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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate


2004-2005 Faculty Senate

Executive Committee & Cabinet


Wednesday, July 7, 2004, 2 p.m., ASH 105

Attendees: Adkins, Akers, Allen, Bacon, D'Souza, Randall, Sadlek,Skreija,

Excused: Arbelaez, Watson

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:05 by Senator Bacon.

II. The June 2, 2004, minutes were approved as written.

III. Officers Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Bacon reported:

  1. Chancellor's Council: June 24, 2004
    The draft 2005 operating budget was discussed. Chancellor and Vice Chancellors are moderately optimistic about it. Also discussed was funding for high tech classrooms. In a later e-mail, the VC Christensen aid the number of high tech classroom would increase significantly in the coming academic year. It was noted that the increase for the Library is nowhere near our needs. Gayle Roberts, SAC President, informed the Council about the Spirit Committee.
  2. Board of Regents Meeting: June 4-5, 2004
    At the Friday committee meetings, discussion was held on the future of higher education funding. The current picture is not good. University systems nation-wide are making budgetary cutbacks and trying to do more with less. The panelists also painted a pessimistic picture of the future of state funding discussing, among other things, alternative schemes to privatize public higher education and making academic units "enterprise institutions," which make their own revenues and do their own budgeting. Universities are increasingly dependent on federal programs. Among the factors identified as particularly damaging at the moment is the increasing partisanship of politics, especially important if need based aid programs are to be expanded. Instead of working for the common good, legislators and executives make policy for political advantage. The items concerning UNO on the consent agenda were passed without dissent.

The faculty appointments in both the College of Law and the Department of Public Administration, for J.B. Milliken, the incoming University President, were discussed and approved.

3. Chancellor's Written Response to Resolutions:

The Chancellor acknowledges, for information, Senate Resolutions:

  • 2726-2733 (Thanks/Appreciation for serving),
  • 2738 (Membership of Standing Committee Members),
  • 2739-2747 (FS Executive Committee & Cabinet, FS Vice Chairs, APC and Alumni Board of Directors FS representatives).

She approves and will take action on Resolutions:

  • 2734 (University-wide Committees),
  • 2736 (Campus Committees),
  • 2737 ("Green Building" Activity and Awareness at UNO).

She approves and will take action on Resolution 2735 (Student Publications Committee), as revised to reflect congruency with Board of Regents policy.

The chancellor also acknowledges receiving the Resolution 2748 (Contribution to SAC) passed for information purposes.

B. Treasurer's Report: Senator Allen submitted the June 2004 budget report.

IV. Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Watson was unable to attend the meeting. President Bacon reported:

The Committee on ER&S did not meet during the month of June. However, on 25 June 2004, acting on the direction of the Executive Committee & Cabinet, the ER&S Chair, Marsha Watson, and the President of the Faculty Senate, Wally Bacon, met with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology John Fiene, concerning complaints received about ITS's recent change in the web server (and the subsequent Arts & Sciences policy communication). Two issues were raised: 1) the less-than-adequate communication in A&S of decisions made by ITS concerning faculty web pages and migration to a new web server, and 2) the current policy(s) for supporting faculty web pages on the new server.

Feine explained that little had changed concerning the hosting of faculty web pages, except that the page URL cannot now include a personal name. Faculty web space is limited to 200M, but faculty who need more space can request more. Fiene also explained that the webfolder proposed (and built) by ITS (located within student, faculty, and staff myFolder accounts) had yet to receive explicit approval (or disapproval) from administration. He indicated that there is some system-level concern about the legal implications of "difficult" content. A spirited discussion of the various issues and concerns implicit in the refusal to approve this public web space for students, faculty, and staff ensued, with an agreement on all sides that an effort to attain approval should be made by the Faculty Senate. Feine, Bacon, and Watson agreed to follow-up on this issue in the upcoming academic year.

B. Committee on Rules: On behalf of the Committee on Rules, and with Senator Arbelaez unable to attend this meeting, Senator Randall recommended the following faculty who are willing to serve on the advisory committee to assist in the appointment of the dean of the College of Education. The list has been forwarded to Vice Chancellor Christensen who will make the final selection.

Teacher Education Department
Wilma Kuhlman
Dora Chen
Carol Lloyd
Phyllis Adcock
Sheryl McGlamery

Department of Educational Administration and Supervision
Laura Schulte - Will serve as chair
Karen Hayes
Leon Dappen
Gary Hartzell (only available to serve during fall)

Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders
Kris Swain
James Akers
Kathy Coufal

School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Joshua Nichter
Frank M. Brasile
Michael J. Messerole - Will serve as chair
David E. Corbin
Donald Greer

Department of Counseling
David Carter
Paul Barnes
Jeannette Seaberry

UNO Faculty Members outside the College of Education

V Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): A representative will be appointed at the August Faculty Senate Retreat.

B. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator D'Souza will continue as Faculty Senate Representative to the AAUP{for 2004-2005.

C. Graduate Council: Senator Randall was named Faculty Senate Representative to the Graduate Council for 2004-2005.

VI Old Business

A. Correction of Resolution 2735 (due to Student Publications Committee Bylaws, Chris Allen will be replaced with Teresa Lamson as a nominee): Senator Bacon

B. Resolution 2735, 05/05/04: Student Publications Committee:

BE IT RESOLVED that the following names constitute the approved list of nominees to the Student Publications Committee from which the Chancellor is to select one for three-year appointment from 07/01/04 through 06/30/07 and one for eighteen-month appointment from 07/01/04 through 12/31/05, to restore the staggered terms specified in the By-Laws of the Board of Regents:

Chris Allen Teresa Lamsan
Richard Breaux,
Frederic Laquer (incumbent)
Sheri Wilson (incumbent).

(The Chancellor has appointed Teresa Lamsan for 3 years [term= 07/01/04 through 06/30/07] and reappointed Frederic Laquer for 18 months [term=07/01/04 through 12/31/05]).

VII New Business

A. The Executive Committee accepted the resignation of Senator David Helm (FA).

B. A draft of the Vision, Mission, and Proposed Structure of College of Communications, Media, and Fine Arts was discussed.

VIII. The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.