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Teaching Circles


A Teaching Circle is a small group of faculty members (typically five to seven) who make a commitment to work together over a period of time to address questions, concerns, and topics related to their teaching and to their students' learning.

What is the purpose of Teaching Circles

To provide an opportunity for UNO Faculty memers to meet with colleagues and discuss teaching issues, increase their knowledge of teaching methods and learn about new perspectives, all linked to a specific topic or focus that is selected by the Teaching Circle members.

Why join a Teaching Circle?

  • To interact with colleagues from across the campus.
  • To exchange ideas about teaching in an informal, collaborative setting.
  • To build a teaching portfolio for reappointment, promotion and tenure.
  • To obtain a professional development grant.

What are the guidelines for Teaching Circles?

  • Complete and submit an application to Center for Faculty Development by October 15, 2013.
  • Outline proposed goals and method of determining how goals will be attained in the application.
  • Meet at least five times during the 2013-2014 Academic Year.
  • Complete and submit a year end summary of your Teaching Circle's activities and accomplishments by April 11, 2014.