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Facilities Management & Planning


Making UNO better..everyday!


Develop, operate and maintain a physical environment that supports a community of learning, engagement and discovery.


  1. Inclusion - Treat all persons with dignity, capitalize on the wealth of viewpoints that reside in our multi-faceted community, value all contributions.
  1. Integrity - Foster trust and honesty in our interactions, behave according to established professional standards.
  1. Innovation - Freely pursue informed risk-taking and creative problem solving, learn from our experience, explore new solutions.
  1. Collaboration - Recognize teamwork as the key to synergy, share more communication about each others' roles, pool resources.
  1. Professional Growth - Invest in the professional growth of all staff through sharing experience and knowledge, through education (training and cross training) and peer networking.
  1. Quality Service - Identify performance standards, take personal responsibility, have pride in our work, identify constituents' needs, respond quickly, work towards continuous improvement.
  1. Health, Safety & the Environment - Support individual wellness, provide a safe working environment, promote environmental stewardship.


  1. Recruit, develop and retain an outstanding, diverse, and fully engaged workforce.
  1. Plan, design, construct and preserve quality physical facilities.
  1. Prudently manage the financial resources entrusted to us through sound budgeting, planning, and cost control.
  1. Review service delivery to our partners (students, faculty, staff & community) with a continuous focus on improved communication, efficiency and effectiveness.
  1. Pursue new technologies that improve Business & Finance services and meet the evolving needs of the University.