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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2005-2006 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, November 9, 2005, 2 p.m.,
MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Adkins, Anderson, Arbelaez, Bacon, Bernstein, Bullock, Corcoran, Dasgupta, DeLone, Edick, Glaser, Hewins-Maroney, Miller, Mitenko, Nordman, Ortman, Ottemann, Owens, Paterson, Randall, Reilly, Roslanowski, Scherer, Shaw, Skreija, Thorp, Tilton-Weaver, Watson, Wetig, Williams, Wolcott

Excused: Dappen, Pasco

Absent: Lahue, Roland, Tarry, Winter


Presentation: Dr. Kim Sosin, UNO Faculty Senate representative to the U-Wide Fringe Benefits Committee gave a short presentation and took questions.

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m.

II. The October 12, 2005, minutes were approved.

III. Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Glaser reported

  1. Enrollment Management Services Committee met October 11, 2005. Cicotello reported on two student surveys, one which asked about student interests from those who participated in new student orientation. Students expect internships, service-learning, community engagement, to learn more about diversity and have diverse experiences. Another survey looked at students who did not matriculate but who were admitted to UNO. UNO has hired a part-time Native-American recruiter and will also hire a new Latino/a recruiter. Multi-cultural recruitment day was held on October 21. There are 122 National Merit Scholars in Nebraska. Rosalie Saltzman, Honors Program, is trying to recruit them. There was a World-Herald Fall College Fair section at the end of October.
  2. Executive Committee and Administration met October 19, 2005. Faculty Senate Resolution 2807 was acknowledged (regarding in-state tuition for Iowa residents in the three counties within the metropolitan area). The Chancellor informed us that there is steep opposition in the legislature to offering in-state tuition to out-of-state residents. Wade Robinson is putting together a proposal which includes some differential tuition, but not full in-state tuition. The administration accepted the other resolutions (2801 and 2804 regards committee nominations; 2805 regards formation of an ad-hoc committee to clarify procedures of the Faculty Grievance Committee; 2806 regards faculty use of students' social security numbers). Also discussed was the four faculty senate presidents' upcoming meeting with President Milliken, and the special Board of Regents' meeting about the Chili Greens property and UNO housing.
  3. Four Faculty Senate Presidents' met October 19, 2005, in York, Nebraska and agreed on five agenda items to bring up with President Milliken:
    • Faculty representation on the state PK-16 education committee (UNK)
    • Encouraging the meeting of the University-wide benefits committee (all)
    • Domestic partnership benefits (all)
    • Diversity money (all)
    • Stem cell research (UNMC)
  4. Special Meeting of the Board of Regents was October 21, 2005. The Board of Regents approved conveyance of the Chili Greens property. Most of the meeting concerned new UNO housing. There was also some discussion about where the suggested UNO campus housing might be located. UNO administration wants to put it on the north campus. Some regents think south campus is a better idea. The Regents want more information regarding the master plan for the November 11, 2005, board meeting. They will vote on the housing proposal at that meeting.
  5. Chancellor's Council met October 27. Much of this meeting was about the above-mentioned Board of Regents meeting. We also talked about the state senators' visit to UNO on 10/31 regarding LB 605 (funding for improvement and expansion of facilities on all four campuses). Senator Shaw reported on the second half of the meeting. An architect has been working on plans for expanding the HPER building. Funding will be acquired from student fees, which is the typical source for projects which involve recreation programs. Attendance at the ABC Breakfasts has declined considerably over the past few years. Associate Vice Chancellor John Fiene showed an Educause video which addressed network security breakdowns at George Mason University and the University of Maryland--Baltimore County. The lapses were bad, with thousands of personnel and student records copied by intruders, and the universities had to spend several hundred thousand dollars repairing the damage. Mr. Fiene noted that networks require full-time professional attention, and that the era of someone setting up a server on the fly is probably over. He encouraged the Deans to start thinking about what systems their colleges run and to identify files which contain sensitive information. Assistant Vice-Chancellor Rita Henry is coordinating efforts to provide assistance to the University of New Orleans (the other UNO). Hurricane T-shirts have been designed and will be available for $10.00. Coin donation boxes will soon appear at cashier's counters around campus. The Salvation Army has contacted UNO and asked for assistance in finding volunteer bell ringers for the holiday season. They especially need the help this year given the effort and money they have put into the Gulf Coast. Volunteers may sign up online. Vice-Chancellor Christensen reported that a differential tuition proposal for Mills, Pottawattamie, and Harrison Counties in Iowa will be sent to President Milliken. The proposal will ask that Iowa residents in those counties pay 110% of in-state tuition. This amount remains about $50.00 lower than Iowa's public universities. Dr. Christensen anticipates that the program needs to generate about 2000 credit hours to break even.
  6. NU President Milliken met with the four Senate Presidents on October 27, 2005. Regarding the five items on our agenda:
      • He wasn't sure how feasible or useful it would be to have a faculty member on the state PK-16 education committee. This committee is a steering committee that sets general direction and the nuts-and-bolts work will be done by faculty (and others).
      • The U-wide benefits committee has met this semester. Milliken wants our input about how often they should meet and what they should do. We expressed that we want them to meet more than not at all (which has been the case in the last two years). Right now the administration is informing this committee about what is going on from their perspective. There is an opportunity for faculty to set the agenda for future meetings.
      • Milliken believes that our best arguments for domestic partnership benefits will be about competition, both with our peers and with the private knowledge industry. This might be an item we want the U-wide benefit committee to take up.
      • Diversity funding has not come from the legislature but has come through re-allocation. He intends to continue it.
      • He didn't think there was much to do about stem cell research. UNMC is doing as much as it can within Bush's guidelines.

      Much of our meeting with Milliken had to do with prioritization and assessment. There was consensus among the faculty senate presidents that prioritization has been a problem, often hurts faculty morale, takes up an inordinate amount of time for little funding, that it needs to be revisited so that more programs can get a chance at priority funding, and that prioritization needs to coincide with larger issues the university is facing (i.e. a growing Latino/a population). Milliken generally agreed. He said the Regents expect the prioritization to be updated and monitored and he is very concerned about making sure the Latino/a population increase their presence in the NU system. (He initiated this topic.) Regarding assessment, there was also consensus from the faculty senate presidents that this is a necessary part of higher education and that we need to figure out a way to do it effectively but so that it does not become a burden on the faculty. He understood. He also warned us that there will be another layer of assessment coming at us.

IV. Treasurer's Report: Senator Shaw submitted the October 2005 budget report.

V. Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Watson reported the committee met on 26 October. Senators Watson, Shaw, Williams, Ortman, and Thorp, and Lanyce Keel (ITS Representative), were in attendance. This meeting of the ER&S was devoted to one agenda item, preparation for the ER&S focus groups on course evaluations on 2, 3, and 4 November 2005. The committee reviewed the proposed questions for a standard course evaluation system, and prepared a protocol to guide the focus groups discussions. Senator Pasco submitted a report on a meeting held on November 2nd, to initiate discussion about ITS support for faculty and staff who use the MacIntosh platform on the UNO campus. Twenty-four faculty from eight different departments attended the meeting. John Fiene provided information on recent technological developments (on and off campus) which have had an impact on the ability of MacIntosh users to access and use email and other software applications currrently supported by ITS. ITS recognizes that additional and continued discussion on this topic is necessary and important, and is increasing support of the MacIntosh platform on campus by hiring an additional Help Desk technician who specifically has MacIntosh expertise. ITS is also working with Apple about the possibility of becoming an Apple sales representative for the UNO campus. A second meeting will be held during the Spring 2006 semester to continue communication between ITS and MacIntosh users on the UNO campus. ITS is creating a UNO mailing list for MacIntosh users which will facilitate additional discussion. Faculty and staff attending the November 2nd meeting will be subscribed to the UNO MacIntosh mailing list, and information on how to subscribe to this mailing list will be communicated to others via Faculty Senate representatives and other campus communication venues.

B. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator Skreija reported the Committee met on October 26, 2005. Present: Barbara Hewins-Maroney, Elaine Lahue, Graham Mitenko, Andris Skreija (chair). Excused: Stuart Bernstein, Lauree Tilton-Weaver. Skreija reported on his meeting with Linda Mannering, Director, Institutional Research, who discussed UNO minority and female faculty and how UNO ranked numerically compared to other universities and NU campuses. Much of the information is contained in: Fall 2001 Faculty and Academic Administrators Survey Results: Including Comparisons by Group, By Gender and with 4-year Public Colleges. Dated: May 12, 2003. And available on web sites:

<http://www.>, <> and <>

Skreija also reported on his meeting with Sharon Ulmar, Assistant to the Chancellor, Diversity and Equal Opportunity who discussed minority faculty issues. She stated that some faculty felt isolated in their departments and that some departments did not know how to move to make minority faculty feel welcome and at home, and where the environment for minority faculty was not all it might be. She also felt that minority female faculty face two barriers, that they are members of a minority and that they are female. Often this means they are the only individual with such characteristics on a committee, or some other working group, and feel isolated or awkward. Ms. Ulmar also mentioned the steps Chancellor Belck has taken to reach into the minority community and to be aware of the concerns of female faculty and the issues they face. She felt that mentoring of newly hired faculty might be one way to increase retention of faculty.

C. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Bacon reported the committee met October 26, 2005, and formulated a resolution regarding restoring funds for hiring and retention of U.S. minorities and women. At the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Cabinet meeting this resolution was withdrawn when President Glaser decided the Faculty Senate Ad-hoc Budget Committee should look into the source of recent funding support for diversity diversity hires, whether through NU re-allocation as President Milliken told the senate presidents or through directed support from the legislature resulting from legislation Ernie Chambers sponsored in the unicameral a few years ago for minority recruiting. In this case, "minorities" are defined by federal regulations as U.S. citizens, not foreign faculty. There is concern that this issue is being ignored in some departments.

D. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Corcoran reported committee met on 26 October 2005. Senators Bullock, Corcoran, Paterson and Roland, were in attendance. Carrying out the committee's oversight responsibility we met with the Chair of UCR. Elaine Lahue and the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research, Mary Laura Farnham. On behalf of the committee Senator Corcoran moved the following, which passed:

Resolution 2808, 11/09/05: Funding Support

WHEREAS, all UNO tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible for funding from campus-wide funding sources such as UCR and UCAT; and,

WHEREAS, UNL-appointed tenure-track and tenured faculty (from the following colleges: Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; Architecture; Engineering and Technology; and Education and Human Sciences) teach exclusively at UNO; and,

WHEREAS, there may in the future be faculty at UNO who are sited at UNMC or UNK;

WHEREAS, UNO faculty believe all UNO faculty instruction should be supported in theory and practice by ongoing research/creative activity and improved pedagogy; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the UNO Faculty Senate encourages UNO campus funding sources such as UCR and UCAT that any NU faculty member who holds a tenured or tenure-track position at UNO should be considered eligible for funding support.

E. Committee on Rules: Senator Randall moved the following resolution on behalf of the committee. The resolution passed.

    Resolution2809, 11/09/05: University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT)

    BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward to complete Jim Jones' three-year term (July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006) to the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

    Kathleen Henebry, BA.

    AND, that the following name go forward to complete Andrzej Roslanowski's three-year term (July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2008) to the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

    Wayne Harrison, Psychology, A&S.

V. Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): Senator Paterson reported AFCON met on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005, in Lincoln, NE. Since the Board meeting was held as a part of AFCON's Annual Meeting, the Board met after a panel discussion on Evolution, Creationism, and Academic Freedom, and after the AFCON Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, Dr. Samuel Walker of UNO was presented AFCON's Academic Freedom Award for 2005. The Treasurer's report shows AFCON to be in solid financial condition, but just a bit lower in cash reserve than a year ago. The Treasurer observed this was not a problem. A slate of officers for the 2007 year, to be submitted to the state membership by paper ballot, was passed by unanimous voice vote. The slate is as follows: President - Doug Paterson; Secretary - Karen Buckley; Treasurer - Cathi McMurtry. The Annual Meeting adjourned and the AFCON Board meeting was called to order by Pres. David Moshman. There were two subjects that generated considerable discussion. One was whether AFCON needed to respond to the refusal of Lincoln Public Schools to allow teacher Michael Baker to teach American History in reverse chronological order. It was determined that Pres. Moshman would draft a letter for the Board outlining only the Academic Freedom issues involved. The other matter involved UNL students who were ejected from a UNL football game because the letters on their shirts, arranged correctly, spelled "oklahomos". It was determined that there was no issue of academic freedom involved.

B. Graduate Council: Senator Paterson reported the meeting was held October 24, 2005. Presiding: Dr. Thomas Bragg, Dean - Graduate Studies and Research. The ADROCA Committee has met. Nomination forms will be ready soon. A new policy is that nominees who are not selected not only will have their materials considered the next year if they so wish, but will be able to update their material that year, which was not permitted before. Theresa Baker's position will be filled, though the office is still seeking information and documents from her period of supervision. UCR will have $50,000 to distribute this year to applicants. Monies again will go only to tenure-track, non-tenured faculty. A question was raised later in the meeting about whether UNL, UNK, and even UNMC had "state designated" dollars, like UCR, for research. Dean Bragg said he would look into this. The Graduate website is being updated. Since last spring UNO has been offering on a pilot basis a graduate certificate in Information Operations, in conjunction with IST, Arts and Sciences, Communication, and Offut Air Force Base. It is a 3-5 course offering that intends to educate military information people the opportunity to study outside military parameters into fields such as communication, global politics, and religion. Faculty teach on a contract basis and their teaching is not be part of their load. The purposes are essentially for military betterment. There have been questions raised as to whether the certificate would go through the normal review process. Dean Bragg said that would happen this semester and next. The matter of the elimination of "Fellow" status and the increase in load of some faculty was discussed. Some faculty asked that the Dean's office work to make more information about research done at UNO available to a wider public.

C. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Bacon reported that there is a new web site for Strategic Planning. An Advance will be held in the Spring.

D. UNO Spirit Committee: Senator Bernstein reported that a staff member (Helen Fountain) from Multicultural Affairs won the Health Fair promotion (a cool gym bag filled with goodies). International Studies will be hosting an event next month (the International Cafe) during International Studies week. The Spirit Committee has agreed to help sell the Hurricane Relief shirts at the spirit stations. The cost is $10.

VI. The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.