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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2008-2009 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, October 8, 2008, 2 p.m., MBSC Chancellors Room

Members: M. Bacon, N. Bacon, Bartle, Bernstein, Boucher, Boyer, D'Souza,Elder, Erickson, Haworth, Holley, Holloway, Huq, Johanningsmeier, Kercher, Lamsam, Laquer, Marx, Mei, Miller, Mitchell, Mitenko, Noble, O'Connell, Paterson, Proulx, Ritzman, Sollars, Tarry, Tisko, Tixier Y Vigil

Excused: Anderson, Chundi, Gershovich, Stanton

Absent: Dwyer, Sires, White


A. Cassy Loseke discussed the community service projects at Social Settlement and Viking Ship on October 18, 20 and/or 21, and asked the Senate to help inform other faculty, staff and students.

B. Harmon Maher updated the Senate on the state of research at UNO.

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:25 p.m.

II. Presentation and Approval of Minutes: September 10, 2008, minutes were accepted with a correction of the date of the meeting.

III. Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Sollars reported

    1. Executive Committee and Administration met September 17, 2008. The Senate resolutions passed at the meeting of September 10 were presented. Discussion of the video "Shots Fired" followed with President Sollars observing that faculty reaction to the video had been decidedly mixed. The question of special faculty responsibility during such emergencies remains problematic. The Chancellor observed that the University will enforce the statutory ban on fire arms in all state facilities despite clamorous pressure from those who wish to carry fire arms on campus. (Senators that had not seen the video suggested the video be made available to faculty and staff on-line with some sort of password protection to view it.) The issue of academic continuity in the case of weather and health emergencies remains to be finalized. The issue of consultation by the Administration with the Senate on the creation of Social Settlement and Viking Ship “centers” (institutes, initiatives, offices, etc.) was raised because of the need for quick Senate action on the Center for Israel and Judaic Studies and the Institute for Collaboration Science. It was observed that such initiatives serve the University's strategic goals and act as conduits for focused external funding for the University. However, there are no consistent sets of vetting and approval procedures or of precise system wide definitions of such institutions. The Administration supports President Sollars' decision to establish a faculty-administration task force to address these issues. The Chancellor announced that the Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs has become the Commission on Diversity and Inclusiveness. He has the intention of calling a meeting of the Commission together with the constituent groups. The Chancellor announced an impressive lineup of guests and speakers for Centennial events. After the completion of the Centennial observance, the Capital Campaign will start under the leadership of Jim Young, the CEO of Union Pacific. Wade Robinson presented the enrollment summary and noted the success of the metropolitan initiative which attracted 194 students this semester from the Iowa counties involved. Minority students currently represent 12% of the enrollment. He alerted those present to demographic trends which may affect future enrollment growth. Vice Chancellor Hynes reported on the Deans' Retreat which focused on understanding the budget and identifying efficiencies in use of the resources available. The often criticized term "priority" is to be replaced with "investment opportunities" when speaking of programs identified for special support. The system's SIS package, an Oracle product, has been approved. Vice Chancellor Hynes urged patience during the initial use of the new system. She noted that we recruit and retain students at satisfactory rates but that we only graduate 43% of those who initially enroll. We must do better. She also mentioned that exit surveys and her conversations with students indicate that we need to improve our advising and to challenge our students more. Vice Chancellor Conley announced that 15-passenger vans would no longer be available. Smaller vans will be used. He is also in the process of setting up a "policy library" dealing with the vast number of policies with which we must contend. (The above mentioned "Investment Opportunities" caused some discussion during the Senate meeting. Senators were questioning whether anyone remembers the process used to sift to "Priority Programs," and if there is a process now for the new name. President Sollars suggested that this is another reason to volunteer to be on the Standards of Communication Ad Hoc Committee now being formed.)

    2. Chancellor's Council met September 25, 2008. Linda Mannering presented the new College Portrait on the web. A pdf file can be found at: You can find other colleges/universities at: . This information is being provided as a result of the VSA (Voluntary System of Accountability) Program. More information on VSA can be found at: . The reporting provides an undergraduate profile, progress and graduation rates, Student Experiences and Perceptions and assessment indicators such as the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA). Distance Education is being examined by Central Administration. They have proposed a centralized University Portal for information and administration of all Distance Ed courses. It is unknown how the particular mechanisms of this centrally administered portal will look. Issues such as budget, programs, fiscal model and advising are to be determined. They have established an Educational Marketing Group to provide publicity and consistency in program information across all campuses. Senior Vice Chancellor Hynes discussed matters her office will be looking at this year. She stated three primary issues: 1) graduation r4ate, 2) advising and 3) students' reported perception that they are not feeling adequately challenged academically at UNO. She also plans to look at summer enrollments and talk about Institutional "priorities" (see above). The teaching circle/research triangle/community engagement link kick-off attracted 130 attendees. There are already 14 CE links formed. The United Way fund has its kick-off on October 13.

B. Treasurer's Report: Senator M. Bacon submitted the September 2008 Budget Report.

IV. Executive Committee Report: Senator Boucher reported the Executive Committee and Cabinet met October 1, 2008. President Sollars reported that she had been asked for a volunteer from the Senate to the newly formed Academic Advising Task Force. Senator Carol Mitchell's name was forwarded to V.C. Hynes. She also announced that President Milliken will speak at the December 10, 2008, Faculty Senate Meeting. Suggestions for topics of his presentation should be forwarded to President Sollars. Eta Sigma Gamma's 15th Annual Bell Tower Challenge will be held on October 22, 2008, at noon. The Senate office is still accepting canned goods for their stack. All will be donated to Food Bank/Stacking Canned Goods. Three senators have already volunteered to stack cans, but cheerleaders are still welcome. Senator Sollars also proposed a Standards of Communication Ad Hoc Committee to address such factors as appropriate time-lines for the administration to get information to the Senate for action items, what issues the Senate believes are necessary for the administration to request input from the Senate, and how the Senate might appropriately respond to the administration when there is a time crunch to get information to the Board of Regents. This committee would determine other important issues of communication between the administration and Senate. She envisions a Standards of Communication Coordinating Council in the future that includes members of the administration in addition to Senate members. She is still asking for volunteers to serve on this committee. On behalf of the Executive Committee & Cabinet Senator Boucher moved the following resolution which passed, with one dissenting vote:

Resolution 2927, 10/8/08: Celebrating UNO's 100th Anniversary

WHEREAS, the University of Nebraska at Omaha is celebrating its Centennial this fall of 2008; and,

WHEREAS, the University of Nebraska at Omaha has become one of the leading metropolitan universities in the United States; and,

WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha has played an essential role in building the faculty strengths of this institution; and,

WHEREAS, the 2008-2009 Faculty Senate wishes also to celebrate the achievements and promise of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with the larger university community;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2008-2009 Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha congratulates the entire university community, both past and present, for its remarkable achievements in the previous century; and,

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the 2008-2009 Faculty Senate looks forward to the University of Nebraska at Omaha becoming an even more vigorous, effective, and distinguished institution for higher education in Nebraska and the world in the next one hundred years.

V. Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Bartle reported those present: M Gershowitz (chair), J. Bartle (VC), Charles Johanningsmeier, C. Mitchell, C. Holloway. Visitors: Hesham Ali (Dean, IST) and Gerald Wagner (ISQA)

1. The Committee continued its review of the proposal for the creation of a BS degree in IT Innovation. Drs. Ali and Wagner responded to the questions of the Committee. There were some concerns about how fully staffed the degree would be, the extent of advising, intellectual property issues, and the challenge of engaging other departments in the capstone course. Ultimately, only two suggestions for revision were made:

  • Clarify that organizations other than business would be community partners in the capstone course,
  • That the intellectual property of the students involved in these projects be protected under existing university guidelines.

Drs. Ali and Wagner agreed with these changes, and will forward an updated draft of the proposal to the Committee. The Committee will act on it as quickly as possible upon receipt.

2. A draft of a resolution concerning the procedures for approval of academic centers was distributed. There was not clear agreement on this issue, and so it was held over until the next meeting.

B. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Boyer reported the committee met on September 24th. Members present: Boucher, Boyer, Kercher, Laquer. Members absent: Ritzman, Stanton Guest: Steve Shorb, Dean of the Library.

  • Dean Shorb provided a Library update.
    • Kaneko - A small library collection is being developed for the Kaneko location at 11th & Jones. There is a classroom that UNO faculty may use to hold classes if they wish. •A new library home page is being developed and has just been launched. The goal was to make needed information easier to locate. The Library continues to acquire electronic resources. •Projects include the possibility of a joint UNO-Omaha Public Library facility on South Campus to serve business needs. A new special collection will be announced soon. The Library continues to assist with recruitment by working with dual enrollment and AP students as well as Iowa community college students.
    • The renovation continues. The current schedule indicates that the west side should be completed by the end of the semester and the east side may be finished by Spring Break 2009. There will be a Faculty Club on the 3rd floor and a new front entry design. (There were questions posed by Senator Johanningsmeier about whether this was still the intent of the Dean.)

    Dean Shorb also answered several questions posed by the group.

    • How are faculty in different colleges involved in the process of deselecting books and journals? Shorb provided the Library's collection development policy. Subject specialists determine what items will be deselected. The group asked if faculty could be provided lists of items to be discarded. Shorb said he would look into possibilities. The group also asked what happened to discarded items. They are currently recycled. An inquiry about whether materials should be sent to surplus will be made.
    • What criteria are used to divide the budget for journal and book purchases? About 25% of the budget is spent for books. A number of factors outlined in the Collection Development Policy determine allocations for departments. The Library tries to purchase electronic resources as much as possible. The Library state-aided budget for books and journals has not been increased for several years while rising prices have made purchasing power much less. University administration takes approximately one-half of the funds raised by the library fee from the state-aided budget to use for other purposes.
    • Will savings from the Elsevier titles be allocated to the departments that had journals cancelled? Elsevier titles that are being cancelled in 2009 will be available through Interlibrary Loan. Those cuts will be taken into consideration when journal titles for each department are reviewed on a three year cycle.
    • Has the issue of the open outer door to the library been resolved? Kate Clark from Disability Services was consulted about the lack of an automated door during construction. As long as there is no more than 5 lbs. of pressure needed to open the door, disability guidelines are being met. The outer door has been left open and a sign is on the campus phone asking people to call the front desk they need help opening the inner door. This should be resolved when construction in complete.

2. The committee discussed the investigation of alternatives to Lotus Notes. Student government is in agreement and they will pass a similar resolution if this is approved by the Faculty Senate. Senator Boyer moved the following resolution, which passed.

Resolution 2928, 10/8/08: Electronic Communication Systems:

WHEREAS, Faculty, Staff, and Students depend on electronic systems for communication of all types of information, and

WHEREAS, several collaborative applications similar to Lotus Notes are commercially available, and

WHEREAS, other available applications may better serve the needs of the University community,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha recommends:

  1. An investigation of available applications be conducted that outlines functionality and costs of commercially available systems.
  2. Faculty Senator be a member of the investigation team.
  3. Results of the investigation be communicated to the Faculty Senate and other interested parties for appropriate action.

3. Draft ITS policies on "Restricted Data Security" and "Privacy". The policies were distributed to the Faculty Senate Cabinet. Cabinet members asked for some clarification from ITS. The policies will be considered by the Senate at the November meeting.

Other topics to be address at the October meeting:

  • Common course evaluation - What is the process for approval and implementation?
  • Testing Center hours
  • Site licenses
  • Clocks on campus - Can they be synchronized? (Atomic clocks on campus can now be synchronized from the Campanille. They must be purchased yet.)

C. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator Elder reported those attending the committee meeting were: Meredith Bacon, Patrice Proulx, Karen Dwyer, John Erickson, Jay White, Griff Elder.

  1. The committee discussed the proposed University-Wide Academic Calendar for 2010-2020, and wanted to express its appreciation to Mark Goldsberry and Loree Bykerk for their work on the University-Wide Academic Calendar Committee.
  2. Also discussed were efforts by the City of Omaha through Activate Omaha to develop an east-west bike lane/path connecting the Keystone Trail to Downtown. $600,000 in private money has been raised for this (along with an additional north-south lane/path through Downtown). The committee's intention is to combine its voice with that of the UNO Student Gov, SAC, and the UNMC Faculty Senate in support of this project. Activate Omaha will be invited to the November committee meeting. If sufficient progress has been made by Spring, it is hoped that a public awareness event on Campus will be organized.
  3. The committee discussed Departmental Climate (as regards mentoring, strategic planning, and indeed, communication in general). This discussion will be ongoing and builds on the climate survey collected by the committee 2 years ago.

D. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Paterson reported the committee met September 17, 2008. Those in attendance were Senators Henry D'Souza, Ziaul Huq, Matthew Marx, Doug Paterson [Chair], and Bonnie O'Connell. Senator Jessaline Anderson was absent and excused. The committee reviewed the wide range of possible areas of inquiry we drew up at the August Retreat. A lively and extensive discussion produced the following areas which the committee will begin to address:

  1. Faculty Health and the HPER Fees / Expansion. This is a time-sensitive matter. There is also interest on the committee in asking for a Motion to Reconsider previous actions regarding Senate support for the substantially-higher HPER fees for UNO faculty, as well as for students.
  2. The Mission of UNO regarding Research/Creative Activity, Teaching, Service, and Service Learning/Community Service. An initial question concerns the NU and UNO expectations of UNO faculty regarding achievement in all four areas. Related to this is a concern of the virtual complete loss of faculty-only gathering and social events. A further area of inquiry is to examine the visibility to the administration of faculty needs beyond strict contract items.
  3. Greening of the UNO Campus. Since the entire matter of Greening is on the campus agenda, the Committee wishes to network with those offices on campus charged with identifying and acting upon campus ecological issues. Use of chemicals in grounds upkeep, watering during rainstorms, and football stadium lights on from midnight til morning came up. The Committee also wants to examine what long-range plans exist for accommodating even further parking on campus, and to inquire what efforts for distance parking and shuttles are being considered, as well as whether the city of Omaha will ever consider light rail down the Dodge Street Corridor, or anywhere on the E-W traffic spine.
  4. The ever-expanding, shrouded-in-secrecy bunker on the south campus. What is it, and what is it doing there?

Other areas which the Committee might explore include: The development of Learning Communities on campus; gathering areas on campus; UNO's relationship to Omaha's Building Bright Futures initiative; meeting with Thompson Scholar's coordinator Kelly Pickett; the continual steep rise in tuition and fees in the NU system; diversity and recruitment of faculty and students of color including the status of the Minority Faculty Development program; dual enrollment development; making the presence of international students on campus more visible; and the role of private dollars to sustain public education.

E. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Noble reported the committee met September 24, 2008. Senators Present: Noble, Lamsam, Tixier y Vigil, Haworth, Tisko. Senators Absent: Mei.

    1. Research Climate Survey from 07-08

    A. We are in the process of obtaining this data from Linda Mannering in Institutional Research.

        a. There was discussion regarding the need to CITI certification to view/analyze this data set.

    2. Potential for Collaboration with UCRCA

      A. Dana Richter-Egger, current chair of the University Committee on Research and Creative Activity, attended our meeting as an invited guest. Dana was able to update us on some of the recent efforts by UCR to promote research and creative activity by UNO faculty.

        a. One frustration is that the UCRCA still don't have any known funding for this academic year. They will know soon, but it makes it hard to get things going (e.g., initiate a call for proposals) from the start of the year in the absence of a budget.

          i. The committee discussed ways that Faculty Senate might encourage the administration to view UCRCA as an administrative priority. These ideas will be forthcoming.

            1. the possibility of putting forth a senate resolution requesting a permanent budget for UCRCA is being discussed

            2. this discussion also led into similar questions regarding the University Committee for Teaching and their budget situation and needs

        b. There was discussion about ways to improve communication regarding ongoing UCRCA efforts.

        i. Specifically discussed the possibility of having a UCRCA report (and perhaps UCAT) included in the monthly agenda for Faculty Senate.

        c. There were enough funds rolled over from last year to make an initial request for proposals for faculty mini-grants and graduate student research grants.

        i. October 1 deadline - see e-Notes announcements

F. Committee on Rules: Senator Miller reported the committee met September 24, 2008 Meeting. Present: Bacon, Chundi, Holley, Mitenko and Miller. Excused: Bernstein. At this time there is only one committee opening that needs to be filled and it is on the Library and Learning Resources Committee. Nora Bacon reported that she has secured a volunteer and that person's name will be presented for a vote. During our August 2008 meeting committee members agreed to an expanded interpretation of the Rules Committee charge and address the senate issue: "University Committees need to MEET". Operating within this expanded interpretation of our charge, Rules members agreed to contact chairs of all university committees to "(1) Verity that they are the chair and thank them for their service. (2) Ask if they have a current membership list for their committee or explain how to find that list. (3) Encourage them to contact their committee members and schedule regular meetings." Members started with the names of 15 chairs that they hope to contact this fall. Rules members reported on their progress to-date. All contacts were positive. Two chairs needed additional information and Rules members are helping to secure that information, so the contact calls were effective. Contacting chairs will be an ongoing project. Ballots from the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee election were tallied. There were 503 ballots mailed out, 243 returned, with 4 after the deadline and not able to be counted. Four candidates had agreed to have their names included on the slate for this election (James Shaw, Robert Smith, Juliette Parnell and Jayaram Betanabhatla) and two candidates were elected to the committee. James Shaw and Juliette Parnell received the largest number of votes. Sr. Vice Chancellor Hynes is forming an Academic Advising Task Force and she has requested that a Faculty Senate representative serve as a member of this task force. The Rules members discussed this request and a name was submitted to V.C. Hynes right after the October 2008 Faculty Senate Executive Committee & Cabinet meeting last week. Senator Miller moved the following resolutions for the Rules Committee. They all passed.

    1. Resolution 2922, 9/10/08: Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (Announcement of results of election by all full time faculty)

    BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with section 6.1 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws the following nominees for the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee are brought forward by the Rules Committee for senate nomination. The ballot will be presented to the UNO faculty. Two tenured faculty members will be elected from the following four nominees to serve three-year terms from October 16, 2008, through October 15, 2011, to replace John Noble and Carey Ryan, whose terms are expiring:

    • James Shaw (tenured) (ELECTED with 167 votes)
    • Robert Smith (tenured) (Received 82 votes)
    • Juliette Parnell (tenured) (ELECTED with 151 votes)
    • Jayaram Betanabhatla (tenured) (Received 53 votes).

    2. To complete Resolution 2925, 9/10/08: Library and Learning Resources Committee

    BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward to complete terms on the Library and Learning Resources Committee:

    • James Hagen (to complete Jeanne Harrington term: 8/1/06-7/31/09)
    • David Carter (to complete Karen Hein's term: 8/1/07-7/31/10).

VI. Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): Senator Paterson reported President Nancy Comer brought the meeting to order September 13, 2008, in Lincoln. Minutes were approved as distributed. AFCON individual memberships continue to rise. Very promising. The bank balance is in very good shape. A lengthy discussion occurred regarding the potential harassment of a UNL adjunct faculty member involving lack of due process. An organization called the Community of Scholars in Nebraska, which supports the upcoming "Civil Rights Initiative" on the November ballot, arranged to reserve a room in a UNL building. Shortly after their event, they were informed they were no longer designated as a recognized UNL organization. However much the university and university personnel might disagree with support of the "Civil Rights Initiative", the university should at the very least inform organizations of any concerns with their status, and at most not interfere in the free exchange of ideas on the campus. Linda Parker moved that AFCON make an agreement with the Nebraska Historical Society for the NHS to house AFCON historical records and archives. The motion passed. AFCON will pursue actions to persuade the NU Board of Regents to rescind action against UNL faculty in 1918, who were dismissed for not being sufficiently patriotic and for US involvement in WW I. This will likely also involve a request for an acknowledgment of the gross suppression of Academic Freedom involved in that case. The Committee discussed plans for the Annual Meeting in the late Fall. AFCON will again participate in the Banned Books Week, Sept. 27 - Oct. 4. There will be an event for this in Omaha at the Soul Desires bookstore on October 28th. Doug Paterson suggested Sarah Palin's demonstrated approval of book banning and librarian firing be one of the featured elements. Because of the very limited holdings of books in Nebraska prisons and jails, it was suggested people contribute books. It was also suggested that NU universities and colleges contribute books that would otherwise be discarded.

B. Academic Planning Council: Senators Johanningsmeier and D'Souza reported the Academic Planning Council met on September 22, 2008. The Computer Science Report is ready and a follow up meeting is being planned. College of Education programs are having site visits by accrediting bodies this fall. The APC will use the reports and self study materials prepared for these visits for the internal review. Teams for internal reviews for 2008-09 for Women's Studies and Criminology and Criminal Justice are being formed. Dr. Jeanette Seabury will chair the Women's Studies and Dr. Chris Allen will chair the Criminology and Criminal Justice program. Management Information Systems is likely to be deferred because it is preparing for its external accreditation review. The APC will coordinate the internal review at the same time by having a representative from the committee. College of Business Program review is likely to be deferred to the Spring of 2010. Its external review will take place in 2010-11. Department of Mathematics may also request a deferment and is in discussion with the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

C. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Professor Barnes submitted a report on the August 26, 2008, meeting. The report summary based upon board minutes. Lee Denker reported that he presented the Citation for Alumnus Achievement to Nebraska's First Lady, Sally Ganem, at the August 15, Commencement. Denker said that the Alumni Association staff is participating in Welcome Week activities by giving away promotional items and serving lunch. Denker stated that he is working on a travel program and that it would be an opportunity to raise revenue and involve alumni. The first trip will be in the spring to Italy. Denker then referred to the Centennial registration brochure and stated that it was mailed to more than 60,000 alums, with plans to distribute them to UNO faculty and staff. Denker next referenced the UNO 100 folder and sponsorship information for the Gala, Feb. 21. Denker next introduced Alumni Association Communications Director Tony Flott who unveiled a new publication that is being created for the Centennial. It was well received by all. Finally, Denker thanked Greg Trimm for his outstanding efforts to keep our Alumni Center open during the June storm with straight-line winds. Despite being without power for four days, we didn't have to cancel any events. Several committee reports were also given. Mark Grieb referenced the "Board Challenge" campaign. Grieb stated that eight board members that have sent letters and six board members have donated $100 more than the previous year. Grieb announced the winner of the "Fast Start" award, David Craft, who already raised his $1,000 goal. Laura Kapustka reported that the four scholarship winners will be invited to the November 25 board meeting. Kapustka urged all to volunteer for Centennial Homecoming at the Friday night barbeque or the Saturday pep bowl. Kapustka referred to the Involvement Committee "Matrix" handout. Lee Denker stated that the Matrix was in a draft format and that it is the goal of the Involvement Committee to have an electronic version for the web-site and a version to use for handouts at events. Dan Koraleski reported that the operations committee met on July 24 and heard presentations from Wells Fargo and America First to obtain account and investment status. Koraleski stated that Hancock & Dana, the Alumni Association external auditors, presented the results of their recent audit with no adjustments or recommendations. Koraleski referred to the copies of the six-month financials that were reviewed by the Operations Committee reflected the Alumni Center utilized well and the Alumni Association out-performing the budget. Jim Garbina reported that the golf committee now has fifty course sponsors for the tournament on Sept. 8. This year despite being up in donations, expenses are also up and prize expense was cut as a result. Garbina reminded everyone that the tournament revenue funds the four Alumni Association scholarships. Garrett Anderson reported that the UNO Young Alumni group is now on-line on "Facebook". Anderson said that they are working on future events: a booth at Centennial Pep Bowl, a family night at the zoo, and a holiday party on December 12. Anderson stated that they are busy planning 2009 events and also have their own website. Harold Sage reported for AFROTC next. Sage stated that the AFROTC are meeting every month on Centennial. They had a series of calling meetings to reach those out of town. Sage said that the AFROTC has reserved a block of rooms at the Regency Lodge and encouraged those that need a place to stay for Centennial Homecoming make reservations. UNO Integrated Advancement. Chancellor John Christensen commented on the Holland Publication and the project's connection to the UNO Integrated Advancement project. Christensen referred to the Advancement handouts. He thanked Rod Oberle, Lori Byrne, Lee Denker and the Executive Committee for their input on the process and that their collaboration made the project more efficient. Christensen stated that the UNO advancement plan was being developed before the problems surfaced at UNL, but that it provided a catalyst to work on the project more quickly. Christensen believes the Advancement plan will enable the Alumni Association, UNO, and NU Foundation to work together more effectively for UNO. Christensen explained the MOU, Memo of Understanding, as the agreement document for the Advancement plan and would be reviewed after one year. Rod Oberle stated that the plan provides a mechanism for UNO, the Alumni Association and NU Foundation to work together and called for a motion to sign the MOU. The motion was made by Deb McLarney and seconded by Ray Barr and carried. Concerning the University update, Chancellor John Christensen said that he routinely rides the shuttle around campus to observe shuttle schedules, traffic, and students, and is pleased at what he sees. Christensen stated that there are 15,000 students enrolled this year and credit hours are up. Construction on campus is on schedule and under budget. Christensen proudly stated that UNO was ranked first in the nation in students' intellectual growth between their freshman and senior years by the Collegiate Learning Assessment. A randomly select group of UNO students participated in the test on-line to measure value-added at an institution. Christensen stated that UNO is in a new athletic conference, the MIAA. Concerning student updates, Lucas Seiler reported that there were about 800 students that graduated on August 16. Seiler said that the students are back on campus enjoying CPACS, the new Maverick Village, and the new parking garage. Seiler stated that student government is focusing on the recycling campaign - working on signage and placing cans around campus. In relation to the NU Foundations report, Lori Byrne stated that Centennial activities will help get alumni involved in the NU Foundation campaign. Byrne referenced the CBA groundbreaking on June 2 and the building's location near Aksarban Village. Byrne said that the new building will create a domino effect to allow other buildings on campus to expand and renovate, using space more effectively. Byrne stated that NU Foundation has secured eight million dollars for the renovation of Roskens Hall.

D. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator N. Bacon reported the AAUP has several events planned for the fall semester:

  • Thursday, 10/23 wine and cheese party at the art gallery, WFAB 129
  • Thursday, 11/6 chapter meeting including a bargaining update, MBSC Jenkins Room
  • Saturday, 11/22 annual fall dinner (AAUP members only) at the Upstream West.

E. Graduate Council: Senator Laquer reported The Graduate Council has not met since 2008 Sept 08. One of the items scheduled for consideration at the next Graduate Council meeting on 2008 October 13 is a document "UNO Graduate Tuition Equalization Proposal", which was distributed to the Graduate Council on Sept 23 by Dean Deborah Smith-Howell. A revision was reportedly discussed at the October 2 Dean's Forum, but the decision was made to not move it forward at that time. Graduate Tuition has been an ongoing discussion for some time in the Dean's Forum. As more information comes available with the Graduate Council, it will be shared with the Senate. Scheduled for presentation and discussion is the current UNO Graduate Studies Appeal process (committee members were provided a copy of the current document which is dated November 1997). A new Graduate Studies full color brochure was also distributed for the meeting.

F. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Anderson submitted the following report. The committee met September 24, 2008. Focus for 2008: Engagement - Central to Our City

  1. Inventory and document current UNO Community Engagement efforts
  2. Revise Goal 3 in the Strategic Plan to reflect current and future activities
  3. Host a spring event that highlights the community and centennial theme

Topics for Discussion:

  • Centennial Update
  • Recap of community community links kick-off:
    • Engagement Link groups was officially launched, along wit the Teaching Circles and Research Triangles, at a formal kick-off event September 19, 2008. Goal was 5 groups, but had 14 groups.
  • Task Force Updates
    • Define community engagement (e.g., individual, unit, community, etc.)
  • Faculty Senate Report
    • Communicate more effectively what is a "metropolitan university"

VII. The meeting adjourned at 3:29 p.m. with announcements.