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Dr. Kolok is a regular contributer to Water Current, the quarterly publication of the Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Center. The UNL Water Center coordinates, implements and facilitates water and water-related research, extension, teaching and outreach programming within the University of Nebraska system. For more information on the UNL Water Center and to view entire issues of the Water Current, visit

To read Dr. Kolok's articles, click on the pdf links below.

"POWER II: Mobilizing the Citizen Scientist" Water Current, Spring 2011

"POWER......One Word, Many Definitions" Water Current, Winter 2011

"The Eternal Flame and the Grandfather Clock" Water Current, Fall 2010

"Environmental Science Education: Motive and Opportunity, but Maybe Not the Means?" Water Current, Summer 2010

"Frogs and Atrazine: What Doesn't Kill You Can Turn You Female." WaterCurrent, Spring 2010

"Sediments and Emerging Contaminants: On the Menu and in the Air." Water Current, Winter 2010

"Emerging Contaminants in a Flat World." Water Current, Fall 2009

"Sediment, Microbes and Environmental Fate of Emerging Contaminants." Water Current, Summer 2009

"Emerging Contaminants in Natural Waterways: Where is the Smoking Gun?" Water Current, Spring 2009

"Through the Looking Glass: Multifaceted Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Nebraska Waterways." Water Current, Winter 2009

"How Human Pharmaceuticals Threaten Water Quality: A Primer on Emerging Contaminants, Part Two." Water Current, Fall 2008

"A Primer on Emerging Contaminants." Water Current, Summer 2008

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