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Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate

(last updated 11/6/14)

2014-2015 Faculty Senate





Wednesday, November 12, 2014
MBSC Chancellor's Room

2 p.m. Presentation:  UNO Student Government President/Regent Jordan Koch


I.       Official Call to Order 

II.      Presentation and Approval of Minutes:   October 1, 2014 (agenda attachment–pages 1-20)

III.     Officers' Reports

A.    President's Report:  Senator Scherer

1.      Report to all Faculty:  (e-mailed 10/24/14) (agenda attachment – pages 21-25)

2.      Office of Academic & Student Affairs Leadership Group: As of October 30, 2014, it has been updated to July 3, 2014.

B.     Secretary/Treasurer's Report:  Senator Cast-Brede

1.      EC&A:  October 15, 2014 (agenda attachment – pgs. 26-28)

a.      Acknowledgements for Resolutions:

2014-2015 Resolution Action Table

(Action Pending and Current Resolutions)






Admin Acknow- ledged

Sent for Senate Action



In Progress

Final Action/Resolved



Faculty Senate Liaison to Center for Faculty Excellence Advisory Committee



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



BS in Biomechanics



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



That the Chancellor's Council Monthly Meetings be Restored



Chancellor changed the meeting to twice a semester from once a semester.



Appreciation for Holly Miller, Nancy Meyer, Brandy Klipfel  and the UNO Center for Faculty Excellence Team for Their Outstanding Efforts and Programming in Welcoming and Orienting New Full-Time Faculty, New Adjunct Faculty, and New Graduate Assistants



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.



Appreciation for Mike Connelly and UNO Office of Military and Veteran's Services



Acknowledged at EC&A mtg.

2.      Budget Report:  (October 2014) (agenda attachment – page 29)

IV. Executive Committee Report:  Senator Holley

A.     Textbook Organization in the UNO Bookstore (see full textbook report in President's report, agenda attachment- pgs. 21-25)

B.     Proposed Syllabus Language from NU Regarding Sexual Misconduct

(Department of Education, Title IX document, Sections D2-D4)  Title IX has changed and this will result in a change of language.  The Faculty Senate is working with the Administration to develop language to conform with Title IX.

C.    LGBTQ Faculty/Staff Affinity Group:  Sent to the Diversity SPAGS, Senator Lyn Holley liaison.

D.    Charity with Staff Advisory Council & Student Senate:

There is a FS, SAC and SS Joint Initiative to work with Ryan Morrissey and Kathy Oleson-Lyons from the UNO Office of Civic and Social Engagement to collect HyVee receipts as they are providing 10% back to the UNO MavPantry which will allow the MavPantry to stay full in the lean months of spring and summer.  Please save your receipts and bring them to Faculty Senate meetings, or send them to Sue Bishop, ASH 105.  This program runs until the end of January 2015.

E.     NU Presidential Candidates (Feedback will be solicited from UNO Faculty)

•     Dr. Hank Bounds, commissioner of higher education for the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.

 •    Dr. Michael Martin, chancellor of the Colorado State University System.

 •    Dr. Sally Rockey, deputy director for extramural research at the National Institutes of Health.

 •    Dr. George Ross, president of Central Michigan University.

V.    Standing Committee Reports

A.    Committee on Academic and Curricular Affairs:  Senator Parnell

The committee met and reviewed the Center for Real Estate and Asset Management proposal, resulting in the following resolution:

RESOLUTION:  Center for Real Estate and Asset Management

WHEREAS the highly complex and rapidly changing nature of real estate markets requires that both the public and private sectors have access to timely, objective and state-of-the-art research and market analysis as well as innovative education and outreach programs tied to the needs of the local market;

WHEREAS the current UNO Real Estate Program in the College of Business Administration has since 1952 been able to offer to Omaha and Nebraska real estate research, education and outreach activities and it recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of Real Estate Management;

WHEREAS the proposed Center's purpose is to advance education and practice in all segments of the commercial real estate industry with a special focus on asset management, which will make it the only Center of its kind in Nebraska and in the nation;

WHEREAS the Center will be interdisciplinary with collaborations from UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service, the Nebraska Business Development Center, The Center of Urban Sustainability and the Department of Geology and Geography;

WHEREAS the Center will contribute to increased enrollment at UNO and will not require additional faculty, staff and program space at the present time;

WHEREAS Omaha and Nebraska real estate community has indicated that additional support will be forthcoming once the program has achieved center status;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha supports the proposal from the College of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Banking, and Real Estate to create a Center for Real Estate and Asset Management.

B.     Committee on Educational Resources and Services: Senator Kwak

The Committee met October 29, 2014.

Audrey DeFrank, Associate Dean of Criss Library, visited the committee to get feedback on developing an open access policy initiative on campus.  She is trying to determine faculty interest in developing such a policy, and if there is interest, how we recommend she proceed.

Open Access Fund – Criss Library and the Office of Research and Creative Activity (ORCA) are piloting a fund to assist faculty and students with the submission fees required by some open access journals.  Information on the fund is available at

C.    Committee on Faculty Personnel and Welfare:  Senator Harden

Attendance: Bing Chen, Moshe Gershovich, Matthew Harden, Avery Mazor, Stan Wileman and Robert Woody

·         Old Business

o   Emeritus Status

§  Brought committee up to date on what happened last year

§  Discussed BOR Policy and that at other schools

§  In holding pattern until we receive the response from James McCarty

o   Engineering status

§  Discussion about work from last year

§  Discussed work of

§  Currently not certain how it fits with FP&W as the faculty of the area are officially UNL

o   Discussion regarding committee membership and concerns regarding a balance to deal with all issues

o   Discussion regarding workload policy

§  General discussion

§  Concern regarding the ability of departments to retain instructors indefinitely without promoting – will research the AAUP contract and bring information to January meeting.

§  Workloads between colleges on UNO Campus

§  Comparison with similar departments at UNL and UNK, esp. faculty salaries

·         Information will be researched and shared with committee at the January meeting.

§  Discussion that this is a SPAGS issue and we will wait until that committee has met to address the faculty survey

o   Tuition for Family members – Will have a guest speaker for our January meeting

·         New Business

o   Actually looking over an older issue with Gym membership and use

§  Discussion regarding conflict between campus promoting healthier living among faculty and staff versus the cost of the gym membership

o   New online Course Evaluation

§  Good for courses in computer labs where students will have access to computers during class time

§  Concern that some of our students do not access the materials we put on Blackboard and in e-mails.  How will this affect the students completing the online course evaluation in classes not held in a computer lab?

§  Due to a warning statement sent to students we discussed a possible issue that may cause the students to question the confidentiality of their responses.

Next meeting, Wednesday, January 28, 2015, to be held at Weber Fine Arts

D.    Committee on Goals and Directions:  Senator Mitchell

The Goals and Directions Committee met October 29, 2014, in Roskens Hall 406 Conference Room with the Chair, Senator Carol Mitchell presiding. Four of the six members were present: Senators Patricia Carlson, Lyn Holley, Carol Mitchell, and Beth Ritter. Senator Elliot Ostler was excused due to a teaching assignment at the same time of the 2:30 meeting.

Senators reviewed the Faculty Senate survey documents and divided the work among the four Senators present.  The four Senators will assign the concerns from the survey among the SPAGS.  This will be reported to the EC&C Committee in November.

It was determined that this will be the goal that the G&D Committee focuses on this academic year.

E.     Committee on Professional Development:  Senator  Sollars

The Committee met October 29, 2014

Attended: Juan Casas, Harvey Siy, Suzanne Sollars, Vincent Woolf

Guest: Paul Barnes

Discussion 1: Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE)

Discussion 2: Adjunct Faculty

The Teaching Circles/Research Triangles (TC/RT) have cost $33,000 per year. There has been pressure from SVC Reed to document outcomes. The question has been posed, "Aren't faculty doing these activities anyway?" i.e., without the formal structure of the TC/RTs.

The institution of Communities of Practice (CoP) was a way that the Center for Faculty Excellence hoped to "save" the formal structure of these faculty communities.

Participation for 2014-2015 in the CoPs is approximately half that of previous TC/RT involvement. No part-time faculty or graduate students are allowed stipends under the new structure. Exceptions to the standard rule of up to 6 full-time faculty have been allowed for the pre-tenured group and one graduate student group (Graduate Studies will fund the graduate group).

Paul Barnes stated that the CFE would welcome suggestions for modifications to the new structure. SVC Reed has committed a budget to the groups for the next three years.

Our committee suggested: 1) consideration of stipends to part-time faculty, 2) a formal structure for the CoPs wherein some would have documented outcomes and receive the stipend, and others would not need to document the outcomes, but receive no stipend, 3) other types of support for the groups in lieu of stipends.

The new CFE advisory committee meets twice per year. Having met in October, they are scheduled to meet again in April 2015.

Consideration of the continuation, or reinvention of Community Engagement Links is awaiting decisions from Directors in the Community Engagement Center.

UCAT has been allocated $20,000 in permanent funding for the next 3 years (out of a total annual budget of $40,000, if the annual budget allows).

The second part of the PD committee's discussion centered on next steps in understanding adjunct faculty issues.

F.     Committee on Rules:  Senator  Morris

Completion of the following resolution:

RESOLUTION 4156, 5/14/14:  Faculty Senate Presidential Appointments (a-e)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate President appoints the following as designated:

a.      AAUP Executive Committee (American Assoc. of University Professors)

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senate President appoints the following senator, who is also an AAUP member, as the senate representative for a one year appointment from 05/14/14, through 05/8/15, to the UNO Chapter of AAUP, to replace Nora Bacon, whose term has expired:

      Avery Mazor.

VI.             Non-Senate Committee Reports

A.     Assessment Committee:  Senator Grams

The UNO Assessment Committee met on Tuesday, September 2. This group is comprised primarily of faculty representatives from each college. Members of the group took on review assignments for the nineteen units that will be reporting this year on their assessment activity: Interdisciplinary Studies, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Engineering-Physics, Psychology, Religion, School Psychology, Women's & Gender Studies, Art History, Creative Writing, Music, Studio Art, Theatre, Writing, Aviation, Public Administration, and Social Gerontology.

The committee's rubric for reviewing assessment reports was discussed. The committee is responsible for providing support and answering questions units have about the assessment process, reviewing reports, and providing feedback indicating the level of progress made toward eight assessment objectives: the unit has (1) specific and (2) measurable student learning outcomes, the measures are (3) directly aligned with SLOs and (4) at least some measures are direct, the results data are (5) sufficient for meaningful analysis and (6) regularly collected, and the program has (7) analyzed the data and (8) used it to inform decisions or actions. Determination of learning goals and targets, analysis of results, and decision-making is up to the faculty in each unit; the UNO Assessment Committee reviews and supports the process. This type of review is required both for UNO's accreditation and accreditation in specific disciplines. Units are still asked to identify whether they use assessments in the methodological domain of examination, product, or performance, or more than one of these domains.

Attached is a copy of the Guide for Assessment of SLOs and sample report template. (agenda attachment – pg. 30-36)

B.     Faculty Excellence Advisory Committee:  Senator Bernstein (agenda attachment – pg. 37-38)

C.    Parking Advisory Committee:  Prof. Bobby Vasquez (agenda attachment – pg. 39)

D.    Strategic Planning Steering Committee:  Senator Mitchell

The meeting was held October 22, 2014.

·         Chancellor's Update – NU President search is underway and potential finalists may request for Strategic Plans from all campuses.  UNO is prepared for these requests.

·         Committee Members were asked to sign up for one of three taskforces:  Unit Strategic Planning, Communication Plan for a Metro University, and Shared Understanding Project.

·         Ideas were solicited for the Internal (January 9, 2015) and External (May 11, 2015 Forums.

·         An AQUIP Update was given which includes an action projects: campus security accreditation, General Education (documenting student outcomes) and shared understanding.

·         Student Government reported that several UNO administrators were invited to attend the Student Government meetings; students were pleased to interact and communicate with constituents such as Faculty Senate and Staff Advisory Council.

·         The next meeting is December 3, 2014 at 8:00 AM in the Community Engagement Center 230.

E.     UCAT:  Nancy Meyer (agenda attachment – pg. 40)

F.     UCRCA:  Prof. John McCarty (agenda attachment – pg. 41)

VII.    Old Business

VIII.  For the Good of the Order

IX.     New Business

X.      Adjourn 

XI.     Announcements

A.    EC&A Mtg:  Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 2 p.m., Chancellor's Conference Rm., EAB 200

B.     EC&C Mtg:  Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 2 p.m.,  ASH 196

C.    Faculty Senate Mtg:  Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 2 p.m., CEC 230/231


Faculty Senate Meetings

(Usually 2nd Wednesday of month; 2 p.m.)








August 20, 2014 (Retreat)

Mahoney State Park

Anne Steinhoff

September 10:  MBSC



October 8:  CEC   

CEC 201-205

Interim NU Pres. Linder

November 12:  MBSC 

MBSC – Chancellor's Room

Stud. Gov. Pres/Reg. Koch

December 10:            

(Prep Week)

Commencement 12/20/14)

CEC 230/231


January 14: 

MBSC – Chancellor's Room


February 11: 

(Fieldhouse 250 – 2nd floor –

Athlete Study Center)

AVC Dan Shipp; & Lindsey Ekwereku

(Asst. Athletic Dir. for Academics)

March 11:    

(Spring Break 3/22-3/29/15)



April 8: 

CEC 230/231


May 13: 

(Commencement 5/8 & 5/9/15)

CEC 230/231