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Keep up to date on the latest news and events from the Aquatic Toxicology Lab at UNO.



04/25/2012 ATL Student Lindsey Knight was awarded with the GRACA grant. Lindsey received the grant for her research "The Elkhorn River Atrazine Pulse; Does it Cause Reproductive Effects in Aquatic Organisms?" on 04/25/2012. She received University-wide recognition. Congratulations, Lindsey!
04/20/2012 The aquatic toxicology lab has branched out to the Elkhorn River. The opening ceremony of the Elkhorn River Research Station took place with a visist from Chancellor John Christensen and Arts and Science Dean Booker. Dr. Kolok and ATL Student Racine Rangel both gave opening talks to present the research that will take place at the station.
04/18/2011 Students Lucas Harrison and Racine Rangel were both awarded the FUSE Grant for research this summer. They will both be researching the phytoremediation of steroidogenic compounds and atrazine over a ten-week period. Congratulations, Lucas and Racine!
2/20/2011 - The Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory enjoyed a visit from Santiago Alvarez, a biology master’s student at the University of Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia. Santiago worked with Dr. Kolok and PhD candidate Ashley Jessick on ongoing research regarding the effects of heavy metals on aquatic environments. We hope to see him again soon!
2/13/2011 - Dr. Kolok, PhD candidate Ashley Jessick, and undergraduate researcher Nick Conoan attended the Aquatic Sciences Meeting for the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ALSO) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dr. Kolok gave an oral presentation titled, “Sediments from agriculturally intensive watersheds defeminize female fish via anti estrogenic activity”, and the group enjoyed discovering the local aquatic habitats.
1/1/2011 - Dr. Kolok and Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss published their article, "Environmental Scientists, Biologically Active Compounds, and Sustainability: The Vital Role for Small-Scale Science" in the January edition of Environmental Science & Technology. Click here to read the article.
12/20/2010 - Congratulations to ATL PhD candidate Ashley Jessick who took second place in the Master's category of the Best Student Poster Competition at the 2010 SETAC conference in Portland, OR.
11/9/2010 - Dr. Kolok attended the 2010 SETAC conference in Portland, Oregon and presented a poster titled, "Effects and occurrence of estrogenic contaminants in coastal stormwater retention ponds impacted by runoff from a wastewater-irrigated golf course." by P. Lee Ferguson, Tara Sabo-Attwood, Alan G. Kolok, Audrey Bone, Gustavo Dominguez, Sean McGee, and Gordon Getzinger.
11/9/2010 - Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory PhD cadidate Ashley Jessick presented her poster, "Fate of erythromycin in aged sediment systems" at the 2010 SETAC conference in Portland, Oregon. The research presented in her poster focused on part of her Masters thesis research examining erythromycin's environmental fate at Iowa State University.
11/1/2010 - Pilings poured for the Elkhorn River Reserach Station! See photos here.
10/11/2010 - Construction is set to begin on the Elkhorn River Research Station (formerly known as the Davis Prairie Data Shack). Stay updated by checking contruction photos here.
8/27/10 - Dr. Kolok's column, "Environmental Science Education: Motive and Opportunity, but Maybe Not the Means?", was published in the Summer 2010 edition of the UNL Water Center's Water Curret newsletter. Click here to learn more or visit the UNL Water Current homepage.
5/28/10 - Dr. Kolok's column, "Frogs and Atrazine: What Doesn't Kill You Can Turn You Female", was published in the Spring 2010 edition of the UNL Water Center's Water Curret newsletter. Click here to learn more or visit the UNL Water Current homepage.
4/8/10 - ATL Student Nicholas Conoan competed in UNO's Student Research and Creative Activity Fair with a study titled, "Differential expression of StAR mRNA in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales Promelas)". Nicholas came in second of forty-eight in the undergraduate oral presentation category. Nick is good friends with the winning student and wishes him all the best. Read the fair proceedings here.
2/25/10 - Dr. Kolok's column " Sediments and Emerging Contaminants: On the Menu and in the Air" was published in the Winter 2010 edition of the UNL Water Center's Water Curret newsletter. Click here to learn more or visit the UNL Water Current homepage.
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