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Faculty Senate

2006-2007 Faculty Senate

Retreat Minutes

Wednesday, August 16, 2006, 9 a.m., Mahoney State Park

 Attendees: Barnes, Betanabhatla, Bernstein, Boucher, Brown, Bullock, Chundi, Corcoran, Gascoigne, Holley, Huq, Lahue, Lin, Mei, Miller, Mordaunt, Noble, Ottemann, Randall, Reames, Reilly, Roland, Shaw, Skreija, Smith, Sollars, Stanichar, Tarry, Thorp, Tilton-Weaver, Wetig, Williams, Wolcott

Excused: Edick, Hewins-Maroney, Winter

Absent: Arbelaez

I. The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

II. A motion to approve the minutes of the May 10 meetings of the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 Faculty Senate, and accept and approve the minutes of the June 7 and July 5, 2006, meetings of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Cabinet, each as submitted, passed."

III. Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Shaw

    1. The Enrollment Management Meeting was held July 11, 2006. As of July 1 applications received and accepted for Fall 2006 are up about 1.5%; actual enrollments are down about 2% and total credit hours are down about .8%. A late surge of international students may help improve the enrollment numbers. A proposal, due by August 3, for the expansion and renovation of the HPER building should include an elevated expansion to the west with a two-tiered parking garage underneath. This would provide a net gain of 110 parking spaces. The initial cost estimates would require a student fee of about $95 per semester to fund the project. It was noted that students consulted in the planning thought the fee reasonable and UNO's overall fees remain about 55% relative to peer institutions. The final plan is not expected to go to the Board of Regents before April 2007. UNO is negotiating with Century over plans for new residence halls on north campus, which might be ready by Fall 2007.

    2. The Board of Regents meeting was held July 28, 2006, at Central Community College in Grand Island. About fifty people representing local businesses, municipal government, and the Grand Island public schools attended the breakfast and morning sessions. Two panels, one concerning P-16 education and the other on economic development, addressed the Board. The education panelists focused on the importance of mentoring and making contact with younger students to help them think seriously about going to college. The economic development panelists stressed the university's importance in preparing a technically proficient workforce. The expansion of the ethanol industry requires more engineers and industrial chemists; and many unskilled jobs are being replaced by jobs requiring higher levels of education. The Board approved the new College of Public Health at UNMC and appointed Dr. Jay Noren as its Dean. The Coordinating Commission must still approve the college, after which it can begin operations in earnest. Chancellor Belck addressed the board for about ten minutes as she reviewed the efforts at UNO to devise a strategy to bring the athletics budget back into balance. Former Senator Daniel Karnes has agreed to help with the process, joining with Dean BJ Reed, to serve on a Task Force to develop a Strategic Plan for Athletics. President Milliken noted that the university's internal auditors are examining financial records.

B. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Tarry submitted the July 2006 Budget Report. He also gave a brief explanation on how to read the monthly budget report.

C. Parliamentarian: Professor Carroll gave a brief description of a parliamentarian's duties and some parliamentarian tips for resolutions, etc.

IV. Executive Committee Report: Senator Randall moved, on behalf of the Executive Committee, the completion of the following resolution, which was passed:

Resolution 2838f, 5/10/06:

f. Graduate Council

BE IT RESOLVED, that the senate president appoints the following member of the Graduate Council to be the liaison between the 2006-2007 Faculty Senate and the Graduate Council for a one-year term from 05/10/06, through 05/09/07:

Paul Williams (to replace Doug Paterson).

V. Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): Senator Paterson wrote that the meeting was held July 8, 2006. AFCON is approaching 20 organizational members. Dave Moshman pointed out in his Policy report that Lincoln Public Schools had not only decided to include comprehensive sex education in the curriculum but that there was a highly-visible series on the program in the Lincoln Journal. In Membership Reports, Doug Paterson reported that a UNO faculty member's case on reappointment and academic freedom might be heard by the Senate Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee in late July. It was suggested that AFCON engage in some research on the issue of "collegiality". Peggy Adair has been in dialogue with Sen. DiAnna Schimek about AFCON's efforts to promote legislation concerning the free expression of high school students generally, and specifically in high school newspapers and similar publications. Discussion of the State of Nebraska's denial of compliance with the No Child Left Behind program included observations that there will be substantial resistance to the USDE determination.

VI. Old Business:

A. Revisions to Faculty Senate Bylaws and Faculty Grievance Comm. Policies & Procedures were attached to the agenda. The full Senate will vote at the September Senate meeting whether to send them forward to the Board of Regents or not.

Recess: At 9:40 am the meeting recessed for the six standing committees to meet and consider business left unfinished last year and goals for the coming year.

Presentations by Chancellor Belck began at 10:30 am. At 11:30 am the Chancellor concluded her presentations and question and answer period.

There was a short break before the Dean of Graduate Studies & Research Tom Bragg began his presentation on "Initiatives in the Graduate College."

Resume Meeting: After a lunch break, the meeting resumed at 1 pm.

VII. New Business:

A. The Standing Committees reported on their break out sessions:

    1. Academic & Curricular Affairs: Senator Tarry reported that this year the committee will:

      a. Examine the Global Information Operations Certificate Program (look into how certificate programs are approved and/or reviewed and what oversight there is for the programs);

      b. Examine how and where graduate assistants are assigned on campus;

      c. Review policies & procedures for Post Tenure Review;

      d. Continue to monitor the Dual Enrollment Program which is still evolving.

    2. Educational Resources & Services: Senator Wolcott reported this committee will

      a. see how Student Course Evaluations are conducted and used;

      b. coordinate awarding Paul Beck Scholarships.

    3. Faculty Personnel & Welfare: Senator Skreija reported this committee will continue to research the retention of minority and female faculty at UNO. A questionnaire will be sent, then focus groups will meet to see if there is a problem or issue with this. The objective data for Course Evaluations Differentials between different kinds of faculty is still in the discussion stage.

    4. Goals & Directions: Senator Reilly reported that this committee will

      a. continue to study student diversity, UNO's image, and student retention;

      b. fine tune the draft of a "Strategic Plan for Minority Recruiting;"

      c. try to look at what every department is doing for outreach and recruitment, and look for commonalities;

      d. check with Student Recruitment and also Institutional Research to see what is available and survey trends that could be used to UNO's advantage for recruiting and retaining students.

    5. Professional Development: Senator Bullock reported that this committee work on:

      a. Implementing sensitivity training as part of professional development;

      b. Ways in which the faculty can use FacConnect;

      c.Ways to promote and use FacConnect;

      d. Policies and procedures for UCR/UCAT;

      e. Sabbaticals: equity and pre-tenure sabbaticals;

      f. Family leave policies: what they encompass and how new parents develop professionally.

    6. Rules: Senator Barnes will see that a list of all vacancies is sent to all Senators. The committee is working on filling vacancies on:

      a. Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs,

      b. UCR,

      c. Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee,

      d. Faculty Grievance Committee,

      e. Professional Conduct Committee,

      f. And, due to a scheduling conflict, Senator Barnes must be replaced on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

VIII. The meeting adjourned at 1:55 PM