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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate


2002-2003 Senate


Wednesday, April 9, 2003, 2 pm, MBSC Dodge Rooms
Attendees: Akers, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bishop, Blair, Carlson, J. Carroll, M. Carroll, Dickson, Dufner, Garver, Kosloski, Krause, Kwak, Latchaw, Littrell, Metal-Corbin, Nazem, Neathery-Castro, O'Connell, Ritter, Sadlek, Simpson, Schulte, Shuster, Smallwood, Valle, Vincik, Wolcott

Excused: Allen, Bacon, Bennett, D'Souza, Lewis, Mei, Williams

Absent: Leavitt, Lin, Madsen, Pedersen, Tixier y Vigil

I. Official Call To Order: After presentations from Jonathan Croskey, Student Leader, on Homelessness and the Service Learning Academy; and Stan Schleifer, Manager, Support Services, on UNO Emergency Planning/Crisis Management, Senator Sadlek called the meeting to order at 2:20 p.m.

II. The March 2003 minutes were approved as written.

III. Officers Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported on the following:

1. Chancellor's Council Meeting of March 27, 2003

The meeting opened with a general discussion of the on-going budget reduction process. The second public announcement of cuts (Phase II) would take place on April 16th. The progress of the color-coded teams, especially with respect to identifying savings, was mixed. There have been no reports of harassment related to the Iraq War of UNO's foreign students, and, to date, there have been 931 new applications or renewals for University Village, Scott Village, and Scott Hall. The conclusion is that we will have adequate housing for demand but that we will also have full residence halls in the fall. The US Post Office has decided that the new buildings in Scott Village will be identified by letters (A,B,C, etc.). Enrollment for the fall of 2003 at UNO is running about 1% ahead of fall 2002 in the number of freshman students admitted, and a significant growth in the number of transfer students admitted for fall 2003. Honors Week will take place April 6th through April 11. UNO is currently in negotiation with Crossroads Mall for the use of all but one floor of their parking garage for UNO students. If the deal goes through, a shuttle service will be available between Crossroads Mall and UNO. Parking fees will definitely increase during the next academic year but remain considerably lower than parking fees at UNL. There will be no parking fee charged for the use of the garage at Crossroads. The Board of Regents will hold their annual UNO campus visit on April 25, 2003.

2. NU Chancellor L. Dennis Smith and Provost Jones' Meeting with the Four NU Faculty Senate Presidents meeting of March 25, 2003:

The purpose of this meeting was for VP Robak to share aspects of the long-term UN plan to win increased state support for higher education with "Listening Sessions" to be held across the state. The target audiences will be ordinary Nebraska citizens who have an interest in university matters. The goal will be to inform the public and to counter the limited and sometimes negative coverage of the university by the local media. Faculty can really help the current budget crisis by having regular contact with their representatives in the Unicameral concerning university issues. Faculty can also help by participating in the joint lobbying effort organized for April 28th. The Faculty Senate Presidents agreed that they will certainly add their own voices to this lobbying effort.

3. Executive Committee and Administration Meeting: March 28, 2003

The Administration received resolutions 2662, 2663, and 2665. Resolution 2664, concerning the creation of a record on repeat offenders of academic integrity, was approved by the Administration. The Phase II portion of the budget cuts will be made public on April 16, 2003. The Executive Committee and Cabinet will meet with the Administration on April 11, 2003, to preview and offer faculty feedback on these cuts. The Administration believes that it would be helpful for the Faculty Senate and the Student Senate to collaborate on a resolution regarding tuition increases. The Executive Committee and Cabinet discussed this possibility. President Sadlek was to contact Regent and Student Body President Bilek to discuss the possibility further. The Board of Regents will be making a decision on tuition increases at their meetings of June 6th and 7th.

B. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Williams submitted the March 2003 budget report.

IV. Standing Committee Reports

A. Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Dickson

    The committee meeting was held March 26, 2003. Those present were Laura Dickson, Bonnie O'Connell, Laura Schulte, Andrew Smallwood, Bob Shuster, & Peter Wolcott. Discussions were held on: ways of getting feedback from the membership on the Paul Beck Scholarship, Serials Issues Colloquium, tuition break/scholarships for Iowa students, SIS access, and the Distance Education Advisory Council meeting.

B. Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare: Senator D'Souza

The meeting was held Wednesday, March 26, 2003. Those present were Bennett, Carlson, D'Souza, Mei. Those excused were Lin, Kwak. Senator Bennett suggested that the committee undertake a study of the tenure and promotion policies in other colleges. Senator Bennett will study the policies in the College of Business, Senator Carlson will study College of Education and College of Fine Arts, Senator Mei agreed to study IS&T and Senator D'Souza, CPACS.

C. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Garver

The committee met on March 26. Present were: Chris Allen, Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Bruce Garver, Karl Kosloski, and Angela Valle. Guests were faculty members from the UNO Library: Janice Boyer (Dean), Greg Goessman (Science Reference Librarian), Robert Nash (Collection Development Librarian), John Reidelbach (Chairperson of Collections Management), and Dorothy Willis (Chair person of Public Service). The committee encouraged all departments and schools to assist UNO's admissions staff to the greatest degree possible in the recruitment of undergraduate majors and graduate students, working with local high school counselors and with teachers in comparable disciplines. The UNO Library is now sharing the costs of purchasing some electronic library resources with Love Library at UNL and with the Library at UNMC. The UNO library now "participates in joint purchasing of resources with other campuses or consortia when it is advantageous to do so for our faculty and students." A team of three library faculty members has been formed to review and negotiate license agreements before they are signed by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance for UNO. UN-L's Love Library has initiated a process of prioritizing serials acquisition "in order to provide the most essential collection of high priority journals," and UNO librarians have begun discussion of a similar prioritization process at UNO which may be started in the fall 2003 semester. Interlibrary loan services at the UNO Library will soon be enhanced by the addition of electronic access to articles. The five librarians suggested that faculty members should become more receptive to having the UNO Library cancel subscriptions to periodical titles held at either the UNL or UNMC libraries, recommended that UNO faculty members better inform themselves of the principal issues involved in publishing scholarly journals and monographs and to become aware of the influence that faculty members may exert upon publishers to facilitate cost-effective publication and distribution of scholarly works. They further suggested that UNO faculty members "consult the resources provided by the speakers at the recent library sponsored program on scholarly communication."

D. Committee on Professional Development: Senator Blair

The meeting took place on March 26, 2003. Those in attendance were Senators Robert Blair, Josie Metal-Corbin, Keith Pedersen, Beth Ritter, Harvey Leavitt. The Committee discussed a proposal from a faculty member, Ms. Barbara Weitz, concerning faculty raises. After much discussion it was decided that no action would be taken on Ms. Weitz's proposal. The Committee also heard a report from Senator Ritter on existing mentoring programs for tenure-track faculty. After discussing the projected impacts the pending budget cuts will have on a number of professional development services in coming months, including Teaching Circles, UCAT, UCR, and Service Learning Academy, and other programs and activities of the Center for Faculty Development the Committee submitted the following Resolution:

Resolution 2666, 04/09/03: Impact of Reduction of Professional Development

WHEREAS the number of retirements of faculty at UNO will likely increase in the coming years, and;

WHEREAS there will be a significant influx of new faculty in need of professional development programs, and;

WHEREAS the projected budget reductions will severely limit the ability of new and tenure-track faculty to receive professional development services, and

WHEREAS there will be significant and potentially detrimental consequences resulting from the elimination of faculty development services, especially to tenure track faculty;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Faculty Senate of UNO supports the principle that the provision of professional development services to faculty is important to maintaining quality higher education, and should be a priority to the Administration.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Administration of UNO takes all measures possible to provide professional development services to all faculty, with special emphasis on tenure-track faculty.

The motion was amended and carried.

E. Committee on Rules: Senator Littrell

1. The Faculty Senate Rules Committee met on March 26 to begin the review of campus wide committee assignments, entailing an audit of current committee memberships to determine expiration dates of current terms. Further, a review of gender composition on the committees and the balance of membership by college was conducted. Tentative committee assignments were prepared for about one third of the committees. Some shifting may occur to create balance by gender and home college. Letters and e-mails were sent to the entire faculty requesting information about committee assignments. Approximately 45 responses from the faculty, reflecting interest in about 60 committee assignments, have been received. An e-mail letter was also sent to new senators requesting their committee preferences.

2.For the Committee on Rules Senator Littrell moved the following resolution concerning appointments to the Kayser Professorship Selection Committee:

Resolution 2667, 04/09/03: Kayser Professorship Selection Committee

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following two names go forward as appointments to the Kayser Professorship Selection Committee:

Cassia Spohn (Criminal Justice)
Doug Paterson (Theatre).

The motion passed.

V Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Planning Council: Senator E. Williams reported that the Academic Planning Council has conducted three program reviews this year - Chemistry, Geography/Geology, and Physics. All reviews were completed in February and the final reports have been submitted. A debriefing of the programs and the findings was held on March 14. The work for the Academic Planning Council is completed for this academic year.

B. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Senator Blair reported

1. February 18, 2003. There were presentations by the UNO Athletic Department describing the marketing strategy to be employed for the new arena and the UNO hockey program, and University of Nebraska Director of Governmental Relations on the status of the budget and the work of the Unicameral.

2. March 18, 2003. There were presentations by Jim Welch, Milo Bail Student Center Director, discussing activities, renovations and plans for the "living room" of the University; and by Robert Blair, Faculty Senate Liaison, outlining the Faculty Senate's involvement with the Chancellor's Office on budget reduction. The Chancellor also commented on the budget reduction process and the work of the Faculty Senate.

C. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator O'Connell reported the Spring Dinner Meeting was held March 28, and another chapter meting will be held April 17th. Three Step One Grievances have been filed.

D. Strategic Planning Steering Committee: Senator Garver reported the meeting was held on March 26. Chancellor Nancy Belck spoke on the need to maintain faculty and staff involvement in strategic planning despite the fact that projected budgets continue to preoccupy most faculty and staff members. The larger part of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of standing committees' recommendations on the revision of UNO's principal strategic goals. It was recommended that Dr. Janice Boyer, or her designated representative, be added to the membership of the SPSC. Most of the April meeting will be dedicated to making final arrangement for the campus-wide "Strategic Advance" scheduled for May 12th.

VI New Business

A. Resolution 2668, 04/09/03: Gratitude for Senator Bragg's Service

On Behalf of the Executive Committee Senator Sadlek moved the following:

WHEREAS Professor Thomas Bragg served with distinction on the UNO Faculty Senate from May 2001 through February 2003,

WHEREAS Professor Bragg held the position of Senate Vice-President from May 2002 through February 2003, and in this position shared his leadership, uncommon vision, unfailing tact, indefatigable initiative with the UNO faculty during a period of exceptionally difficult university circumstances,

WHEREAS Professor Bragg was called to serve UNO as Dean of Graduate Studies, beginning in March 2003,

BE IT THERE FORE RESOLVED that the UNO Faculty Senate expresses its sincerest gratitude for Professor Bragg's service to the Senate and wishes him every success in his new leadership role.

Motion carried.

B. President Sadlek charged the Goals and Directions Committee with reviewing Prioritization. Senator Garver, chair, agreed that the committee would start research on the subject and have a report for the May Senate meeting.

VII The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.