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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2005-2006 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, January 11, 2006, , 2 p.m.,
MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Adkins, Anderson, Arbelaez, Bacon, Barnes, Bernstein, Betanabhatla, Bullock, Corcoran, Dasgupta, Edick, Glaser, Hewins-Maroney, Holley, Lahue, Miller, Mitenko, Ortman, Ottemann, Owens, Paterson, Reilly, Roland, Scherer, Shaw, Skreija, Tarry, Thorp, Tilton-Weaver, Watson, Wetig, Williams, Winter,

Excused: Pasco, Randall

Absent: Nordman, Wolcott

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:13 p.m.

President Glaser welcomed Senate replacements:

  1. Paul Barnes, who had been temporarily replaced by Leon Dappen for fall 2005, for CoE
  2. Lyn Holley, replacing Greg Delone, who has resigned, for CPACS
  3. Jayaram Betanabhatla, replacing Andrzej Roslanowski, who just began a year long sabbatical, for CA&S

II. The minutes of the December 14, 2005, meeting were approved as written.

III Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Glaser reported:

    1. Enrollment Management Services Committee (December 12, 2005)

    • Housing wait list is beyond capacity
    • Graduation--921 applications for 12/16, 511 to participate
    • Spring enrollment down 13 from last year
    • Cicotello reported on four open house events, record multi-cultural student day participation, campus visits up 10%
    • Admissions applications are up including the honors program, the international students, and graduate applications are up 16%
    • Christensen reported that the differential tuition date will be sent to the President's Council 12/19 meeting for that agenda.
    • Jim Buck reported that Century is negotiating with Milliken to build new housing and a consultant confirmed that North Campus is the appropriate place to build.

    2. Chancellor's Council met December 15, 2005. E-notes and the home page are going through a major conversion which target different audiences, expands our ability to navigate the web, makes it easier to access e-notes, and link to our choice of RSS content. The Mav Card can be added to through the web using a credit card. operates like a mini-bank. 260 Faculty are trained on MyMapp, according to Lanyce Keel.

    3. Enrollment Management Services Committee met January 10, 2006. Senator Adkins attended and reports: Unofficial numbers suggest that the number of students enrolled is up 1.2% compared to last Spring and SCH are up 2.3% compared to last Spring. These numbers mirror increases we saw in the Fall of 2005. Worthy of note is that the number of transfer students enrolled is up 92 compared to last Spring. In order to reach students whose first language is Spanish admission materials will be printed in Spanish. This includes the information card that captures student information for later contact and the admission by review brochure. The Spanish version of the financial aid brochure is now complete. UNOmaha will be working with Metro CC on more comprehensive large-size poster in Spanish that folds down into a brochure, which is similar to a publication used in the California system. The UNOmaha web site now has family and parents resource area. The number of missing grades not turned in by faculty before the deadline was down significantly this semester. Worthy of note is that grades turned in late affect the Dean's List, Suspension List, and students who need to file employer reimbursements before December 31.

B. Treasurer's Report: Senator Shaw submitted the December 2005 Budget Report.

IV. Executive Committee Report:

A. Senator Adkins moved the following on behalf of the Executive Committee. The resolution passed:

Resolution 2811, 1/11/06: 2005-2006 UNO Soccer Team

WHEREAS the University of Nebraska at Omaha won the NCAA Division II soccer national championship, bringing honor and recognition to the entire Athletic Program and to the University, and

WHEREAS the championship caps a multi-year recognition of the consistent quality of the soccer program which has included four trips to the Division II national championship tournament, and

WHEREAS the soccer team maintains a collective 3.4 grade point average, epitomizing the best in student-athlete achievement.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha salutes the 2005 soccer team and Coach Don Klosterman, wishing him and the soccer program continued athletic and academic success.

B. At its January 4, 2006, the Executive Committee accepted the resignation of Senator DeLone.

V. There being no reports or business brought forward, the meeting adjourned at 2:24 p.m.