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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2008-2009 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 2 p.m.

MBSC Chancellors Room


Present:    Anderson, M. Bacon, N. Bacon, Bartle, Bernstein, Boyer, Chundi, D'Souza, Dwyer, Elder, Erickson, Holley, Johanningsmeier, Laquer, Marx, Mei, Miller, Mitchell, Morcous,  Noble, O'Connell, Proulx, Ritzman, Sollars, Tisko, Tixier Y Vigil, Wileman

Excused:   Boucher, Gershovich, Haworth, Lamsam, Paterson, Reames, White

Absent:     Huq, Kercher, Lin,


Present:    Baguyos, Barone, Carballal, Decker, Hafer, Hayes, Hendricks, Nordman, Siy, Srithongrung

Excused:   Benjamin-Alvarado, Lomneth,


Before the meeting Regent Robert Whitehouse spoke to the Senate and answered questions. ______________________________________________________________________________

I.          The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m. 

II.        The April 8, 2009, minutes were approved.

III.       Officers' Reports

A.    President's Report:  Senator Sollars reported

1.      Executive Committee and Administration (EC&Admin.) met April 15, 2009.   

Present: Bacon, Boucher, Christensen, Conley, Hynes, Miller, Noble, Sollars

      Chancellor Christensen announced that Associate Vice Chancellor Wade Robinson is leaving the university in July for a position at Wichita State University.  Also the search committee for a new Athletic Director has closed applications and is in the process of conducting phone interviews.

      The Chancellor mentioned that the recent Board of Regents campus visit to the university went very well and positive comments were received.  He was also pleased with the attendance and participation during the Malcolm X Festival.

      With regard to the budget, there were no new updates.  However, it was mentioned that any faculty salary increases, related to collective bargaining at UNO or UNK, would not be funded by the governor.  Also, that there would be some last attempts by committees to increase the university budget.

      We also discussed turnover of the Senate for next month's EC & A meeting and the pending Resolution 2897 (Civil Leave).  With regard to the Time Capsule (Resolution 2932), a committee will be formed to organize its facilitation.  March 2010 is the current date for the Time Capsule placement and has been approved by the architects.  A donor has been established and in addition to campus groups, the community and Regents will be invited to participate in content development.  It is expected that there will be a February display of its contents to the campus community.

      Resolutions 2961 and 2962 (LTD Insurance) were discussed and it was recommended that they be directed to the University Benefits Committee.  Senator Elder clarified that the implications to administration were important for department planning and retirements.  As a related issue, Senior Vice Chancellor Hynes mentioned that the university's six-month leave policy for faculty was generous.  It was mentioned that the AAUP and Human Resources play a role in communicating benefit choices for faculty.

2.      Board of Regents met April 24, 2009. 

Senator Elder reported the morning began with a presentation of Student Learning Assessment on the three campuses: UNO, UNK and UNL. There are new and increasingly important tools available. Some of these tools aim to help students and parents make well-informed decisions. The idea is to provide alternatives to the US News & World Report format. This includes the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) College Portraits where information such as Cost of Attendance and Demographics of Student Body is provided. More in depth information (concerning student perceptions of academic challenge, student-faculty interaction, etc) is collected in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). UNO participated in 2008. The goal is to have all three campuses participate in 2010. There was some discussion of NSSE as a tool for self-study. Two other national assessment tests were mentioned:  College Learning Assessment (CLA) and Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP). Recall that UNO was ranked 1st among those Universities and Colleges that participated in the CLA last year. UNK uses CAAP. UNL discussed its experience with small pilots of both CLA and CAAP.

      This was followed by a report from the Outreach and Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee on efforts to stimulate Entrepreneurship in the state. There was a presentation on the budget. Again, there wasn't much new information presented. This was followed by a presentation on salaries (merit pay) across the four campuses. The emphasis here was on comparison with peer groups. To begin to address the fact that UNMC salaries are less than their peers, that presentation was followed by a proposal for an increase in the tuition for professional graduate programs at the Medical Center. In many cases, UNMC tuition is at the bottom of its peer group. Moreover, UNMC tuition is often significantly below its regional competition (e.g. nursing programs at College of St Mary's, Creighton Univ.). Since prospects and salaries for graduates of these professional programs are good, the Regents were very sympathetic. The morning concluded with an update on the Innovation Campus, the proposed development on the old state fair grounds. 

      The official BOR meeting began at 1:00 p.m. All agenda items that concerned the University of Nebraska at Omaha were approved. This included $350,000 to make certain MBSC improvements, and the BS in IT Innovations. The meeting adjourned at about 2:30 p.m.

3.      Chancellor's Council met April 22, 2009.  Senator Elder reported the financial news was that there is still no news. There were two agenda items:

a.   Linda Mannering reported on the "Saviors of our City" Survey.

 In 2006 the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) released a list of 25 "best-neighbor" urban colleges and universities that, because of their strong positive contribution of careful strategic planning and thoughtful use of resources, have dramatically strengthened the economy and quality of life of their neighboring communities and have become "Saviors of Our Cities." For example, Creighton University was listed at #25. IUPUI in Indianapolis was listed at #4. The Office of the President at Westfield State College is currently updating those results and thus is seeking information from the nation's colleges and universities in regards to their commitment to civic engagement. Linda Mannering is currently filling out the survey with a May 10 deadline. She would like any input by May 7.

b.   John Amend reported on a new website for making Construction Estimate Requests:

4.      Standards of Communication Ad Hoc Committee:  Senator Sollars reported the  members are:  Meredith Bacon, Griff Elder, Frederic Laquer, Carol Mitchell, Doug Paterson and Suzanne Sollars.

            This group met approximately every other week for the past few months. The primary goal was to establish methods to increase communication between the Faculty Senate and Administration. We also discussed the need for increased levels of communication between the Faculty Senate and other organizations and committees on campus.  It was the general observation that in the past few years, communication has become disjointed across the campus.  The committee established the tabular format of tracking Faculty Senate resolutions in order to convey resolutions as "accepted," "denied," "deferred," or "in progress." Further, a running commentary about the administration's response to resolutions and actions by the Senate are formatted as ‘end notes' to the table. This table will be presented to administration each month as a basis for discussion of ongoing work on resolutions.  The committee discussed the goal of emphasizing the foundation of shared governance as expressed in the Board of Regents' Bylaws and the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws. We would like to encourage each new Faculty Senate resolution to be written using these documents by quoting relevant sections of the documents and emphasizing the charge of the Board of Regents to the Faculty Senate. With reminders to ourselves about the charge given to the Faculty Senate and an emphasis on the written guidelines, we can move discussions away from opinion about our role in shared governance toward rightful, position-based goals. The committee will continue working by defining its interpretation of the areas of endeavor with which the Faculty Senate has been charged. The committee began an outreach to increase communication directly between the Faculty Senate President and the Chancellor, Student Government and Faculty Senate, and Faculty Senate with its constituents. It is the committee's hope to engage members of the administration for active involvement in the Standards of Communication Committee so that dialog may occur regarding the administration's expectations of Faculty Senate and our expectations of Administration, as we work toward a common goal of continuing and building upon the vitality of the University.

         The Standards of Communication Ad Hoc Committee moved the following two resolutions for the committee.  Both passed.

a.      Resolution 2964, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for Dr. Steve Bullock, Interim Asst. V.C. for Academic & Student Affairs

WHEREAS the principle of shared governance rests upon the open and frequent communication between the administration of the University and the Faculty Senate on matters of common concern, and

WHEREAS Steve Bullock, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, has frequently presented the information essential for shared governance to the Faculty Senate in a concise and thorough manner,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses its gratitude to Dr. Bullock for his timely reports to the Senate, noting that they may serve as a model for the effective and consistent provision and exchange of information upon which shared governance rests.

b.      Resolution 2965, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for Student Government of the University of Nebraska at Omaha

WHEREAS the student body and the faculty share many of the same priorities for realizing the common goal of making the University of Nebraska at Omaha an outstanding metropolitan university, and

WHEREAS the Student Government of the University of Nebraska at Omaha has regularly sent members of the Student Senate to observe the meetings of the Faculty Senate, thus enhancing communication between the two bodies and facilitating the two bodies'  fulfillment of their responsibilities as stipulated in the Bylaws of the Regents of the University of Nebraska,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED  that the Faculty Senate acknowledges and thanks the Student Senate for its commitment to open communication between the two bodies and to our common efforts to make the University of Nebraska at Omaha an outstanding metropolitan university.

5.      Deans' Forum Draft Resolution for discussion only:

      Whereas the Bylaws of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, 2.12.1 (c) and (d) affirm that Faculty Governing Agencies have responsibilities to act on academic matters that affect more than one college and to consult with student, staff and administrative groups on matters of general concern, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the budget, institutional planning, library and computer operation, student academic conduct in the classroom, and the selection of academic-administrative personnel, and

      Whereas Faculty Senate Resolution 2487 passed on August 16, 2000 which noted that "decision-making on academic matters at UNO takes place primarily in the Deans' Forum," called for the annual appointment of the President of the Faculty Senate to the Deans' Forum, and

      Whereas among the central principles of shared governance are inclusiveness and effective communication between the faculty and the administration, and

Whereas the faculty are currently not represented on the Deans' Forum,

      Therefore be it resolved once again that the President of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha be appointed annually an ex officio member of the Deans' Forum.

6.      Resolution Action Table:






Admin Accept

Sent for Senate Action



In Progress

Final Action/Resolved



Newly Elected A&S Senator (2009-2012)


Not yet submitted to Admin.




Inform Faculty and Staff of Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Policy Offsets, Waiting Periods, and Phase-Out Ages






Create a Long-Term Disability (LTD) Task Force




*2962 (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/10/09:  "With regard to the second resolution, he would ask Vice Chancellor Conley to review how these benefits are currently communicated to faculty and staff, with follow up as he deems appropriate.")

*2961 (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/10/09:  "The chancellor acknowledges receipt of the resolutions, but suggests that the Senate may want to make a call to Central Administration to inquire about the existence of the U-Wide Benefits Committee, under whose auspices, this might normally fall.  There may be no need to establish a separate task force if this committee, or a subgroup, is active, and would entertain an examination of the existing disability benefit procedure.")

(The Faculty Senate Admin Tech notified the UNO rep to that committee, David Corbin, on 4/9/09.  He replied on 4/12/09:  "The NU Benefits Committee will be meeting on April 16.  I will bring the two resolutions to their attention.  It does seem that the Benefits Committee should be able to handle the issues without a new committee, but I'll wait and see what kind of response I get.")

7.      Copy charges were $250 less than what we spent last year, simply by the reduction in providing hard copies of the minutes at every meeting.  That is a savings of 40% as compared to last year. There are more ways we plan to further reduce copying charges during the next Senate term.   At the Retreat in August the Senators will discuss whether to continue the current practice, resume making hard copies for all senators, or something between the two.

8.      In an e-mail received May 5, 2009 SAC V.P. Jeri Maxwell wrote regarding the Park & Ride Resolutions:  "SAC has voted and would like for you to know that we support Faculty Senate in their decision on resolutions 2930 & 2947."

9.      Whooot! Salutes since April 2009:

a.       Chancellor John Christensen, Ph.D.:  Chancellor Christensen's steadfast representation of the University of Nebraska at Omaha is much appreciated.  His exemplary leadership is made all the better by his kindness, humility and humor.  Characterized by community spirit and open communication, Chancellor Christensen helps to build a foundation upon which all members of the University can be proud

b.      Matthew Marx:  For his extreme diligence and fearlessness in productively engaging environmental issues and working so hard to produce the six "Green of UNO" resolutions passed by the Faculty Senate in regular session on February 11, 2009.

c.       Suzanne Sollars, Ph.D.:  As President of the Faculty Senate, for initiative and extra effort applied to locate, organize and place before the NU Regents pdf  files of "College Portrait" indicators for UNL, UNO, the Regents Approved peer institutions, and the Chancellor Compensation peer institutions, which typifies her bright dedication to helping the Regents understand how UNO "measures up."

d.      Meredith Bacon, Ph.D.:  Since all the Goals & Direction Committee meetings and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee meetings for Spring 09 are on the same days and overlap, the current Faculty Senate representative to the SPSC appreciates and commends Senator M. Bacon for graciously giving the G&D report to the SPSC, and, due to a class conflict, sometimes giving the SPSC report at the Faculty Senate meeting. 

e.       Jeremy White, Ph.D.: For enthusiasm and dedication to the furtherance of student learning within the disciplines of the department.  For providing encouragement and information to a returning and non-traditional student regarding the rigors of studying for biology as a non-science major.  He also provided accessibility in terms of discussing progress within the class, despite a busy schedule.

f.       Jennifer Metzler:  For quick wit and humor which made classes fun, and expertise which made classes invaluable.  For help in conceptualizing and creating business websites.  For the numerous instances of going above and beyond expectations to ensure a wonderful final product.  The content of superb presentations to groups, your presence, and your delivery are all perfect.

g.      Beth Giesbrecht:  For humor and style of teaching/presenting, you are a wonderful instructor, second to none.  The time savings learned is going to be so beneficial.  Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

h.      Sherry Sivey:  For opportunities, efforts and going the extra mile to communicate/understand her students.  For being an exceptional instructor with lots of knowledge which she applies to her session.  Sherry is very passionate about what she teaches and that truly enhances the leading experience.  Sherry's leadership courses are highly recommended to any professional adult seeking to advance their leadership style and better position themselves in today's competitive world.

i.        Janet Tschudin: It has been a pleasure working with your office.  Everyone has been very professional and adaptable to this client's crazy schedule.  Your patience with lack of experience is really appreciated.

j.        Julie Burrell Lillig:  For taking the time to go into "specifics" about clients' websites, and being part of a team that are about as "professional" as any worked with this year.  Thank you for caring.

k.      William J. Atkisson:  When returning his library books (on time) William dropped most of them into the outdoor book-drop bins; however he did decide to bring one of the more fragile items inside to hand directly to staff at the desk.  Although there would have been no repercussion for returning the item via the book-drop, his respect for library materials is greatly appreciated.

10.   After consultation with administration and NU attorneys, Senator M. Bacon moved to amend the previously adopted Resolution 2897.  Senator Laquer seconded the amendment.  The Senate approved the amended Resolution as follows:

Resolution 2897, 3/12/08; Amended 5/13/09: Policy on Student Civil Statutory Leave:

WHEREAS the University of Nebraska at Omaha strives to serve the best interests of students,

WHEREAS the call to Civil Duty (jury duty; mandated duty in the community (involuntary service as an election official, juror, or witness mandated by federal,  local, state, national or tribal service statute or other rule of law) is an important component of the student's rights and responsibilities,

WHEREAS it has become increasingly difficult to reschedule jury duty, and other civil legally mandated community service responsibilities often cannot be rescheduled to accommodate class schedules,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Nebraska at Omaha adhere to the following guidelines on Civil Student Statutory Leave

   1.   When a student receives a call to Civil Duty  written notice to provide mandated community service as an election official, juror or witness, he or she will must notify the course instructor no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled date of duty unless specified differently by the instructor on the syllabus of the time when the student's service will be required, within five business days after notice of mandated service is received by the student (or at the start of the semester if notice is received prior to the semester)A copy of the notice must be provided to the instructor.

   2.   The instructor will allow the student summoned to mandatory community service an excused absence from the course on the day(s) required for Civil Statutory Leave.

   3.   Upon request of the student taking leave, the instructor will ask the class for another student class member to take notes during the period of Civil Statutory Leave.

   4.   If Civil Statutory Leave occurs during a critical period in the course (e.g. an exam; in-class graded assignment; group project; participation-required day), the instructor will work with the summoned student to determine if the missed day(s) will likely have a negative impact on the student's grade and whether the assignment or exam can be accommodated at a later time.

   5.   If Civil Statutory Leave causes an extensive loss of class time for the student or will likely negatively impact the student's grade or learning experience, the instructor and student will determine whether it is best for the student to receive a grade of ‘Incomplete' or ‘Withdrawal' for the course.

   6.   If a grade of Incomplete is chosen, the instructor and student will formally document the procedure required to complete the course.

   7.   If a grade of Withdrawal is chosen, the student will should receive a prorated refund of tuition and fees paid for the course.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a policy on Civil Statutory Leave will be included in the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Catalogs.

B.     Treasurer's Report:  Senator Bacon gave the April 2009 budget report.

1.      Budget Advisory Task Force has no news Senator M. Bacon reported, and another meeting has not been scheduled.

IV.             Executive Committee Report:  Secretary-Treasurer M. Bacon moved the following resolution for the Executive Committee, which was approved.

A.    Resolution 2966, 5/13/09:  Faculty Senate Members

BE IT RESOLVED that Chancellor Christensen, etc., have been notified that the following  twelve (12) faculty members have been elected to serve three-year terms from May 13, 2009, through May 9, 2012, unless noted:

                  College of Arts & Sciences (5):                                      Ana Carballal

                                                                                                        Timi Barone

                                                                                                        Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado

                                                                                                        Shelton Hendricks

                                                                                                        Richard Lomneth       

                  College of Business Administration (2):                           Christopher Decker

                                                                                                        John Hafer (2009-2010)

                  College of Education (1):                                                 Karen  Hayes             

                  College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media (2)         Russ Nordman

                                                                                                        Jeremy Baguyos

                  College of Information Science & Technology (1):          Harvey Siy

                  University Library (0)                                                       - - - - - - - -      

                  College of Public Affairs & Community Service (1)        Arwiphawee Srithongrung

                  External (0):                                                                      - - - - - - - -

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the following  eleven (11) senators will be completing their term of service at the May 13, 2009, Faculty Senate meeting:

Lisa Boucher (A&S)                           Wai-Ning Mei, (A&S)

Parvathi Chundi (IS&T)                     Holly Miller (CFAM)

Karen Dwyer (CFAM)                       John Noble (ED)

Moshe Gershovich (A&S)                  M. Jeanne Reames (A&S)

Ziaul Huq (BA)                                   Jay White (CPACS).

Shuanglin Lin (BA)   

There being no objection, at this point the duty of presiding transferred to Secretary-Treasurer M. Bacon so that President Sollars might make the following seven resolutions.  All were approved.

B.     Resolutions of Appreciation:

1.      Resolution 2967, 5/13/09:  Appreciation For Outgoing Senators

WHEREAS faculty, elected as representatives of their colleagues to serve on Faculty Senate, have volunteered considerable amounts of time and effort in their terms as Senators, and

WHEREAS the following faculty have honorably and admirably represented their constituents,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate thanks the following outgoing Senators for their hard work and dedication to the process of shared governance:

Lisa Boucher, A&S                                 Wai-Ning Mei, A&S  

Parvathi Chundi, IS&T                             Holly Miller, CFAM

Karen Dwyer, CFAM                              John Noble, ED

Moshe Gershovich, A&S                          Jeanne Reames, A&S

Ziaul Huq, BA                                           Jay White, CPACS

Shuanglin Lin, BA                                   

2.      Resolution 2968, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for Chairs of the Standing Committees and Chair of Cabinet

WHEREAS the work of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees forms much of the foundation of the forward movement in the process of shared governance, and

WHEREAS the role as Chair of a Standing Committee adds considerably to the work involved in being a Senator, and

WHEREAS this was a year of substantial and varied work for each of the Standing Committees, and

WHEREAS the Chair of each Committee served the role in a manner of utmost diligence, integrity and attention to detail,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the following Senators receive the thanks of the Faculty Senate for their excellent leadership:

Senator Moshe Gershovich (Academic & Curricular Affairs)

Senator Jan Boyer (Educational Resources & Services)

Senator Griff Elder (Faculty Personnel & Welfare)

Senator Doug Paterson (Goals & Direction)

Senator John Noble (Professional Development and Chair of Cabinet)

Senator Holly Miller (Rules)

3.      Resolution 2969, 5/13/09:  Appreciation For Faculty Senate Liaisons

WHEREAS communication with all aspects of the University is especially important to the overall work of the Faculty Senate, and

WHEREAS Faculty Senate liaisons provide monthly reports to the Senate and provide a method whereby faculty are well represented to organizations involved in University concerns,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the following representatives receive the thanks of the Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for their work in keeping the Faculty Senate updated and informed:

Senator Doug Paterson:  Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska

Senators Charles Johanningsmeier and Henry D'Souza:  Academic Planning Council

Dr. Paul Barnes:  Alumni Association Board of Directors

Senator Nora Bacon:  American Association of University Professors

Senator Frederic Laquer:  Graduate Council

Senators Jessiline Anderson and Meredith Bacon:  Strategic Planning Steering Committee

4.      Resolution 2970, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for Vice President Lisa Boucher

WHEREAS Senator Lisa Boucher graciously assumed the duties of Vice President of Faculty Senate in May 2008, and

WHEREAS Senator Boucher effectively and efficiently conducted the meetings of the Executive Committee and Cabinet, and

WHEREAS Senator Boucher provided consistent, sound advice to President Sollars and served as a strong advocate for the process of clear communication with the administration, and

WHEREAS Senator Boucher fulfilled her role as Vice President to the Faculty Senate admirably and with dedication,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses appreciation and thanks to Senator Lisa Boucher for her service.

5.      Resolution 2971, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for Secretary-Treasurer Meredith Bacon

WHEREAS Senator Meredith Bacon accepted the duties of Secretary-Treasurer in May 2008, and

WHEREAS Senator Bacon served the Executive Committee well through clear communication, marked by inspiring and purposeful resolutions, thoughtful minutes and insightful updates on budgetary issues, and

WHEREAS Senator Bacon serves on the Budget Advisory Task Force and Standards of Communications Committee, providing insight and an emphatic voice for her constituents, and

WHEREAS it is without question that Senator Bacon demonstrates a resounding commitment to faculty, student and University concerns,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha offers gratitude and thanks to Senator Meredith Bacon for her continued service to the University.

6.      Resolution 2972, 5/13/09:  Appreciation For Parliamentarian Randy Adkins

WHEREAS Dr. Randall Adkins served as Parliamentarian to the Faculty Senate since May, 2008, and

WHEREAS Dr. Adkins helped the Faculty Senate run efficiently by upholding the standards of Parliamentary procedure as specified in Robert's Rules of Order, and

WHEREAS Dr. Adkins served as a resource for Faculty Senate to align its actions fully with its Constitution and Bylaws,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses it appreciation for Dr. Randall Adkins' service.

7.      Resolution 2973, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for Admin. Tech Sue Bishop

WHEREAS Sue Bishop serves the Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha as coordinator and administrative technician in a role vital to the work of the Senate, and

WHEREAS Ms. Bishop was a primary resource to President Sollars, the Executive Committee and Cabinet, and to the University at large regarding Faculty Senate business, and

WHEREAS Ms. Bishop explored new technologies by switching to Microsoft Word, working with PowerPoint slides, making major modifications to the Faculty Senate website, formatting the website with a search engine, working on paper saving practices, blogs and whooots, and

WHEREAS Ms. Bishop remained in good humor throughout many and varied challenges this year,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha thanks Sue Bishop for her continued and exceptional work for the Senate.

Again, there being no objection, at this point the duty of presiding transferred to President Sollars so that Secretary-Treasurer M. Bacon might make the following resolution, which was approved.

8.      Resolution 2974, 5/13/09:  Appreciation for President Suzanne Sollars

WHEREAS, Suzanne Sollars has provided excellent leadership as President of the UNO Faculty Senate during the 2008-2009 academic year, and

WHEREAS, she has served as an effective facilitator in meetings of the UNO Faculty Senate, and

WHEREAS, she has thoughtfully and passionately represented her colleagues and the university in discussions with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, the Board of Regents, and the University President, and

WHEREAS, she has provided confident and progressive guidance to her colleagues, the represented faculty of UNO, and the campus community during a year of many exciting changes and challenges; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha extends its deep appreciation to Professor Suzanne Sollars for her outstanding service to the faculty and the University as President of the UNO Faculty Senate during the 2008-2009 academic year and wish her continued success in all future endeavors.

V.                Standing Committee Reports

A.    Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs:  Senator Mitchell

End of the Year Report for 2008-2009:

      Members or Attendance for last meeting:  Moshe Gershovich (Chair), John Bartle (Vice Chair), Charles Johanningsmeier, Carol Mitchell, George Morcous, M. Jeanne Reames.

      On its last meeting of the AY 2008-2009, the A&CA committee hosted Dr. Terry Hynes, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  It was an opportunity for a friendly and candid discussion about a variety of issues including shared governance between faculty and administration at UNO, the role and goals of an urban university in the 21st century, and ways in which the university can deal with the likely harsh fiscal realities ahead.  We concluded the conversation with hope of continuing this dialog next year.

      The committee also concluded its discussion from March concerning the proposed School of Interdisciplinary Informatics to be added to the College of Information Science and Technology.  Senator Bartle moved the following resolution for the committee. The resolution passed.

Resolution 2975, 5/13/09:  Proposed School of Interdisciplinary Informatics within the College of Information Science and Technology:

WHEREAS, the Faculty have a preeminent responsibility for academic and curricular validity at the University of Nebraska at Omaha; and,

WHEREAS, the formation of innovative new degree programs adds to the success of the University of Nebraska at Omaha's missions of being student focused, providing research opportunities across disciplinary boundaries, and deepening links with the community; and,

WHEREAS, the College of Information Science and Technology has initiated the creation of a new School of Interdisciplinary Informatics, which is designed to integrate various disciplines and offer degrees in new areas such as bioinformatics, public health informatics, information assurance, IT innovation, collaboration science, and multimedia systems, and

WHEREAS, the proposed school would not duplicate any currently available program in the University of Nebraska system and would not require the allocation of substantial resources, 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha strongly endorses the creation of the proposed School of Interdisciplinary Informatics within the College of Information Science and Technology.

1.   Business in Past Year:

a.   Goals for Past Year: (List)

i.    Locate and enhance opportunities for greater faculty collaboration and familiarity with peer research and scholarship across campus

ii.   Find ways to secure permanent funding for UCRCA grants to enhance faculty research (note:  That issue was taken by another committee; see Resolution 2944)   

iii.  Continue monitoring the progression of the Dual Enrollment program

iv.  Learn more about the operation of the Thompson Learning Community project

b.   Business assigned or brought to the committee during the year

i.    B.S. in IT Innovation (continued from AY 2007-2008)

ii.   Establishment of two new centers at UNO

iii.  B.S. in Neuroscience

iv.  Evaluation of results of the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

v.   Name change of degrees offered by School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

vi. New School for Interdisciplinary Informatics

2.  Accomplishments during Past Year

a.   Closure of Item  by Resolution: ( #, and when passed)

i.    Resolution 2933, 11/12/08: Endorsing Proposed BS in IT Innovation at the College of Information Science and Technology

ii.   Resolution 2934, 11/12/08: Endorsing Center for Israel and Judaic Studies, and Institute for Collaboration Science

iii.  Resolution 2959, 3/11/09: BS in Neuroscience in College of Arts & Sciences

iv.  Resolution 2960, 3/11/09: Change Name of Four Degrees Offered by School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

b.   Closure of Item by other than Resolution: (how/why):

i.        None  

3.  Other Committee Work (including maintaining communication with other groups / which committee member was working on what / etc.):

a.   CLA results:  presentation of data by Steve Bullock and Shelton Hendricks

b.   Conversation with Senior Vice Chancellor Terry Hynes about issues related to faculty/administration relationship

4.   Business Items Unresolved To be Continued in the NEXT Year:

a.   FS role in the process by which Centers are created and approved        

5.   Other (and/or Possible Goals for Next Year):

a.   Explore ways in which the university can encourage more students to make study abroad an important part of their course of study

b.   Look at ways of making advising more consistent across the university in order to improve student satisfaction.

c.   Explore ways to encourage more inter-disciplinary courses and learning

B.     Committee on Educational Resources and Services:  Senator Boyer reported the committee held its final meeting of the year on April 29, 2009.  Members present:  Boucher, Boyer, Kercher, Laquer, Ritzman, and Wileman.

      Committee member changes and officers for 2008-2009:  Theresa Stanton was elected Vice-Chair of the committee and she served until November when health reasons made it necessary for her to resign.  Stan Wileman filled her position on the committee.  Senator Laquer was elected to serve as Vice-Chair.  Senator Boyer served as Chair for the year.

      Goals for the Past Year (2008-2009):

1.      Follow up on the Common Course Evaluation.

2.      Explore computer usage issues:

1.      Policies on "Restricted Data Security" and "Privacy"

2.      Application upgrades such as Blackboard, Microsoft Office, etc.

3.      Alternatives for Lotus Notes

4.      Safe Assign

5.      Automated test scanning

3.      Award the Paul Beck Scholarship. Consider raising additional funds for the endowment.

4.      Initiate discussion of international programs including study abroad and scholarships awarded to international students and the impact of those scholarships on budgets.

5.      Follow up on library renovations and services.

6.      Take an initial look at resources needed for new programs initiated in the past 5 years and, perhaps, design a pilot project.

Accomplishments during the Past Year (2008-2009):

      The following resolutions were passed:

Resolution 2928, 10/8/08: Electronic Communication Systems

In response to Faculty concerns about Lotus Notes, this resolution requests that other electronic communication systems be explored.  Contact was made with the Staff Advisory Council and Student Government.  Both groups supported the resolution.  Administration has agreed that an investigation will be undertaken when SIS has been implemented.

Resolution 2929, 11/12/08: Supporting the Proposed Restricted Data Security Policy and the University of Nebraska Privacy Policy

Information Technology Services requested that the committee review two policies they were proposing.  The committee made some suggestions and took the proposals to the Faculty Senate for their endorsement.

Resolution 2937, 12/10/08: Create a Team to Implement a Common Course Evaluation

The committee reviewed the final report of the Common Course Evaluation Task Force and recommended to administration that a team be formed to pilot the evaluation and to work on implementation.  Committee members, Kyle Kercher and Mitzi Ritzman, agreed to serve on the team.

In addition to the Resolutions, the committee considered a number of issues:

1. Information Technology Services staff provided information on the blackboard upgrade, Safe Assign, Automated Test Scanning, and SIS implementation.  The analysis of email systems other than Lotus Notes for students was brought to the committee and we were kept informed about the progress of the investigation and the decision to use Google mail.

2.  A Library update was provided by Dean Steve Shorb in September.  The Kaneko library at 11th & Jones was being developed.  It opened in February 2009.  A new library web page was launched in October.  The renovation continued during the academic year and is nearing completion. Dean Shorb mentioned that about 25% of the budget for library materials is spent for books.  Electronic resources are purchased whenever possible.  The state-aided budget for books and journals has not been increased in several years.  University administration takes approximately one-half of the funds raised by the library fee from the state-aided budget to use for other purposes.

3.  Senator Kercher investigated the availability of software licenses for students.  He provided ITS with links to the web site for inexpensive rentals of SPSS and the web site for obtaining Microsoft Office at huge discounts for students.

4.  The committee was asked to investigate why clocks on campus do not have the same time.  David Meradith, Chief Engineer, was contacted and he described how clocks were purchased and maintained on campus.  He suggested that Facilities be notified when clocks were inaccurate.

5.  The committee determined award amounts and selected Paul Beck Scholarship Award winners.  The recipients were: Sara Thomsen Roberts, Graduate Full-Time;  Janine Brooks, Graduate Part-Time; Bobbie Johnson, Undergraduate Full-Time, and Dara Owen Hunter, Undergraduate Part-Time. Deb Wilcox, Accounting Services, met with the committee to describe how funding is generated and managed.

6.  The committee discussed Goal #6 - Take an initial look at resources needed for new programs initiated in the past 5 years and, perhaps, design a pilot project – and decided not to pursue that goal.

Possible Goals for Next Year:

1.  Invite a representative from International Studies and Programs to discuss study abroad and scholarships awarded to international students and the impact of those scholarships on budgets.

2.  Award the Paul Beck Scholarship.

3.  Continue to follow-up on the progress of the Common Course Evaluation.

4.  Continue to monitor progress on the investigation of alternatives to Lotus Notes.

C.    Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare:  Senator Elder reported the committee met April 22, 2009.  Members or Attendance for last meeting: John Erickson, Meredith Bacon, Karen Dwyer, Griff Elder and Patrice Proulx were present. Jay White had an excused absence. 

      The purpose of the meeting was to discuss our activities of the past year and prepare to report on them. We discussed reinstituting First Fridays. Senator Meredith Bacon said she would look into this on behalf of the committee. We also discussed feedback from the administration concerning resolution 2962.

      After consultation with the administration, Senator Elder  moved to amend previously adopted Resolution 2962 by striking the word "only" in Action 1 and inserting the word "primarily", and striking the phrase "options [i], [iv] and [v]" and inserting the phrase "options [i] none, [ii] 50% replacement (minus offsets) after a 180-day elimination period, [iii] 66 2/3% replacement (minus offsets) after a 180-day elimination period."  The amended resolution passed as follows:

Resolution 2962, 4/8/09; Amended 5/13/09:  Inform Faculty and Staff of Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Policy Offsets, Waiting Periods, and Phase-Out Ages

WHEREAS NU faculty and staff may not be aware of the specific terms of coverage in the LTD insurance policy regarding offsets, waiting periods, and phase-out ages

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the UNO Faculty Senate recommends the following actions:

(1)   Faculty should be explicitly informed (via the Web and other means as appropriate) that they should only primarily consider options [i], [iv], and [v] options [1i] none, [ii] 50% replacement 9minus (minus offsets) after a 180-day elimination period, [iii] 66 2/3% replacement (minus offsets) after a 180-day elimination period when buying the LTD policy.

(2)   Faculty and staff should be explicitly informed (via the Web and other means as appropriate) that the LTD plan offsets other income so that the total disability compensation is never more than 66 2/3% of their income, and that it is taxable.

(3)   Faculty and staff should be explicitly informed (via the Web and other means as appropriate) that the LTD pay-out (reduced benefit to the employee) begins phasing out at age 65 and is completely phased out by age 68 (no benefit to employee), so there may not be a need to purchase the LTD insurance at those ages.

(4)   That the NU benefits personnel at the various campuses should be encouraged to be more proactive in explaining these issues to new hires as well as long-time employees.

1.      Business in Past Year:

a.       Goals for Past Year:

i.    Examine Parking

ii.   Bike Lane on Leavenworth St.

iii. Investigate University insurance and disability benefits.

iv.  Look into issues related to making UNO attractive to new faculty.

b.   Business assigned or brought to the committee during the year:

i.    10 year Calendar

ii.   Building Temperature Policy

2.  Accomplishments during Past Year

a.   Closure of Item  by Resolution: ( #, and when passed)

i.    Bike Lane on Leavenworth St (2947, 2/11/09)

ii.   Investigate University insurance and disability benefits (2961, 2962, 4/8/09)

iii.  NU 10 year Calendar (2938, 12/10/08)

iv.  Building Temperature Policy (2948, 2/11/09)

b.      Closure of Item by other than Resolution: (how/why):

i.    Parking. Met with John Amend. No action deemed necessary at this time.

3.  Other Committee Work (including maintaining communication with other groups / which committee member was working on what / etc.):

a.   None

4.   Business Items Unresolved To be Continued in the NEXT Year:

a.   Continue to look into issues related to making UNO attractive to new faculty. Thought: Make Child Care Center a model program for the city. Tie in with Building Bright Futures.

b.   Continue to investigate University insurance and disability benefits. Suggestion: Collect data from Keith Dietze. Survey faculty (using Survey Monkey). Are faculty postponing retirement due to Health Care Costs?

5.   Other (and/or Possible Goals for Next Year)

c.       None

D.    Committee on Goals and Directions:  Senator Paterson submitted the committee met April 29, 2009.  In attendance:  Senators D'Souza, Huq, Marx, and Paterson (Chair).

      Because several guests had been invited, the Committee turned immediately to conversations with our guests.

      Jerry Cederblom has been working with the Goodrich Program for over thirty years and is currently the coordinator of that program, while Kellie Pickett was hired last year by the Thompson Learning Community scholarship program as coordinator and works actively with Jerry Cederblom, who is a leader in both programs.

      The current numbers – Thompson is now at 78.  The number who have left is remarkably small, 3 in fall and maybe 3 this spring.  Next year TLC anticipates close to 185 new students will enroll, which when added to the current 78, makes approximately 280 students already in the program by fall 2009.  33% of the students are of color. Success surveys demonstrate very positive response.

      Cederblom observed that the first years of Goodrich in the 1970's were difficult and that Thompson is doing extremely well in its first year.  Faculty was hoping to be helpful and those already participating now are saying this is good for them as faculty to be involved. 

      When the program is fully engaged by the fall of 2012, it is anticipated approximately twenty million dollars a year will be the top commitment. 

      There are some issues with Goodrich losing a bit to Thompson, but both Cederblom and Pickett feel these are manageable. 

      The UNO Faculty Senate can help by helping faculty and students, and especially faculty, to know about the two scholarship programs.  Remind colleagues what the two scholarship programs do, who the students are, and that some will be coming into their classes in the Junior and Senior years.

      The Committee thanks Professors Cederblom and Pickett for their information and analysis.

      At 3:00, the Committee welcomed UNO Associate Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Wade Robinson to the meeting.  The Committee was interested in getting from AVC Robinson further information about the current HPER renovation and expansion project.

      To the matter of time line, Robinson reported the need for a renovated HPER building was discussed as early as 1993 – 1995, but became concrete in 2004-2005, about the time of the Chancellor Belck crisis, though he sees this as purely coincidental.  Robinson explained that no academic/education buildings can be built with fees from Fund B, and that no bond can be issued for such a building.  There was no attempt to get state or private funding because a HPER renovation was simply not in the building queue, and without that designation, no money can be sought.  Thus, a bond issuance was the only way in the near and likely distant future to fund a HPER renovation.  Robinson also reported that the extensive underground digging in the former parking lot was financed by entirely separate state 650 funds, and that the process, while successful, had found metal infrastructures rusted far beyond what had been predicted.

      Considerable discussion centered around the cost of the project to students, staff, and faculty.  When asked if faculty might be able to get some relief from the fees so as to make working out in HPER more of a perquisite as it used to be, Robinson said they were looking at some form of addition to the NU Credits to help defray costs.  The Committee said it was important faculty, especially older faculty, be encouraged to maintain health.  Robinson observed that perhaps, if the building is especially attractive, some person or corporation might see fit to put a name on the building in exchange for the bond issuance.

      The Committee asked if staff would be priced out of the HPER because of costs.  Robinson said this too was possible, but that again NU Credits could help.  The matter of costs to students was a more difficult discussion.  Paterson observed that at least half and maybe 2/3 of students would never use the building much if at all, and that this amounted to a kind of donation to the project and university of perhaps $2,000,000 or as much as $3,000,000 per year, or $1000 per student over four years.  Robinson said that in addition to this being the only way to get the HPER financed, he said that it was part of a "general good" policy, that the overall and increased health of the student body was a general good.  The Committee asked that those carrying the project forward find ways to persuade more and more students to use the facility since they were already paying for it.

      Note:  The Committee is in no way expert in UNO financial matters though we have members with considerable financial understanding.  We are wondering what the extended bond schedule involves, since the fees should bring in over $4,000,000 per year, and the 30-year bond is valued at slightly over $30 million.  We do realize that daily and yearly costs, salaries, maintenance, etc. are set and will go up.

      The Committee thanked Associate Vice Chancellor Robinson for his time, and the meeting adjourned.

E.     Committee on Professional Development:  Senator Noble reported the committee met on April 29th to discuss our final two agenda items of the year.  First, we discussed the possibility of providing input for Ethical Standards of Research training modules (CITI training).  We have attempted to contact Harmon Maher to obtain further information about the potential modules but have been unsuccessful in obtaining this information.  At this point, we are waiting to receive a request to provide input.  Secondly, we discussed the opportunity of creating a workshop on how to optimally evaluate teaching effectiveness.  We had attempted to contact Deb Smith-Howell and the office of Academic Affairs on how we might organize such a workshop but at the time of the meeting hadn't received a response from her.  This workshop would be directed towards any faculty or administrator in a role of evaluating teaching and the plan would be to provide ideas on how to look beyond student evaluations.  Our discussions of the workshop led to other discussions regarding teacher/course evaluations and interpreting meaning out of those results.  We discussed the pro's and con's of including the course GPA along with the student evaluations for that course.  Perhaps this is an issue that we will pursue next year along with the workshop.  Note:  Since our meeting, I have received word from Dr. Smith-Howell and she has expressed a sincere interest in helping to develop this workshop to be held next September.  

Senators Present: Noble, Tisko, Mei, Tixier y Vigil, Lamsam.  Senators Absent: Haworth

F.      Committee on Rules:  Senator Miller reported the committee met April 22, 2009.  Present:  Bacon, Bernstein, Holley, Lin, and Miller.  Excused: Chundi.

      The spring 2009 Faculty Recruitment survey had 123 replies. This number of returns is significantly higher than our 2008 survey (101 returns) and committee members were pleased with these results.  Using the data from the committee service preference forms, we continued the process of securing faculty members willing to serve on University committees.  Members of the Rules committee identified 32 faculty members that will be contacted by May 5, so the slates can be approved by the Executive Committee and Cabinet and than brought to the full Senate on May 13.  

      The committee would like to continue the 2008 tradition of thanking faculty for their participation in the spring recruitment survey.  The chair agreed to coordinate this process with Sue Bishop.

      The committee reviewed University Committee contact reports from spring 2009.  We are still waiting for reports on two committees.  A total of 21 committee chairs were contacted at least once during the 2008-2009 academic year.  Most committees were functioning and productive.

      We talked about the content for our year-end report.  The chair agreed to draft a year-end report and email it to all committee members for input before it was submitted to the Faculty Senate. 

      The committee passed the following resolutions, which Senator Miller moved on behalf of the committee.  They all were approved:

1.      Resolution 2976, 5/13/09:  Standing Committees Membership

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following senators be appointed to the 2009-2010 Faculty Senate standing committees as designated:

a.   Academic & Curricular Affairs Committee

Jeremy Baguyos, CFAM                          2012

John Bartle, CPACS                                 2011

Shelton Hendricks, A&S                          2012

Charles Johanningsmeier, A&S                2011

Carol Mitchell, ED                                    2011

George Morcous, EXT                              2010

b.   Educational Resources & Services Committee

Jan Boyer, LIB                                         2010

Kyle Kercher, CPACS                              2011

Frederic Laquer, A&S                              2011

Mitzi Ritzman, ED                                    2011

Harvey Siy, IS&T                                     2012

Stan Wileman, IS&T                                 2010

c.   Faculty Personnel & Welfare Committee

Meredith Bacon, A&S                              2010

Ana Carballal, A&S                                  2012

John Erickson, BA                                    2011

Russ Nordman, CFAM                             2012

Patrice Proulx, A&S                                 2011

Arwiphawee Srithongrung, CPACS         2012

d.   Goals & Direction Committee

Jessiline Anderson, A&S                          2011

Henry D'Souza, CPACS                          2010

Richard Lomneth, A&S                            2012

Matthew Marx, A&S                                2011

Bonnie O'Connell, CFAM                       2011

Doug Paterson, CFAM                             2010

e.   Professional Development Committee

Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, A&S         2012

Dwight Haworth, IS&T                            2011

Karen Hayes, ED                                      2012

Teresa Lamsam, CFAM                            2010

Edmund Tisko, A&S                                2010

Yvonne Tixier y Vigil, ED                        2010

f.    Rules Committee

Nora Bacon, A&S                                     2010

Timi Barone, A&S                                    2012

Chris Decker, BA                                     2012

John Hafer, BA                                         2010

Lyn M. Holley      , CPACS                     2010

Stu Bernstein, EXT                                   2011

2.      Resolution 2977, 5/13/09:  Campus Committees

a.      Campus Safety Committee

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/09, through 07/31/12, to the Campus Safety Committee:

      Jukka Savolainen, to replace Gregory Petrow.

b.      Educational Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments, from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12, to the Educational Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC) to replace Leah Pietron, Robert Nash, and Miriam DeLone:

      Stan Wileman, IS&T (to replace Leah Pietron)

                                    Robert Nash , LIB (reappointed)

                                    Scott Vlasek, PACS (to replace Miriam DeLone.

c.       Judicial Committee Pool/List

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments, from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12, to the pool of names for the Judicial Committee:

      Steven Walker, to replace Joshua Nichter

      Joseph Bertinetti, to replace Peggy Jones

      Nora Hillyer, reappointed

      Barbara Simcoe, to replace Patricia Carlson.

d.      Parking Advisory Committee

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from m 08/01/09 through 07/31/12:

Andrew Swift, to replace Donald Baum.

e.       (Named) Professorship Review Committee

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following two faculty members serve on the Named Professorship Review Committee (Kiewit, Kayser, and Isaacson Professorships) from 8/1/09 through 7/31/10.  (The Administration will select one additional member of this committee.)

      Wai-Ning Mei, to replace Lisa Kelly-Vance,

      Patrice Proulx, to be reappointed.

f.       Wellness Stampede Advisory Committee

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a two-year appointment from 08/01/09 through 07/31/11 to serve on the Wellness Stampede Committee:

      Holly Miller, to replace Rachel Erb.

3.      Resolution 2978, 5/13/09:  University-wide Committees

a.      Athletics, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/09, through 07/31/12, to the University Committee on Athletics:

      Philip Nordness, to replace Mark Scherer.

b.      Excellence in Teaching Award, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following faculty members be recommended for service as three-year appointment, from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12, on the University Committee on Excellence in Teaching.  (Of the committee, two members should be recipients of the award and one member should be "first year faculty member holding a Ph.D.")  These members will serve staggered terms, and their replacements will be appointed to serve terms that would balance term endings, except for the first year faculty member, who serves one year (08/01/09-07/31/10).

      Rosemary Strasser, A&S (to replace Carolyn Gascoigne)

      Jonna Holland, BA (to replace Lynn Harland)


      Adam Tyma, new faculty holding Ph.D. (to replace Elizabeth Leader Janssen) (term: 8/1/09-7/31/10=one year)


      Paige Toller, CFAM  (to finish Teresa Dody's term: 8/1/08-7/31/11).

c.       Facilities Planning, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/09, through 07/31/12, to the University Committee on Facilities Planning:

      Michael O'Hara, reappointed.

d.      Honors and Awards, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/09, through 07/31/12, to the University Committee on Honors and Awards:

      Elizabeth Dahl, to replace Sue Maher.

e.       Library & Learning Resources, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12, to the University Committee on Library and Learning Resources:

      Jeff Peake, to replace Jan Boyer

      Matthew Harden, to replace Jeanne Harrington,

And, since Karen Hein has resigned, the following faculty member to complete her term (08/01/07 – 07/31/10):

      Courtney Fristoe, to complete Karen Hein's term.

f.    Student Affairs, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment, from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12 on the University Committee on Student Affairs:

      Ramon Guerra, to replace Franklin Thompson.

g.   Technology Resources & Services, University Committee on

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following three names go forward to the University Committee on Technology Resources & Services, as three-year appointments from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12:

      Timi Barone, to be reappointed

      Gregory A. Petrow, to replace John Reidelbach

      Rami Arav, to replace Neil Topp.

And, since Karen Hein has resigned, the following faculty member to complete her term (08/0/07-07/31/10):

      Mark Leonard (to replace Karen Hein).

h.   UCAT (University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following two names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12 to the University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

      Kath Henebry, BA, reappointed

      Phyllis Adcock, ED, to replace Nick Stergiou

      Leah Pietron, IS&T, to replace Kerry Ward.

i.    UCRCA  (University Committee on Research & Creative Activity)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following three names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/09 through 07/31/12, to the UCRCA (University Committee on Research & Creative Activity): 

      Dana Richter-Egger, A&S – Sciences, reappointed

      Dhundy Bastola,  IS&T, to replace Harvey Siy

      Angela Eikenberry, PACS, to replace Ann Coyne.

4.       Rules Committee – Year End Report:  2008-2009 Academic Year

Date: May 4, 2009

Members or Attendance for last meeting: Nora Bacon, Stu Bernstein, Parvathi Chundi,

Lyn Holley, Shuanglin Lin (spring 2009), Holly Miller, Graham Mitenko (fall 2008).

Goals for Past Year: (List)

1.   To keep abreast of University Committee openings and secure the volunteers needed.

2.   To address the complaint that some University committees do not maintain regular meeting schedules, Rules Committee members agreed to research this issue, determine a method of encouraging regular meetings and begin implementation of this process during the 2008-2009 academic year.

3.   To create & distribute a survey for UNO faculty members to reveal their university committee service preferences and than use the data gathered in this survey when seeking volunteers to populate university committees.

Accomplishments during Past Year: (List)

1.   During the past academic year the Rules Committee met seven times and had one additional electronic meeting in November 2008.  Members consulted with each other on many other occasions, as they fulfilled their committee obligations.

2.   Standing committee placements were determined for 12 new senators based upon each incoming senators list of committee choices.  These committee choices were solicited by the Rules Committee and questions/concerns linked to these placements were individually addressed.

3. We recruited faculty volunteers to fill 65 openings on university committees during the 2008-2009 academic year.

4.   A record 123 responses were received from our spring faculty survey.  Thank you emails will be sent to all survey participants.

5.   The Rules Committee started a multi-year process of contacting chairs of all university committees that we populate to provide committee member information and encourage regular meetings.  21 committee chairs were contacted and all are now holding regular meetings.

Resolutions from Committee in Past Year: (Listed)

1.      2922, 2923, 2924, 2925, 2926, 2935, 2936, 2940, 2941, 2943, 2955, 2956, 2963, plus all the ones we will present at the May 2009 meeting.

To be continued in the NEXT Year:

1.   The Rules committee plans to study the need for a recusal policy during the 2009-2010 year.

2.   A Faculty Senate representative from the Graduate Council will be secured in the fall.

VI.             Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.    Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON):  Senator Paterson submitted the following:

      The meeting was held April 11, 2009 at Eiseley Branch Library, Lincoln NE.  Those present were Peggy Adair, legislation liaison; Dwayne Ball, president, representing ACLU Nebraska and the Nebraska Association of Scholars; Robert Brooke, webmaster, representing Nebraska Writing Project; Karen Buckley, secretary and representing Nebraska Educational Media

Association; Bob Haller, representing UNL chapter of the American Association of

University Professors; Cathi McMurtry, AFCON treasurer; Dave Moshman, policy coordinator; Laurie Lee, representing UNL Faculty Senate; Linda Parker, president-elect, representing Nebraska Library Association; Doug Paterson, past president, representing the Faculty Senate at UNO; Rod Wagner, representing the Nebraska Center for the Book.  Guest: Mark Vasina.

      Opening: Ball called the board meeting to order at 10:12.

      Minutes: (Buckley) the minutes of the March 14 meeting were approved upon a motion by Moshman and a second by Haller.

      Treasurer's Report (McMurtry) AFCON's treasury has a balance of $1891,68, as of April 10. AFCON has 31 paid and two guest individual members and seven paid and two in-kind organization members current with dues.  The treasurer's report was filed for audit.

      President's Report: Ball introduced Mark Vasina, treasurer and a past president of Nebraskans for Peace, who has made the documentary, "The Battle for Whiteclay."

      Mark's report on issue.  Started the project 6 years ago.  6 weeks ago a police officer from western Nebraska (Sidney) asked Mark and Frank LaMere to come to Western Nebraska Community College.  Locals arranged everything – 2 days, 2 colleges.   Monday the 7th librarian of WNCC said she'd been told she couldn't show it (by VC for Human Resources) because it didn't show and the event needed to show "both sides" because the film advocated a change in state law.  But there was no campaign or organized effort, but only a discussion of public policy. On Tues, Pres. Dr. Elaine Heeley and the VC decided it didn't violate any policy, and could be shown.  Statements to the press included phrases like "we haven't cancelled the film, we postponed a decision so that we could review it" – "we reviewed the film" – and later in a conversation the President said yes, the college did always review material distributed on the campus.  Extensive discussion.  Motion that David Moshman draft a letter to WNCC relating AFCON's concerns about Academic Freedom issues involved in the matter.

      David Moshman was asked by the New York United Federation of Teachers.  Just before the election, the UFT endorsed Obama, the board said no teachers could wear a political button, UFT tried to get an injunction so that case is still going on.  School Board invoked Hazelwood at last and said school board had authority.  Hazelwood only addresses the curriculum, but children might see a political button as a pedagogy that is virtual curriculum.  Effort now is to distinguish between elementary and secondary school.  Advocacy is not indoctrination. 

      The Bill that would allow the University of Nebraska to "audit" all info so as to assure, among other things, the University would never reveal how NU Foundation money was used. 

      Ayers still considered as fall speaker by Nebraska Library Assn.

      Paterson reported on issues at the Omaha Community Playhouse and the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival.

      NE writers will endorse Student Expression bill in an upcoming article.

      Ayers report from the University of Nebraska still in process; probably will be released in the Fall.

      Much discussion on budget crisis and possible responses if vertical cuts happen. -- it archives websites.   The wayback machine. 

      Discussion of invitation of Ayers to Annual Meeting in Nov.  Pres-Elect Parker will contact Ayers on his availability.

      Bob Haller asked if AFCON would support an appearance by a woman, Elena Dodd, who does a one-person performance piece on Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Charges $750 per performance.  April 25th , 10 :30 AM.

      Discussion:  Strategies on Student Expression Bill.  Contacts haven't been made.  Civic Education is the first opening for discussion, and then the Bill later.  Peggy Adair can head up talking to key organizations.  Various other strategies were discussed.

      Nebraska universities, colleges, and community/junior colleges must be approached for resolutions.

B.     Academic Planning Council:  Senators Johanningsmeier and D'Souza reported the APC met May 4, 2009.

      Self-Study Report for MIS will be finalized in June.  The external accreditation team will visit the UNO campus in the fall of 2009.

      Draft self-study draft report for Math department is ready.   Its APC review will be chaired by Dr. Chris Allen and will be held in the fall of 2009.

      Women's Studies has submitted its response to the review report.  They plan to go ahead with the name change to Women's and Gender Studies.  The review team also recommended the name change.

      Digital Measures Templates for internal academic reviews are in progress.

      UNO institutional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission-North Central Association is also scheduled in the fall of 2009.  Two external reviewers, one from Eastern Michigan and the other from Kent State, are scheduled to visit the UNO campus on September 23-25, 2009.  Agenda for the site visit will be forthcoming.  Being a part of Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), this is an on-going process and no accreditation issues have been raised.  Opportunities for improvement however, have been pointed out and these have been addressed through AQIP action projects among other measures.

C.     American Association of University Professors (AAUP):  Senator N. Bacon reported

Faculty Salaries 2009-11

      On May 27, the CIR will hear the Regents' appeal of the special master's decision, which awards faculty raises of 3.8% each year in AY 09-10 and AY 10-11.

Election of Officers

      Last month, the AAUP elected new officers.  The Executive Committee now has these members:

Loree Bykerk, President

Ken Deffenbacher, Past President

David Corbin, President-Elect

Joe Brown, First Vice President

Michael Peterson, Second Vice President and Grievance Officer

Don Greer, Treasurer

Claudette Lee, Secretary

Jim Shaw, Professor Rep

Donna Dufner, Associate Professor Rep

Rachel Roiblatt, Assistant Professor Rep

Maria Knudtson, Other Bargaining Unit Members Rep

Jim Czarnecki, Newsletter Editor

The union's chief negotiator is Bill Pratt.  Our liaison with the state and national AAUP offices is Janet West. 

Kolasa Scholarship

      At the spring dinner on April 17, members were introduced to winners of the Bernie Kolasa Memorial Scholarship:

Humaira Qasimyar, BS in Biotechnology, BA in Religion, will attend UNMC medical school.

Nicholas Arreola, BA in Psychology, will attend UNO's masters program in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology.

Tamra Trehearn, MS in Exercise Science, will attend UNMC as a PhD student in the department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology.

D.    Graduate Council:  (April 12, 2009) Senator Laquer reported Dean Deb Smith-Howell reported that applications and admissions are up over last year.

      The number of office staff members in Graduate Studies is down; their work priorities are in admissions and graduation. 

      The deadline for receipt of change-of-grade forms (IP to grade) was April 23.  These forms are easily lost; the new SIS should eliminate this paper and associated data entry process.

      The Quality of Work policy as regards the "C–" was discussed; further action will be considered by Committee A, Planning and Policies. 

      Committee B, Courses, Programs and Evaluations, approved new course syllabi in Chemistry, Communications, Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Social Work. 

The spring graduation list was approved, pending students' successful completion of current work.

      The issue was raised of allowing a student to "walk" at graduation, even though is was unlikely that they would have completed the requirements of their program by April 23 (date for notification of the Graduate Studies Office to have their name included in the printed program).  Currently that decision is left to the Graduate Program Chairs since they have a better sense of the status of their students.  "Tragic cases" where international travel of a student's family is involved suggests the need for a clear written policy.

      A post-graduation survey of graduate students' attitudes is needed.  The old survey system crashed two years ago so there are only limited recent data.

Graduate Faculty meeting 2009 April 27:

      Dean Deb Smith-Howell reported that applications for graduate study are up over last year, as are denials (for inadequate preparation).

      Promotion of the different programs is independent by each program.  The lack of a "brand" and opportunity for a uniformity of promotion is an issue that is better addressed by the whole campus.

      There is a promotional advertisement for Graduate Studies showing on Cox Cable.  Enrollment of the residents of the three counties in Iowa who are eligible to enroll at 150% of in-state tuition is increasing.  This tuition rate is comparable to Iowa university's in-state rate.

      The budget situation is still unknown.  Compared to universities in the rest of the country Nebraska is doing well.

      An on-line "Graduate Catalog" is to be available soon.  Previous ones in pdf format are located at  None have been printed since 2003-2004.

      The question of the potential loss of Faculty Research Assignments and its likely duration was raised.  If only two years, then temporary, if more than two years they may be considered permanent.  Accountability and productivity will be under greater scrutiny.  External grants and contracts will help to grow research assigned time. It will be necessary to "sell" the importance of research to the community; workforce development is one component.

      Penny Harmony presented on the status of the PeopleSoft student information system.  It is on track for Admissions for fall 2010.  The on-line forms for graduate student applications to each program will be customized for each program, with both simple radio buttons and free text fields available.  Pdf files may be attached.  References will also be submitted on-line.  Only transcripts and test scores will be received in paper.  The whole application will need to be complete before a single pdf document is produced and forwarded for review by the program. 

      The draft Graduate Studies Strategic Plan was presented along with indicators to aid in assessing its implementation.   Committee A, Planning and Policies, is also working on the Graduate Grade Appeal procedure.

E.     Strategic Planning Steering Committee:  Senator Anderson reported the April event went smoothly.  Community Engagement small committee will meet.  Focus will also be on Gen Ed and Academic Advising.

VII.          New Business

The Senate recessed for retiring Standing Committee members to caucus to elect chairpersons, except for the Committee on Rules.  Results were reported to the President-Elect.

A.    Transfer of Presidency:  President Sollars passed the gavel to President-Elect Elder.

B.     Resolution 2979, 5/13/09:  Standing Committee Chairpersons

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska, Article VI, Section 1, the retiring standing committees have met and selected the following chairs from their continuing members:.

Charles Johanningsmeier, Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs

Jan Boyer, Committee on Educational Resources and Services

John Erickson, Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare

Doug Paterson, Committee on Goals and Directions

Teresa Lamsam, Committee on Professional Development.

VIII.    The 2008-2009 (Outgoing) Senate Concluded at 3:15 p.m.  Exiting Senators were excused and Incoming Senators took their seats.

IX        Organizational Meeting of the 2009-2010 (Incoming) Faculty Senate

The following motions were approved:

A.     Resolution2980, 5/13/09: Appointment of Parliamentarian

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Article IV, the senate president reappoints Randy Adkins the parliamentarian of the 2009-2010 Faculty Senate.

B.     Resolution2981, 5/13/09: Vice President of the 2009-2010 Faculty Senate

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Article IV, the faculty senate elects the following senator as 2009-2010 Vice President:

      Senator Carol Mitchell, to replace Senator Boucher.

C.    Resolution 2982, 5/13/09: Secretary/Treasurer of 2009-1010 Faculty Senate

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Article IV, the faculty senate elects the following senator as 2009-2010 Secretary/Treasurer:

      Senator Frederic Laquer, to replace Senator M. Bacon.

D.    Resolution 2983, 5/13/09: Appointment of Chair of the Rules Committee:

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Article IV, the senate president appoints  the following senator as 2009-2010 Chair of the Rules Committee:

      Senator Lyn Holley, to replace Senator Miller.

E.     Resolution 2984, 5/13/09: Appointment of Chair of the Cabinet

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Article IV, the senate president appoints  the following senator as 2009-2010 Chair of the Cabinet:

      TBA, to replace Senator Noble.

The Senate recessed for Standing Committee members to caucus to elect 2009-2010 vice-chairpersons.  Results were reported to the President-Elect.

F.      Resolution 2985, 5/13/09: 2009-2010 Standing Committees Vice Chairs

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha the senate president appoints the following senators as Vice Chairpersons of 2009-2010 standing committees:

Shelton Hendricks, Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs

Frederic Laquer, Committee on Educational Resources and Services

Patrice Proulx, Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare

Matthew Marx, Committee on Goals and Directions

Edmund Tisko, Committee on Professional Development

Nora Bacon, Committee on Rules.

G.    On behalf of the Committee on Rules Senator Holley moved the following resolutions, which, with the exception of Resolution 2984, were approved.

1.      Resolution 2986, 5/13/09:  AFCON (Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the senate president appoints (or reappoints) the following senator to be the senate representative for a one year appointment, through May 2010, to the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON):

      Doug Paterson (reappointed).

2.      Resolution 2987, 5/13/09AAUP Executive Committee (American Association of University Professors)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the senate president appoints the following senator, who is also an AAUP member, as the senate representative for a one year appointment from 05/14/09, through 05/14/10, to the UNO Chapter of AAUP:

      Nora Bacon, reappointed.

3.      Resolution 2988, 5/13/09Alumni Association, Board of Directors

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate president appoints the following UNO alum as the senate representative for one year, 05/14/09 through 05/12/10, to the Alumni Association, Board of Directors:

      Paul Barnes, reappointed.

4.      Resolution 2989, 5/13/09Budget Advisory Committee

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate president appoints the following faculty member to the Faculty Senate Budget Advisory Committee for a three-year term 08/01/09 through 07/31/12:

Ken Kriz, reappointed.

5.      Graduate Council representative will be appointed later this summer.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate president appoints the following member of the Graduate Council to be the liaison between the 2009-2010 Faculty Senate and the Graduate Council for a one-year term from 5/14/09 through 5/12/10:

            Tba                           , to replace Frederic Laquer.

H.    2009-2010 Calendar of Senate and Standing Committee meetings, usually:

1.    Executive Committee & Cabinet Meet:  First Wednesday Every Month:

a)     Officers, Chair of Cabinet,  and Standing Committee chairs

b)    Year round (June through May)

c)    2:00 p.m.

d)   MBSC State Room

2.      Full Senate Meetings:  Second Wednesday Every Month

a)  All senators

b)   September through May (no meeting in June & July; see special instructions below for August)

c)     2:00 p.m.

d)    MBSC Dodge or Chancellors Room

3.     Executive Committee & Administration: Third Wednesday of Every Month

a)    Agenda made by Senate President, Officers, Chair of the Committee on Rules, and Chair of Cabinet only

b)    Year round (June through May)

c)     2:00 p.m.

d)    EAB 200

e)   Agenda made by President, typed by Faculty Senate Coordinator

4.   Standing Committee Meetings: Last Wednesday of Every Month

a)  All Senators excluding President

b)   August through April (no meetings in May, June, & July)

c)    2:00 p.m.

d)  Room arrangements (and agenda) are made by each Chair         

5.   Faculty Senate Retreat

a)   Wednesday, August 19, 2009

b)    Day long meeting (approx. 8:30 am to 2 pm)

c)   Mahoney State Park

d)    Attended by all Senators

Schedule for 2009-2010

EC&C Meetings

(usually 1st Wednesday of month)

Faculty Senate Meetings

(usually 2nd Wednesday of month)

June 3


July 1


August 5

August 19, 2009 (Retreat) (3rd  Wednesday)

September 2

September 9

October 7

October 14

November 4

November 11

December 2

December  9 (commencement 12/18/09)

January 6, 2010 (semester begins 1/11/1/)

January 13, 2010 (semester begins 1/11/10)

February 3

February 10

March 3

March 10   (spring break 3/14–21/10

April 7

April 14

May 5

May  12 (commencement 5/7/10

X.    The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m. with announcements.