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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2004-2005 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, November 10, 2004, 2:15 p.m.,MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Attendees: Adidam, Adkins, Akers, Allen, Anderson, Arbelaez, Bacon, Bernstein, Bramlett, Corcoran, Dasgupta, Elder, Fruhling, Garver, Kosloski, Mei, Metal-Corbin, Mitenko, Ortman, Owens , Parnell, Pasco, Paterson, Randall, Sadlek, Shaw, Skreija, Stroope, Watson, Wetig, Wolcott

Excused: Benjamin-Alvarado, D'Souza, Glaser, Sather

Absent: Krause

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m.

II. The October 13, 2004 minutes were approved as written.

III. Officers' Reports

A. President: Senator Bacon reported

  1. NU President Milliken and Provost Noren met with the Four NU Faculty Senate Presidents on Thursday, October 7, 2004. President Milliken and Dr. Noreen discussed their perception of the budget with us and my impression was that they are somewhat optimistic about FY 2005 and beyond. Questions from the president followed, some on the budget, some on other faculty issues such as the paradigm for PRT, enrollment, domestic partner benefits, diversity, faculty salaries, etc. Their responses to all our concerns were thoughtful, balanced, empathetic and informed. As a group we were impressed with their candor and the difference from our meetings with President Smith. We will meet quarterly.
  2. The Board of Regents met on Friday, October 29. The morning was given over to committee hearings which none of the Senate presidents could attend because of our teaching obligations. Capital needs were addressed, both a renewal of LB 1100 and separate specific appropriations. UNO's CPACS renovation remains number one on the priority list. A resolution was later passed that the legislature put up matching funds for professorships. UNO's Aviation Institute and the Center for Economic Education received kudo awards. Vice President and Corporation Secretary Kim Robak was recognized for her service to the University as she leaves to join a Lincoln law firm. President Milliken thanked the Senate presidents for attending the meeting we recently had and pledged that his first priority would be increased faculty compensation. The University consent agenda was passed without too many changes. However, under Business the issue of UNL's contract with Nelnet for graduate and professional student loans came under scrutiny. Regents Ferlic, Hawks, Crosky (UNO) and Anderson (UNMC) all voted against the contact for which I thanked them after the meeting.

B. Vice President: Senator D'Souza was unable to attend the meeting. Senator Bacon reported:

    The Executive Committee and Administration Meeting was held on October 20, 2004. Senator Bacon was unable to attend that meeting. Senator D'Souza attended in his place and he reported the University Committee on Undergraduate Appeals will be eliminated after this academic year because it is redundant. The University Committee on Technology Planning will merge with the University Committee on Technology Resources and Services. Members were alerted to the regulations prohibiting state employees from engaging in partisan political activities during their work hours or using university resources or funds for same. A 15-member search committee for Dean of the Library has been formed and will begin reviewing the applications by November 1, 2004. The 2003-2004 academic year Graduation Outcome Survey results are now available on the web at The President of the University will review options of appropriate levels of decision making. The power crash in some buildings on campus occurred because of the lack of preventive maintenance of the underground electrical cables that have long passed their 20-year life. Over 6000 ft. of cables need to be replaced and until that is done, such power failures are likely to occur in the future. Emergency funds were used to fix the last problem. Attempts are being made to organize a Native American Cabinet to increase recruitment of Native American students.

C. Treasurer's Report: Senator Allen submitted the Budget Report for October 2004. He also reported that the Budget Advisory Committee plans to look at three topics this year: spending on technology, operating and capital spending on the UNO library, and NU system's capital improvement and capital budget process.

IV Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Akers reported that there was no meeting. A copy of the B.S. in Aviation has been forwarded to the committee for their recommendation. Senator Bacon also tasked this committee with reviewing the +/- grading, a request he received from the Dean's Council.

B.Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Watson reported the ER&S subcommittee met on 27 October. Senators Wolcott, Shaw, Ortman, and Watson were in attendance. Associate Vice Chancellor John Fiene was a guest. The committee posed a number of questions to Fiene concerning computer policies and procedures, and his answers included the following: There is no incompatibility between the myFolder accounts and Mac's. (The newly available Weboffice product is an encrypted web space for groups equivalent to the myFolder space for individuals. There is 2G of storage space available to any organization or group.) The myFolder space has been increased to 200M. The committee discussed several issues pertaining to Executive Memorandum 16. In the case of faculty violation of Executive Memorandum 16, Fiene outlined ITS's procedure to correct it and reiterated that Executive Memorandum 16 applies to students as well as faculty. Fiene shared with the committee some new potential directions he and his staff have been thinking about, in particular, constructing an electronic "Portfolio Community" in which faculty, students and staff at UNO could exchange ideas and information. Unlike the faculty ePortfolio, the Portfolio Community would not be database-driven. There was also some discussion of current plans for/thinking about student ePortfolios. Fiene also asserted that ITS is willing to redirect effort and resources to instructional design--to the use of instructional technology to improve instruction (this means reframing the focus of a section of ITS on the task of instructional technology). Fiene pointed out that ITS can only be successful if faculty and students are successful.

C. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator Skreija reported the Committee met October 27, 2004. Those present were Bernstein, D'Souza, Mei, Mitenko, Owens, Skreija (Chair). On behalf of the Committee he brought two resolutions to the full Senate.

1.Resolution for a Tobacco Smoke Free UNO Campus. After discussion, the Senate voted to refer this resolution back to committee.

WHEREAS it has been scientifically established that tobacco smoke is detrimental to human health, to both the health of the smokers and the passive bystanders who inhale second hand smoke,

WHEREAS the State of Nebraska has recognized these health hazards and has improved the situation by banning smoking within buildings and within ten feet of doors leading into the building,

WHEREAS the policy of requiring smokers to be outside the radius of ten feet from doors results in large concentrations of smoke in the area through which all must pass who have to enter the building,

WHEREAS smoke may enter the buildings from the outside and subject individuals inside the buildings to health hazards (especially so in buildings with covered entrances),

WHEREAS this concentration of smoke still subjects others walking from building to building to "second hand" smoke,

WHEREAS UNO has expended and is still investing significant resources in improving campus appearance, however the current smoking policy of results in considerable and highly visible unsightly cigarette debris in the vicinity of buildings, and

EVEN THOUGH this change in policy may affect the size of UNO's enrollment, this change in policy is necessary in order to protect the health of individuals on campus,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the UNO Faculty Senate urges the University of Nebraska to take appropriate steps to make UNO a smoke free campus.

2 Resolution Regarding Implementing University of Nebraska Mission Statement Goals in Actual Practices Used to Make Promotion, Continuous Appointment, and Merit Salary Adjustment Decisions. The motion was corrected to add "/creative activity" to "(2) research." A motion was made to refer the corrected resolution back to committee. This motion failed. The resolution also failed.

WHEREAS both the University of Nebraska Board of Regents' Bylaws and the UNO mission statement stress the importance of (1) teaching, (2) research/creative activity, and (3) service as the primary goals of the University of Nebraska,

WHEREAS the university's administration, in many contexts, has described UNO as a teaching campus,

WHEREAS a number of faculty have full time teaching assignments and/or teaching and service assignments,

WHEREAS it is reliably reported that in actual practice when making promotion, continuous appointment and merit salary adjustment decisions the deliberative bodies and administrators assign primary importance to research and publication, even for faculty who have full time assignments without a research component,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the UNO Faulty Senate go on record as urging the University's administrators, and the deliberative bodies, be they the Chancellor, deans of colleges, or chairs of academic departments, to take the requisite steps to ensure that teaching and service be fully considered when promotion, continuous appointment, and merit salary adjustment decisions are being made based on workload assignments.

D.Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Allen reported the committee met on October 27, 2004. Committee members present were Allen (chair), Benjamin-Alvarado, Fruhling, Garver, Sather, Wetig. Guests were Freeman, Mannering, Rogers. Linda Mannering was able to break the Academic Year 2003-2004 Outcomes Survey responses by Minority, Caucasian and International, and also by gender. She also gave the committee a packet of information about the enrollment and graduation patterns of minority students 1994-2004. Committee members are studying the data. David Cicotello forwarded for distribution the results of the 2003 survey of admitted students who did not enroll at UNO asking their reasons for not enrolling. Finally, James Freeman gave the committee a report on Metro area schools (excluding Council Bluffs) with the largest African American, Latino, Native American and Asian populations, as well as Metro High School Enrollment by Ethnicity. The committee has asked Rogers and Freeman to get the results of the State Writing Assessment for 4th, 7th and 11th grades and break down the report by ethnic group. Next on the committee's agenda is beginning a draft of the Strategic Minority Recruitment Plan.

E.Committee on Professional Development: Senator Adkins reported the Professional Development committee met on Wednesday, October 27, 2004. Present were Senator Adkins (Chair), Bramlett, Corcoran, Kosloski, and Paterson. Guest: Deborah Smith-Howell, Assistant VC for Academic and Student Affairs. Dr. Smith-Howell briefed the committee on the activities of the task force she chairs that is charged with re-conceptualizing faculty development organizations and functions at UNO. The task force report, with recommendation, is due to VC John Christensen by the end of the Fall, 2004, semester. The current operation of the Center for Faculty Development is minimal and there is a need to stabilize the functions of the Center. The task force is examining faculty development programs at our peer institutions to gain ideas about alternative models. There is a pressing need to define the core functions of the CFD and determine whether these functions should be centralized or de-centralized (e.g., performed at the college level) The budget for CFD was cut, based on recommendations by the Magenta Team, and the cuts are permanent. Current budgetary support for faculty development programs is only temporary. Dr. Smith-Howell's task force is examining possible avenues for future financial support. On behalf of the Committee Senator Adkins moved the following resolution, which passed.

Resolution 2757, 11/10/04: Prioritize Faculty Development

WHEREAS, one of the missions of UNO is teaching and faculty development is an important component for achieving that mission,

WHEREAS, faculty development activities require a continuous application throughout the year to maintain records and files, to monitor for faculty improvement opportunities, to embody a continuity of expertise concerning faculty improvement developments, to maintain activities, workshops, etc., once commenced, and to provide an "institutional memory" for all components of faculty development in an integrated fashion,

WHEREAS, there is a need to provide support and orientation activities for new and temporary faculty,

WHEREAS, there is a need to provide logistical support and infrastructure including providing a central line of communication for other faculty development organizations, and maintain the possibility of spawning and nurturing new ventures,

WHEREAS, determining areas for improvement in a faculty member's teaching should be confidential and take place outside a faculty member's college,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate respectfully requests that priority be given to the restoration of permanent funding for faculty and professional development; and that priority be given to the appointment of a permanent director for faculty and professional development; and that the Faculty Senate be kept fully informed by the administration concerning both generalities and details of any changes that may be forthcoming in the structures of faculty and professional development.

V. Non-Senate Committee Reports

  1. Academic Planning Council: Senators Glaser and Benjamin-Alvarado were not able to attend the meeting. Senator Bacon read their report: the APC met on October 14th and went through a process of identifying faculty to serve on the review committees that will be convening this academic year.
  2. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Senator Fruhling reported that the Annual Chairman of the Board Dinner was held on October 19, 2004. Two Nebraska legislators and UNO Campus Security were honored.
  3. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator D'Souza was unable to attend the meeting. Senator Shaw noted that two negotiating sessions have occurred, and another is scheduled for tomorrow.
  4. Spirit Committee: Senator Bernstein reported the schedule for November. The total number of entrants (tickets) has reached close to 3,000. Two staff, two faculty, and thirteen students have been awarded prizes. Senator Bacon congratulated the Faculty Senate team for the award for most cans stacked by faculty at the October 2004 Bell Tower Challenge. He thanked Senators Akers, Bernstein, and Sadlek for volunteering to be the Senate team.
  5. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Allen reported that the committee met and put the final touches on the draft agenda which was included in the Senators' packet. The Advance will take place on Monday, November 15, 2004.
  6. University Committee for Professional Development: Senator Adkins reported that the committee met on October 10, 2004. The committee agrees that priority should be given to the restoration of permanent funding for faculty and professional development and to the appointment of a permanent director for faculty and professional development.

VI. The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.