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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate
2003-2004 Senate


Wednesday, March 10, 2004, MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Akers, Allen, Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bramlett, M. Carroll, Dasgupta, D'Souza, Dickson, Garver, Helm, Kosloski, Latchaw, Metal-Corbin, Mitenko, Nazem, Neathery-Castro, Ortman, Owens, Pasco, Pedersen, Ritter, Sadlek, Schulte, Shuster, Simpson, Smith, Thorp, Tixier y Vigil, Watson,

Excused: Adkins, Bennett, Lewis, Madsen, Mei, Williams, Zigurs

Presentations began at 2 p.m.
    1. Patricia Killeen-Brown (student) and Angelia M. Turner (Ambassadors Coordinator) informed the Senate of UNO's Ambassadors Program.
    1. Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs John Christensen informed the Senate of the America Democracy Project, and discussed the pending resolution regarding the Dual Enrollment Program.
  1. Senator Sadlek officially called the meeting to order at 3 p.m.
  1. The minutes of the February 14, 2004, meeting were approved as submitted.
  1. Officers' Reports
    1. President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported:

The Board of Regents met on Friday, February 27, and Saturday, February 28, at Varner Hall, Lincoln. The first of three committee meetings held on the afternoon of the 27th was an overview of the annual auditors' report on the state of university finances. Next was a report from the Information Technology Committee, presented by Walter Weir. The report covered Information Technology activities across the four campuses. Finally, Provost Jay Noren made a preliminary estimate of needs for the next biennial budget (2005-07). Senator Sadlek will give a report to President Smith regarding Travel and Transport, so he asked the Senators to inform him of any problems they have had with the company.

B. Treasurer's Report: Senator Dickson submitted the February 2004 budget report.

  1. Executive Committee Report: Senator Bacon moved the following resolution for the Executive Committee and Cabinet:

Resolution Regarding Dual Enrollment Program:

Whereas the Faculty Senate was asked to approve the 2003-2004 "pilot study" for the Dual Enrollment program,

Whereas we anticipate that the administration will need to request that the Faculty Senate approve any extension of the program,

Whereas the recommendation of the Faculty Senate's decision to approve the program or not will be based on the data and achievements from the first year of operation.

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate respectfully requests that the administration make those pilot results available to the Senate to make an informed decision before any more Millard High School students are enrolled for UNO credit.

Be it further resolved that we request that this report be given to the Faculty Senate for evaluation prior to presentation to the Board of Regents.

After much discussion, Senator D'Souza moved to refer the resolution to the Academic and Curricular Affairs Committee. That motion was seconded, and passed by a vote of 17 for and 4 against.

  1. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Neathery-Castro reported the committee met on Wednesday, February 25, 2004. Committee members present: Jim Akers, Wally Bacon, Joan Latchaw, Jody Neathery-Castro, Ethel Williams. The committee discussed and supported the recommendation by the Registrar that the university administer academic suspensions once a year at the end of the spring term. The committee met with Honors Program Director Rosalie Saltzman concerning the proposed changes in the Honors Program and decided to support those changes with the recommendation that the impact of changes be evaluated after a five year period. Of particular interest will be their effect on the type and degree of participation by UNO students in the Honors Program. Now that the end of the dual enrollment pilot year is approaching, the Committee urges that evaluation by the Senate take place in a timely manner.
    1. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Dickson presented information on the Paul Beck Scholarship. Attachments to the agenda included a copy of the application. The deadline for return of applications is April 5, 2004.
    1. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator Senator D'Souza reported the committee met on February 25, 2004. Members Present: Natalie Bennett, Henry D'Souza, David Helm, Graham Mitenko, Wai-ning Mei. Pamela Jean Owens was excused. A resolution on free Hockey tickets was tabled. The committee did not have concerns regarding the on-line faculty annual review.
    1. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Allen reported the committee met on February 25, 2004. Those present were: Benjamin-Alvarado, Kosloski, Ortman, Simpson, Allen. The committee heard a report from Linda Mannering, director of Institutional Research, who presented the committee with second year retention rates for minority freshmen UNO students and for all freshman UNO students. Also discussed was the graduation survey that was begun last semester. The committee will continue its work on minority recruitment.
    1. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Nazem reported the committee met on February 25, 2004. Members present were Senators Metal-Corbin, Nazem, Pedersen, Ritter, and Smith. Senator Adkins will join the committee replacing Senator Shroder, who has resigned from the Senate. The committee discussed a Mentoring Policy.

    1. Committee on Rules: Senator M. Carroll reported the committee met on February 25, 2004. In attendance were Raj Dasgupta, Darryll Lewis, and Mike Carroll. Absent were Frank Bramlett, Pete Madsen, and Yvonne Tixier y Vigil. The Committee has completed its revision of Section 2 of the Faculty Handbook, "Governance of the University." The committee also reviewed UNO and UNL Faculty Survey of Committees designed to encourage faculty service on university committees and decided to modify the UNL web-based format for UNO, to be sent by e-mail to all faculty by the end of March, 2004. The committee moved the following two resolutions, which passed:

  • Resolution 2722, 03/10/04: Regarding University on the Advancement of Teaching & Named Professorship Review Committee

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward to complete Darryll Lewis' three-year term (July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006) to the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

Jim Jones, BA.

  • BE IT RESOLVED, that the following two faculty serve on the Named Professorship Review Committee (Kiewit, Kayser, & Isaacson Professorships). (The Administration will select one additional member of this committee.)

Judy Harrington (CPACS)

Leah Pietron (IS&T)

  • Resolution 2723, 03/10/04: Regarding Select Committee Members

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following two faculty serve on a Select Committee to render advice to the Vice Chancellor in a Termination for Adequate Cause proceeding. (The Administration will select two additional members of this committee.)

Nora Bacon (A&S)

Deepak Khazanchi (IS&T).

VI Faculty Senate Advisory Committee Reports

    • Budget Advisory Committee: Professor Bartle presented tables and charts showing appropriations, revenue, and disbursal of funds for each campus in the University system, including Central Administration, from 1999 to 2004.

    • Senior Scholars Academy: Senator Sadlek reported for Senator Metal-Corbin that invitations have been sent out, both hard copies and e-mail again, and plans for the March 25, 2004, breakfast are going well. RSVPs must be in by March 18, 2004.

VII Non-Senate Committee Reports

  • American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator D'Souza reported the AAUP has been spending many hours on three cases that we believe are contract violations. Forums were held on Computer Privacy on March 5 featuring Dr. Martha McCaughey. Henry D'Sousa, Janet West, Doug Paterson and David Corbin are petitioners to repeal LB 775. The Bernie Kolasa scholarship deadline is March 22. There are two $1000 scholarships for UNO students who are graduating in 2003-04 and are planning to go to graduate school and attend an accredited college or university. AAUP's lobbyist, Jim Pappas, continues to lobby on behalf of issues relating to UNO.

  • Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Allen reported for Senator Garver that most of the meeting was taken up setting the agenda for the Strategic Planning Retreat, which will be held May 10. Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs John Christensen gave a brief update on the American Democracy project. The New York Times is interested in UNO's model for its project. Vice Chancellor Christensen also reported that more than 100 African American students admitted for Fall 2004 enrollment have accepted an invitation to attend a reception for them and their parents to meet with faculty, staff and student organizations in an effort to get them to enroll. Director of Institutional Research Linda Mannering gave the results of a survey of incoming freshmen.

VIII Old Business:

  • A revision to Resolution 2720, 02/11/04: Regarding President Smith, was moved and passed:

Whereas, Dr. L. Dennis Smith has served as President of the University of Nebraska since 1994, a post he has filled with competence, energy and humor, and

Whereas, Dr. Smith has fought for increasing the quality of education on all the University's four campuses, including the recognition that faculty salaries and working conditions must be the best the state and University can provide, and

Whereas, Dr. Smith has been nationally recognized for his vigorous defense of academic freedom, especially as it applies to research, and

Whereas, Dr. Smith has led the University in trying political and budgetary times and has represented the University effectively and forcefully to the citizens and elected officials of Nebraska,

Therefore, Be It Resolved that, on the occasion of Dr. Smith's retirement as President of the University of Nebraska, the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha thanks him for a job well done and wishes him and Mrs. Smith a productive and satisfying retirement welcomes him back to the teaching faculty.

IX New Business

    • Senator Sadlek reported that he will write a letter, to be distributed to the faculty, encouraging them to attend a Pathways to Harmony program.

X The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.