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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2003-2004 Senate


Wednesday, December 10, 2003 , Dodge Rooms, MBSC

Attendees: Akers, Allen, Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bennett, Bishop, Bramlett, J. Carroll, M. Carroll, D'Souza, Dickson, Garver, Helm, Kosloski, Krause, Latchaw, Lewis, Madsen, Mei, Metal-Corbin, Mitenko, Neathery-Castro, Ortman, Owens, Pasco, Sadlek, Schulte, Shuster, Simpson, Tixier y Vigil, Zigurs

Excused: Ritter, Shroder, Williams

Absent: Dando, Nazem, Pedersen, Shi, Smith

Senator Sadlek asked for a Moment of Silence for Olson and Pullen, recently deceased retired faculty members.

Guest Presentation: Chancellor Belck spoke on the budget, safety procedures on campus, the search for Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, and postponing for another year of the search for a dean for the College of Fine Arts. She mentioned two items coming up this weekend before the Board of Regents: the School of Communications and the Latina/Latino Major.

I.  Official Call To Order: Senator Sadlek called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

II.  Introduction of Guests: Senator Sadlek introduced the following guests.

A.  Gayle Roberts, President, Staff Advisory Council
B.   Becky Brown, University Relations

III.  Presentation and Approval of Minutes: The November 12, 2003, minutes were approved as submitted.

IV.  Officers' Reports

A.  President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported:

  1. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the UNO Administration met on November 19, 2003. The Executive Committee reported on the proposed Happy Hollow Trail resolution, the proposed Emeritus College, the progress of the Prioritization Committee, the discussion of administrative pay raises, the progress of the Faculty Handbook, and campus security issues. It was suggested that Vice Chancellor Buck give a presentation at the proposed forum on campus security to be sponsored by the Senate next term.
  2. The Chancellor acknowledged receipt of Resolutions 2697, 2700, 2702, 2704, 2705, 2706, 2707, 2708, 2709 sent for information and accepts Resolutions 2710, 2711, 2713, 2714, and 2715. Regarding Resolution 2712 (Preferential distribution of travel monies to non-tenured, tenure-track faculty for professional development), while the Chancellor accepts the intent of the resolution, she noted that Academic Affairs distributes all faculty travel money to the colleges, and therefore has no monies to distribute as recommended by this resolution. (See V-A for amended Resolution 2712)

B.  Vice President's Report: Senator Bacon reported:

The Chancellor's Council met November 13, 2003. Chancellor Belck reported from the President's Council that the budget is still up in the air but that health care benefits and costs would soon be addressed. LB 1102 authorizing a second bonding ($80M) will be introduced into the legislature. And the CPACS renovation remains the system's number one construction priority. Clair Fleener reported on UNO's participation in the ASCU-New York Times American Democracy Project which seeks to encourage undergraduate participation in public life. The NU Foundation has a website which permits the University community to access Foundation-managed funding opportunities and information about the Foundation's programs on the four campuses. Dean Reed delivered a report on the BGS restructuring. Approval of the School of Communications and the Latino/Latin American Studies major will be on the Regents' December agenda. The Office of Institutional Research reported that non-white enrollments at UNO are down but that we are working with Metro to address core requirement deficiencies which impede some of the potential students in question. Our tougher standards for admission by review, only 15% of this year's admissions, may also be a factor. Vice Chancellor Buck announced the inclement weather policy. And the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, co-sponsored by UNO, will receive the Governor's Arts Award

C.   Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Dickson reported the November 2003 budget.

V.   Executive Committee Report: Senator Bacon moved the following two resolutions for the Executive Committee and Cabinet and both passed:

A. To amend Resolution 2712, 11/12/03: Resolution Regarding Travel Monies:

Whereas the budgets are uncertain, and

Whereas professional travel and presentation of research results can be essential for non-tenured faculty to amass an adequate record to obtain professional recognition and tenure, and

Whereas a variety of travel monies are available at the department, college, and academic affairs level, therefore

Let it be resolved that non-tenured tenure-track faculty be given preference made a priority in travel monies for professional development.

B. Resolution 2716, 12/10/03 (Computer Privacy Issues):

Be it resolved that the UNO Faculty Senate accept the invitation of the UNO AAUP to join it in presenting a forum on computer privacy issues, and

Be it further resolved that the UNO Faculty Senate will contribute $100.00 to help sponsor the forum.

VI  Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Dickson reported the committee met on November 24, 2003. Committee Members present were Chris Dando, Laura Dickson, Laura Schulte, Bob Shuster, Ilze Zigurs. With Jean Phillips, Assistant Director of Scholarships in the Financial Aid Office, the committee discussed listing scholarships for Undergraduate students on their Web page. While Financial Aid plans to list scholarships administered by the FA office as time allows, they do not plan to try to list the many scholarships offered that they do not administer directly. Ilze Zigurs reported on her conversation with Wade Robinson regarding concerns about privacy issues and identity theft due to use of social security numbers in the SIS System. While the University is concerned about security, they feel they are doing as much as they can to protect users. Changing the current system would be extremely costly. This part of the system is password protected and users must sign a security document before gaining access. UNO is compliant with legal requirements. UNO is looking at changing the SIS system in the future, but that is likely years away. The committee also briefly discussed our plans to advertise the Paul Beck scholarship in the Spring.

B.   Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator D'Souza reported the committee met November 19, 2003. Those present were Henry D'Souza, David Helm, Wai-ning Mei, and Graham Mitenko. Senators Mitenko and Helm suggested that we need to find frequent and effective ways of exposing students to the code of conduct. They will further study this issue and make specific recommendations. Matters on tenure review should be resolved through annual reviews and UNO post-tenure review procedures explained in the following link to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs web page, Regarding the departmental good citizenship matters the Committee urges the aggrieved individuals to handle it within the department/college/university grievance committees, or Academic Freedom and Tenure Committees or the Ombudsman's office. The increasing cost of health care is a nationwide issue and there are no easy answers. The Committee is gathering more information on this issue.

C.   Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Simpson reported that the Committee will meet on December 17, 2003 to finish its work on the new Faculty Handbook.

D.   Committee on Professional Development: Senator Metal-Corbin reported for Senator Nazem that the committee met with Mary Laura Farnham, Director of Sponsored Programs, and Vice Chancellor Christensen regarding unifying all Faculty Development programs under one umbrella.

E.   Committee on Rules: Senator Tixier y Vigil reported:

1.   The Rules Committee met on November 25, 2003. Members present were Yvonne Tixier y Vigil and Michael Carroll. The members began a review of section II of the Faculty Handbook, making changes in the current handbook. Most of the updating will be effected through internet links to relevant subsections, although some text may remain beyond the section II outline of table of contents. Members also expressed concern that too often junior faculty are overburdened with service assignments, with the consequence of slowing their progress in pursuing a consistent and timely research agenda. The committee urges the Senate to remind colleges and departments of the importance of maintaining a service load that does not impede progress with professional development in teaching and especially research. The committee also urges the Senate to be mindful of the demands upon junior faculty with new class preparations and course loads along with research activity and thus not overburden them with committee activity within the Senate.

2. Senator Tixier y Vigil also moved the following resolution for the Committee and it passed:

Resolution 2717, 12/10/03 (Regarding OTICA Nominee):

Be it resolved, that the following name be forwarded to Interim Vice Chancellor Christensen as a nominee to fill one two-year appointment (through 7/31/05) as the UNO representative on the Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creative Activity Award (OTICA) Selection Committee:

Harmon Maher.

Provost Noren will make the final selection.

VII.  Faculty Senate Advisory Committee Reports

A.   Emeritus College Committee: Senator Metal-Corbin reported the committee is meeting regularly and they are continuing to discuss the breakfast in March for faculty age 55 and over, and retired faculty.

VIII.  Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.   Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Asst. Prof. Fruhling reported the Alumni Board met on November 13. New board members will be elected at the annual meeting on December 16. The committee members felt the Forum went extremely well and they plan to reconvene the alumni leadership for the four campuses next October in Lincoln.

B. Graduate Council: Senator Lewis reported that the meeting was postponed until January.

C.   Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Garver reported the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) met on Dec 3, 2003, to discuss the results of the campus-wide "Strategic Advance" held on Friday, November 14, and to coordinate the work of Standing Committees whose tasks include making suggestions to clarify or modify UNO's Strategic Plan. Senator Garver was one of four SPSC members to attend an SPSC get together on Friday, December 5.

IX.  New Business

A.   Senator Sadlek charged the Goals & Direction Committee to consult with UNO administration to aid and encourage UNO staff to develop a minority recruiting plan. The strategy should be pro-active.

B.  Senator Wally Bacon was then nominated for President-Elect and was elected by acclamation.

X.   The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.