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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate


Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha

2003-2004 Senate Minutes

Wednesday, May 5, 2004, MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Adidam, Adkins, Akers, Allen, Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bennett, Bramlett, M. Carroll, Dasgupta, D'Souza, Dickson, Helm, Kosloski, Latchaw, Metal-Corbin, Mei, Mitenko, Nazem, Neathery-Castro, Ortman, Owens, Pedersen, Sadlek, Schulte, Shuster, Simpson, Thorp, Watson, Zigurs

Excused: Garver, Smith, Williams

Absent: Madsen, Pasco, Ritter, Tixier y Vigil,

Guest: President Smith

University President L. Dennis Smith was presented with a framed copy of Faculty Senate Resolution 2720 thanking him for his service to the university. He began his presentation at 2:05 p.m. and then took questions.

I.  The meeting was called to order at 2:40 p.m. by President Sadlek.

II.  The April 14, 2004 minutes were approved as written.

III.  Faculty Senate Budget Advisory Committee: (The Senate consented to suspend the rules in order to hear the report of this committee.) John Bartle reported that he hoped his previous analysis of the university, and specifically UNO, budget opened the Faculty Senate to think about and question how revenue is pooled and allocated.

IV.  Officers' Reports

A.  President's Report: Senator Sadlek

    1.  Board of Regents met met on Friday, April 23rd, and Saturday, April 24th.

    During the afternoon of April 23rd, the Regents conducted three committee meetings. In the first, a panel of experts delivered a report on diversity at the university. The second was on the NU Distance Education Plan. They heard that 90% of public degree granting institutions now offer some sort of distance education, but that NU's productivity in offering distance education surpasses the average growth in this area. Comparing the distance education profile of NU against the profiles of Univ. of Phoenix, Bellevue University, and Capella, NU's distance education costs much less and is delivered by a much more highly educated faculty. Moreover, NU spends much less on marketing. Finally, there was a report on non-resident tuition policies. If NU offered in-state tuition rates to all non-resident students, it would cost the university $24 million.

    The first major policy issues considered at the regular Regents meeting was for 2005-2006, the university estimates it will need an increase of 3.7% for its budget; for 2006-2007, the estimate is an increase of 3.4% for its budget. The second major policy issue was President Smith's proposal to create Guaranteed Tuition Grants for our poorest students. The proposal drew a spirited debate among the Regents, but it narrowly passed.

    Other business included the approval of UNO's proposals for a B.S. in bioinformatics, the joint UNO/UNK low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and the revised Program Statement for the UNO Library, which basically outlines the expansion and renovation plans for the UNO Library. Also approved was the transfer of funds for improvements to the UNO Student Center and a requested increase in UNO's Fund B fees (UPFF [University Program and Facilities Fees]) by .80 per credit hour. In exchange for this increase in fees, UNO students will receive free tickets to UNO hockey games.

    At the end of this report Senator Sadlek charged the Education Resources and Services Committee to discuss the Library No Growth Policy next year.

    2.   The Executive Committee and Administration meeting was held April 21, 2004. The Executive Committee briefly reviewed Resolutions 2724 and 2725 with the Administration. Also discussed were the revival of the Paul Beck Scholarship, minority recruiting, hockey tickets for faculty, and faculty concerns about the quality of service at the Information Counter in Eppley Administration Building. Discussions continued about UNO's share of the NU budget in light of new figures prepared by Asst. Vice Chancellor Julie Totten and Mr. Chris Kabourek of Central Administration. John Bartle, the chairperson of our Budget Committee, was present and contributed to the discussion as well. Dr. Bartle will have further comments on these new figures at the May meeting of the Senate. We had a long discussion of the parody issue of the Gateway, which caused much controversy. Finally, it was announced that UNO's share of this year's budget cuts would be $277,000. The Administration will be able to meet a large share of that budget cut by means of rent savings realized by the transfer of the Nebraska Business Development Center from its offices downtown to the UNO campus.

    3.  The Chancellor's Council met on April 22, 2004. Linda Mannering gave a report on Federal funding of research and development in Nebraska. The point was made that if the figures for UNL and UNMC were combined, they would stand much higher in all rankings. UNO ranks 5th among its peer institutions in federal funding. John Fiene gave an update on an IR upgrade. Faculty members' electronic portfolios may be stored on this system. Chancellor Belck led a debriefing discussion of the damage caused by the Gateway parody issue and the steps she is taking to remedy the situation. David Cicotello reported on the results of a survey sent to the parents of students who were accepted to UNO but chose not to attend. Finally, the Chancellor reviewed the UNO flag lowering policy noting that by law the U.S. flag may only be lowered at the request of the Governor of Nebraska or the President of the United States. Thus, only the UNO flag is lowered to commemorate the deaths of UNO faculty or students.

    4.  Chancellor's Written Response to Resolutions:

Chancellor Belck has acknowledged Resolutions 2724, 2725, both for the purpose of information (Nancy Castilow - 4/19/04).

B. Treasurer's Report: Senator Dickson submitted the April 2004 budget report.

V.   Executive Committee Report:

A.   Senator Bacon moved and the Senate passed the following resolution.

Resolution 2726, 5/5/04: UNO Wrestling Team:

WHEREAS, the University of Nebraska at Omaha wrestling team won the 2004 Division II national championship, bringing honor and recognition to the University, and

WHEREAS Coach Mike Denney has completed twenty-five successful years as head coach, and

WHEREAS the team includes ten Academic All-Americans and maintains a 3.2 Grade Point Average, achieving the highest ideals of scholar-athletes,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University Of Nebraska at Omaha congratulates the wrestling team and Coach Denney and wishes them continued athletic and academic success.

B.   Senator Bacon announced that the Executive Committee has accepted the following permanent and temporary resignations and replacements:

      1.  Senator Lewis' resignation as of April 22, 2004, due to sabbatical for 2004-2005, and Dr. Phani Tej Adidam as his replacement who will finish Senator Lewis' term (5/08/02 - 5/11/05). 2.   Dr. Juliette Parnell-Smith as a temporary replacement (8/04 - 12/04) for Senator Latchaw who will be on Leave for Fall 2004.3.   Senator Ritter's resignation as of May 2004, permanent replacement to complete her term to 5/05 tba.

      4.  Senator Bennett's resignation as of August 1, permanent replacement to complete her term to 5/05 tba.

C.  Senator Bacon announced that in March President Sadlek informed the Chancellor that the colleges had reported election of the following thirteen (13) faculty members to serve three-year terms from May 5, 2004, through May 9, 2007, unless noted (*), to replace thirteen (13) Senators who are completing their term of service at today's meeting and were honored with a plaque at a dinner on April 26.:

    College of Arts & Sciences (4):
    Hollis Glaser
    Griff Elder
    Maria Arbelaez
    Andris Skreija

    College of Business Administration (1):
    William Corcoran

    College of Education (1):
    Saundra Wetig

    College of Fine Arts (0): - - - - -

    College of Information Science & Technology (2):
    Peter Wolcott
    Ann Fruhling (*expires 2005)

    Library (1):
    James Shaw

    College of Public Affairs & Community Service (3):
    Amanda Randall
    Bill Wakefield
    Debra Anderson (*expires 2006)

    External Faculty (1):
    Stuart Bernstein

D.   At this point President Sadlek relinquished the chair to Vice-President Bacon. On behalf of the Executive Committee Senator Sadlek moved the following resolutions, all of which passed.

1.  Resolution 2727, 05/05/04: Appreciation for Service (Outgoing Senators)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha extends to the following outgoing senators its deepest appreciation for service on the Faculty Senate:

Michael Carroll (PACS)
Keith Pedersen (Ext)
Robert W. Smith (A&S)
Laura Dickson (LIB)
Gregory M. Sadlek (A&S)
Yvonne Tixier y Vigil (ED)
Peter Madsen (FA)
Laura Schulte (ED)
Ethel Williams (PACS)
Sufi Nazem (BA)
Robert D. Shuster (A&S)
Ilze Zigurs (IS&T)
Jody Neathery-Castro (A&S)

2.   Resolution 2728, 05/05/04: Appreciation for Service ( Faculty Senate Liaisons)

WHEREAS, the proper functioning of the Senate is highly dependent on good information about the activities of other faculty, student, and alumni bodies across campus,

WHEREAS, The Senate was given regular reports on the activities of the Academic Planning Council, the Alumni Association, the UNO Chapter of the AAUP, AFCON, the Graduate Council and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the UNO Senate commends and thanks the following senators and/or faculty colleagues for acting as liaisons to these various groups: Ethel Williams, Ann Fruhling, Henry D'Souza, Beth Ritter, Darryll Lewis, and Bruce Garver.

3.   Resolution 2729, 05/05/04: Appreciation for Service (Ad Hoc Committees)

WHEREAS, the effective work of the Senate is often highly dependent on the dedicated work of ad hoc faculty committees,

WHEREAS, during the academic year 2003-2004, the Senate was especially well served by three of these important committees, which addressed Senate concerns with academic program prioritization, the university budget, and the creation of a Senior Scholars Academy,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the UNO Senate commends the work of these ad hoc committees and thanks all the participating faculty members, especially their committee leaders, James Carroll, John Bartle, and Jerry Cederblom.

4.   Resolution 2730, 05/05/04: Appreciation for Service (Standing Committees/ Chairpersons)

WHEREAS, the smooth and productive functioning of the Faculty Senate is dependent upon effective leadership of the standing committees,

WHEREAS, by their service in meetings of the Executive Committee and Cabinet, committee chairpersons assist the Executive Committee in responding to the needs of the faculty and charting a course for the Senate,

WHEREAS, this academic year was a year of unusually large and complex challenges due to the continuing budget crisis,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses its sincere appreciation to members of the Senate Cabinet - Professors Jody Neathery-Castro, Caroline Simpson, Chris Allen, Sufi Nazem, Yvonne Tixier y Vigil, and Michael Carroll - for their dedication, hard work, and leadership during this academic year 2003-2004.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Laura Dickson, Jody Neathery-Castro, Yvonne Tixier y Vigil, and Michael Carroll be further recognized for their outstanding additional service as members of the Executive Committee.

5.   Resolution 2731, 05/05/04: Appreciation for Service (Vice President Wally Bacon)

WHEREAS, he assumed the duties of Faculty Senate Vice President in May 2003,

WHEREAS, he presided over meetings of the Executive Committee and Cabinet with good humor, efficiency, and fairness,

WHEREAS, responding to major events and important milestones, he contributed the texts of many necessary and well-written resolutions,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses its sincere appreciation to Professor Wally Bacon for his work as Vice President during this academic year 2003-2004.

6.  Resolution 2732, 05/05/04: Appreciation for Service (Secretary-Treasurer Laura Dickson)

WHEREAS, she assumed the duties of Faculty Senate Secretary-Treasurer in May 2003,

WHEREAS, she kept track of the Senate Budget and dutifully reported our status from month to month, and

WHEREAS, she has regularly coordinated with the Senate Office Administrator on the production of Senate agendas and minutes, and

WHEREAS, she brought a fresh and insightful perspectives to difficult matters,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha expresses its sincere appreciation to Professor Laura Dickson for her work as Secretary-Treasurer in this academic year.

E.   At this point President Sadlek returned to the chair. Senator Bacon then presented the following motion, which passed.

Resolution 2733, 05/05/04: Thanks for Service (President)

WHEREAS, Dr. Gregory M. Sadlek has presided over the UNO Faculty Senate with equanimity and eloquence, with wit and wisdom, during his presidency for the past two years,

WHEREAS, Dr. Sadlek has been able to marry the oft warring opposites of strong conviction and passionate intensity in his direction of the Senate,

WHEREAS, Dr. Sadlek has demonstrated active and progressive leadership during difficult days and guided the Senate through at least nine circles of infernal bureaucracy,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha thank Dr. Sadlek for his service and his noblesse and wish him idyllic ascent into the Primum Mobile as he departs the Senate's company.

VI   Standing Committee Reports

A.   Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Neathery-Castro reported the committee met on April 28, 2004. Those present were Jim Akers, Wally Bacon, Joan Latchaw, Jody Neathery-Castro, John Thorp, Ethel Williams. The committee discussed the dual enrollment issue with Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Sheri Rogers. Also discussed was the need for paid inservice for high school and university faculty of UNO departments for supporting instruction in the local high schools and for meeting with the high school faculty to work out the differences between the educational cultures of the university and the high schools. It was the consensus of the committee that its continued support for dual enrollment rests on the successful resolution of the following conditions:

1.   The departments from UNO that are involved in the dual enrollment program must be in agreement with the criteria by which students and instructors at the local high schools are selected.

2. They must also be in agreement with the criteria that are used to differentiate between dual enrollment courses and regular courses at the high schools involved.

3. If these agreements cannot be reached, the involved departments at UNO can opt not to participate in the dual enrollment program.

The committee also requests the opportunity to review (as it becomes available) the data which compares the performance in advanced courses of two subpopulations of UNO students: 1) those who took their basic courses at UNO, and 2) those who fulfilled their prior requirement through dual enrollment credit. This would allow us to see if the dual enrollment courses are indeed meeting the academic rigor that is expected of students at the university level. We would hope it would not reject the following null hypothesis:

H0: There will be no significant difference in the academic performance as measured by grades in advanced courses in content areas between the students who take basic courses at UNO and those who take those courses as part of the dual enrollment program.

We feel this is the pragmatic way of evaluating the effectiveness of the dual enrollment programs in preparing high school students for advanced courses at UNO.

B.   Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Dickson reported the committee met on April 28, 2004. Committee Members Present: Laura Dickson, Becky Pasco, Laura Schulte, Bob Shuster, Marsha Watson, Ilze Zigurs. The committee awarded the Undergraduate scholarship to Larry A. Triplett and the Graduate Scholarship to Melissa Scott-Pandorf. There were no applicants for the part-time undergraduate scholarship, so the $400 for that scholarship was split between the other two. That makes each scholarship $1000.

C.   Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Allen reported the committee met on April 28, 2004. Those present were: Allen, Benjamin-Alvarado, Garver, Simpson. The committee recommended that the university supply black or red vests to those working at the Welcome Center to provide a uniform look, and purchase name tags for the people staffing the center. The committee also adopted the draft of a plan for next academic year that will result in a strategic plan for UNO for minority recruiting:

Developing a Minority Recruiting Strategic Plan (DRAFT)

The minority recruitment problem is a long-term problem that must be addressed in the next year, but cannot be solved in that time. Rather, UNO needs a coordinated effort that involves people, time and money. Since all three are in short supply, since this problem is so important to solve, and since the administration has not adequately addressed the problem, Goals and Directions should take on the push for a strategic plan that will place UNO at the head of the NU institutions, UNO's peer institutions and regional colleges in recruitment of minorities.

At this time it is too early to set specific goals for minority recruitment. Instead, the committee, with the help of the administration, should conduct some base-line research, then begin a process that will lead to defined goals, a flexible set of procedures, a projected budget and a justification for the financial resources necessary to carry out the plan.

This minority recruiting strategic plan fits easily into the University's three over-arching goals:

The plan will strive to be student centered by encouraging minority students to come to UNO and participate fully in classes and activities. The plan should include ways that the university can serve the needs of minority students, as well as all UNO students, and help them achieve the ultimate goal of graduation and employment.

The plan will seek academic excellence from the minority students, as it does from all UNO students. A stronger and more diverse ethnic mix at UNO is a large step in the academic excellence of the campus community. Students must be given the opportunity to engage in robust discussions of the issues that society and its constituent groups face.

The plan, to succeed, must engage with the community, especially the high schools in Omaha, Council Bluffs and the larger areas of Nebraska and Iowa.

To accomplish this, we propose a year-long project that will result in a plan that UNO will be able to implement. We don't want an abstract document that will gather dust. We want a plan that can be assessed each year, by which the University can set goals and measure them, and that can be adapted as needs change.


Over summer: Have IR and Sharon Ulmer gather requested data

September: Examine data and decide what other research is needed

Draft Strategic Goals

October: Meet with representatives of OPS, Millard, Bellevue, Council Bluffs and Papillion-LaVista counselors to discuss minority issues from their viewpoints

November: Meet with current minority students in a focus-group setting

January: Draft plan

February: Determine necessary resources

March: Meet with university officials to present plan

April: Finalize plan and present to the Senate.

Senator Sadlek, and the entire Faculty Senate, showed a sense of appreciation with a voice vote, for the Goals & Directions committee's ongoing work on the topic of Minority Recruiting.

D.   Committee on Rules: Senator M. Carroll reported the committee met April 28, 2004. In attendance were Tej Adidam, Frank Bramlett, Mike Carroll, and Yvonne Tixier y Vigil. Absent were Raj Dasgupta and Pete Madsen. The bulk of the committee's discussion was devoted to determining membership (1) of the Senate's six standing committees (resolution below) and (2) on well over a dozen standing university-wide and campus-wide committees. Also discussed was the application of LEED (green building) standards at UNO. The following resolutions were moved and passed by the Senate (1a-i, 2, 3a-e, 4):

1.  Resolution 2734, 05/05/04: University-wide Committees

a.  University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT)

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/04, through 07/31/07, to the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching:
    • Teresa Lamsam, College of Arts and Sciences (to replace Susan Maher)
    • Melissa Berke, College of Fine Arts (to replace Joanne Sowell.

b.   University Committee on Athletics

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/07, to the University Committee on Athletics:
    • Tej Adidam, (to replace Richard File).

c.   University Committee on Excellence in Teaching

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following faculty be recommended for service as three-year appointments, from 08/01/2004 through 07/31/2007, on the University Committee on Excellence in Teaching. (Two members should be recipients of the award and one member should be ''first year faculty member holding a Ph.D.") These members will serve staggered terms, and their replacements will be appointed to serve terms that would balance term endings, except for the first year faculty member, who serves one year.
    • Theresa Barron-McKeagney, PACS, (to replace Cassia Spohn) (recipient)
    • Karen Dwyer, (reappointed)
    • Phyllis Adcock, ED, (to replace Jerene Fluckinger).

AND, the following faculty be recommended for service as a one-year appointment from 08/01/04 through 07/31/05, to the University Committee on Excellence in Teaching, to correct an imbalance in term endings:

  • Richard Duggin, FA, (to replace David Helm)


  • Tracy Bridgeford, - new faculty holding PhD (to replace Carson Holloway).

d.   University Committee on Facilities Planning

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/07, to the University Committee on Facilities Planning:
    • Michael Carroll (reappointed).

e.   University Committee on Honors and Awards

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/07, to the University Committee on Honors and Awards:
    • Lisa Boucher, (to replace Bruce Johansen).

f.  University Committee on Library and Learning Resources

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/04 through 07/31/07, to the University Committee on Library and Learning Resources:
    • Charles Johanningmeier, (to replace Ineke Marshall)
    • Maria Anderson Knudtson, (to replace Manoj Sharma)
    • Peter Wolcott, (to replace Maria Elvira Villamil).

AND the following name go forward as a two-year appointment from 08/01/04 through 07/31/06, to the University Committee on Library and Learning Resources, to correct an imbalance in term endings:

  • Laura Dickson, (to replace Tatyana Novikov).

g.  University Committee on Research

  • BE IT RESOLVED: that the following names go forward as three year appointments, from August 1, 2004, through July 31, 2007 on the on the University Committee on Research:
    • Timi Barone (Sociology), Arts & Sciences - Social Science (to replace Mark Rousseau)
    • Mary Friehe, Education (to replace Thomas Lorsbach)
    • Sharon Sobel, Fine Arts (to replace Gary Day)
    • Dwight Haworth, At-large position (to replace Roger Hoburg).

h.   University Committee on Student Affairs

  • BE IT RESOLVED: that the following name go forward as a three year appointment, from 08/01/04 through 07/31/07 on the University Committee on Student Affairs:
    • Claudette Lee, (to replace Carolyn Gascoigne).

AND the following name go forward as a two-year appointment from 08/01/04 through 07/31/06, to the University Committee on Student Affairs, to correct an imbalance in term endings:

  • Joshua Nichter, (to replace Scott Harrington).

i.  University Committee on Technology Resources & Services:

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/04 through 07/31/07, to the University Committee on Technology Resources & Services:
    • Karen Hein, (to replace Ann Fruhling)
    • Kath Henebry, (reappointed)
    • Andrea Zardetto-Smith, (to replace Ronald Bauers).

2.   Resolution 2735, 05/05/04: Student Publications Committee:

BE IT RESOLVED that the following names constitute the approved list of nominees to the Student Publications Committee from which the Chancellor is to select one for three-year appointment from 07/01/04 through 06/30/07 and one for eighteen-month appointment from 07/01/04 through 12/31/05, to restore the staggered terms specified in the By-Laws of the Board of Regents:

Chris Allen Richard Breaux,
Frederic Laquer (incumbent)
Sheri Wilson (incumbent).

3.  Resolution 2736, 05/05/04: Campus Committees

a.  Campus Committee on Safety:

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/07, to the Campus Committee on Safety:
    • Don Greer, (to replace Paul Barnes).

b.  Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs:

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as two-year appointments from 08/01/04, through 07/31/06, to the Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs:
    • Doug Paterson, FA (to replace Melissa Berke)
    • Karen Hayes, ED (to replace Sandra Squires)
    • Raj Dasgupta, IS&T (to replace Paul Van Vliet)
    • Maria Elvira Villamil, Graduate College Rep (to replace Ethel Williams)

AND, the following name go forward as a one-year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/05, to the Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs, to correct an imbalance in term endings:

  • Amanda Randall, PACS (reappointed).

c.   Educational Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC)

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments, from 08/01/2004 through 07/31/2007, to the Educational Policy Advisory Committee:
    • Catherine Co, CBA (to replace Tej Adidam)
    • David Corbin, ED (to reappoint).

AND, the following name go forward as a one-year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/05, to the Educational Policy Advisory Committee, to correct an imbalance in term endings:

  • Doug Paterson, (to replace M. Caroline Simpson).

d.   Judicial Committee (Pool of Names)

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments, from 08/01/2004 through 07/31/2007, to the pool of names for the Judicial Committee:
    • Candice Batton, (to replace Ann Antlfinger)
    • Doug Paterson, (to replace Joseph Bertinetti)
    • Shereen Bingham, (to replace Sheryl McGlamery)
    • Laura Dickson, (to replace Beth Ritter).

e.   Parking Advisory Committee

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as three-year appointment from 08/01/04, through 07/31/07, to the Parking Advisory Committee:
    • Sharon Sobel, (to replace Donald Greer).

4.   Resolution 2737, 05/05/04: 'Green Building' Activity and Awareness at UNO

WHEREAS, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards for 'green building' have been widely recognized as "a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high performance, sustainable buildings,"

WHEREAS, such standards have been shown to offer a "complete framework for assessing building performance and meeting sustainability goals,"

WHEREAS, both UNO's Student Government and the University's Facilities Committee have previously this year endorsed the LEED 'green building' standards,

WHEREAS, UNO's adoption of such standards is consistent with the economic, environmental, and educational goals of the University,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate encourages the appropriate departments (e.g., Planning, Purchasing, Maintenance) to try to be pro-active in the pursuit and campus-wide promulgation of principles and practices of environmental responsibility and sustainability whenever practical and applicable, including attention to the LEED standards with new construction and existing operation of UNO buildings.

VII Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee Reports

A.  Emeritus College Committee: Professor Cederblom submitted the following report: A breakfast was held on March 25 to plan the Senior Scholars Academy. The aim of the Academy is to provide a place on campus for retired faculty to continue scholarly activity, to socialize, and to continue to be involved in the University in a variety of ways. More than 50 people attended the breakfast, including retired faculty, current faculty, and sponsors. Steve Conley presented plans for renovation of two classrooms in the Library to provide a space for Senior Scholars, and Bill Blizek displayed two of the artworks that have been contributed for the space. A plenary discussion was followed by small-group idea sessions on organization, activities and space. Follow-up meetings will be held on April 23. The Organization group proposes that the Academy be coordinated by a three-person team with staggered terms, that the Academy attempt to attain some part-time clerical help, and that a method of e-mail and/or website communication among Academy members be arranged. The Space group toured the proposed space and endorsed the renovation plan. The Activities group has developed a substantial list of potential activities for Academy participants. David Corbin has volunteered to work on a website, but wants Academy participants to present ideas concerning content. The Senior Scholars Academy name has since been changed to the Emeritus College and the committee (Mary Ann Lamanna, Josie Metal-Corbin, Bill Blizek, and Jerry Cederblom) are contacting potential volunteers to serve on the three-person coordinating team. A meeting will be held May 14, 2004. It is hoped that the Library space will be ready by late June.

B.  Prioritization Committee: Professor J. Carroll submitted the final report. The committee, consisting of Professors J. Carroll and Coyne, and Senator Garver, reviewed the process the university used in 2001, considered the distribution of funding to programs of highest priority over the three year period since, and discussed future development of UNO academic prioritization, including assessment of the effect of prioritization on the highest priority programs, evaluation of further programs for highest priority, and reduction from highest priority of current programs. The full report can be found at

VIII Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Planning Council: Senator Williams submitted the following report: Six programs were reviewed this year:

  • Theatre, February 9-10, 2004 Chris Allen, Review chairperson
  • Art and Art History, February 12-13, 2004, Richard Ortman, Review chairperson
  • English, February 16-17, 2004 Ethel Williams, Review chairperson
  • Music, February 16-17, 2004 Brigette Ryalls, Review chairperson
  • Foreign languages, February 19-20, 2004, Joanne Sowell, Review chairperson
  • Writer's Workshop, February 23- 24, 2004, Jeanette Seabury, Review chairperson

The council met on April 15 to discuss three of the program reviews. The remaining three programs will be discussed on May 15. From initial reports and discussions all programs appear to have received very favorable reviews. Recommendations for improvements in each department appear to be based on the need for additional resources. Some of the recommendations also include reinstituting programs that were cut as a result of budget cutbacks.

B.   Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Garver submitted the following report: The committee met on April 28, 2004. Standing Committees reported their activities during the past month. The larger part of the SPSC meeting of April 28th was devoted to firming up plans for the "Strategic Advance" to be held on May 10th.

IX  New Business

A.   At this point, there being no new business apart from organization for the 2004-2005 Senate, the 2004-2005 President, Senator Wally Bacon, became presidint officer.

B.   Senator Carroll, chair of the 2003-2004 Rules Committee moved the following, including some changes from the assignments distributed with the agenda, which passed:

Resolution 2738, 05/05/04: Membership of Standing Committee Members

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following senators be appointed to the 2004-2005 Faculty Senate standing committees as designated:

Committee on Academic & Curricular Affairs (6)

James Akers
Debra Anderson
Griff Elder
Hollis Glaser
Joan Latchaw
John Thorp

Committee on Educational Resources & Services (6)

Natalie Bennett
Richard Ortman
Becky Pasco
James Shaw
Marsha Watson
Peter Wolcott

Committee on Faculty Personnel & Welfare (6)

Stuart Bernstein
Henry D'Souza
Wai-Ning Mei
Graham Mitenko
Pamela Jean Owens
Andris Skreija

Committee on Goals & Directions (6)

  • Chris Allen
  • Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado
  • Ann Fruhling
  • Bruce Garver
  • Bill Wakefield
  • Saundra Wetig
        Professional Development (6)

      Randy Adkins
      Frank Bramlett
      Bill Corcoran
      Karl Kosloski
      Beth Ritter
      M. Caroline Simpson

      Rules (6)

      Tej Adidam (BA)
      Maria Arbelaez (A&S)
      Raj Dasgupta (IS&T)
      David Helm (FA)
      Josie Metal-Corbin (ED)
      Amanda Randall (PACS)

C.   Senator Bacon called a recess for Standing Committee members to caucus to elect chairpersons for 2004-2005. The results were reported and the following resolution passed by the Senate:

Resolution 2739, 05/05/04: Standing Committee Chairs:

BE IT RESOLVED, that according to the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska, Article VI, Section 1, the retiring standing committees have met and selected the following chairs from their continuing members:

  • Jim Akers, Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs
  • Marsha Watson, Committee on Educational Resources and Services
  • Andris Skreija, Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare
  • Chris Allen, Committee on Goals and Directions
  • Randy Adkins, Committee on Professional Development

X The 2003-2004 (Outgoing) Senate adjourned at 3:35 p.m.