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The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for the UNO Center for Faculty Excellence. The activities and services of the Center are organized and supported by the Director of the Service-Learning Academy/American Humanics, the University Committee on the Advancement of Teaching (represented by the chair of the committee), a faculty development assistant, campus liaisons, and the Faculty Excellence Fellows.


Paul Barnes, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs
Office: EAB 202
Phone: 554-2463
Email: pbarnes@mail.unomaha.edu

Nancy Meyer, Administrative Technician, Center for Faculty Excellence

Office: KH 514
Phone: 554-2427
Email: nrmeyer@mail.unomaha.edu

Holly K. Miller, Center for Faculty Excellence, Faculty Fellow
Office: ASH 107D
Phone: 554-4918
Email: hkmiller@unomaha.edu