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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2003-2004 Senate Minutes

Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 2:00 p.m., MBSC Dodge Room

Attendees: Akers, Allen, Bacon, Bishop, Bramlett, J. Carroll, M. Carroll, Dando, D'Souza, Garver, Helm, Kosloski, Latchaw, Lewis, Madsen, Mei, Mitenko, Nazem, Ortman, Owens, Pasco, Pedersen, Sadlek, Schulte, Shroder, Shuster, Simpson, Smith, Tixier y Vigil, Williams, Zigurs

Excused: Bennett, Dickson, Krause, Metal-Corbin, Neathery-Castro

Absent: Benjamin-Alvarado, Ritter, Shi

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m.

II. The following were welcomed:

    A Guests

      • University Relations: Tim Kaldahl
      • Graduate College Dean: Tom Bragg

B. Newly elected members (from Arts & Sciences):

      • Frank Bramlett
      • Robert Smith

III The minutes of October 8, 2003 were approved as written.

IV Officers' Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Sadlek

    1. The Executive Committee and Administration Meeting was held October 15, 2003. It was announced that former OPS principal Jim Freeman would become the Interim Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs for a term of six months. The Chancellor also announced that a new operational team, chaired by Interim Dean Robert Welk, is being created to move the process forward on the proposed new college of Fine Arts, Communication, and Radio/TV. The team will be especially focused on issue of budget and governance and will report back directly to the Chancellor. Assistant to the Vice Chancellor Sheri Rogers reported on the Millard Dual Enrollment Program.

    2. The Board of Regents met on October 17, 2003. Three committee meetings were held in the morning. The regents heard an up-date on the University of Nebraska Biosecurity Center, a review of the substantial growth and sophisticated improvements to the Nebraska Educational Telecommunications digital network, and a report on gender equity issues covering all four campuses. President Smith gave his State of the University address. There was a change in the Regents' Bylaws in the language regarding the board's patent and technology policies and approval of plans for the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation to build a second business and technology building on the South campus right next to the first. Additional land was also set aside for future parking needs. Among other business was a Headcount Enrollment Report for the fall semester and selection of the members of the Presidential Advisory Search Committee. Representatives from UNO will be B.J. Reed and Ethel Williams.

    3. The Board of Regents held an Emergency Meeting (by teleconference) on October 31, 2003, to approve an official list of qualifications for President of the system and to approve a search firm to manage the recruitment.

B. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Sadlek submitted the October 2003 budget report for Senator Dickson.

V. Executive Committee Report: Senator Bacon

A The Chancellor has reviewed the resolutions passed on October 9. She has accepted resolutions: 2698, 2699, 2701, 2702, 2703. She acknowledges as received, resolution 2700.

B. The A&S Senators caucused directly after the October 8, 2003, meeting to elect two replacement senators. The results: Franklin Bramlett, to replace James Carroll, and Robert Smith, to replace Boyd Littrell.

C Senator Bacon moved the following in turn. All passed without dissent.

1. To amend Resolution 2700 as follows:

      Resolution 2700, 10/08/03 (Timely Consultation with the Faculty Senate by Administration):

      WHEREAS the Faculty Senate is the representative body at UNO serving academic interests, and bypassing this institution undermines the respect and consideration of the faculty, and

      WHEREAS the Faculty Senate has expressed discontent in the past with the administration's failure to consult in a timely manner with the Faculty Senate before significant academic initiatives are implemented, notably in Resolution 2432 (UNOmaha China program), and

      WHEREAS the "Pilot Pre-K-16 initiative Dual-Enrollment Interlocal Agreement with Millard Public Schools" was approved by the Board of Regents at the August 9, 2003, meeting, 11 days before the Faculty Senate was informed of the initiative, only one week after the President was informed of the initiative.

      THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate respectfully requests that it be kept fully informed by the administration both concerning generalities and details of the contract as it takes shape; and that the Faculty Senate be consulted in those matters contained in the contract and its implementation over which the faculty normally has governance prerogatives.

2. Resolution 2704 (11/12/2003), Appoint Chair of Committee for Rules:

BE IT RESOLVED that according to the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska, Article VI, Section 5.6, the 2003-2004 senate president appoints the following two members of the Committee for Rules to share the position of Chair for the remainder of this Senate year:

Yvonne Tixier y Vigil (for Fall 2003)
Michael Carroll (for Spring 2004).

3. Resolution 2705, (11/12/2003), Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON) Representative:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the senate president appoints the following senator to be the senate representative for a one year appointment, through 05/5/04, to the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON):

Beth Ritter.

4. Resolution 2706, (11/12/2003), Committee on Goals and Directions Representative to the SPSC:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the senate president appoints the following member of the Committee on Goals and Directions as the senate representative for a one year appointment from 5/14/03 through 05/12/004, to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee:

Bruce Garver (reappointed),

AND BE IT RESOLVED that the following three names be forwarded to the Strategic Planning Committee (Becky Morris) to help in its Review of Academic Priorities:

      Bruce Garver
      James Carroll
      Ann Coyne.

5. Resolution 2707, (11/12/2003), Boyd Littrell:

WHEREAS Professor Boyd Littrell has served with distinction on the Faculty Senate since May 2001,

WHEREAS Professor Littrell led the Committee on Rules with effectiveness and good humor since May 2002,

WHEREAS, by virtue of his position of Chair of the Rules Committee, Professor Littrell also served on the Senate Executive Committee and there often contributed important insights based on his vast institutional knowledge to the discussion of issues at hand,

WHEREAS he represents the finest traditions of UNO in scholarship, teaching, and service, all of which he has brought to the Senate,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the UNO Faculty Senate expresses its sincere gratitude for Professor Littrell's service and wishes him every success in his new activities and challenges.

6. Resolution 2708, (11/12/2003), Vice Chancellor Gary Carrico:

WHEREAS, Gary L Carrico has devoted 30 years of service to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, most recently as Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, and

WHEREAS the community has benefitted from Mr. Carrico's diligence and expertise,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha thanks Mr. Carrico for his years of service and wishes him a satisfying and restful retirement.

7 Resolution 2709, (11/12/2003), Vice Chancellor Mary Mudd:

WHEREAS, Dr. Mary A. Mudd has devoted 32 years of service to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, most recently as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and

WHEREAS, students and their well being have always been the focus of her activities which have benefitted the entire community,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha thanks Dr. Mudd for her service and wishes her a satisfying and restful retirement.

Framed copies of the last two resolutions will be presented to both Vice Chancellor Carrico and Vice Chancellor Mudd in December.

D. Report on Salary Increases for Administrators

During her visit with the Executive Committee and Cabinet Chancellor Belck addressed concerns raised by staff and faculty about the 9.4% increase in Vice Chancellor Buck's salary. The concern was articulated in the context of the staff's 1.75% increase and the faculty's negotiated 3%/year increase. Chancellor Belck explained that, as a result of her administrative restructuring and the combining of Dr. Buck's job with that of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, he had the additional responsibility for $25.5 million and for 356 employees. Other administrators had received similar or proportionately greater increases for the same reasons (e.g., Wade Robinson and Rita Henry). Of the $900,000 in administrative savings, only $57,000 was spent on these salary increases. The University maintains a smaller administrative infrastructure than other institutions our size.

VI Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator Akers reported for Senator Neathery-Castro that the committee began a list of possible nominees for the Order of the Tower and the Chancellor's Medal. Senator Akers also moved the following two resolutions on behalf of the committee:

1. Resolution 2710, 11/12/03: Resolution Regarding the B.S. Degree in Sociology, emphasis in Organizational Sociology:

WHEREAS, the B.S. degree in sociology, emphasis in Organizational Sociology, has the potential of being high quality,

WHEREAS, the program requires no new resources and reflects the goals of the University in meeting the needs of its graduates

BE IT RESOLVED we recommend the approval of the B.S. in sociology, emphasis in Organizational Sociology, degree.

The motion passed as amended.

2. Resolution 2711, 11/12/03: Resolution Regarding the B.S. in Bioinformatics:

WHEREAS, the B.S. in Bioinformatics being offered jointly by the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Information Science and Technology will meet the needs of an expanding science.

WHEREAS, the need for bioinformatics is a reflection of the radical changes that biological sciences have undergone over the last decade.

HOWEVER, the committee has concern about the availability of ongoing resources after the initial grant support being used for starting the program is possibly no longer available.

BE IT RESOLVED we recommend the approval of the B.S. in Bioinformatics.

The motion passed.

B. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Shuster reviewed Senator Dickson's report. The meeting was held October 29, 2003. Committee Members Present were Chris Dando, Laura Dickson, Laura Schulte, Bob Shuster, Ilze Zigurs. The committee decided not to recommend changing the name of the Paul Beck Scholarship and hope to have the announcement about the application process ready before the end of the semester. Regarding SIS/Identity Theft, Senator Zigurs will attend the next ITS Advisory Committee meeting. The committee is working on a list on the web with UNO/Nebraska based scholarships, etc. for undergraduate students. Discussion was postponed of a complaint implementation of the Lotus notes upgrade. Becky Pasco was appointed to the Distance Education Advisory Council. A copy of an updated draft of the Faculty Handbook section will be sent to the Faculty Senate office before the next Faculty Senate meeting. Concern over the Fall schedule and the loss of two Monday nights to Holiday and Vacation was postponed for now.

C. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator D'Souza reported on the meeting of October 29, 2003. Present were Natalie Bennett, Henry D'Souza, David Helm, Wai-ning Mei, and Graham Mitenko. Guests: Professor Mike O'Hara, Mr. Stan Schleifer and Paul Kosel. Paul Kosel, Asst. Manager of Security and Traffic at UNO, outlined procedures when there are threats to the faculty.

D. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Simpson reported that the committee is still considering the Happy Hollow Trail and working on the Faculty Handbook.

E. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Nazem reported on the meeting held on October 10, 2003. Members Present: Metal-Corbin, Nazem (Chair), Ritter, Smith and Shroder. The items discussed were: travel money for non-tenured faculty, mentoring new faculty members, post-tenure review, status of UCR and UCAT and funding status for these units, and Chaired Professorships. On behalf of the Committee Senator Nazem moved the following which passed:

Resolution 2712: Resolution Regarding Travel Monies:

Whereas the budgets are uncertain, and

Whereas professional travel and presentation of research results can be essential for non-tenured faculty to amass an adequate record to obtain professional recognition and tenure, and

Whereas a variety of travel monies are available at the department, college, and academic affairs level, therefore

Let it be resolved that non-tenured tenure-track faculty be given preference in travel monies for professional development.

F Committee on Rules: Senator Tixier y Vigil reported the committee met on October 22, 2003. On behalf of the Rules Committee Senator Tixier y Vigil moved the following, all were passed:

1. Correction to Resolution 2702, 10/08/03 (Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee Election Results):

....... AND, the following non-tenured faculty member serve a three-year term from October 16, 2003, through October 15, 2006, on the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee:

Elaine Lahue Carey Ryan (to replace Janice Collins)

2. Addition to Resolution 2687 - Add Two Names to VC Academic and Student Affairs Search Committee:

BE IT RESOLVED, that, added to the list of the following faculty,

Theresa Barron-McKeagney, Social Work, CPACS
Richard File, Accounting, CBA
Maria Arbelaez, History, A&S
Carol Mitchell, Teacher Administration, ED
John Hill, Spec Ed Comm Disorders, ED

previously recommended (R 2687, 07/02/03) for service on the Search Committee for the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, have been:

Nora Bacon (A&S)
Philip Craiger (IS&T).

3. Completion of Resolution 2697: University Committee for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward for a three-year term (July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006) to the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT):

    Carol Mitchell (ED)
    Ann Fruhling (IS&T)
    Darryll Lewis (CBA).

4. Resolution 2714, 11/12/03: Appointment to Judicial Committee:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year reappointments to the Judicial Committee, from 08/01/03 through 7/31/06:

    James Carroll
    Jayaram Betanabhatla
    Robin Ogle
    Lotfollah Najjar.

5. Resolution 2715, 11/12/03: Appointment to University Committee on Technology Resources & Services:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following names go forward as three-year appointments from 08/01/03 through 07/31/06, to the University Committee on Technology Resources & Services:

    Carey Ryan (to replace Karen Hein)
    Juliette Parnell (to replace Kenton Bales)

And to appoint a replacement for William Clute who resigned from the committee:

    Ann Fruhling. (to complete term ending 7/31/2004)

6. Resolution 2716, 11/12/03: Appointment to University Committee on Student Affairs:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following name go forward as a three-year appointment from August 1, 2003, through July 30, 2006, to the University Committee on Student Affairs:

    Harrison Means (to replace Barbara Simcoe).

VII Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee Reports

A. Emeritus College Committee: Senator Sadlek reported for Professor Cederblom. The Emeritus College committee has met twice, and representatives of our committee have met with, or have scheduled meetings with, BJ Reed, John Christensen, and Nancy Belck to share ideas and solicit support for an Emeritus College. The Committee is formulating a three-stage plan: 1) Forming an Emeritus College, 2) Obtaining temporary space to occupy, 3) Obtaining long-term space to occupy. An organizational breakfast meeting is tentatively scheduled in late March. All retired faculty and current faculty who are 55 or older would be invited to the organizational meeting, at which an Organizing Committee would be formed.

B. Prioritization Committee: Professors J. Carroll, Garver, and Coyne. The committee will hold its first meeting on November 13, 2003.

VIII Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON): Senator Sadlek reported for Senator Ritter that the AFCON Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 2003.

B. Academic Planning Council: Senator E. Williams reported the Academic Planning Council met on Thursday October 23. The brief meeting discussed departmental recommendations for external members for the Review Teams and departmental audit indicators. External members will be selected by Dr. Farr along with the Review Team chairs prior to the next Academic Planning Council meeting. Team members from UNO will also be selected. Programs reviews for the six programs, Art, Music, Theater, Writers Workshop, English, and Foreign Languages will be scheduled for February 2004.

B. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Senator Sadlek reported for Prof. Fruhling that a forum was held entitled "The Importance of Higher Education in Nebraska." Also discussed were the cooperative efforts between the alumni associations.

C. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator D'Souza reported that on November 4, UNO AAUP chapter president, David Corbin and Roger Davis, NSEA president at UNK, at the invitation of the UNL Academic Senate answered questions about collective bargaining at their respective campuses. The session lasted about an hour. A forum on privacy issues related to computers and email is also planned. In addition to AAUP's monthly meet and confer with UNO administration, a special meet and confer with Central Administration representatives was held on November 6 to discuss the changes in health benefits. At the State AAUP meeting and dinner Nov. 14, there will be a panel discussion on L.B. 775.

D. Graduate Council: Senator Lewis reported that an advance list of fall graduates has been approved, the size of the Graduate Council has been reduced, and membership of the Graduate College will be determined by each college.

E. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Garver reported on the meeting held October 22, 2003. The principal topics of discussion were the agenda and the means of preparation for the November 14, 2003, "Strategic Advance."

IX. New Business:

Senator Sadlek reminded all Senators that December is the month to elect a President-Elect, and to please start thinking about nominations.

X The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.