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Aquatic Toxicology
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  What We Do
While our laboratory is located in Alwine Hall, our research extends well beyond the campus of UNO. In order to collect aquatic samples, we travel to local and regional river and streams throughout Nebraska. Here are some pictures of the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory at work.
Photo of Marlo next to river
Photo of Alan Kolok with minnow cage in river
Our research takes us out of the lab and into the wilderness. Here, Marlo Sellin stands next to the Elkhorn River near West Point, Nebraska.
We use fathead minnows as a study organism. Minnows are usually collected after seven days for laboratory analysis. Above, Dr. Kolok prepares a minnow cage in the Elkhorn River.
photo of the lab
Photo of Dr. Kolok with students in lab
After samples are collected, we take them to the laboratory for analysis. Our biology laboratory in Allwine Hall is fully equipped with modern analyitical equipment. Learn more about our lab.


Whether its conducting assays in the laboratory or retrieving minnows in a river, students in the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory gain valuable hands-on research experience. Learn more about our students.