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Maintenance and Utilities Department

Mailing Address Physical Location
Maintenance & Utilities Dodge Location
Kayser Hall rm 117 Kayser Hall
6001 Dodge St. 1st Floor
Omaha, NE 68182-0057 Room 117
Phone: (402) 554-3600


The Maintenance and Utilities Department goal is to provide a comfortable indoor environment for the entire UNO campus. The environment is comprised of the Heating, Cooling and Electrical systems that serve the campus. The Maintenance and Utilities Department consists of six different specialty functions: Energy Management and Controls Systems (EMCS), Central Utility Plant (CUP), Facility Operators, Refrigeration Controls Technicians, Electricians and Plumbers.

The Maintenance and Utilities Department is responsible for the following categories of services:

Central Utility Power Plant
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in all campus buildings
Building electrical systems
Campus lighting systems
Energy management and central systems
Maintenance of building interior finishes
Repair and maintenance of all door hardware
Repair and maintenance of all plumbing, including drinking fountains, bathroom fixtures, and laboratory plumbing
Replacement of door and window glass
After-hours building system problems
Energy management and central systems
Energy maintenance

Dispatch Desk

The dispatch desk and work order system is also operated from the Energy Management and Controls Systems location. To report a work order or a condition that may require services, please call 554-3600 or e-mail a request directly to the dispatch desk with the following address:

Energy Management and Controls Systems (EMCS)

Energy Management and Controls systems are one of the areas that few individuals recognize and one that we all take for granted. These specialized individuals provide the support to control the equipment in the Central Utility Plant and on campus; they also provide the controls for the steam and chilled water systems that maintain a controlled comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff. A complex network of computerized controls is used to accomplish this task.

Central Utility Plant (CUP)

The UNO CUP is located on the south central side of campus. The CUP is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round including all weekends, holidays and semester breaks. The staff in this area is highly trained in the operation of High Pressure Boilers and Chilled Water systems. They also maintain the reliable maintenance and operations of the equipment within the CUP.

Facilities Operators

Facilities Operators are made up of skillfully trained individuals that repair all mechanical heating and cooling systems on campus. They must have certifications in Boiler Operations and an complete understanding of refrigeration, campus utility operations and systems as well as an understanding of electrical systems.

Equipment that they service includes maintaining the CUP, working on pumps, motors, fans, steam valves, coils and other various devices that many never think of. These staff members are the first to respond when a heating or cooling problem arises. All this work is accomplished through the dedication of staff that seldom achieve recognition of their accomplishments.

Refrigeration Controls Technicians

The Refrigeration Controls Technicians are similar to the Facilities Operators. The difference is that the Refrigeration Controls Technicians work on and maintain the Energy Management and Controls Systems to the entire University campus community.


UNO’s licensed electricians provide a wide range of services, ranging from general lighting in campus classrooms to high voltage services provided from OPPD. They are responsible for lights and the complete electrical distribution system to classrooms and offices so students, faculty and staff can operate their computers, electronic learning devices and the building heating and cooling systems.


Technically and skillfully trained plumbers provide the important task of maintaining a safe and healthy building water services for the campus. Each building on campus requires a wide variety of specialized water services and equipment that is maintained by the plumbers.