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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2004-2005 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, February 9, 2005, MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Adidam, Adkins, Akers, Allen, Anderson, Bacon, Bernstein, Bramlett, Corcoran, Dasgupta, D'Souza, Elder, Fruhling, Garver, Glaser, Kosloski, Latchaw, Mei, Metal-Corbin, Ortman, Pasco, Patterson, Sather, Shaw, Skreija, Wetig, Wolcott

Excused: Arbelaez, Benjamin-Alvarado, Krause, Owens, Randall, Stroope

Absent: Mitenko, Watson

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.

II. The January 12, 2005, minutes were approved as written.

III. Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Bacon

  1. The University of Nebraska Board of Regents met on January 14 and 15. The Friday sessions were held at UNO and included presentations on UNO's outstanding programs set within our three strategic goals. The afternoon was given over to the Academic Affairs Committee's consideration of the UN-L Ethnic Studies curriculum and to the briefest and most general review of the University's standing on gender equity. At the Business Affairs Committee, David Lechner, NU Vice President for Business and Finance gave a gloomy report on health care costs, noting particularly that, even though the University is self-insured, inflationary trends in costs will drain NU's health care trust fund. At the regular BOR meeting on Saturday in Lincoln UNO's Office of Sponsored Programs and Research and American Humanics Program received kudo awards. Wendy Guo (Banking, Finance and Law), the 2004 Presidential Fellow, was also recognized. The Board then heard brief presentations by Senator Ron Raikes (Education Committee) and Don Pederson (Appropriations) on the next biennial budget.
  2. The Senate Executive Committee met with the UNO Administration on January 19. Resolutions 2578 - 2760 were appreciated by the Administration. Vice Chancellor Christensen advised us that the AAUP-BOR agreement would create the need to shed sixteen or seventeen full time employees from the Academic Affairs budget as conditions now stand. Both the Administration and I expressed satisfaction with the Gender Equity Report, noting that UNO's record in that regard is the best in the system. Vice Chancellor Christensen gave us an update on dual enrollment courses offered this semester.
  3. The MCC/UNO/UNMC articulation task force met on January 18. During the BOR meeting mention had been made of the need to publicize the two-plus-two possibilities available to Nebraska high school graduates. It was agreed that the three participating institutions should put together a pamphlet and a public presentation on the seamless nature of the two-plus-two programs in the expectation that UNO's and UNMC's enrollments would only benefit by students going to Metro to make up deficits before they are enrolled at UNO or UNMC.
  4. President Bacon thanked the large number of UNO faculty who attended President Milliken's installation on January 27. Sen. Z. Randall Stroope's Concert Choir gave a masterful performance and, along with Prof. Jim Saker's Wind Ensemble, elicited a "Wow!" from BOR Chair Howard Hawks. Senator Jim Akers performed his duty of chief academic marshal with efficiency and dignity. Thank you all.
  5. President Bacon also reminded the Senate that comments made during the Good of the Order, although not recorded by the Senate Secretary or Coordinator, are not confidential.
  6. Chancellor's Written Response to Resolutions: On January 18, 2005, Nancy Castilow, Assistant to the Chancellor, wrote that the Chancellor accepts Resolution 2761 (new college).

B. Treasurer's Report: Senator Allen submitted the January 2005 budget report

IV. Executive Committee: Senator D'Souza moved the following resolution, which passed 16 for, 8 against:

Resolution 2762, 2/09/05: Task Force on Faculty Development Report

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate has gratefully received the report of the Task Force on Faculty Development, and

WHEREAS concerns expressed in Resolution 2757 are addressed in the report,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate endorses the proposed organizational model, but continues to insist that additional permanent funding for Faculty Development be provided.

Asst. Vice Chancellor Smith-Howell gave an overview of the Task Force on Faculty Development Report and took questions.

V. Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Akers reported that at the January 26, 2005, meeting Sheri Rogers, Kelly Malone, and Steve Bullock shared information about the Dual Enrollment program. UNO is hoping to send the Dual Enrollment program to the Board of Regents in August 2005 to become a permanent program. The numbers of those high school students enrolled in the program cannot be counted in UNO enrollment numbers until it becomes a permanent program.

B. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Watson was unavailable, so Senator Pasco reported the committee met on 26 January, 2005. Senators Pasco, Wolcott, Ortman, and Watson were in attendance. The committee decided to award the following Paul L. Beck Scholarships: $800 for full-time undergraduate, $800 for full-time graduate, $400 for a part-time undergraduate, and $450 for a part-time graduate. Friday, 8 April 2005 will be the application deadline for the scholarship. Awards will be decided on Wednesday, 27 April. The Scholarship will be advertised on the Senate website, in UNO eNotes, and in targeted emails to all advisors and department chairs. The committee decided to begin exploring the issue of faculty incentives for integrating technology in their coursework by gathering information on incentives currently available. John Feine will be invited to attend the February meeting and talk about currently available incentives. The committee reviewed the Library Collection Budget Report, and asked Jim Shaw to make himself available to respond to any concerns after presentation of the report. The committee also continued its discussion of a draft Faculty Senate Vision statement on pedagogy and technology.

C. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Allen reported the meeting was held January 26, 2005. Those present were: Allen (chair), Benjamin-Alvarado, Fruhling, Garver, Wetig. The committee began work on a draft of the Minority Recruiting Strategic Plan. A number of items were discussed, but the plan is not ready for publication yet.

D. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Adkins reported the committee met on Wednesday, January 26, 2004. Present were Senator Adkins (Chair), Bramlett, and Kosloski. Guests were Nora Bacon and Paul Sather, Co-Interim Directors of the Service Learning Academy. Dr. Bacon and Mr. Sather briefed the committee on the recent activities and accomplishments of the Service Learning Academy (SLA) at UNO. Presently, the main issues confronting the SLA are (1) the lack of stable funding, and (2) the need for permanent leadership. Presently, half of the SLA budget comes from a private donor, who is expecting the university to resume its support of this program in the near future. Presently, the program is funded one year at a time, making it impossible to engage in long range planning or commit to activities beyond that time frame. The term of the current co-directors ends in May. There are presently no plans for continuity in leadership. A permanent director, with stable funding, is needed because (1) there is a considerable learning curve; (2) it takes time to develop personal relationships with community agencies; and (3) the present situation makes credibility tenuous with external funding sources (e.g., grant proposals typically require the guarantee of a stable work environment with institutional support). The Professional Development Committee will pursue this matter at its next meeting.

The Senate thanked Paul Sather and Nora Bacon for all their work as Co-Interim Directors of the Service Learning Academy this year.

E. Budget Advisory Committee: Professor Donald Baum gave a brief overview of his report on the Trends in the UNO Library Collection Budget, Expenditure Categories and Resources.

The Senate thank Professor Baum for his hard work on this report.

V Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Planning Council: Senator Glaser reported the review for Psychology will be the end of February. The Gerontology review will be in March.

B. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Senator Fruhling sent the following report: The UNO Alumni Association met on January 18. Proposed renovations to the Alumni House were presented and approved by the board. A round table session was also hosted on January 11 by the Association and Congressman Lee Terry was the guest speaker.

C. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator D'Souza reported the contract has been ratified. There will be a 3.95% increase in pay and a .5% (to 8%) increase in the university's contribution to the retirement fund. There is a State AAUP conference in Lincoln on February 26. One topic will be Dual Enrollment.

D. Spirit Committee: Senator Bernstein deferred to SAC President Joe Price who reported that planned events can be found in e-Notes. Maverick Wear Day is planned for later this month, and UNO Basketball for this Friday.

E. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Allen reported the Strategic Planning Steering Committee met on January 26, 2005. The date for the Spring 2005 Strategic Planning Advance will be Friday, April 8, 8 am-2 p.m. The theme will be Academic Excellence. Specifically, the committee hopes to put together sessions that will demonstrate to the community the importance of academic excellence to Omaha, to Nebraska and to businesses. It also hopes more faculty will participate in discussing their research. It will also feature student research.

VI The meeting adjourned 3:20 p.m.