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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2004-2005 Faculty Senate


Wednesday, October , 2004, 2:15 p.m.,MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Adidam, Adkins, Akers, Allen, Anderson, Arbelaez, Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bernstein, Bramlett, Corcoran, Dasgupta, D'Souza, Fruhling, Garver, Glaser, Kosloski, Mitenko, Parnell, Pasco, Randall, Sadlek, Sather, Shaw, Skreija, Wakefield, Watson, Wetig, Wolcott

Excused: Elder, Mei, Metal-Corbin, Owens

Absent: Krause, Ortman, Stroope _____________________________________________________________________________

There were two presentations before the meeting began:

  1. Photo ID Card Shopping: Brian Bollich, Manager of Business and Technology, MBSC , and Steven Lendt, Director Information Infrastructure, ITS
  2. ePortfolio Project Update: Joyce Crockett, Director of Academic Information Services, and Laynce Keel, Asst. Planning Director, Distance Learning.

Guests in attendance were Steve Masara, Student Senate/Faculty Senate Liaison, and Tim Kahdal, University Affairs Representative.

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 pm.

II. The September 8, 2004, minutes were approved as submitted.

III. Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Bacon

  1. The University of Nebraska Board of Regents met in Lincoln on September 10. The strategic issue was the capital planning process which touched on the refurbishing of the UNO Engineering Building for CPACS and the confirmation of John Langen as Dean of the College of Education. UNL Chancellor Perlman presented information about his institution's contract with the Lincoln based firm Nelnet to provide student loans to graduate and professional students, including those at UNMC.
  2. The Senate Executive Committee met with the UNO Administration, September 15. Diversity was once again the major topic of discussion. It seems that the faculty and administration are close to being on the same page, a growing understanding helped by the Goals and Directions Committee's interaction with Wade Robinson and his staff.
  3. UNO/UNMC/MCC Articulation Task Force met on September 13. The articulation agreements are all but complete, and the committee is morphing into a task force for overcoming the various misunderstandings and diverging expectations of the involved faculties. Everyone agreed that meetings between the MCC and UNO faculty in a given discipline are essential for overcoming lingering doubts about the quality of MCC courses. Some of these misunderstandings have their origins in the area school districts' lack of communication with UNO's and UNMC's faculties. The districts' expectations and counseling are often incompatible with what we expect entering students to have. The co-opting of someone from OPS onto the Task Force was agreed upon. Diversity was also discussed. Metro's student body is much more diverse than UNO's.
  4. The Chancellor acknowledged Resolutions 2752-2755 for the purposes of information.
  5. The official UNO Fall 2004 Enrollment Report ( /oir/statistics/Enrollment%20Report/enrollment%20report%20fall%202004.pdf), and the UNO Student Profile, based upon Fall 2004 enrollment information are now available.
  6. 11th Annual UNO Bell Tower Challenge sponsored by Eta Sigma Gamma, is set for Wednesday, Oct. 20. Canned goods for the Omaha Food Bank will be collected for the event. Teams of students, faculty and staff will compete to stack as many food cans as possible while the bells of Henningson Memorial Campanile chime at noon.

B. Senator Allen submitted the September 2004 Treasurer's report.

IV Standing Committee Reports

During these reports President Bacon commended the Standing Committees on gearing up and beginning very early in the year to work on projects.

A . Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Akers reported the committee met on September 22nd and all Senators were in attendance. A discussion of the "Dual Enrollment" classes was held. Sheri Rogers will meet with us in November to discuss the following questions:

  1. What is the Administration's over all vision for "Dual Enrollment"?
  2. Has the Administration contacted the involved departments to see what their overall vision is for "Dual Enrollment"?
  3. What steps have been taken to evaluate the performance of students who have taken "Dual Enrollment" courses in Millard when they take advanced courses at UNO?
  4. What is the plan and time schedule for expansion of "Dual Enrollment" into Omaha Public Schools.
  5. Is there a plan to seek accreditation from NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) ? We would like to see this accreditation sought. We would be glad to get the Senate to support this effort.
  6. Will there be an "end of the year" meeting like there was last year. Many of us think this was an excellent idea and would like to see it continue.

We also discussed the recruitment efforts of the Administration in China. It is our understanding that these efforts are only recruitment and not a program to award credit from UNO.

B. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Watson reported the committee met Wednesday, 29 September. Senator Pasco chaired the meeting; Senators Wolcott, Shaw, and Ortman also attended. The group felt Executive Memorandum #16 was very complete and were comfortable with most of its tenets, but will request some clarification/discussion from John Fiene at the October committee meeting on the following items:

  • Section 2/paragraph 2: Second sentence ends with the phrase "those acting on its behalf" - as faculty members, when are we or when are we not "acting on its behalf"?
  • Section 4/paragraph a: Second sentence talks about "personal use" of UNO's information systems. A clarification of the exact meaning of this term will be valuable information to pass on to our colleagues.
  • Section 11/paragraph 2: Last sentence talks about "due process" in case of infractions. The committee would like to know how UNO has historically (and currently) works with faculty who are perceived to have not followed this "acceptable use" policy.
  • Also, the committee noted that the memorandum doesn't say much explicitly about student use. Is there a separate document that lays out policy on student use?

C. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator Skreija reported the committee met on Wednesday, September 29. Those present were Pamela Jean Owens and Andris Skreija. Stuart Bernstein was excused. The committee's drafts of the proposed Faculty Senate resolutions regarding a tobacco free UNO campus and equity when making promotion, continuous appointment and merit based salary adjustments were discussed. For lack of quorum no official action was taken.

D. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Allen reported the committee met September 29, 2004. Committee members present were Allen, Benjamin-Alvarado, Fruhling, Garver, Wetig. Also present was a guest: Cicotello. The committee continues to make progress toward the goal of drafting a strategic plan for minority student recruiting. In further discussion, it became obvious that committee members have a good knowledge of many recruiting efforts on campus. Senator Allen asked committee members to forward him all of the events and activities they know of and he will compile a list. It will be used for further discussion.

E. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Adkins reported the committee met on Wednesday, September 29, 2004. Present were Senators Adkins (chair), Bramlett, Corcoran, Kosloski, and Patterson. Guests: Marilyn Leach (former Director, Center for Faculty Development) and Joanne Sowell (former Chair, University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching).

  • Ms. Leach briefed the committee on the history of the Center for Faculty Development and the Center's accomplishments in 2003-04. She also discussed the relationship between the CFD, UCAT, and the Service Learning Academy. Presently, there is no replacement for Ms. Leach.
  • Prof. Sowell briefed the committee on the history of UCAT and the Committee's accomplishments in 2003-04. She also noted that CFD provides critical logistical support and infrastructure for all of the faculty development organizations. Downsizing this central line of communication is expected to have negative consequences for each.
  • Due to budget reductions and the subsequent recommendations of the Magenta Team, these faculty development organizations are essentially operating in a state of hibernation until such time as the budget improves.
  • Vice Chancellor John Christensen created a task force to examine professional development at UNO. The committee plans to invite the Chair of the Task Force to the October meeting and make a recommendation to the Senate as early as the November meeting.

F. Committee on Rules: Senator Arbelaez moved the following resolution and the completion of Resolution 2753. Both passed.

1. Resolution 2756, 10/13/04: Names for Library Dean Search Committee Results

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following faculty be recommended for service on the Search Committee for the Dean of the Library, as requested by John Christensen, the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs:

Melissa Cast
M arvel Maring
Linda Parker
John Reidelback
Shaista Wahab

Arts & Sciences:
Mark Scherer
Moshe Gershovich

Business Administration:
Richard Ortman
John Hafer

Gary Hartzell
Kathy Coufal

Fine Arts:
Doug Paterson
Z. Randall Stroope

Information Science & Technology:
Peter Wolcott
Lotfallah Najjar

Public Affairs & Community Service:
Carol Ebdon
Peter Simi

2. Resolution 2753, 09/08/04 & 10/13/04: Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee Election Results

BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with section 6.1 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws the following nominees for the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee are brought forward by the Rules Committee for senate nomination. The ballot will be presented to the UNO faculty. One tenured faculty member will be elected from the following two nominees to serve a three-year term from October 16, 2004, through October 15, 2007, to replace retiring member, James Shaw:

Linda Parker (tenured faculty) (ELECTED)
Maria Elvira Villamil (tenured faculty)

One non-tenured faculty member will be elected from the following two nominees to replace retiring Elaine Lahue from October 16, 2004, through October 15, 2007:

Mark Scherer (non-tenured faculty) (ELECTED)
Pete Simi (non-tenured faculty)

(There were 476 ballots mailed, 235 ballots returned, 11 ballots not able to be counted due to late return or no signature on outer envelope.)

V Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): Senator Paterson reported the meeting was held on October 9, 2004. Subjects covered included:
  • Indirect censorship of Isabel Allende's House of the Spirits
  • ACLU's suit concerning complainant in 10 Commandments case in Plattsmouth; complainant does not want his name released through the media
  • Ernie Chambers as speaker at AAUP's November state meeting
  • Generating teacher and AFCON dialogues
  • Nebraska Library Associations upcoming conference entitled Libraries: Heart and Soul of the Community
  • Welcoming the Students for Academic Freedom group and their concerns.
  • Faculty including a definition of academic freedom on syllabi - AFCON has a definition
  • UNL Terminations in 2003 - This will be the theme of the November 6th Annual State Conference in Lincoln, co-sponsored by UNL's AAUP
  • Exploring state tax base and funding policy for higher education as part of defending academic freedom. Doug Paterson was asked to write an article for the state newsletter on this subject.
  • Knowing more about groups which meet to discuss and create strategies to ban books.

B. Academic Planning Council: Senator Glaser reported the Committee members are:

    • Jonathan Benjamin-Alvaredo
    • Hollis Glaser
    • Richard Ortmann
    • Brigette Ryalls
    • Jeanette Seaberry
    • Joanne Sowell
    • Stan Wileman
    • Jane Woody

There will be three units reviewed this coming year.

  • Psychology--
    Soloman Zhao-Chair,
    Hollis Glaser-Inside College Rep,
    Richard Ortman-Outside College Rep;
    To be named: member from last team,
    graduate studies rep,
    and outside reviewer.
  • Gerontology--
    Brigette Ryalls--Chair,
    Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado-Outside College Rep;
    To be named: inside college rep,
    member from last team,
    graduate studies rep,
    and outside reviewer.
  • Honors--
    Joanne Sowell, Chair,
    Jeannette Seaberry.
    Remainder of committee to be named later. This is the first APC review of honors and the typical committee format doesn't fit very well. Joanne, Jeannette, Rosalie and I will work together to create an appropriate team.

Public Administration was slated to be reviewed but requested a deferment until the 2005-2006 academic year.

General Science and Interdisciplinary Studies will be reviewed within Academic Affairs without the need for an APC team.

C. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Senator Fruhling reported the Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting was held on September 29, 2004. The guest speaker was James Freeman who updated the Board on the mission and programs of Multicultural Affairs. It was reported that the Chancellor's Scholarship Swing generated over $50,000 for the scholarship program. The Alumni Association will be honoring the recipients of the 2004 Outstanding Service Award on October 19.

D. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator D'Souza reported this is a collective bargaining year and two preliminary meetings have already been held. AAUP members of the bargaining committee are Joe Brown, Jim Shaw, Nora Bacon, and Jim Pratt. Upcoming events are the Fall UNO AAUP Dinner, the AAUP Nebraska State Conference Dinner Meeting, and the UNO AAUP Chapter meeting.

E. Graduate Council: Senator Paterson reported that the Graduate Catalog will transition to an all electronic copy. The ability to make changes will be immediate, but will only take effect once a year.

F. Spirit Committee: Senator Bernstein reported that there have been over 1,000 participants in the UNO Spirit Campaign! The campaign is better known by staff and faculty, and the committee is currently working on ways to get the word out to students. The October schedule of Spirit Events was announced.

G. University Professional Development Committee: Senator Randall reported that the Vice Chancellor's Task Force on Faculty Development met on October 6, 2004.
Charge: In recent years, budget reductions, campus restructuring, and personnel changes have created a number of temporary solutions and some uncertainty regarding how faculty development in all areas--teaching, research, and service--should be structured and what services should be provided at UNO. This task force/think tank is a brainstorming group to re-conceptualize--within current budgetary constraints--and provide recommendations for faculty development organization(s) and functions at UNO. The group will examine offices, committees, and activities related to faculty development at UNO (e.g. Center for Faculty Development, Service-Learning Academy, UCAT, UCR). The Task Force report is due to Vice Chancellor John Christensen by the end of the Fall 2004 semester. Members of the task force include: Randall Adkins, Hesham Ali, John Bartle, Jerry Cederblom, Lana Danielson, Shelton Hendricks, Lisa Kelly-Vance, B.J. Reed, Amy Rodie, Deborah Smith-Howell (chair), Joanne Sowell.

VI The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.