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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2003-2004 Senate


Wednesday, September 10, 2003, 2 p.m., MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Akers, Allen, Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bennett, Bishop, Brown, J. Carroll, M. Carroll, Dasgupta, D'Souza, Dickson, Fruhling, Garver, Helm, Kimble, Kosloski, Krause, Latchaw, Lewis, Littrell, Madsen, Metal-Corbin, Mitenko, Nazem, Neathery-Castro, Ortman, Owens, Pasco, Pedersen, Ritter, Sadlek, Schulte, Shroder, Shuster, Simpson, Tixier y Vigil, Watson, Williams, Zigurs

Excused: Mei

Prior to the official call to order Student President/Regent, Joe Bilek, spoke to the Senate. He requested 5 minutes of class time for Student Government representatives to distribute a survey. He asked those interested senators interested to please contact him.

I. Senator Sadlek called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m.

A. Introduction of Guests: Senator Sadlek introduced the following guests.

    1. David Kimble, President, Staff Advisory Council
    2. Tom Bragg, Dean of Graduate Studies
    3. Becky Brown, University Relations
    4. Ann Fruhling, Faculty Senate Representative to the Alumni Center Board of Directors

II. The minutes of the August 20, 3003 meeting were approved as submitted.

III Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported on the following:

    1. Chancellor's Council: August 28, 2003

      There was a presentation on the various renovations being undertaken in Eppley Administration Building. The Nebraska Business Development Center, currently housed at the Peter Kiewit Center, will be moved into Roskens Hall and the Faculty Senate offices and the Honors Program offices will be moved into ASH. VC Christensen (along with Dean Hendricks and Dean Hinton) reported on the progress made to date on the searches for the new Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, and the new Dean of the Business College. Dean Hendricks announced that the college had recently been granted a $2 million grant from the STEP program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program), a division of NSF. President Smith is proposing a new LB 1100-2 project list which is essentially a wish-list for the legislature of construction projects desired by the university. There are six UNO projects on Smith's list. There is also a university wish-list for the new Nebraska Foundation Capital Campaign. There was discussion of UNO's ranking in the latest U.S. News and World Report.

B. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Dickson submitted the August 2003 budget report.

IV. Executive Committee Report:

On behalf of the Executive Committee Senator Bacon moved the following resolution. It was passed as amended.

Resolution 2692, 9/10/2003, Academic Planning Council:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as the Faculty Senate's representatives to the University Academic Planning Council from the Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs and the Committee on Goals and Directions each for a one-year term from 05/14/03, through 05/06/04:

Ethel Williams, Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs (re-appointed)
Chris Allen, Committee on Goals and Directions.

V. Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Neathery-Castro had no formal report, but noted that the committee is looking at the Dual Enrollment Project (English, Math, History) with the Millard High Schools

B. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Dickson reported the Committee met on August 27, 2003. They discussed the retreat briefly to fill in those who were not there. Other items discussed were the Paul Beck Scholarship, SIS system (Identity Theft and Privacy), list of scholarship for undergrads, problems with the implementation of Lotus Notes updates, committee representative to the Distance Education Advisory Council, work on the new Faculty Handbook, loss of two nights of classes to holidays/vacations.

C. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator D'Souza had no formal report, but noted that the committee will continue to work on Prioritization issues and the Faculty Handbook.

D. Committee on Rules: Elections were held. On behalf of the Committee Senator Littrell moved the following and all motions passed:

      1. Resolution 2693, 9/10/2003, Faculty Grievance Committee:

      BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Bylaws, section 6.1, Faculty Grievance Committee, the following faculty members are elected:

      One tenured professor is elected from two nominees to replace Boyd Littrell, for a three-year term from September 16, 2003, through September 15, 2006:

      Karl Kosloski .

      One assistant professor is elected from two nominees to replace Maria Arbelaez, for a three-year term from September 16, 2002, through September 15, 2005:

      Mary Ann Powell

      One member of the Faculty Senate Faculty Personnel and Welfare committee is elected from two nominees to replace Robert Carlson as the committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare representative for a one-year term from September 16, 2003, through September 15, 2004:

      Pamela Jean Owens

    2. Resolution 2694, 9/10/2003, Professional Conduct Committee:

    BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with Section 1.1 of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Professional Conduct Committee's Rules and Procedures, the following (all tenured faculty ranked assistant professor or above) are elected from four nominees by the full senate as follows:

    Donna Dufner
    Richard Stacy

    The two representatives are elected by ballot vote to serve three-year terms from September 16, 2003, through September 15, 2006, to replace outgoing members Thomas Lorsbach and Roger Sindt. These newly elected representatives will also serve as alternates for three-years from September 16, 2006, through September 15, 2009.

    Thomas Lorsbach and Roger Sindt will continue serving as alternates (replacing Darryll Lewis and Jerry Cederblom) for three-years from September 16, 2003, through September 15, 2006, per Resolution 2501.

    3. Resolution 2695, 9/10/2003, Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee Nominees:

BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with section 6.1 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws the following nominees for the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee are brought forward by the Rules Committee for senate nomination. The ballot will be presented to the UNO faculty.

One tenured faculty member will be elected from the following two nominees to serve a three-year term from October 16, 2003, through October 15, 2006, to replace retiring member, Dale Krane:

Michael O'Hara (tenured faculty)
Janice Rech (tenured faculty).

One non-tenured faculty member will be elected from the following two nominees to replace retiring Janice Collins from October 16, 2003, through October 15, 2006:

Carey Ryan (non-tenured faculty)
Elaine Lahue (non-tenured faculty).

4. Resolution 2696, 9/10/2003, Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs:

BE IT RESOLVED, the following name go forward to complete the term of Anna Menardo (08/01/2002 to 07/31/2004) on the Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs:

Melissa Berke, Fine Arts.

5. Resolution 2687(c), 07/02/2003 (Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs) (To fill the tba/BA ):

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as two-year appointments from 08/01/03, through 07/31/05, to the Chancellor's Commission on Multicultural Affairs:

Jessiline Anderson, A&S (to replace Carolyn Fiscus)
Tba Ho Young Lee, BA (to replace Weiyu (Wendy) Guo).

6. Resolution 2697, 09/10/03, University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward for a three-year term (July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006) to the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

Carol Mitchell (ED)
Ann Fruhling (IS&T).

VI. Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): Senator Ritter reported AFCON will present a panel presentation on the topic, "Issues Confronting Book Banning/Intellectual Freedom," on September 25, 2003.

B. AAUP: Senator D'Souza reported that the first of the meet and confer with Interim Vice Chancellor Christensen took place this month. The AAUP is also planning to address issues of policies related to privacy of computer hard drives. There is also interest in assisting the staff in unionizing. The name of the Service Employees International has been proposed as a possible organizer. AAUP will also continue to support KVNO at the present level. Janet West received her second national award from the Collective Bargaining Congress (the only person to have won it twice). Sandra Squires, who is president-elect, attended the AAUP Summer Institute at the University of New Mexico.

C. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Professor Fruhling reported that at the August 2003 meeting a representative from Central Administration spoke on the University of Nebraska marketing efforts. Also discussed were upcoming events and fundraisers.

D. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Garver reported the committee met in August and divided into subcommittees to clarify the Strategic Plan.

VII. Old Business:

A. Update on Priorities Planning: Senator Sadlek reported that preliminary work was done at the Retreat. Answers to key questions were summarized and recorded. A Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee will be formed to work on Prioritization Review.

B. Three names will be forwarded to the Strategic Planning Committee (Becky Morris) to help in its Review of Academic Priorities. President Sadlek announced that Senator Garver has agreed to serve, and the names of two others will be forthcoming.

C. Emeritus College: President Sadlek will also be forming an Ad Hoc Committee to look into an Emeritus College at UNO.

VIII. New Business:

A. President Sadlek charged the Faculty Personnel and Welfare Committee to look into threats against Faculty.

B. The annual Bell Tower Challenge is noon, October 15, 2003. President Sadlek asked that anyone interested in being on the Faculty Senate Team notify Sue Bishop.

IX. The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.