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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2002-2003 Senate


Wednesday, January 15, 2003, 2:15 pm, MBSC Dodge Rooms

Attendees: Akers, Allen, N. Bacon, W. Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bennett, Bishop, Blair, Bragg, Carlson, J. Carroll, M. Carroll, D'Souza, Dickson, Dufner, Garver, Kosloski, Krause, Kwak, Latchaw, Lin, Littrell, Madsen, Mei, Nazem, Neathery-Castro, Pedersen, O'Connell, Ritter, Sadlek, Simpson, Schulte, Smallwood, Tixier y Vigil, Williams, Wolcott

Excused: Leavitt, Metal-Corbin, Valle

Absent: Lewis

I. Senator Sadlek called the meeting to order at 2:15

II. Senator Sadlek welcomed one guest, Becky Brown, from University Relations.

III. The minutes of the December 11, 2002 minutes were approved as submitted.

IV. Officers Reports

A. President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported on the following:

      1. The Board of Regents met on December 13-14, 2002. International Education and University Fund Accounting were the two subjects presented at the Friday afternoon Committee meetings. At the Saturday BOR meeting it was reported that the state and the university are working together closely to make major contributions to homeland security, both on national and state levels. The regents also extended President Smith's contract for one semester, until 30 June 2004. The Regents decided to postpone their decision on extending the contract for Pinnacle Sports to have exclusive rights to cover Husker football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball, in order to give other broadcast organizations the opportunity to submit competing bids. The last item was a request that the BOR consider offering domestic partner benefits to the University of Nebraska faculty and staff. No action was taken because there was no official motion on the floor.

    B. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Williams reported the December 2002 budget.

VI. Executive Committee Report:

    1. On Behalf of the Executive Committee and Cabinet Senator Bragg moved the following:

    Resolution 2658, 01/15/03: (Executive Committee and Cabinet) Appreciation to Professor Johnson:

    WHEREAS Professor G. Vaughn Johnson has meritoriously served the University of Nebraska at Omaha Faculty Senate in numerous capacities, most recently as chair of the Committee of Faculty Personnel & Welfare, and,

    WHEREAS Professor Johnson has retired from the University and must resign his Senate seat, and

    WHEREAS his insightful observations have enriched numerous senate meetings and discussions; therefore,

    BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate thanks Professor Johnson for his outstanding service to the faculty and wishes him well.

Motion carried.

2. Senator Wikil Kwak will complete Senator Johnson's term.

3. Senator Bragg announced the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of himself and Senators Bacon, Sadlek, and Williams. This committee will be looking ahead to the probability of more budget cuts and make a report by the March 2003 Faculty Senate meeting.

VII. There were no Standing Committee reports.

VIII. Non-Senate Committee Reports

A. Academic Planning Council: Senator E. Williams reported that the departments identified for academic program review by the Academic Planning Council, and the scheduled dates are:

      Chemistry - February 13-14

      Geography/Geology - February 24-25

      Physics - February 24-25

B. American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Senator O'Connell reported that the contract will go to arbitration.

IX. The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.