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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2002-2003 Executive Committee & Cabinet


Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 2:00 p.m., RH 414

Attendees: N. Bacon, Bishop, Blair, Bragg, Dickson, Garver, Hodgson, Johnson, Littrell, Sadlek, Williams,

Excused: W. Bacon, J. Carroll

  1. Presentations began at 2:05 pm. Both guests were excused after their presentations.

    1. Professor Richard Duggin of Writer's Workshop reported on the proposed MFA in Creative Writing.

    2. Vice Chancellor Derek Hodgson enlisted support for the proposed PhD in Information Technology. He answered questions regarding the program.

  2. The meeting was officially called to order at 2:45 pm.

  3. The minutes of the June 12, 2002 and June 26, 2002 meetings were approved as written.

  4. Officers Reports

    1. President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported on the following:

      1. At the Executive Committee and Administration of June 19, 2002, VC John Farr reported on the success rates of transfer students from community colleges in English 1160 and Math 1320. Chancellor Nancy Belck and VC Gary Carrico gave an up-date on the up-coming budget shortfall. A report from President Smith outlined six areas in which he thought restructuring could take place. Chancellor Belck asked the Faculty Senate at UNO for advice on the budget cuts. Since the chancellors are to report to President Smith on their plans to implement the cuts by September 30, 2002, the chancellor asked for any report to be given to her by August 30, 2002.

      2. At the Chancellor's Council meeting of June 27, 2002, the best forecasts for the budget crisis are still suggesting that the state budget shortfall will come in at around $200 million. Chancellor Belck and Dean Gouttierre gave an up-date on the Shanghai Program. The program will be in the "Phase Out" mode for the next year. UNO's enrollments remain very healthy. In 2002, UNO has so far admitted 4,715 students (on all levels), which puts the university approximately 300 admissions ahead of last year's figure.

      3. Senator Sadlek also reported on a meeting with AAUP Leadership on July 2, 2002. They discussed the budget crisis. The Administration did not ask to renegotiate the contract so the AAUP not directly involved.

      4. A meeting with other NU Senate Presidents and Executive Committees took place on July 9, 2002, at the Alumni Center on the UNO campus. The following five actions were agreed upon at that meeting: 1) In the spirit of shared governance, the faculty expects to play a role in the rebudgeting process resulting from the decrease in state tax revenues. (We are addressing the current situation not the process in general.) 2) Academic programs should have priority over other programs and if evaluated, should be done using objective clearly articulated criteria and standards unique to each campus. 3) The faculty is opposed to the elimination of any programs that are essential to the well-being of the state. 4) Personnel should be a priority over equipment and facilities to the extent possible given the various missions of the individual campuses. 5) The faculty aspires to make this the best university possible and will work with the university administration to accomplish this goal. Alt: The faculty will work with the university administration to continue to provide the best university possible.

This was a first draft of the principles. These principles will continue to be worked on and reworded.

1.Attached to the agenda was a report on VC Farr's study of success rates in English and Math of incoming college transfer students from selected institutions. The following shows the percentage of students from selected institutions receiving D, F, or W grades in English 1160/1164 and Math 1320 at UNO who had received A, B, or C grades in course prerequisite or equivalent, 1991-2001:

        Previous Institution D,F, W in English 1160/64 D,F, W in Math 1320
        Central CC 25.6%  
        IWCC 20.2% 57.9%
        MCC 26.2% 61.0%
        NECC 27.3%  
        SECC 22.2%  
        UNL 18.6% 56.7%
        UNK 22.0%  

    1. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Williams reported on the June 2002 budget

  1. Non-Senate Committee Reports

    1. Enrollment Management Steering Committee: Senator Sadlek reported that the projected final attendance of 2174 is up from next year. IS&T growth leveled off this year.

  2. Old Business:
    1. Resolution #2638, July 10, 2002: PhD in Information Technology

    Whereas the academic content of the PhD in Info Tech program has the potential of being high quality,

    Whereas we have been assured that the initial funding has been allocated, Whereas it is our understanding that the future increases in funding for this program will not come from reallocation of funds from other uno academic units. We recommend approval of the PhD in info tech program.

There were six votes for and two against. The motion passed.

    1. Resolution #2639, July 10, 2002: MFA in Creative Writing

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the proposal for the Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing, with the understanding that there will be no new faculty lines created and that all additional costs will be covered by surcharges to the students.

    The motion passed.

    2. Budget Crisis

1. Executive Memorandum #24: Definition of "Program" was discussed. The AAUP has a narrower definition. The committee questioned which policy or definition the new definition of program replaces.

2 There was discussion of the University Budget and whether the Faculty Senate should have a Standing Budget Committee. An Ad Hoc Committee, composed of Senators Littrell, Vaughn, and Blair, was formed. Senator Littrell will research other groups' budget committees. The need is to analyze changes from year to year.

      • Principles for Cuts: Senator Sadlek reported that only a few faculty members responded to his e-mail regarding the budget crisis. He feels that the Faculty Senate as a whole be asked to give advice. It was decided that a working draft be presented at the Faculty Senate retreat in August.

VII Due to the CBA Dean's office staff leaving for the day, the meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.