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Anthony Jung Award for the Best Graduate Student Presentation at the European Studies Conference

The European Studies Conference offers a competitive award for the best conference paper by a graduate student. Electronic submission is required.

Anthony Jung, Professor Emeritus of German at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, served on the European Studies Conference Steering Committee from 1975 through 2009 and coordinated the event in 2002-2003. For this service to the European Studies Conference and his support of students and young scholars, the ESC Steering Committee established in 2009 the Anthony Jung Award for the Best Graduate Student Presentation at the European Studies Conference.

The Anthony Jung Award carries a $250 prize. The full text of the winning paper will be published in the ESC Selected Proceedings.

Application Procedure:

Graduate students participating in the European Studies Conference must be pre-registered for the conference at the time of submission.

Graduate students submit the presentation by e-mail attachment to Dr. Moshe Gershovich at by September 15.

Submissions are reviewed by the Award Selection Committee made up of the members of the ESC Steering Committee. Selection is based on a ranking according to five criteria: originality of research; scholarly context (reference to current research on topic); mechanics and style; coherent thesis statement; and contribution in the field of study. The award will be announced at the current convention. Past recipients of the award are not eligible to compete for another award. Only one submission per person per year can be accepted.

Recipients of the Anthony Jung Award for Best Conference Paper by a Graduate Student:

Leslie Anne Anderson


Annett Wienmeister
University of Jena, Germany


Gerry Wolfson-Grande
Rollins College


Morgan M. Rich
University of Florida


Gerry Wolfson-Grande
Rollins College


Stephen Lawson
Saint Louis University


Alessia Zulato
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign