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European Studies Conference
38th Annual
3-5 October 2013
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska



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2012 European Studies Conference Selected Proceedings

We are pleased to publish these selected papers from the 2012 European Studies Conference. These articles were carefully read and chosen by our Assistant Editors. Each year submissions and topics change, which lead to this year's following categories: Literatures and Cinema, Philosophy, and History and Popular culture.

Dr. Juliette Parnell (Foreign Languages)

Assistant Editors:

The 2012 Assistant Editors are as follows: Ana Carballal (Foreign Languages), Gwyneth Cliver (Foreign Languages), Robert Darcy (English), Erwin Erhardt (Political Sciences, Thomas More College), Halla Kim (Philosophy), and Tatyana Novikov (Foreign Languages)


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I. Literatures and Cinema II. Philosophy

III. History and Popular Culture