality, swiftly are approaching zero dollars.

The Gateway has taken steps to address these pressing needs.  First, Karen Weber, Student Publications Board member and Lecturer in the College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media, as well as faculty advisor to that college's MaverickPR student group, lead a study and consulting report provided to the Gateway as a pro bono client.  The plan developed by MaverickPR focused on the Gateway's markets and opportunities as well as strategies and tactics for realizing those opportunities.  Additionally, the Gateway was fortunate to secure the services of a new, vigorous, and focused Advertising Manager, Cody Willmer.  Finally, the Gateway gained the services of Kate O'Dell, who started as Gateway Editor in Chief during summer 2012.  Editor O'Dell selected from and implement that plan.  As an example of success, about 50% of the budgeted annual revenues were secured on the first two issues of the fall semester.  This front-loading of revenues is traditional for student newspapers; but, in the most recent prior years that goal not achieved.  Editor O'Dell made Willmer's sales job easier by improving the layout and content of the Gateway to serve its readers better.   Professional advisor to the Gateway, the Omaha World-Herald's Chris Burbach, has stepped up his post-publication guidance for the student reporters in pursuit of continuous improvement.

      New challenges confront the Gateway, however.  Graduation is pulling Cody Willmer away.  And, in spite of herculean efforts to burn the candle at both ends and the middle, Editor-in-Chief Kate O'Dell has been pulled away.  Both the demands of children at home and outside full time employment deny Editor O'Dell the time she views as needed for a successful editorship.  Accordingly, the Gateway is compelled to fill both vacancies for the Spring 2013 semester when ordinarily, both appointments would have been for a full UNO fiscal year.

The Student Publication Board has both university appointed members and student members selected by the Editor-in-Chief.  The university members (i.e., Chair Cindy Gonzalez of the Omaha World-Herald; Tom O'Connor from UNMC's PR office; Karen Weber from UNO's College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media; and Michael J. O'Hara from the College of Business Administration) were and are delighted to see that the student members selected by Editor-in-Chief O'Dell are taking an active role, unlike the student members from many prior years.  The Gateway is expanding its engagement with the student body and taking steps to expand readership, both in print and on-line.  All would be lost without the efforts of the Gateway's General Manager Carol Buffington.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Student Publications Board that oversees the UNO "Gateway" met on November 27, 2012.  At that meeting the Stud. Pub. Brd. accepted the resignations of Editor-in-Chief Kate O'Dell as well as the resignation of Advertising Manager Cody Willmer.  These are the two key student held positions in the newspaper:  content and revenue.

Editor-in-Chief O'Dell's family demands and full-time employment demands, when coupled with her commitment to excellence, required her to submit her resignation.  The Student Pub. Brd. had hoped to hold O'Dell until May, but the Brd. was not the least bit surprised at her need to depart when her family demands ratcheted up.  We accepted her resignation with much disappointment, but with full understanding.  At the Nov. 27th meeting the Stud. Pub. Brd. appointed long-time Sports Editor Nathan Tenopir to the position of Editor-in-Chief.  O'Dell will remain engaged during the transition to Tenopir.  Tenopir, if authorization to do so comes from Eppley, will serve both as Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor.  That question involves a rule on permissible fraction of FTE engagement by a "student worker".

As was long expected, Adverting Manager Willmer resigned because of his December 2012 graduation and his start of full-time employment.  His efforts turned around a moribund office and set the stage for further improvement.  Willmer's post-graduation employment was obtained in no small part because of his experience at the "Gateway".  The key position of Advertising Manager remains vacant.  Active recruitment, with some little success, is continuing.  The Student Publication Board stands ready to and is eager to act promptly upon the identification of a suitable candidate.  Recall, the survival of the "Gateway" is in question and the only feasible answer is more advertising revenue.

C.    University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):  Prof. Melanie Bloom, Chairperson, submitted the following report.

List of Committee Members: Melanie Bloom, Ana Cruz, Carol Ebdon, Rene Erlandson, Sara Myers, Bob Ottemann, Donald Rowen, Theresa Stanton

At our November 2012 UCAT meeting we did the following:

·         Discussed the UCAT featured speaker and some alternative ideas to Rebecca Oxford.

·         Finalized the assessment rubric for UCAT travel grants for use of both applicants and UCAT committee members. Will revise this rubric for use with teaching circle materials grants. That rubric will be finalized at our January meeting.

·         Discussed the UCAT designated conferences as we received no applications. We decided that this could be due to the high price of conference registration. Therefore, we raised the funding amount to $2000 and will fund two applicants to attend the Teaching Professor conference. These applications will be due 2/15/13. We also discussed the possibility of adding the CASTL Institute as a designated conference. This idea will be explored further at our January meeting.

·         Reviewed and awarded two faculty travel grants and one teaching circle materials grant.

·         We will create an application for our curriculum development grants in our January meeting. The due date for those will be 3/15/13.

D.    University Committee on Technology Resources, Services & Planning:  Prof Andrew Swift wrote the meeting was held November 7, 2012 3:00pm EAB 200.  Attendees: Andrew Swift (chair), Joyce Crockett, Gary Meyer, Pedro Okoruwa, Mike Boettcher, Dean Hayes, Tracy Bridgeford, Harvey Siy, Stanley Wileman, Rene Erlandson, John Fiene, Pelema Morrice, Erin Owen, Tara White

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the October 3, 2012 meeting were approved.
Web page changes
·         Enrollment Management and Marketing are working together with Noel Levitz to redevelop Pelema Morrice went over the phases of the upcoming UNOmaha web page and template changes.
·         Please refer to the PowerPoint file on Blackboard. A Q&A session was held after the presentation.
IS Organization Chart
·         A new IS organization chart can be found on Blackboard. John Fiene went over each section and discussed their areas of expertise/focus.
·         John also discussed the current and future project list for IS. A handout was provided.
Other Business

E.     Wellness Stampede Advisory Committee:  Prof Bartzatt wrote the committee met November 9, 2012.

1.      Introductions were made.  Dave introduced Skyler Brooke, who is the new Student Fitness/Wellness Coordinator.  He will assist with all of Campus Recreation's Fitness/Wellness Programs, including Mav-Rec Wellness.
2.      Dave and Skyler did a recap of the Health and Wellness Fair.  It was estimated that about 800 people participated.  Discussion was about the positives and the negatives of the fair.  Feedback was taken and will be shared with the Health and Wellness Fair Committee.  Overall initial assessments were positive, but there is always room for improvement.
3.      Skyler is accepting event/program information for the Dec./Jan. Wellness Calendar.  Deadline for submitting is November 21st (extended from Nov. 15th).  The committee was encouraged to relate the event or program to one of the 8 Dimension of Wellness (Physical, Emotion, Social, Environmental, Spiritual, Financial, Intellectual, and Occupational.   Skyler's contact information:   Skyler Brooke, 4-3185,
4.      Julie Denker will be presenting the final of three Fall Nutrition Seminars on Tuesday Nov. 20th, from 12:00pm to 12:45pm in HPER 138.  It is free.  This month's topic:  Eating Healthy During the Holidays.
5.      The Step2It Challenge ended on Oct. 31st.  There were some negative experiences with the support from LiveHealthyAmerica.  Also, the pedometers were a very low quality for the $15 entry fee.  Dave said he would follow-up with the Nebraska Sports Council about these issues.
RESULT of FOLLOW-UP:  Dave talked to Pat from the NE. Sports Council.  They have cut ties with LiveHealthyAmerica completely.  So UNO will look to do challenges through the Sports Council once again. 
6.      Mike Grube from UNO Bikes!  mentioned some upcoming events:  

·         Bike Masters (132nd and Fort) is once again sponsoring Cranksgiving on November 17th.  I'm going to try to ride it for the first time this year. The way I understand it, it's a bit of a treasure hunt, bit of an endurance race. The basic premise is that you ride your bike around to stores purchasing food to donate to local shelters.  I think there's awards for fastest rider and different awards for most food (by weight). Registration is at 11, lift off is noon.
·         Friday, December 14th will be Bike D'Lights, a family friendly social event sponsored by Omaha Bikes. There is a 4 mile and 10 mile route to ride around at a casual/ conversational pace and look at Christmas lights. Ride starts at Clancy's west (114th & Dodge) at 6pm. More details available at
·         Also wanted to mention that the Spoke Card discount on Bike Locks at the book store is available only until the 15th, so if you haven't got one yet, now's that chance. Pick up a spoke card at Campus Security, or email me! A U-lock makes a great Christmas gift.    No really!  Enjoy the ride!

7.      The Worksite Wellness Group of P.E. 4900 (Practicum II) did a presentation on Worksite Wellness that was very good.  
8.      Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) will be on-line from November 19 – December 7.  All benefit-eligible employees are encouraged to participate.  Mav-Rec Wellness will use the results to program in areas of need concerning our employee wellness by using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

VII.   New Business

A.    Appreciation for Temporary Replacement:  Senator Kerry Beldin was thanked in absentia, as this  would be her last Faculty Senate meeting as a replacement for Barbara Hewins-Maroney, who will return in January 2013.

B.     Nomination & Election for Faculty Senate President-Elect:  Senators Woody and Wileman nominated Senator M. Bacon for Faculty Senate President-Elect.  Senators Mei and Melanson nominated Senator Robert Smith.

RESOLUTION 4072, 12/12/12:  Faculty Senate President-Elect

BE IT RESOLVED, that Senator Meredith Bacon has been elected President-Elect by the UNO Faculty Senate.

C.     Proposed Resolution Following Up on Chancellor's Reply to Resolution 4054 (Background Checks):  Senator Scherer moved and Senator Casas seconded to move this resolution, with suggested corrections, to the Faculty Personnel and Welfare Committee for further discussion.  The Senate voted 14 For and 5 Nay.  The following proposed resolution was sent to the FP&W committee.

      WHEREAS criminal background checks have been instituted as of September 1, 2012, by the Administration of this University for all new Faculty hires and all part time adjunct Faculty on an annual basis without prior consultation with the faculties, or their bargaining units, of its four campuses,
      AND WHEREAS by this same policy implementation, annual checks of the sex offender for all Faculty are to be made,
      AND WHEREAS research has not confirmed that criminal background checks are functionally efficacious in institutions of post-secondary education
      AND WHEREAS the apparent rationale for said background checks is in reaction to the sad events that occurred at The Pennsylvania State University,
      AND WHEREAS background checks of Faculty or Staff on the part of that University would not have prevented any of the sad events from occurring,
      AND WHEREAS security measures in modern American life already impose unwarranted and demeaning intrusions into personal lives,
      AND WHEREAS criminal background checks will constitute a waste of public monies to no effective purpose,
      AND WHEREAS criminal background checks will may in some cases be viewed by prospective Faculty hires as obnoxiously excessively intrusive, thereby limiting the University from hiring the best Faculty possible,
      AND WHEREAS Justice dictates that those who have been punished for crimes should be able to proceed with their lives – that punishment incurred should serve as a veil of obscurity over past transgressions of the Law.
      AND WHEREAS the non-Faculty determination of consequences of criminal background checks and sex offender checks may undermine the Regentially established delegation of academic hiring to the respective academic units and thus contradicts common understanding of shared governance,
      THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha opposes said criminal background checks for any Faculty position, whether current or prospective, whether part time or full time, and whether adjunct or otherwise, and urges the administration of this University to cease conducting them forthwith.
      AND BE IT RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution be promulgated to the Faculty head of each academic unit along with a letter from the Faculty Senate President asking each Faculty head to cooperate as little with the administration in this matter as is consistent with the dictates of conscience.

D.    Resolution 3079 Re-Visited:  F.S. Res. 3079 was passed in March of 2011 and Chancellor Christensen replied that he could not support this resolution.  It has been re-worked with the Chancellor's comments in mind.  Senator Melanson moved, and Senator Beard seconded, that Faculty Senate Resolution 3079 will be sent to the Goals and Directions Committee, with the suggested changes (below), for more discussion

RESOLUTION 3079, 3/9/2011: Shared Governance

WHEREAS, in the tradition of academic freedom, peer review, and shared governance, it is of critical importance that faculty, administrators, and governing boards share a common understanding  of shared governance in order to fulfill commitments to the educational mission of the university in seeking, discovering, and disseminating knowledge,

AND WHEREAS, the practice of shared governance is a necessary condition for academic freedom, the mission of the university, and effective peer review whereby peers determine the curriculum and standards that define competence and ethical conduct in the disciplines,

AND WHEREAS, the university's mission of seeking, discovering, and disseminating knowledge can best be achieved through the joint effort of faculty, students, administrators, and governing boards,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the UNO faculty and administration will work toward a commonly acceptable and agreed-upon vision of shared governance, and that it be understood as a system of authority and responsibility in keeping and in compliance with the Bylaws of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska which delegate authority in matters academic and educational to the  elected representatives of the faculties [Citation] and in matters administrative and financial to the administrations presumes that faculty members are best qualified to direct the university's educational course, while administrators are best qualified to direct the university's finances and organization, with both units understanding that these areas form a symbiotic relationship of interdependency. that functions most effectively when faculty, administrators, and governing board partners engage in a high degree of interdependent consultation, respect, trust, and collegiality,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the voting faculty at UNO the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha should thereby understands that the faculty have been delegated have primary (but not exclusive) initial authority for decisions in the following areas: the curriculum; procedures of student instruction; standards of student competence; aspects of student life which relate to the educational process; the requirements for degrees offered; research; standards of faculty competence and ethical conduct, including faculty appointments, reappointments, decisions not to reappoint, promotions, the granting of tenure, and dismissal. (the governing board, the chancellor, and its administrative agents should, on questions of faculty status, as in other matters where the faculty has primary responsibility, concur with the faculty judgment except in rare instances and for compelling reasons which should be stated in detail),

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Regents and its administrative agents at UNO have primary (but not exclusive) responsibility for decisions in the following areas: determination of mission; strategic decisions and comprehensive planning; physical and fiscal resources; budgeting and distribution of funds; the decision to declare financial exigency; the decision to create a program, department, school, college, or division; and selection and assessment of the chancellor, vice-chancellors, and deans.

(The resolution originally passed unanimously.)


Shared Governance




Not supported. Chancellor's Comment: "While I continue to be an advocate for shared governance, I will not support 3079, as I am unable to support any resolution which defines the role and responsibilities of the University's governing board, the office of the chancellor, or other administrator, which is outside the purview of the Faculty Senate."

VIII.       The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 with announcements