European Studies

European Studies Conference
34th Annual
1-3 October 2009
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska



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2005 European Studies Conference Selected Proceedings

Literature, Film, and Philosophy

The Riflemen from Ifni by Dieudonné Afatsawo

From North Africa to Spain by Alicia Rico

Theoretical Conceptualization of Immigration and Exile in Alfonso Rodriguez Castelao by Ana Carballal

Postfreedom Knights Battling Manifest Manners in Scotland by Ryan Diehl

Irrelevant Borders? Central and Southern European Immigrants in Recent German Film by Daniel C. Villanueva

Introduction to Viktoria Tokareva's Life and Works by Rhada Balasubramamanian and Liubov Popov

The Use of History in T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, Henri de Montherlants Port-Royal, and Rolf Hochhuth's Der Stellvertreter. by Michael Meade

No Bad Genres: The Undisciplined Disciples of the French Enlightenment by Taddy Kalas and David Dehnel


The Future of Commercial Aviation by Jason Oshiokpekhai

It Is Broken. Can It Be Fixed? A Look at the European Union's Stability and Growth Pact by Richard Emery

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The Role of Translators-Interpreters in Contemporary Society in the US and in Europe: Luxury or Necessity? by Eduardo González-Muñoz

Generation X and Generation Golf: What Advertisers Need to Know When Targeting German and American Thirty-Somethings by Frauke Hachtmann

The French Love Affair with Online Information Systems by Heather Lea Moulaison

European Politics
Euronationalism: The Discursive Development of a European Right by John Taylor

Saying "Non": The French Rejection of the European Constitution and its Global Implications by Tom Conner

The Problem of Kosovo's Final Status by Marta Vrbetic

Social Sciences
A Cross National Study of Criminal Gangs: A National Security Threat? by Jim Martin