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What is TABS?

TABS is Teaching Analysis By Students, a confidential teaching analysis completed by you and your students which may help you identify your relative strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.

How can I schedule a TABS analysis?

TABS is a free service for all UNO faculty and graduate teaching assistants. TABS can be scheduled during the fifth, sixth, or seventh weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Please call 4-2427 to arrange for TABS services.

How does the TABS analysis work?

A TABS analysis is generated based upon the following measure:

The student questionnaire. (SEEQ Instructor/Course Evaluation)

You will receive a computerized analysis of the results and meet with a TABS consultant. Your consultant will provide you with powerful information regarding your teaching strengths and specific instructional areas which can be further developed. The instrument used for this pre-analysis of your course is the university adopted SEEQ.

What is the purpose of TABS?

The TABS analysis uses the university adopted SEEQ and provides the faculty member with both qualitative and quantitative comments. TABS reports include valuable information specific to you and the class which you are teaching. The faculty member meets with a TABS consultant to discuss results. The consultant will provide specific suggestions and resources to help you emphasize your instructional strengths and improve your skills in any of your less-developed areas.

How is TABS administered?

If you are interested in scheduling a TABS for your class, they are only scheduled during the fifth, sixth, or seventh weeks of the semester.

1. Contact the Center for Faculty Development (554-2427 or to request TABS for your class.
2. Send a course syllabus via email to
3. Instruction, evaluations and a return envelope will be sent to you via campus mail.
4. Have students complete the questionnaire (SEEQ Instructor/Course Evaluation) and designate a student to collect and return the evaluations to the Center for Faculty Development.
5. Paperwork will be processed and a TABS consultant will contact you to schedule a meeting.

You will receive a confidential TABS report from your consultant with documented data that may be used to enhance your classroom teaching, include in your annual review packet or RPT notebook.

Fifteen minutes of class time is necessary for the administration of TABS. Subsequent consultation, with the TABS coordinator, will take approximately 45 minutes.

Please note: To obtain a meaningful analysis of responses, a minimum of 12 students per course should particpate in the evaluation.


For more information on TABS or to schedule a consultation please contact Nancy Meyer at or 402-554-2427