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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

(last updated 10/2/14)

2014-2015 Faculty Senate





Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2 p.m. Faculty Senate Photo: (ALL SENATORS) on Stairway in Lobby

2:15 p.m. Presentation:  Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs BJ Reed


I.       Official Call to Order 

II.      Presentation and Approval of Minutes:   September 3, 2014 (agenda attachment–pages 1-17)

III.     Officers' Reports

A.    President's Report:  Senator Scherer

1.      External Issues:

  • Discussion of UARCs and implications for UNO
  • Discussion of BOR meeting
  • Proposed one-time money for capital improvement projects at all campuses from the NE legislature
  • UNO Proposed Capital Projects
  • Some Planned UNO Projects: new StEM building, updating of parts of CPACS (broadcasting area), updating Durham, new stand-alone facilities office—there were others.

2.      UNO Issues

  • Meeting of Faculty Senate President with Student Senate President Jordan Koch and Staff Advisory Council President Melanie Krings:
  • Student Senate Initiative to Gather Information and work with other partners at UNO to determine viability of UNO becoming a nonsmoking campus.
  • Staff Advisory Council: Asked that FS ask for more money in budget for next year for ice cream portion of faculty-staff luncheon as the faculty senate allotment did not provide enough money to cover the ice cream this year due to increased attendance. Also, SAC's major initiative is to provide opportunities for staff to enhance their professional development. They are doing a needs assessment of skills and exploring mechanisms for providing this training. Faculty may be asked at some point to provide specialized training or workshops if they have the time, skills and inclination to do so.
  • Faculty Senate: Do we have a major issue or initiative or is the strategic planning document that initiative?  Diversity has been suggested as a focal issue this year by two members of the executive committee.
  • Discussion of a joint prosocial and fun endeavor involving SS, FS and SAC. Suggestions thus far have included MavPantry and Wounded Warriors.
  • Faculty Survey Dissemination: Progress Report
  • Student Survey: Progress report
  • Emeritus Issue (R4134 – James McCarty)
  • Communication (Chancellor's Council, etc.):  See Resolution in Executive Committee Report

3.      Deans Forum Summary:  As of September 29, 2014, it has been updated to July 3, 2014.

B.     Secretary/Treasurer's Report:  Senator Cast-Brede

1.      EC&A:   September 17, 2014 (agenda attachment – page 18-19)

2.      Budget Report:  (September 2014) (agenda attachment – page 20)

2014-2015 Resolution Action Table

(Action Pending and Current Resolutions)






Admin Acknow-ledged

Sent for Senate Action



In Progress

Final Action/Resolved



UNO Professional Conduct Committee



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Faculty Grievance Committee



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Resignation/Replacement of CFAM Senator



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Committee Appointments (a-d)



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.


8/6/14 & 9/10/14

OTICA Replacement



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.


8/6/14 & 9/10/14

Appointments to Committees (a-c)



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Extension of Ad Hoc College of Engg. Steering Committee Report



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Campus Committees (h&i) (completed)



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



University Committees (a&h) (completed)



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.




Initiating Emeritus Status Policies and Procedures



Aug ‘14


Sept ‘14

SVC BJ Reed: "I have asked James McCarty to look at a revised Emeritus policy that we can bring to Faculty Senate/Deans and other key stakeholders hopefully by August or September."



Instruction on the Ethical Use of Print and Online Sources in Academic Papers




*Chancellor acknowledges that the subject matter is primarily an Academic Affairs issue and has asked Vice Chancellor Hynes to respond as appropriate.



Recommended Plagiarism Policy





-Returned to Faculty Senate for additional language consideration as discussed at the 3/17 meeting with administration.

-Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.



UCRCA Funding




*3033  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 5/27/10:  "While he is supportive of Res. 3033, he acknowledges that the subject matter is primarily an Academic Affairs issue and has asked Vice Chancellor Hynes to respond as appropriate." ) *3013  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 3/11/10) "The chancellor said the first resolution" (3013)  "needs to be considered by Terry" (Hynes) . . . ) (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/21/10:  Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.)

*3013  (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 3/11/10) "The chancellor said the first resolution" (3013)  "needs to be considered by Terry" (Hynes) . . . ) (From Chancellor Christensen via Nancy Castilow in an e-mail sent on 4/21/10:  Relative to the minor language changes on 3013 (Plagiarism), the chancellor indicates that he would like Academic Affairs to share the policy with  the academic deans at an upcoming meeting.)

*2944 (From the EC & Admin Mtg 1/21/09: The Chancellor supports the concept in Resolution 2944 on funding an UCRCA budget line but opined we wouldn't get it during the years of budgetary problems.)(6/10/09 Nancy Castilow wrote for Chanc. Christensen: "One clarification related to Res. 2944, dealing with ongoing support of the UCRCA budget.  I said that I was open to the concept and supportive of continued funding of the UCRCA budget, albeit we would need to review its funding during times of budget constraints, as we do with other such programs.  The decision to fund and how much to fund remains the purview of the Office of Academic Affairs.  I did not opine that the UCRCA budget line would automatically see no funding during years of budgetary problems.")

IV. Executive Committee Report:  Senator Holley

A.    Lack of Voice of Authors in Curriculum Approval Process in Some Committees was sent to the Academic & Curricular Committee. 

B.     Strategic Planning Next Steps

1.      A small Ad Hoc Committee was formed.  They will eventually formulate the first draft of  Faculty Senate Strategic Plan.  The committee will consist of President Scherer, Vice President Holley, Rules Chairperson Morris, and, hopefully, a member from the Goals & Directions Committee.  Senator Holley brings the following resolution to the Senate:

Resolution:  Ad Hoc Faculty Senate Strategic Plan Committee

BE IT RESOLVED an Ad Hoc Faculty Senate Strategic Plan Committee be formed, with members to be appointed by Faculty Senate President Scherer.

C.    The Executive Committee also passed and brings the following three resolutions to the Senate:

1.      Resolution:  Appreciation for Mike Connelly and UNO Office of Military and Veteran's Affairs

2.      Resolution:  Appreciation for Holly Miller and Group Responsible for New Faculty Orientation

3.      Resolution:  Restore Chancellor's Council Monthly Meetings

WHEREAS Chancellor's Councils have afforded Faculty Senate Presidents the unique opportunity to interact with both academic and business and finance leadership; and

WHEREAS the information gathered by the Faculty Senate President at Chancellor's Councils provides the Faculty Senate with invaluable information in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities; and,

WHEREAS the Chancellor's Councils are the only frequent occasions for such interactions and information gathering,

THEREFORE the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha strongly urges the Chancellor to restore the Council's monthly meetings.

V.    Standing Committee Reports

A.    Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs:  Senator Parnell

Present:  Juliette Parnell, Christie Beard, Stu Bernstein, Ken Dick, Laura Grams, Jodi Kreiling; Visitors: Paul Barnes, Hank Robinson.

Senator Parnell will move, for the Committee, the following resolution:

RESOLUTION:  BS in Biomechanics

WHEREAS there is currently no BS in Biomechanics in the State of Nebraska;

WHEREAS there are only 2 other such degrees in the USA;

WHEREAS UNO has the first research building in the world dedicated to Biomechanics, which will provide to the university an excellent edge in terms of recruiting students both nationally and internationally, thus increasing UNO enrollment;

WHEREAS the Biomechanics Research Building faculty has organized in 2013 a well attended meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics, which has cemented UNO as a primary destination for academic excellence in biomechanics and movement sciences in the world;

WHEREAS there is no need for recruiting additional faculty and nearly all Biomechanics program equipment and supply requests have been approved and purchased;

WHEREAS the Biomechanics Research Building has established strong ties with UNMC, the Omaha Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, CHI Medical Center and UNL Engineering College;

WHEREAS Biomechanics is a rapidly growing discipline, which will provide a wide range of advancement opportunities in terms of jobs and graduate studies;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal from the Physical Education Program in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation in the College of Education to create a Bachelor of Sciences in Biomechanics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The committee then talked about the Automated Course Evaluations faculty concerns:


1.         Low to very low rates of responses

2.         Make it mandatory? And how? (Incentives and which ones?)

3.         What is the incentive for students to complete the online evaluation

4.         Use coercive measures (and is this legal?) to complete evaluations

5.         Validity of online evaluations (low response, skewed, polarization)

6.         How these evaluations will be used from the administrative viewpoint?

7.         Which impact these evaluations will have on tenure-track faculty, merit and promotion (if this instrument is flawed by low response rates for example)

8.         The anonymous feature might produce less useful comments or ("downright cruel comments"). How to prevent this?

9.         How to avoid the polarization effect? Such as very good or very bad evaluations

10.     Online evaluations may not be fully representative of students attending class, vs. ones that don't attend class. How to differentiate both groups and get accurate picture? (Thus skewed/unreliable instrument)

11.     Students may do online evaluations together in a group rather than alone.

12.     How information from student online evaluations will be used?

13.     Will students' evaluations results be made public? Especially to the students?

14.     The longest the evaluation will be, the less students will do it

15.     It seems students don't like doing online evaluations

16.     At UNL, online evaluations have a very low response rate

17.     Need for evaluations to remain online until the last day of class

18.     Lack of control over availability and issuance of evaluations

We then welcomed Paul Barnes and Hank Robinson to our committee. We had a one hour Q&A session with them.  They ask for our input and feedback and the Senate's on these specific items:

1.      Customization formats by specific departments;

2.      Need for a UNO statement regarding safeguard/safety issues related to students written comments on evaluations (i.e offensive comments or self-destructive/suicidal statements).  Some comments like:

3.      How to handle small classes or individually taught classes (such as in music) evaluations while protecting the anonymity of students in such a situation.

The committee encourages faculty to attend ACE workshops as they are quite informative and useful. The next workshop will be on October 16, 2014, at PKI 1:00-1:30pm.

B.     Committee on Educational Resources and Services:  Senator Kwak

The committee met September 24, 2014.  Those present were Wikil Kwak, Philip Nordness, Dean Shorb and Associate Dean DeFrank.

The Educational Resources Committee met with Dean Shorb to discuss policies regarding the elimination of material and to determine whether there was a mechanism for departments to house materials slated for elimination. The issue came to the attention of the faculty senate via a complaint from the chemistry department. However, this issue has implications for all departments on campus and reflected a potential communication issue between the library and departments, noting that communication improvement is a major goal of the Faculty Senate. The following points came from our discussion:

1.   The library receives approximately 10, 000 new materials each year. Because of limited space, the library must periodically eliminate material.

2.   The library, by law, cannot sell or donate books to other libraries.

3.   The library ensures that a digital version is available of major materials (such as multivolume sets and journals) that are removed.

4.   Regarding journals and collections, the library attempts to check with departments to determine if they want to house these materials. However, the library cannot realistically check with departments on every single book removed.

5.   Departments are encouraged to identify a specific faculty member to serve as a liaison to the library and work closely on these issues with their assigned subject librarians. Faculty are encouraged to put important materials on reserve.  A list of librarians assigned to each department is available on the UNO library website at

C.    Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare:  Senator Harden

The committee met September 24, 2014.

Attendance: Bing Chen, Moshe Gershovich, Matthew Harden, Stan Wileman and Robert Woody

Absence: Avery Mazor (excused)

·         Elected Vice-Chair for committee

o   Robert Woody was elected

·         Review Responsibilities of Standing Committee (see below)

o   5.1 Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare. The committee shall elect its own chairperson and vice-chair in accordance with the procedure described in Section 1, and the chairperson shall then serve in the Cabinet. The responsibilities of the committee shall include those matters which pertain to faculty working conditions and teaching loads, academic privileges and responsibilities, academic freedom and tenure, and the coordination of grievance procedures throughout the university. In addition, this committee shall have oversight responsibility for the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, the Faculty Grievance Committee, the Professional Conduct Committee, and any other such committees as directed by the Executive Committee.

·         Discuss assignment from Executive Committee regarding how the Drug/Alcohol policy may affect faculty -

o   The policy is too vague and needs more specific language, as well as updated to current buildings and policies in said buildings on campus.  1990 Board of Regents

o   Constitution issues

o   We have a question regarding if this has been looked at by someone with a legal acumen

·         General discussion during meeting

o   More gender and age diversity on our committee is needed and we encourage the Faculty to give consideration to maintaining gender balance on standing committees

o   Tuition for Family members, especially spouses (domestic partners)

o   Strategy for reaching 20,000.  How is this going to be done?  Balanced money per student for students on all campuses.  Equalization between all four campuses in the system.  This question needs to be asked and answered, "Why is the imbalance done this way?"

o   Online Testing will take place and will effect student fees

o   Questions regarding a Teaching Load form that was handed out

o   Concerned about how many directives are being handed down to faculty without any input (this goes for UNO within the UN system).  The concern is how this affects our workloads and mental welfare.

o   Items from previous years we may want to work on

§  Engineering School

§  Omaha

·         After our general discussion these are the Issues that we want to work on in addition to those assigned:

o   We suggest that the faculty senate reopen and maintain an effort to achieve intercampus equality.  We can use the Tennessee State University System as a model.  Chair will look into this and bring suggestions to next meeting.

o   Look into tuition for Family members, especially spouses and domestic partners.  We will bring in a guest to discuss, possibility Bill Connelly or someone from the registrar's office.  How does this policy work for retired faculty?  How does this compare to Lincoln's and UNK's policy?

D.    Committee on Goals and Directions:  Senator Mitchell

The Committee met September 24, 2014, with the Chair, Senator Carol Mitchell presiding.  Four of the six members were present: Senators Patricia Carlson, Lyn Holley, Carol Mitchell, and Beth Ritter.  Senator Elliot Ostler was excused due to a teaching assignment at the same time of the 2:30 meeting.

It was determined that the Committee would meet at 2:30 PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month in RH 406 Conference Room.

The Committee members spent the majority of the meeting time discussing President Sherer's email to the Committee regarding the Goals and Direction Committee working with the Faculty Senate's Executive Committee in strategic planning efforts and the creation of the strategic planning document.  Two persons of the Committee volunteered – Senators Lyn Holley and Patricia Carlson.  It was decided that due to Lyn's role in the Faculty Senate that Patty Carlson would represent the Goals and Direction Committee.  However, Senator Carlson needs more information about the assignment; for example, the number of times to attend the Executive meetings, what part is the G&D supposed to handle, what will be done with the survey information, articulation of FS strategic planning results and finally, what are the priorities of the plan.

After much discussion/questions, the meeting was adjourned

E.     Committee on Professional Development:  Senator  Sollars

The committee met September 24, 2014.

In attendance: Juan Casas, Harvey Siy, Suzanne Sollars, Richard Stacy, Adam Tyma, Vincent Woolf

Guest: Nora Bacon

Topic: Adjunct/Part-time faculty at UNO

Dr. Bacon provided the committee with the current numbers of full-time and part-time faculty. UNO reports 398 (37.2%) in tenure-line, 133 (12.4%) in non-tenure track, and 540 (50.4%) part-time.  These numbers appear to be fairly consistent with national trends.

Expressed concerns regarding adjunct/part-time/contingent faculty:

  • Effect on academic freedom.
  • Scarcity of benefits for part-time faculty and its impact on both students and the faculty.
  • The increasing dependence on use of part-time faculty to evolve and maintain programs.
  • Next-steps action plan:
  • Meet with faculty who are adjunct/part-time/contingent.
  • Examine benefits available or not available to this constituent group.
  • Examine ability of adjunct/part-time/contingent faculty to make use of resources to improve teaching on campus (e.g., UCAT funding).

F.      Committee on Rules:  Senator Morris

Senator Morris will move, for the Committee, the following resolutions:

1.      RESOLUTION:  Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee

(520 Ballots were mailed to the UNO Faculty.  Ballots Returned: 228.  215 Valid and counted, 13 not valid.)

BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with Article 6.5.2 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws the following nominees for the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee are brought forward by the Rules Committee for senate nomination. The ballot  was presented to the UNO Faculty.

Two tenured faculty members will be elected from the following four nominees to serve three-year terms from October 16, 2014, through October 15, 2017, to replace Joe Brown and Nancy Kelley Gillespie, whose terms will expire:

Rami Arav (90 votes)
David Carter (90 votes)
Carey Ryan (elected with 140 votes)
Richard Stacy. (elected with 97 votes)

2.      Resolution:  Faculty Senate Liaison to Center for Faculty Excellence Advisory Committee

BE IT RESOLVED that Stu Bernstein be appointed as Faculty Senate liaison to the Center for Faculty Excellence Advisory Committee, for a one year term, 8/1/14-7/31/15.

VI.     Other Faculty Senate Committees:

A.    Faculty Senate Budget Advisory Committee: Prof. Johnson, O'Hara, Ward

B.      Ad Hoc MOOCs Committee:  Prof Winter and P. Smith (President Scherer)

C.    Ad Hoc College of Engineering Steering Committee:  Past-President M. Bacon

D.     SPAGS (Strategic Priority Action GroupS)

The Goals & Directions Committee and Faculty Senate Coordinator will collect all SPAGS reports this year, to help coordinate what is going on with SPAGS.  SPAGS are working on items of interest only for this year.  SPAGS are not Strategic Plan - -their topics come from the recent Faculty Survey.

1.      Communication and Marketing (monthly e-mail letter to faculty): Senator Scherer

2.      Diversity:  Senator Holley

Notes and impressions from our inaugural meeting below: Increasing the diversity of UNO faculty deserves priority status because: 

o   Diversity of UNO faculty is conspicuously less than diversity of students.

o   The 150 UNO faculty hires over the last three years have not noticeably improved diversity of faculty which suggests that current processes will not address the need for more faculty diversity

o   "Diversity" to meet UNO potential for positive growth must extend beyond US racial diversity and include LGBTQ and global diversity

·         Faculty Senate Liaison:  Lyn Holley

o   Lyn (or Juan Casas?) will query SVC BJ Reed to see if any other groups/committees are formally working on this issue

·         Need Faculty "Diversity" data from Hank Robinson (Juan Casas)

o   Need data by college, unit, and rank

o   Five and Ten year trends in faculty diversity would be informative

o   Need to know what assumptions underlay the data UNO currently collects

o   Data from peer institutions

o   What are the existing categories UNO uses to measure "faculty diversity"

·         Need to conduct a "General Climate Survey" or at least determine whether such an instrument already exists (Darryll Lewis)

·         Need to check with AAUP to see if they have any faculty diversity initiatives (Beth Ritter)

·         Need to do some research to determine "best practices" being used to reach diversity goals in other institutions (Patty Carlson)

§  Myra Gordon, consultant to CPACS might be a good place to begin

·         We will share time sensitive results back via group email and/or report results back to our group at our next Faculty Senate SPAG meeting (October 8)

3.      Academic Standard, Qualities of Education:  Senator Parnell

Members:  Juliette Parnell, Doug Stack, Moshe Gershovich, Richard Stacy, Ken Dick and Vincent Woolf.  Juliette Parnell will be the chair of the group and Doug Stack the secretary and updater/liaison.

Our group will focus on assessment especially since Doug Stack is the faculty rep on UNO assessment committee.  He sent 2 documents for us to read so we can discuss them at the next Senate meeting.  These 2 documents are: Assessment Report Template and an assessment matrix.

4.      Workload and Workload Balance:  Senator Harden

Currently a small group.  We introduced each other and then talked about workload issues of concern and covered a little of the information in the survey.  Discussions:

  • How do our workloads compare between Colleges and Departments on the UNO Campus?
  • How do our workloads compare with similar departments at our peer institutions?
    o   Who are our peers?
    • How are our workloads affected by the amount of money allocated to us per student by the NU system?  How does this amount compare to UNK's and UNL's amount per student?
    • Discussion about how adjuncts are deployed and treated
    • Discussion regarding faculty support given by GTAs

Each of us took on an area to research and add to our discussion for next meeting.

5.      Research and Creative Activity Support:  Senator Morris

VII.    Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.    APC (Academic Planning Council):  Senators Grams & Ritter

Meeting date:  September 5, 2014.

Outcome:  Organizational meeting for 2014/2015 academic year.  The APC will administer 3 academic program reviews this year:  History, Political Science, and HPER.  The APC will also begin drafting new guidelines for academic program reviews (with the goal of introducing new guidelines next year). 

B.     Strategic Planning Steering Committee  (Senator Mitchell)

The committee met September 24, 2014, in the Chancellor's Conference Room.

  • The Chancellor thanked the participants of this very important committee and highlighted its role in addressing the strategic planning needs of the campus.
  • State of the University address  - October 29th at 4:30 PM in the SAAP Fieldhouse
  • BJ Reed reported that the new arena is coming up rapidly.  This is a facility for athletics, campus, and community.
  • Community Engagement Center has served 17,000 people so far and 500 to 600 meetings and other events have taken place.
  • Fall 2014 – 100 service learning related courses were launched.
  • BJ Reed explained the 3 taskforces for the year:  Unit Strategic Planning, Communication Plan for a Metropolitan University, and Shared Understanding Project
  • Carol T. Mitchell gave the Faculty Senate Report citing the 51% Faculty response to the FS survey and the FS Strategic Plan work begun at the August FS Retreat.
  • Reports from Student Government, Staff Advisory Council
  • Capital projects – student housing, parking, and center for early education
  • Milo Bail Center renovation – next year (may go for 15 months)

C.    UCAT:  Nancy Meyer

The committee met September 26, 2014.

Members present: Robert Ottemann, Shelby VanNordstrand, Sara Myers, Robert Nash, David Peterson, Jooho Lee, Claudia Rauter, Victor Winter, guest Paul Barnes.

Committee chair Sara Myers opened the meeting with remarks regarding the new Speaker Fund Grant.  She urged committee members to communicate deadline and details to the Dean of their college.  Additionally, it was requested that a "page limit" be added to the online Speaker Fund application to deter lengthy explanations.  Robert Ottemann inquired with regard to "boundaries" of the proposed speaker's content.  Sara Myers advised that provided the subject was teaching related and the entire campus was invited to at least one session, all topics would be considered.

Sara Myers updated the committee on the progress to confirm an on-site CLA+ conference in February 2015.  Although the speaker has indicated that February 2015 will accommodate his schedule, a firm date has not been set.   CFE will continue efforts to contact Marc Chun and report at the October UCAT Committee Meeting.

Travel Grant Applications:

T001 – Madsen – following some discussion, committee members voted to fund the application.   The vote was unanimous with the exception of one committee member who expressed concern that the applicant did not follow the format as outlined and the information provided was too repetitious.

T002 – Leonard – Members unanimously voted to approve this application commenting that it was very well written. ). 

D.    UCRCA:  Prof McCarty (agenda attachment – pg. 21)

E.     University-Wide Fringe Benefits Committee:  Prof. Erickson (agenda attachment – pgs. 22-31)

VIII.  Old Business

IX.     For the Good of the Order

X.      New Business

XI.    Adjourn    

XII.   Announcements

A.    EC&A Mtg:  Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 2 p.m., EAB 200 (Chancellor's Conference Room)

B.     EC&C Mtg:  Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 2 p.m.,  ASH 196

C.    Faculty Senate Mtg: Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 2 p.m., MBSC Chancellor's Room)


Faculty Senate Meetings

(Usually 2nd Wednesday of month; 2 p.m.)








August 20, 2014 (Retreat)

Mahoney State Park

Anne Steinhoff

September 10:  MBSC



October 8:  CEC   

CEC 201-205

Interim NU Pres. Linder

November 12:  MBSC 


Stud. Gov. Pres/Reg. Koch

December 10:             

(Prep Week)

Commencement 12/20/14)

CEC 201-205


January 14: 



February 11: 

(Fieldhouse 250 – 2nd floor –

Athlete Study Center)

AVC Dan Shipp; & Lindsey Ekwereku

(Asst. Athletic Dir. for Academics)

March 11:     

(Spring Break 3/22-3/29/15)



April 8: 



May 13: 

(Commencement 5/8 & 5/9/15)