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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

2002-2003 Senate


Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 2:15 pm
Dodge Rooms, MBSC
Attendees: Akers, Allen, N. Bacon, W. Bacon, Benjamin-Alvarado, Bennett, Bishop, Blair, Bragg, Carlson, J. Carroll, M. Carroll, D'Souza, Dickson, Dufner, Garver, Johnson, Kosloski, Latchaw, Leavitt, Lewis, Littrell, Madsen, Metal-Corbin, Nazem, Neathery-Castro, Pedersen, Ritter, Sadlek, Simpson, Smallwood, Valle, Williams

Excused: Lin, Mei, Schulte, Wolcott

Absent: Krause, O'Connell, Tixier y Vigil

  1. Official Call To Order: Senator Sadlek called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm..

  2. Senator Sadlek introduced guest Becky Brown, University Relations

  3. Senator Sadlek asked for additions or corrections to the November 13, 2002, minutes The minutes were approved as submitted.

  4. Officers' Reports

    1. President's Report: Senator Sadlek reported on the following.

      1. Board of Regents meeting of November 8, 2002: The first committee meeting was focused exclusively on undergraduate research in the physical sciences, and research at UNO was represented by a faculty member from UNK, resulting in undergraduate research that did not appear to be very impressive. A second committee meeting concerned work done to establish a peer-group for the NU system, in order to help in establishing adequate compensation and a reasonable size of staffing for Central Administration personnel.

      2. Executive Committee and Administration meeting of November 20, 2002: Members of the Administration expressed their support of Resolution 2650, which asks the Board of Regents not to increase funding for Programs of Excellence during the biennium if the budget remains flat or should be cut. It was noted that the proposed biennial increase in funding for Programs of Excellence is $6,000,000, not $3,000,000. The resolution will be brought back to the Senate to make the revision. Copies of both a revised "UNO Reduction in Force, Supervisor's Guide" and Steve Kuss and David Kimble's letter to Chancellor Belck of 8 November 2002 were sent to all senators as a result of discussion of Resolution 2651.

      3. Chancellor's Council meeting of November 21: There was discussion of residence hall availability during the summers of 2003 and beyond. Assoc. Vice Chancellor John Fiene gave a presentation on security concerns of ITS and the Patriot Act. Due to terrorist concerns there will be tighter security in the UNO ITS campus offices. Special proximity cards will be needed to enter into sensitive ITS areas. Undergraduate retention is looking very good. The most recent 6-year graduation rate is 31.0% (for students entering UNO in 1996). And the most recent list of projects on the Six Year Capital Plan were presented.

      4. Senator Sadlek solicited comment on his report of the 2003-2004 Faculty Senate Representation by College before it was distributed to Deans for college elections.

    1. Secretary-Treasurer's Report: Senator Williams submitted the November 2002 Faculty Senate budget.

  1. Executive Committee Report: Senator Bragg moved to amend Resolution 2650 which was passed in November, 2002, by striking "($3,000,000) would threaten approximately 50" and inserting "($6,000,000) could cause the reallocation of approximately 100" in its place:

Resolution 2650, 11/13/2002: Funding for Programs of Excellence During 2003-2005 Biennium (Executive Committee)

WHEREAS the state budget continues to be in grave financial difficulty, and

WHEREAS 80% of UNO's budget is in Academic Affairs, and

WHEREAS the university thus faces the prospect of further cuts in faculty lines of non-prioritized programs, and

WHEREAS faculty in non-prioritized programs are just as essential to the well being of the full university curriculum as those in prioritized programs, and

WHEREAS increasing the extraordinary funding for Programs of Excellence is a worthy goal when appropriate state resources are available, but

WHEREAS the proposed increase in the funding for Programs of Excellence for the 2003-2005 biennium ($3,000,000) would threaten approximately 50 ($6,000,000) could cause the reallocation of approximately 100 NU faculty lines in essential non-prioritized programs,

BE IT RESOLVED that should the budget remain flat or be cut in the 2003-2005 biennium the UNO Faculty Senate strongly recommends to the Board of Regents that funding for Programs of Excellence not be increased during that time.

The motion passed.

  1. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs: Senator N. Bacon reported that the committee members N. Bacon, Neathery-Castro, Akers, Krause, and Latchaw met on November 20, 2002, with VC Hodgson in order to share concerns about budget cuts that have reduced academic support for under-prepared students and to learn the rational for the cuts from the vice chancellor's point of view. The committee will revisit the Mission of UNO, and UNO's relationship with Metro and other community colleges.

    2. Committee on Goals and Directions: Senator Garver reported that the committee did not meet during November 2002. Senators Allen, Simpson, and Garver attended the Strategic Advance held November 22. While this event facilitates cooperation between UNO faculty members, staff members, administrators and students in the identification and discussion of mutual goals, interests, and problems, Senate attendees were concerned that the discussions of some subgroups were somewhat sanitized as well as summarized by their subgroup leaders when these leaders gave their reports to the reassembled participants. There is still the problem of Strategic Planning Steering Committee meetings being held at the same time as the Faculty Senate meetings.

    3. Committee on Rules: On behalf of the Committee on Rules, Senator Littrell moved:

Resolution 2655, 12/11/2002: Election of Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee

WHEREAS, the results of the faculty-wide election for the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee have been tabulated, and the following individuals elected,

THEREFORE, be it resolved, that

Steven Williams replaces Bruce Chase (tenured faculty),
Carol Lloyd replaces David Helm (tenured faculty),
William Corcoran replaces Michael O'Hara (tenured faculty),

as members of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee for a three year term, October 16, 2002 through October 15, 2005, and

Elaine Lahue to complete Carol Ebdon's term (non-tenured faculty),

through October 15, 2004.

The motion passed.

  1. Non-Senate Committee Reports

    1. Alumni Association, Board of Directors: Senator Blair reported there was a regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors on November 19, 2002. Mr. Ed Bogard, of UNO's Facility Management office, gave a presentation on conserving energy on campus. Ms. Debbi Aliano, UNO Television, gave a presentation on the current production of "If These Walls Could Speak ...II." A new slate of officers were elected. Mr. Kevin Naylor is the new Chairman of the the Board. Mr. Stephen Bodner is the Chairman Elect. UNO Alumni Association will not take the lead in the popular ABC Speakers Program.

  2. Old Business:

    1. Habitat for Humanity: Senator Sadlek read Senator Schulte's report of the November 15, 2002, work session.

    2. Service Project at the Open Door Mission: Senator Sadlek also noted that toiletry items collected at today's meeting would be delivered to the appropriate office.

    3. Review of Committee Charges: Senator Sadlek asked all committees to look at their charges and see what needs there are, as this is the mid-point of the year.

  3. New Business

    1. The floor was opened for nominations. Senator Sadlek was nominated for a second term. There were no other nominations. With Senator Bragg presiding, the Senate elected President Sadlek and approved the resolution reporting this.

Resolution 2656, 12/11/02: Ratification of President-Elect Election Results

BE IT RESOLVED, that Senator Sadlek is elected President-Elect of the Faculty Senate, to serve a term as President from May, 2003, to May, 2004.

Senator Sadlek resumed presiding.

    1. Senator Bennett moved:

Resolution 2657, 12/11/02: Reaffirmation of Senate Resolution 2370

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha reaffirms Senate Resolution 2370 of 4/14/1999.

The motion passed after the reading of Resolution 2370 (reiterated in April, 2000, by Resolution 2440): WHEREAS, the University of Nebraska has declared and affirmed a policy of equal employment opportunities, affirmative action in employment, and nondiscrimination; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, the UNO Faculty Senate endorses domestic partnership benefits for all UNO non-married staff and faculty as long as procedures can be adopted that provide for documentation of: 1) the partners' commitment to each other (e.g. the partners have been in an exclusive relationship for a specified number of months and intend to remain together indefinitely; the partners are not married to each other or anyone else, or related to each other by blood so closely that state law would prohibit them from being married to each other, etc.), 2) sharing of financial obligations (e.g. they own a home together or are jointly listed on a lease; they hold joint bank accounts, they have joint liabilities, including motor-vehicle loans or credit-card accounts, etc.), and 3) joint responsibility for each other's welfare (e.g. they are named as each other's beneficiary on life-insurance policies; they are named as the primary beneficiary in each other's wills; etc.)

  1. Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.